(He’s a life saver but also a heart breaker)

Episode Seven



Isabel’s POV cont’d‍⚕

‘There’s no way I’m scrubbing your dirty floors talk less of doing it with a toothbrush!!!’..i snapped as i rose up from the bed..

Jared smirked lightly,paused for a moment and later on brought out his phone from his jean pocket..

:Hello Inspector there’s a case of debt I would like to…..

‘Okay fine!!!’..i cut in..

‘Fine I’ll scrub your floors with a toothbrush just don’t call the POLICE(‍♀)okay??’..

‘Hmmm okay so chop chop maidy’..he replied shoving the phone back into his pocket,smiled and walked away…

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That demon…

Oh well i know how to get back at him..

Ten minutes later
The door creaked softly as i walked into Jared’s room and gasped…

I thought luxurious rooms were only in the soap operas i watched but Jared’s room is beyond luxurious..

His room is like a mini heaven…

With throw-pillows designed with gold and white threads..

Sofas which clearly had SUGAR BOY embroidered on it…

And the master bed which clearly has a gold headboard…

A 37’inch Super sonic screen..

Two loud head speakers,the latest Zealot model…

And oh a pack of condoms!!..

This guy is super fucking rich..

I walked into the bathroom after recovering from the splendor of his room only to be hit with another gasp…

The bathroom was even more Luxurious!!..

He had a love-shaped bath tub which was painted gold of course..

A golden rubber ducky…

A golden basin and even is toiletry cabinet was painted gold..


Well it’s time for me to get to work anyway…

I grabbed his toothbrush carefully avoiding the CCTV camera that was planted near the cabinet..

Well I’m a tech-expert so i know these kinda things..

Since Jared wants me to scrub his floors with a toothbrush how would he feel if i used his….

Vanessa’s POV‍⚕

:You’ve got to be kidding me Lory!!,Jared is where?!!!’..i screamed rising up from my seat…

:He’s in the Padré Huí Hotel Vanessa with a lady and they’re kissing right now as we speak’..Lory,my best friend replied and i huffed loudly…

:Thanks Lory I’ll be right there!!?’..

I hung up immediately,walked to my closet and changed into a simple gown…

Jared thinks he can cheat on me..

No fucking way!!!..

I’m planning our wedding right from now in case decides to propose..

There’s no way I’m going to let another woman take him away from me..

He’s fu**ed me too much for me to let him go..

No woman satisfies him the way I do so there’s no way I’m going to let him slip out of my hands…

‘Where are you off too mademoisellé??’..the cab driver asked as he stopped in front of my porch..

‘Padré Huí’..i replied as I opened the door..

Jared’s POV‍⚕

‘So what do you do for a living??’..i asked Tasha,my newly acquired cutie whom i asked to dinner yesterday…

‘Ohhh I’m an Instagram model and you??’..she replied sipping a bit of white wine..

Instagram model??..


‘Well I’m a soldier in mini militia’..i replied sarcastically..

Instead of frowning at the sarcasm she squealed instead..

‘Oh my God that’s such a great job I’m happy that you and your men are keeping America safe!!’..

Oh shit she just said the unsayable?!!..

She’s happy I’m keeping America safe?!!..

Does she even know what mini militia is??..

It’s a game…

I think this lady is a practical bimbo but i love stupid ladies anyway…

‘Ohhh thank you sweetheart’..I muttered pressing my lips to the back of her hand while sneaking a peak at her sumptuous bazookas(breasts) and she blushed..

‘Ohhh Jared you’re so sweet,it’s a shame that you’re in a relationship’..she said eyeing me coyly…

‘Oh I’m single honey and I’m…..’..i tried to say but stopped abruptly as i spotted Vanessa coming towards the table…

Oh Shit!!..

‘Jared!!!!’..she screamed and I turned my face to the other side blinking so fast..

Stood up and walked to the men’s room but she followed me inside not caring about the other men..

‘Hey Lady!!!’..they all screamed in unison and left immediately….

‘Okay what the hell is wrong with you?!!’..i screamed knowing fully well why she came to the hotel..

‘Who is that lady with you Jared??’ …she replied with her hands resting on hips…

‘She’s my cousin you’ve got any problem with that??’..i lied..

‘Hmmm Jared she’s your cousin??’..She asked again throwing me a quizzical look on you..

‘Yeah she’s my cousin wait you don’t trust me??!!’…

‘Well Lory said that she saw you kissing the lady that’s why I’m here Jared!!!!’..

‘Well Lory lied,I just pecked her cheeks okay?? Cause she’s my cousin I can’t believe you believed what Lory said and stormed over here like a kid,not cool Vanessa!!!!’…

An Hour Later
I slammed the car door hard and walked inside the house feeling angry,nauseated and happy at the same time..

I can’t believe Vanessa ruined my date with Tasha but I’m happy anyway…

Tasha is all boobs but no brain..

‘Isabel!!!!’..i screamed at my new unwilling maid as she came down with a scowl on her face..

‘Just because I’m your maid doesn’t mean you can scream my name like we’re in divorce court!!’..she lashed at me..

I’m not in the mood for bickering but if that’s what she wants then that’s what she’ll get..

‘Have you done what i asked you to??’..i asked and her grim face turned into a sly smile…

‘Yeah I used your toothbrush’..

‘You fucking did what?!!!’…I screamed and she smiled..

‘I used your toothbrush,you asked me to scrub your floors with a toothbrush and you didn’t give me a brush so i used yours -sir’..she said bowing down courteously…

Oh God!!!..

Is Isabel being serious right now?!!..

‘Ohhh I’m just joking Lover boy,i didn’t use any toothbrush okay,i scrubbed your floors but with a spare toothbrush that i saw next to the laundry counter so i used it’..she blurted…

‘Great cause I have a bad headache and i need to sleep,I’ve had a long day so you acting stupid would have just made things worse,goodnight’..

Isabel’s POV‍⚕

He thinks I’ll be stupid enough to tell him that I used his toothbrush to clean his floors..


He may be a very good doctor and all but he sure is foolish enough to believe me…

I walked into my room and lied down immediately closing my eyes and then the particular horrific memory flashed through my head again…



‘Dad you’re not okay!!!’..i cried out as he pushed my mom down the stairs..

‘Dad look at what you’ve done!!!!’..

I rushed downstairs to help mom but before i could touch her he grabbed me and flung me to the side hitting my head on the glass-like lamp..

‘M.Mom..Mom..’..i whispered as my voice faded and my eyes closed into oblivion..


End of Flashback..

Jared’s POV‍⚕

At Night☄️

I yawned loudly as i walked into my bathroom feeling sleepy a little bit…

I checked the floors and they were pristine clean..

Hmmmm i knew she would do it…

She loves her mom too much not to..

I hummed loudly to Billie Ellish’s song (Bad guy) as i pressed the toothpaste onto my brush…

Turned the tap on and began brushing not until something caught my eye..

A strand of blue thread inside the brush bristles…

Wait it’s the same color with my rug!!!…

Isabel really used it to wash the floor..

Oh God!!!..

I think I’m gonna vomit!?!?

Two minutes later

‘Isabel!!!!’..i screamed as I opened the door only too see what i shouldn’t have..

Oh my God she’s naked!!!!…

‘Are you mad?!!’..she screamed as she covered her private parts while the towel was two feet away from her…

Oh I’m gonna enjoy this view..

Damn she has a great body..

‘Well i love real life porn Isabel and you’re giving it to me’..i muttered and smacked my lips sumptuously..

‘Shut it Jared please give me the towel’..she begged as her eyes glazed in tears ..

‘Well come and get it’..I replied taking the towel and hung it on my shoulders…

‘Please Jared give me the towel I’m fucking naked!!!!’…


(He’s a life saver but also a heart breaker)

Episode Eight


Jared’s POV cont’d‍⚕

I won’t deny the true fact..

Isabel’s body is a sight to behold..

I mean I’ve seen a lot of naked bodies but nothing is so beautiful compared to hers…

Who knew there was such beauty underneath the oversized frock dresses,big hoodies and jogging pants that she normally wears??…

From her full breasts to her luscious thighs and those long legs…

She’s like a goddess…

‘Spider!!!!’…she screamed and i freaked out immediately turning around..

‘What the fuck where’s the spider?!!’..i cried out and when I turned back she had already wrapped herself around a blanket…

Hmm pretty clever for a waitress..

‘Ohh you win this round Isabel,well i want you to go downstairs and wash the dishes and also prepare dinner for my mom and i,we’re expecting some guests’..i said wiping off the drool from the left corner of my mouth…

‘I’m a maid lover boy not your dirty cook’..she replied..

‘You’re a maid Isabel so you’re entitled to do whatever I have to say and now I say you prepare dinner or I’ll phone the police to take you and your miserable mother to jail!!!’..I fired and she sighed..

‘What should i prepare master Jeremy??’..

‘I want roasted chicken with Apple cremebule,egg salad and chicken pie’..i replied smirking..

She’s gonna suffer so much…


‘I want everything to be ready in two hours Isabel and if it’s not then you’re in trouble’…
Isabel’s POV‍⚕

In the kitchen

I don’t know how he expects me to make all these food in just two hours..

Oh God I’m so tired from all the stupid work I’ve been doing and now I have to do another..

I grabbed my phone and called Cole’s mother number to ask how my mom was doing..

:Hey Isabel’..she said yawning..

:Ohhh good evening,is my mom okay??’..i asked..

:Yeah she is now,she puked all over the place but luckily Cole and i cleaned everything up,she needs you Isabel and you know it’..she replied and i wiped a tear off my eye..

:Yeah I know she needs me but what can I do??,I’ve got to pay off the stupid debt i owe and it hurts me to see that she’s suffering and i can’t do anything about it,it hurts me real bad’..

If only i had the power to teleport or something then mom wouldn’t be so lonely without me…

‘Mom i think the braids are too tight’..i muttered..

‘They aren’t tight Isabel and besides you look beautiful,you’re gonna look great for your homecoming tonight’…she replied placing a kiss on my cheeks…

‘Isabel!!!!’..I heard Dad scream and we both jolted from the ground..

‘He’s coming Isabel lock the door’..mom whispered…

‘But mom?!!’..

‘Isabel lock the door!!?!!’…

End of Flashback
Oh God i don’t know why i remembered that horrible sight all over again..

Dad wasn’t a monster..

The alcohol he drank was..

He always beat mom and i up after he lost a game or he drank to stupor..

And when he died he left us with a fucking debt to pay…

Men are bastards!!!..

I opened the cook book and searched for the only recipe that i didn’t know…

The recipe for Apple Cremé()


Three fresh Apples() depending on the quantity of people…

Three fresh eggs ()

A bowl of whipped cream ()

Whole milk ()

Cherries ()


I closed the book immediately and started cooking as fast as I could..

Put the chicken inside the oven,prepared the dough for the chicken pie crust and sliced the vegetables for the egg salad…

Well I’m a pro at cooking since my mom owned a restaurant before her disease came about…

She thought me everything I know..

‘Hmmmm this smells nice’..i heard and when i looked up it was Jared’s mother,Mrs Dickon…

‘Ohh good evening madam i didn’t know you were around’..i said as she walked next to me..

‘Ohhh i just came home why are you preparing dinner anyway i have a cook’..she asked..

That fucking bastard..

He has a cook and he made me do all this work??..

‘Ohhh well Jared asked me to since the cook said she’s a little bit sick’..i lied not knowing why i did and she smiled..

‘Okay Isabel and ohhh that egg salad looks tasty let me go freshen up and come down for dinner,if you need any help call me’..she said and walked off..

She’s so damn nice…

I thought she’d be like all this prissy and proper rich women who care more about not getting their dresses stained than people…

Jared’s POV‍⚕

Two Hours Later
Kevin came with his newly acquired girlfriend who happened to be Victoria by name…

I was already waiting for them in the living room and when they were all comfortable and all I squinted a glance at the dining table but no food was there…

‘Hey where’s the food man??’..Kevin asked and I frowned deeply..

‘Let me call the m…’..my voice trailed off as Isabel came to the living room looking slightly disheveled under the apron she was wearing…

‘Oh my God Isabel??,what are you doing here??’..He exclaimed and she winced a little…

‘It’s a long story Mr Kevin anyway dinner is ready’..she muttered and staggered away slowly…



Kevin,Victoria and I walked to the dining room and the scent of the exotic dishes wafted through the air..

‘Hmmmm this smells so good,good job Isabel’..Kevin commended and she smiled..


‘Don’t be so sure Kevin we have to taste before judging,as they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover’..I interrupted and she frowned…

‘Well I’ll be in kitchen if you need me’..she said,yawned and left…

I sat down and cut a piece of the chicken pie(),took a bite off it and oh my God!!!!…

Sensational is an understatement to how it tastes..

I gulped hard and took another bite but this time from the egg salad and Apple creme…

Oh God!!!…

Isabel is such a great cook,a hundred times better than Alfredo my original French cook…

‘Whoa chill Jeremy you’re gonna choke!!’..Victoria said and Kevin laughed..

‘No way!!,the food isn’t even that tasty’..I lied as I took another food bite…

‘Ohhh Jeremy you’re literally licking your plate,you’ve eaten half of the whole thing!!’..she said and i dropped my fork..

‘Thanks Victoria you’ve finally angered me I’m off to bed’..I said and reluctantly stood up from the chair..

‘Okay Jeremy well I’ll need to speak with that Isabel,I must surely get her recipe for this Egg salad and pie cause it tastes so delicious you need a cook like this in your hotel Kevin’..she said..

‘Ohhh shut it Victoria like I said before her food isn’t so special!!!!’..

Twenty minutes later
I walked into the kitchen thinking that I’ll see everywhere messed up so as to find a reason to shout at Isabel but no -it was sparkling clean…

She was even asleep on the kitchen counter with her mouth opened wide..

Looking so beautiful in an uncanny way..

Oh well who cares..

‘Isabel wake up!!’..I screamed inside her ear and she jerked from the chair thus falling on the ground…

‘What the hell dude you could have just tapped me or something what do you want??’..she asked and I smirked…

‘Well my room is messed up and I want you to clean it up’..

‘Can’t it wait till tomorrow??,for heavens sake it’s 12am Jared’..she replied yawning loudly..

‘i can’t sleep in a dirty room go clean it up!!,you should make sure you do a perfunctory job okay??’..I countered..

‘Okay sir let..let..look I’m really really tired please just give me thirty minutes to rest okay??’..she begged..

‘Isabel go do what you’re asked to or you want me to call the Police??’..

‘No,I’m on it’…

Monica’s POV‍⚕

:What do you want from me Jack??,I’ve warned you to leave me alone’..I whispered inside the bathroom..

:You know i can’t leave you alone Monica’..he replied..

:Okay fine what do you want?!!’..I asked huffily…

3 million dollars Monica’…

:Are you mad??,3 million where do you expect me to get that kind of money from??!’..

:I don’t care Monica,the money or else I’ll tell Jared everything!!!’..

:Okay fine Jack expect your money tomorrow!!!’..

Jared’s POV‍⚕

Around 1:00am


I walked upstairs after watching my favorite wild ‘n’ out show only too see everywhere sparkling clean all thanks to Isabel…

She was putting finishing touches to the bed as she struggled to straighten the rough curves on the bed sheet…

Yeesh she looks super tired but that’s the point anyway…

I’m gonna work her until she turns into a hag and then let her go..

‘Are you done??’..i asked and she sighed deeply..

‘Yeah I’m done can i go rest now??’..she asked and I smirked..

‘No you’re not done yet,i need you to iron my clothes for me,i don’t like going to the hospital in wrinkled clothes’..

‘But this isn’t fair,I haven’t had anything to eat and my eyes are so saggy!!!I haven’t rested a bit this isn’t fair!!!’..she cried out and i smiled…

‘Well you better get to work now if you want any sleep cause you’re waking up by 4:00am to prepare my breakfast!!!’..i replied..

She staggered past me angry and hurt and before she could reach the door she stopped..

‘What??’..i asked..

‘N..n..no..I ..feel..’..she tried to say but slumped to the ground before she could finish the sentence…





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