The love doctor episode 3 & 4

💙(He’s a life saver but also a heart breaker)💙
💙💙Episode Three💙💙
Jared’s POV cont’d👨‍⚕
I slowly crept out of the restaurant without the two bickering girlfriends of mine and before i could enter my car the blonde waitress approached me..
‘Excuse me sir you haven’t paid the bills’..she muttered as the noise inside the building increa-sed…
‘What?!!,but I didn’t eat or drink anything??’..I replied in a very harsh tone..
Like is this honey-blonde kidding me or she just wants my number???..
‘Uhhhh well your girlfriends broke a table and a very expensive champagne bottle and since you’re the pla-yer in the middle you have to pay for it’..she said tucking her hair behind her ear ex-posing her ear stud…
Okay now I think tho lady wants a fv¢king piece of me..
‘Look waitress I don’t Care if..
‘Isabel sir,my name is Isabel’..she corrected..
‘Okay Isabel I don’t care who the hell you are but I sure as hell don’t care!!!,i didn’t break the table and the bottle,those two idiots fighting did so you can get the fv¢k outta here and mind your business okay???!!’..i screamed and she smiled coyly…
‘Look lover boy this bill would be paid by you whether you like it or not cause you’re the one who started the stupid fight and if you don’t just know that you’ll be banned from Louigi’s forever!!!!’ …she fired back slamming the paper on my car bonnet and walked away briskly…
Jeez what a woman..
She’s pretty but not my type anyway and besides she’s threatening me?!!…
Well I have no other choice cause Louigi’s is my favorite restaurant..
I’ll be back and I’ll teach that puny waitress a lesson..
No one talks to Jared d!¢kon in that manner and goes Scot free ..
Isabel’s POV👩‍⚕
Men and their problems…
That stupid handsome guy literally just caused a problem between two women and ran out on them…
Even the girls are damn stupid to let him use them like that..
I changed into my normal clothes after my shift was over and walked straight to the manager’s office..
‘Uhhh Mr Rodriguez I’m expecting my cash today??’..i blurted out as I sat on his plush couch…
‘Ohhh Isabel right??’..he asked and I nodded sniffing my nose..
He walked towards his file cabinet and brou-ght out a brown envelope..
Ohh thank God..
Now I have a little bit of money to take care of mom and pay some of my bills
He gave me the envelope and i opened it..
Counted the small wad of cash and frowned..
‘Uhhh Mr Rodriguez am I not supposed to receive 50 bucks how come it’s only 30???’..i asked with a scowl on my face and he grinned..
‘Ohhh well Isabel the restaurant is short of cash right now so we’re cutting you salary for the meantime’…he said and I flin-ched..
‘What?!!!,b..b..but you c..can’t do that?!,I should..should have been given a prior notice first before anything else happens?!!’..i screamed with tears streaming down my cheeks…
This is the second work place that has cut my salary down…
I’ve budgeted that fv¢king money alre-ady and now it’s no longer the way it used to..
‘Ohh I’m sorry Isabel,you could quit if you want to but you know you can’t do that right?,cause you nee-d the job’..he whispered..
‘Okay fine sir’..
Ten minutes later💙
‘Mom??’..I called as I opened the door,hanged my coat on the rack and walked inside the house…
‘Mom??’..I called again and walked to the bathroom only to see my mom on the floor..
‘Oh God Mom!!!!’..i cried out and rushed to the ground..
‘Jesus Christ of Bethlehem I was just kidding!!’..She laughed and opened her eyes..
oh God.
This woman almost gave me a heart attack…
‘Don’t ever scare me like that again mom you know you’re not feeling too well don’t ever scare me like that again,I almost thought you had another seizure’..I muttered cleaning the tears from my eyes and she smiled. .
‘Don’t worry Isabel I won’t have another seizure I’m getting better remember??’ .
Monica’s POV👩‍⚕
‘Good evening Madam Monica’..The gardener said as I walked past him…
The smell of fresh flowers gets me every single time..
‘Good evening Gerald is Jared back home yet??’..I asked..
‘Yes he is ma’am and he c@m£ with a new woman of course’..he replied and i sighed walking away…
I just don’t know what I’ll do with that grown man..
I just don’t know…
Everyday is a new day with four or five different women.
It’s either he asks them out or he breaks up with them..
Many of my friends have desisted away from me just because of his frivolous attitude…
i just pray he doesn’t get into the hands of the wrong woman who would teach him a very bad lesson…
‘Jared!!!’..I screamed as I walked inside the house..
‘Yes mother what’s the problem?!!’..he replied running downstairs..
Wearing bo-xer shorts!!!..
Oh God!!!!…
‘What the hell are you doing Jared,how many times have i told you to take your silly fanatics elsewhere you have a house of your own you know?!!!’..i screamed and he laughed lightly.
‘Well for starters I have a house of my own but you wouldn’t let me leave and two the be-ds in this house are humongous,love you mom’..he said k!ss!ngme lightly on the cheek…
‘Jared I nee-d you now’..the lady squealed and I glared at him..
‘i want that piece of trash out of my house now and get dressed we’re going out for dinner with the Lumpkins!!!’…
Jared’s POV👨‍⚕
Twenty minutes later💙
I reluctantly changed into a simple shi-t after dismissing the young lady I met earlier..
Dinner with the Lumpkins yuck!!..
I know this is one of mom’s plan to get me together with Clarice Lumpkin..
The daughter of her best friend Jennifer Lumpkin..
‘Jared come down will you we’re almost late!!!’..She called from downstairs and I gro-an ed loudly…
‘I’ll be right down mom i just nee-d to adjust my hair a little bit!!!’..I responded and did as i said.
Sprayed a little bit of perfume and checked the mirror for any mistakes on my p@rt…
I went downstairs and k!$$£d mom’s cheek again whiffing a scent of her Ralph Lauren’s perfume..
‘You always look good mom shall we??!!’…
Isabel’s POV👩‍⚕
At Night☄️
‘Yes sir I can work any shift as long as it’s from 8pm to 10′..i responded..
The h0tel manager squinted his eye brows a bit and then smiled..
‘Okay uhh…
‘Isabel you can work here starting from tomorrow,go downstairs and take a look at the serving patterns,Marie would give you your uniform and you can start tomorrow’..he said and I smiled..
‘Thank you so very much sir,I won’t disappoint you uhh..
‘Mr Kevin’..he replied..
‘Right thank you Mr Kevin I’ll take my leave now’..I blurted and walked out of the hvge office immediately…
Now that I have the job in this five star h0tel as a waitress I wouldn’t have any problems with money anymore…
Luigi’s can k!ssmy as-s goodbye..
Just because I’m a poor girl Mr Rodriguez thinks he can treat me anyhow…
Well this is what I get for dropping out of college anyway..
Jared’s POV👨‍⚕
‘This place su-cks mom’..I whispered..
‘Shut up’ whispered back and pinched my th!gh…
We both listened as Clarice told us the boring tale of how she won a million dollars in a bingo game…
Like seriously who pla-ys bingo at 25??..
She’s just so boring..
I watched earnestly as she talked away and then my eyes caught someone..
Wearing a blue cap and jogging p@n-ts..
Oh i know…
She’s the pretty waitress from Louigi’s..
‘Uhmmm excuse me ladies I’ve got something to take care off’..i said standing up..
‘Okay Jared don’t be late’ replied..
I nodded and ran towards her before she could leave and held her left hand…
‘Hey Isabel right??’..i asked and she turned only for me to see a scowl on her face…
‘Ohh yeah and you’re that as-s-hole from this afternoon’..
‘Uhhh what did you just call me??’..
‘I called you an as-s-hole lover boy what do you want from me?!!’..she responded..
‘Well uhh I just wanted to ask if you’re up for a drink’..I admitted and she laughed..
‘Haha sorry dude not interested’..she muttered and turned to walk away..
‘How dare you!!’..i winced and held her hands..
The next thing I knew a resounding punch landed on my eye and she ran away..
Oh God!!..
I think I’m seeing double..
💙💙Episode Four💙💙
Jared’s POV👨‍⚕
Like she just sl@pped me?!!…
She just sl@pped me?!!!
‘Jared are you okay honey??’..Mom asked as I walked back to the table with a scowl on my face…
‘Well some?…never mind I’m okay’..I replied sitting down and folding my hands…
I’m so gonna make that Isabel of a person pay for sl@pping me across the face..
She’s so gonna pay for it and I’ll make sure it’s the last thing I do..
The Next Morning🌤️
‘Good morning doc’..Maria said as I opened the door holding my regular cu-p of coffee in my hands…
‘Good morning Maria what’s the status??’..I replied sitting on my desk..
‘Hmmm not much,Mrs Gray has been discharged,two ladies gave birth last night with the help of doctor Vanessa and now there’s no other emergency’..she said and I smiled .
There’s nothing i love more than a free day at the hospital..
‘Okay thank you,I have a lunch d@t£ with Vanessa today so would you find someone else to fill in for the both of us,since my schedule is free and all??’..
‘Uhhhh yeah there’s no problem with that and Oh Jared there’s a letter for you and a package too,it c@m£ in this morning’..she replied walking away…
I looked un-der my desk and alas it was a ribboned box with cute ponytail pictures on it and a pink colored envelope…
I opened it and the letter re-ad thus;
Dear Sugar boy❤️,
I know this may come as a shock to you😱..
But i just want to tell you that I love you and I want you to take me back😭..
When you broke my heart I was angry and hurt but since then I couldn’t sleep💔..
You complete me Jared d!¢kon and I can’t do without you..
Look there’s a cheque of $20,000 and your favorite clothe collection from Channel💔.
I would give you more if you would just be my b©yfri£ndJared..
I love you more than anything in this world..
Irene and I broke up like a week ago so why’s she disturbing me now??..
I don’t know but I think I have a lucky charm or something cause women don’t seem to ever want to let me go..
They always go crazy when I walk throu-gh the door..
Well except for one woman..
Waitress Isabel..
Monica’s POV👩‍⚕
‘Ohhh you can’t quit now Sheila you know we nee-d you’..I begged..
Sheila has been my trusted maid for three years now without a problem and now she wants to resign..
‘I’m sorry Mrs d!¢kon but I’m getting married soon and my fiance wants me to open a new shop where I’ll sell my famous cookies and bre-ad’..she replied sniffing her nose…
I stared at her for a while relenting on what I was going to do next and then smiled softly..
‘Okay Sheila it’s your call,I’ll give you a cheque of $1 million for all you’ve done for me and my family’..I muttered un-der my breath and she jumped up for joy…
‘Oh thank you Mrs d!¢kon!!,you’re the best woman I’ve ever worked with and I’ll never take your goodness for granted!!!’..she cried out..
I patted her shoulders and walked away slowly…
Well I’m happy for her but the question is;
Where do I get a new maid?!!’…
Isabel’s POV👩‍⚕
I sighed de-eply as I mopped the stairway of the grand h0tel that I work in as a p@rt time cleaner…
I mean I work tirelessly but still the money isn’t enough for me to buy a favorite cheap dress…
‘Ohh Isabel you work too ha-rd ‘..Mom always said in her normal state of worry but what can i do??..
Dad died a long time ago leaving mom and I with hvge debts to pay..
He literally left us with nothing since all he did was to gamble and drink to stupor…
‘Are you done with the job Isabel?’..The h0tel manager asked and I nodded..
‘Yeah I am thank you,I think I’ll be going now bye’..I replied and walked away slowly dragging the mop bucket..
A girl’s gotta do what a girl gotta do…
Twenty minutes later💙
I swatted the annoying fly who kept buzzing around the raw steak I bought for my mom…
Tonight I’m gonna give her a special treat..
I walked into Bobo’s game house where i was supposed to pick Cole,the nine year old kid from the restaurant…
His mom paid me to do so anyway…
’Hey Cole let’s go!!’..I called from the door and when he saw me he screamed..
I love this kid..
‘C’mere big guy let’s leave’..I replied taking his school bag and turned to leave…
We walked down the road kicking some empty cans on the floor and then trouble struck when he saw a bu-tterfly..
‘See that Isabel!!!!’..he screamed running across the road and a car hit him r0ûghly ma-king him fly across the parking meter.
‘Cole!!!!’…I screamed again and ran towards him only for me to see the driver…
Ohhh not him again?!..
‘You scoundrel you could have killed him!!!!’..I cried out standing the dazed Cole on his feet..
‘O..Oh don’t worry Aunt Isabel I’m okay’..he muttered dusting his clothes…
‘Well I’m sorry but you were also irresponsible for ma-king a small child run across the road like that’..Lover boy,as I call him replied and I winced..
Like he’s he being serious right now?!!!..
‘Oh Great heavens you almost killed this poor child!!!!’..
‘Well he’s okay isn’t he?! I’ll take my leave now!’..he fired back and wanted to enter the car but i gr@bb£d the collar of his shi-t…
Not on my watch!!!..
Jared’s POV👨‍⚕
An Hour Later💙
‘Oh my God so you’re saying that a woman did this to you?!’..Kevin laughed as i plopped on his couch angrily…
‘Yes a woman did this to me?!,what’s the problem?!’..I replied furrowing my brows..
He chuckled frequently and before I could protest he bur-sted into an hysterical laugh…
‘St©p it Kevin’..i muttered un-der my breath..
That fv¢king waitress!!!..
I can’t believe she to-re my expensive shi-t and gave me a black eye…
‘It’s not funny Kevin st©p laughing and tell me how you’ve been coping with the h0tel??’..i asked and he chuckled softly before giving me a reply..
‘Well the h0tel is doing good,I employed a very pretty lady yesterday and I think I like her alre-ady’..
‘They’re always pretty to you Kevin,all women are pretty as long as they got a pu-ssy to you’..i replied giving him a lewd wi-nk…
‘Ohhh Jared you and your indignant remarks anyway are you up for the Boom Boom club tonight??’..
‘Yeah of course how else would i get away from my mother??’…
Isabel’s POV👩‍⚕
At Night☄️
I changed into a short black go-wn which expo-sed my th!ghs a little bit and wore black leggings un-der it..
Well this is what i get for working p@rt time at this stupid club full of clowns ..
‘Isabel get re-ady!!!’..Mama Charlotte otherwise known as Madam Cash called out as i c@m£ out…
‘I’m re-ady Mama C’..i replied adjusting my hair..
‘Hmmm go see what table seven nee-ds okay,you really have a good b©dy and i could really use it’..she admitted and I sm-irked..
‘Thanks but no thanks’..
‘Hmmm okay go wait the tables then’..
I took a tray of champagne from the barman and walked towards table seven and the person I saw there almost made me puke..
Why him?!!..
‘Are you stalking me??’..Lover boy asked and I winced..
‘I work here lover boy,you’ve ruined my day enough so don’t ruin my night plea-se i don’t want to get fired’..i replied dropping the bottle on his table…
‘Hey Isabel’..I heard and when I turned it was Mr Kevin….
‘Oh hey Mr Kevin funny seeing…
‘Kevin you know this wench?!!!’..Lover boy cut in and I sighed…
Before I could give him a reply befitting his stupid self my phone rang..
📱:Hey Lory??’..I said to Cole’s mother and she literally screamed…
📲:You’ve got to come home Isabel,your mom is in danger!!!’..
📱:What?!!,wait I’m coming over right now!!’..I cried out dropping the tray on the floor…
I turned to leave but the stupid bastard gr!pp£dmy arm..
‘Leave me alone lover boy!!!’..I screamed…
‘No I’ll not Isabel!!’..he fired back ..
I winced de-eply and pushed him out of the way and the next thing I knew..
He fell inside the aquarium..
Filled with lobsters!!!!…