💙(He’s a life saver but also a heart breaker)💙

💙💙Episode One💙💙



Jared’s POV👨‍⚕

‘I’m sorry but it’s over between us Jenny’..i muttered while sipping a bit of my Mexican herbal tea…

The blonde haired Canadian,also my girlfriend-Jenny smiled and then began tapping her hands against the chestnut table…

‘i think you’re joking Jared,baby please tell me you’re joking!!!’..she said with her almond eyes glistening with tears…

‘I’m not joking,it’s over between us’..i replied without pity..

‘W..w..why??’..She asked and i smiled..

‘Well because I don’t feel the ‘U’ in ‘Us’ anymore’..

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‘You can’t say that Jared we’ve only been a couple for three weeks please don’t let my friends laugh at me please!!!!’..she cried..

I sighed deeply and then dropped a piece of paper next to her teacup..

‘This is $10,000′..I said.

‘For what??’..she asked..

‘Heartbreak expenses’..i replied and stood up..

Adjusted my stripped tie and left the building like a gentleman…

She screamed a very loud ‘Jared!!’ Which resounded in my ears…


Women and their tantrums..

Can’t they just take a simple break up lightly…

My phone rang and when i checked it was Emily -my personal assistant..

📱:Hey Emy what’s the cobubble’..i asked opening the door of my latest Lexus sports car..

📲:You’re needed in the hospital sir,there’s an emergency’..she replied..

📱:Okay Emy I’ll be there in two minutes’…

Well it’s time for me to save a life I guess…

Two Minutes Later💙


I got to the hospital and wore my white colored coat which clearly had ‘Dr Jared Dickon’ imprinted at the breast pocket..

‘So what’s the emergency??’..i asked as i walked inside the white washed hospital lobby…


The smell of blood and Aspirin gets me every time..

That’s one of the knacks of being a doctor..

It gets you every time…

‘Well it’s a very serious one,a four year old boy was playing in his parents garden and apparently swallowed a blade,we’ve run an X-ray scan on him and it’s in his liver,He’s dying Jared’…Maria,the head nurse said..

‘Ohhhh prepare him for surgery,tell Emily to get me two other nurses stat,let’s do this’….

Isabel’s POV👩‍⚕

I smiled broadly as I placed the paper plate filled with hamburgers and hot dogs in front of the 9-year old boy,Cole

‘Thanks Isabel’..he squealed and i scattered his blonde hair with my hands..

‘You’re welcome now eat up before your mommy comes,she said I shouldn’t give you fried foods but what can i do?,you’re a sweet little terror’..i said..

‘Yeah that’s why you’re the best!!!’..he replied and i let out a chuckle…

I went back into the kitchen to pick the other orders for the customers and that’s when the troublemaker arrived…

Mr Samuel…

The part owner of the store who is typically known as a drunkard…

His wife Mrs Samuel is the main reason why the store is still a success till date…

‘Isabel!!’..he screamed and i scurried to his table..

‘Yes Mr Samuel you called me??’..i replied in a sarcastic drawl…

‘Yeah i called you,what are you doing??’..he asked smacking his lips seductively…

‘Well I’m waiting tables’..i replied again…

I don’t like the way he’s looking at me but what can i do??..

Mr Samuel is an alcoholic and also a womanizer..

‘So uhhhh what are you doing right now??’..he inquired laying a hand on my back..

I sniffed a bit and politely removed his hands from my shoulder…

‘Uhhhh well I’m waiting tables like i said before what do you want Mr Samuel and please don’t touch me that way’..i blurted out loudly..

‘Ohhh Isabel you know that i like you,I love you in fact and i would like to….’..he whispered squeezing my butt but before he could finish the sentence i pushed him away and he backed against the table..

‘With all due respect sir I wouldn’t want you to touch me like that okay?!!’..i cried out…

He grabbed the collar of my shirt and before he could say a word I slapped him hard across the cheeks and kicked him in the loins…


Jared’s POV👨‍⚕

I washed my hands with antiseptic soap and my legs in the bathroom…

Luckily i was able to save the little boy who happened to be Simeon by name and the blade was successfully removed…

Yeah i never loose a patient and that’s why I’m the best doctor around….

‘Hey Sugar boy’..Vanessa,my colleague muttered as she entered the restroom…

‘Vanessa what are you doing here?!!,i thought this is the male restroom!!!’…i screamed softly and she smiled..

She walked closer to me and removed the thong she was wearing under her pleated skirt and i smiled..

‘Ohhh Vanessa I’m not in the mood’..i lied..

‘You??,since when did Jared Dickon AKA sugar boy ever loose his mood,come here honey and let’s boogie’…she whispered and crushed her lips to mine…

An Hour Later💙
After my dirty escapade with Vanessa I walked into my office sweating profusely and slumped down into my chair…

Vanessa is a sex maniac and also my hospital girlfriend…

I met her few weeks back when she was recruited as a junior doctor..

Now she’s one of the most important ladies in my life..

Ohh did i say important?!..

Emily walked inside later on carrying a huge folder and dropped it on my table…

‘Uhhh what is this??’..I asked tucking a pen behind my ear..

‘Well it’s the disease control folder sir,Maria said you should take a look at it and Oh,Stephanie called again’..she replied..

‘Huh which of the Stephanie??’..

‘Ohh sir you forget quickly,your girlfriend,Stephanie Lawrence she called to remind you of the dinner’..she said and i winced..

Oh God i totally forgot about Stephanie again….

She’s always bugging me with her incessant demands and I can’t wait to break up with her..

I think I’ll tell her tonight..

‘Okay Emy,clear out my schedule and put Vanessa in my place’…

‘Vanessa the doctor-bitch??’..she asked and I laughed.

‘Haha Emily yeah Vanessa the doctor bitch now chop chop!!’…

At Night☄️


‘So what are you doing tomorrow??’..Stephanie asked as I dipped a fork into my creambulè..

‘Uhhh Jeremy I asked you a question??’..She added and I slammed the fork down…

‘That’s it Stephanie!!!,I’ve had enough of your tantrums!!’..i screamed..

‘B..but I…

‘Yeah Stephanie!!!,look I think we need a break,it’s obvious that this relationship is going nowhere!!!’..

‘B..but Jeremy??!’..

‘No buts Stephanie we don’t even need a break,it’s over between us!!!’…



💙💙Episode Two💙💙

Isabel’s POV👩‍⚕

I turned on the lights as I walked into my apartment only for my Dog Bobo to jump on my body..

‘Oh hey big guy where’s mom??’..i asked as I carried him in my arms..

He barked as if to give me an answer and we both went inside the living room…

There she was -my mom sitting in front of the small screen watching DARK DAYS her favorite soap opera..

‘Hey mom’..I muttered planting a kiss on her forehead and she smiled..

‘Hey Isa how was work today??’..she asked in reply..

‘Ohhhh it was terrible,Mr Samuel was at his usual dirty self and since i refused to give in to his demands he cut my salary short by 20%’..i said..

I walked towards the kitchen counter which was separated from the living room but was visible through the huge space in between the walls..

Dropped the brown paper bag that was filled with groceries and walked back to meet her…

‘That bastard!!,I just wish you didn’t have to work there’..she said..

‘Ohhh mom you know I have to work and by the way I got the drugs your doctor prescribed??’..I replied and she sighed deeply..

‘You don’t really have to worry about me Isabel we barely have enough money to eat and you’re buying drugs’..

‘Ohhh mom you matter more than anything in this world and I would move mountains just to make you feel better don’t worry mom very soon all will be over’..

Jared’s POV👨‍⚕

The Next Morning🌤️
‘Good Morning Emily’..i muttered as I walked over to her desk with a cup of black coffee in my hands..

‘Good morning Doc how was your night??’..she replied with a you-don’t-need-to-tell-me look…

Well Emily knows about all my escapades with women and is comfortable with it..

Yeah that’s why she’s my personal assistant…

‘Well Stephanie and I broke up and now she’s threatening to kill me’..i replied and sipped a bit of the strong coffee…

‘Ohhh really sir well Mrs Anderson is here to see you’..she said furrowing her brows and i smiled..


Mrs Anderson..

The married woman who clearly doesn’t want to leave me alone..

She’s been married for three years and apparently she doesn’t love her husband anymore..

She now claims to love me..

And I love her too..

Oh please who am i kidding?!!…

I walked inside my office and dropped the plastic cup inside the waste bin…

‘Hello Jared’..Mrs Anderson said and I sighed..

I don’t know if it’s time or because I’m bored cause she looks kind of ugly today..

‘Good morning Mrs Anderson how may I help you??’..i replied plopping on my chair..

‘Ohhh cut that bull crap off Jared you know why I’m here and before you say anything else i want to ask,who was that bitch that you went out with to Louigi’s last night??!!’..she asked in a somewhat serious tone..

Okay like is this lady being serious right now??..

‘Uhh she’s a friend’..i replied with a yawn..

‘A friend?!!,Jared you kissed her when you both met i saw you with my own eyes!!!!’…she screamed.

‘Uhhh you saw me while seating with your husband okay?!!,so you can’t come into my office and scream cause there are patients who like it when it’s quiet!!!!’..i fired back…

‘Okay fine Ja…

‘It’s not fine Mrs Anderson,I’m tired of your childishness okay?!!!,it’s over between us!!!!’…i screamed..

She ran out in tears and I smiled..

Well that takes care of one problem..

‘Uh oh it looks like sugar boy has dumped another sugar cube’..One of the nurses said.

‘Hey shut up and go run diagnostics on patient 24b will you?!!’…

Isabel’s POV👩‍⚕

‘Okay that’s it i quit!!!’..i screamed walking out of the bar angrily…


Men and their stupid over-active libido..

I can’t believe that drunk asshole was trying to have sex with me…

In the ladies bathroom?!!…

*Beep* my phone reminder buzzed .

Well this means that my shift at Louigi’s is about to begin..

I packed my blonde hair into a tight bun and adjusted my worn out sneakers..

Walked into an alley which leads straight to the restaurant only for two men to block my way..

‘Hey Chickie where you off too??’..One of them asked and i smirked..

Here I go again…

‘I’m off to work,you got a problem with that??’..i replied..

‘Yeah we’ve got a problem with that,you can’t pass our turf anymore,it’s for ‘men only”..he replied and i smiled deeply…

I think these two want a piece of me…

Twenty minutes later💙
’So you’re saying that you beat these two grown men with this wood??’..The officer asked and I nodded…

‘Yes officer they molested me and if you’ll excuse me i think I’m late for work’..i said..

’Keep up the good work lady,we need more women like you!!!’..she called from behind and i smiled…

I ran with all my lady strength into the restaurant and thankfully the grumpy manager wasn’t around yet..

‘Oh thank God you’re here Isabel,we’re expecting some very important people so it’s high time you get dressed’..Nicole my coworker whispered and I rushed to the bathroom to change..

Jared’s POV👨‍⚕

‘So you just have to take your anti-fungi pills twice daily and you’ll be perfectly okay’..I said to the 56-year old grandma who was really scared about dying…

‘Okay thank you Doctor Jared,you sure know how to put me in a good mood’..she replied and i smiled..

‘Anything for you Mrs,I’ll be around hopefully when you come in for your next checkup’..

Emily walked in again with a phone in her hands..

‘Sir it’s Nadia’..she whispered and gave the phone to me…

📱:Hey Nadia’..I said in my usual sexy voice..

📲:Hey Sugar boy,are you ready??’..she replied..

📱:Huh ready for what??’..I asked clipping my toe nails..

📲:Our 8 month-versary lunch honey,I can’t believe you forgot’…she replied..

Oh Gosh…

I have so many anniversaries that I’ve forgotten about hers…

📱:Ohhh sorry baby,I’m so busy with work and everything that I forgot,I’ll be with you in a minute’..

📲:Hmm okay,be sexy okay??’..

📱:Ohhh I’m always sexy and you know it’…

Twenty Minutes Later💙
‘Baby’..I muttered as I came out of my car..

Nadia rushed towards me and kissed me on the cheek,took a selfie and then posted it on Instagram..


‘Don’t tag me please’..I said as we walked inside..

‘Huh?Okay let’s sit Down over there’..she replied and I ushered her to the pink covered table..

We both sat down and before I could call the blonde haired pretty waitress calamity struck…


Nicole is here!!….

‘Uhhhh Jared who is this?!!’..she asked as she walked over and Nadia scoffed..

‘Excuse me lady talk to my man with respect okay?!!’..

Oh God..

‘Are you being serious right now Jared who’s this tramp?!!!’..Nadia screamed standing up…

‘Ohhh did you just call me a tramp?!!,are you mad?!!’..Nicole fired back slapping her hard across the face…

Oh I think i need to leave before this fight starts..



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