The last confessor Episode 29 & 30

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 29
By: Kebby NG
Isabelle stood out in the open, her hands on her w@!st as she kept staring behind the whole time to see if the princess was coming alre-ady.
She wouldn’t deny it – she felt so nervous; so so nervous.
She never thought she’d be going back to her father’s anytime soon- not after what the monster did to her Oh! She never thought of it.
Her blood boiled with anger. Thinking about every single thing he did to her was almost ma-king her run mad.
Oh! That animal. She’d never forgive him – never!
Shortly, she saw the princess walking towards her and she sighed.
She walked with so much agility and smartness and just like always, Isabelle admired her.
But Isabelle was a little uncomfortable when the princess had about two guards with her. She had told her not to tell anyone about it – at least, not yet.
“Are you re-ady?” Rayna asked as she stood in front of Isabelle and Isabelle nodded.
“Um…my princess” she called. “You’re taking some guards?”
“Of course! Do you think I’d be that dumb to leave this palace alone with you? If truly the red sisters are behind this, then it’s possible they’re after you and who knows? They might be somewhere outside this gate” she enthused smartly and Isabelle only bowed her head, getting the princess’ point.
“Listen to me, Confessor” she continued.
“I’m only doing this for my brother’s sake, and nothing else. So, for your sake, you better make sure this is true. Or better still, make sure you’re not just trying to use me to escape because I’ve told you before..”
“This isn’t a joke, princess” Isabelle cut her off,calmly tho.
“I’m truly trying to be of help”.
Rayna looked at her and scoffed, then continued walking away, towards her carriage, and Isabelle followed.
While the guards rode on behind them, Isabelle and the princess sat together in the carriage. The princess fanning herself the whole time time, while Isabelle just sat quietly
For a second, she paused to think. Why was she even doing this for the King? Why the King? Shouldn’t she be her perfect opportunity to finally be free from him? Why would she risk her life so much for him?
Her heart to-re ap@rt.
Somehow, she couldn’t explain it and felt guilty she knew about Salome, but didn’t say or do anything to st©p her. Oh! How foolish she had been.
She should’ve said something; done something. Why did she just keep shut, huh? And now, she has to go throu-gh these stress of returning home.
The princess didn’t bother saying a word at all and finally, they got to their destination – when Isabelle asked them to st©p.
“Is this it?” The princess asked and Isabelle nodded
It’s been such a long ride.
“Finally. Let’s go, then” she said but Isabelle found it difficult moving from her seat as she just fixed her eyes ahead.
The memories – they were coming back bit by bit and were trying to scare the hell out of her.
Was she re-ady to face him? Would he still b there?
“What’re you waiting for,conessor!” Rayna called from the floor and Isabelle gulped nervously and stepped out.
“Stay here and be on the lookout for us” Rayna said to the guards before walking away with the Confessor.
They had to walk for a little more time because they had to go throu-gh some more bushes and gras-ses.
“Are you sure this so called plant would still be here?” Rayna asked as they walked along.
“I don’t know,my princess. I’m just hoping” she answered.
“Gosh” the princess mumbled.
“But why are trying to do this, anyway?” She scoffed
“My brother hates you. Why are you trying to save him?”
Isabelle didn’t say a word because she also didn’t have the answer to that question. She couldn’t even think of it – not at all.
She had no idea.
Finally, after the long walk, they finally sp©tted the house in front of them.
“Is that it?” Rayna asked again and Isabelle nodded.
That was it – the home of her torment.
It appeared to be older and uglier – like her father hadn’t been taking care of it. Oh! To hell with him; she’ll never give a damn.
She took in a de-ep breath and started towards the house and the princess followed.
They got to the door, but it was locked and looked dirty and dusty. The environment was nothing to write home about either as it was looking like an abandoned grave yard. What has this man been doin? With the look of things, he didn’t seem to be living there anymore.
“Where can we get the plant, Confessor? I don’t think there’s anyone here” Rayna said and Isabelle sighed and walked away, going to the backyard.
Her eyes beamed when she saw it still standing there, right beside the grave. She let out a rueful smile.
“It’s still here” she said to the princess, her voice a little rhin.
“Oh! Thank goodness. Let’s go get it, then!” The princess exclaimed and rushed towards it with Isabelle.
They both crouched beside it and carefully, Isabelle plucked out the leaves.
“I hope you’re sure of this? This is the right plant, right?” The princess asked, but Isabelle didn’t say a word.
She was trying so ha-rd to control herself; her emotions. Being in that place alone was driving her completely crazy.
She took out the leaves she wanted, sniffed and then stood up.
“Is that all? Can we leave?” The princess asked, but Isabelle still gave no response.
Gosh! She was such a talkative.
Isabelle sniffed again and went to the grave.
She knelt before it and placed her hands on it.
“Hi mum” she smiled ruefully, a tear dropping from her eye.
She sniffed in again and more tears c@m£ rushing out The princess watched quietly in astonishment.
“It’s been so long” she whimpered.
Her heart to-re at the remembr@nce that she couldn’t even get to see her mother’s face. She couldn’t even get to stay in her mother’s arms – not even for a second.
Oh! Why was she cursed? Why was she so cursed to take the life of her mother during childbirth?
She wept more – painfully.
“I’m sorry” her voice shook.
She leaned closer, planted a k!sson the surface of the grave, then stood up and left without looking at the princess.
Episode 30
In the carriage, Isabelle tried her best to control her tears by staring throu-gh the curtains the whole time.
She couldn’t bring herself to cry anymore. She didn’t want to.
The princess kept sealing glances at her from time to time, feeling a little remorse for what had happened a while ago.
A p@rt of her wanted to place her hand on the confessor’s th!ghs and sympathize with her, but the proud p@rt of her couldn’t do it.
“Your mother died when you were a little right?” She finally said something and Isabelle turned to look at her.
It hurt her a little as she sniffed and looked away again.
“She died when I was born” she answered and the princess’ guilt increa-sed.
When she was born?
A few seconds pas-sed, then she whispered:
“I’m sorry”.
Isabelle didn’t say a word but just continued staring throu-gh the window. She didn’t want to talk about it – not at all.
Finally, they got to the palace successfully and Isabelle gave the princess direction on how to use the leaf.
“You’re to pound it, mix it with some amount of h0t water, then apply it on his che-st, and into his palms” She instructed and the princess listened with ra-pt attention.
“Okay. You’re sure about this, right?” The princess asked anxiously and Isabelle replied with a nod.
“Alright. Thank you so much, confessor. If this works, I won’t forget this” she beamed and left while Isabelle retreated to her room
She was almost feeling sick from the journey and all she nee-ded was adequate rest. Enough rest to clear her head.
She got into her room, showered and la-id on the be-d immediately.
The princess didn’t hesitate to do what the Confessor said as she hurried to the Royal kitchen and started mixing the herbs.
She mixed it with the warm water and next, carried it in a bowl to her brother’s room.
And getting to the room, she found her mother and Princess Roseline there.
“Goodness! Rayna, where have you been? I was almost worried” her mother said with a fright.
“I’m fine, mother” she replied casually as she ran towards the King’s be-d, the little bowl in her hand.
“Hold on… What’s that? What’re you doing?” Roseline asked, surprised.
“It’s a herb. And hopefully, it should work for him” she answered and set to work immediately, applying the leaves carefully on his che-st.
“How did you get it? And what makes you think it’d work?” Roseline asked, but she didn’t reply them as she tried focusing on what she was doing.
She squee-zed the leaves into the King’s palms and realizing she was done, she heaved with relief and stood up.
“So..what next?” Roseline asked, going closer to the be-d.
She was more anxious.
“I don’t know” the princess replied, her eyes on Caesar.
Suddenly, they noticed some movements on him.
“His f!nger…his f!nger just moved!” Hapitha skrie-ked.
“Whaaaat?? Are you sure?? Did you see that?” Rayna’s eyes beamed.
“Yes! Yes;”
Caesar reacted more by arching his brows, he gr-unted and slowly, his eyes fluttered open.