The last confessor Episode 31 & 32

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 31
By: Kebby NG
Isabelle woke up feeling better and energized. She yawned lightly and got up from her be-d.
Her head was pounding and it ached because of how long she had cried. Her eyes felt heavy too and she knew it would be bulgy and puffy.
She stood on her feet and sli-pped her legs in her sli-ppers. When she peeped throu-gh her window, she discovered that night has alre-ady come and it was dark outside.
She had sle-pt for long and she wondered why nob©dy c@m£ to wake her up; even Mia but she was glad too that nob©dy had disrupted her sleep.
She nee-ded the sleep a lot.
Isabelle suddenly thought of the king – is he awake? Did the herbs work on him?
She didn’t have anyone to answer her questions and she badly nee-ded answers.
She sighed tiredly and walked out of her room quietly.
The king’s eyes finally opened fully and he gro-an ed because of the sharp pain he felt on his head.
“He is really awake! Oh my God!” Roseline g@sped happily.
“Of my! The herbs worked!” Princess Rayna said happily and held the king’s hand in hers.
They were so happy.
“Wa…ter…” The king muttered lowly almost inaudible but Roseline and princess Rayna heard him clearly because they were close to him.
“Okay. I’ll go get it right away.” Roseline beamed and quic-kly ran out of the room.
“How are you feeling?” The queen asked with a smile and helped him seat on the be-d.
“I’m fine mother.” He said calmly.
“I was so worried about you, I thought I’ve lost you.” The queen said with a sad sigh.
Roseline walked in with a cu-p of water in a small tray and moved closer to the king. She gave him the cu-p and he drank every single drop from the water.
He breathed out a sigh of relief and handed the cu-p back to Roseline who took it and dropped it back on the tray, with a smile on her face.
“How did I get healed?” The king asked, after a brief silence between them in the room.
The queen turned to look at princess Rayna; a questioning look.
“Well, erm…I made researches and I was able to get the herbs for it. I did it my king.” Princess Rayna smiled proudly.
The king patted her hair and smiled, a smile that disappeared just the way it c@m£.
“Thank you Rayna.” The king said.
“Anything for you my king. I was so worried about you and I had to do everything within my power to make sure you’re fine and alive again.” Princess Rayna beamed happily.
“Thank you Rayna, I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough for saving my life.” The king said sincerely.
“You’re welcome, my king.” She smiled.
“I’m hungry. Tell the cook to prepare my favorite meal.” The king sighed tiredly and la-id back on the be-d.
“Okay my king.” Princess Rayna said and walked elegantly out of the room.
“I’ll just go and come back later when you’ve finally regained yourself fully.” The queen said and smiled at him.
“Okay mother.”
The queen walked out of the room, leaving the king and Roseline.
“My king, I was so worried about you.” Roseline said and sniffled her tears sadly.
“I’m fine now Roseline, you don’t have to worry again.” The king said perfunctorily.
Roseline was almost f0rç£d to roll her eyes but she didn’t – she wouldn’t dare roll her eyes at the king except she wants a death wish.
Minutes later, Naya and the princess walked in with Naya holding a tray of food.
“My king.” Naya bowed her head in obeisance and took slow strides towards the king’s be-d.
She placed the tray gently on the table beside his be-d.
“Can I leave now my king?” She asked with her head bowed.
“Yes.” He said simply while Naya nodded her head and walked out of the room.
Roseline helped the king seat up and brou-ght the small table that the tray of food was closer to herself.
The king took a spoonful and he scrunched his face in disappointment.
He dropped the spoon and glared at the food.
“Call me the cook that served me this food.” He told Roseline sternly.
She nodded her head and quic-kly went out of the room.
Seconds later, Naya was standing in front of the king and looking frightened. She didn’t know why the king had s£nt for her but she knew it was not for something good.
What did she do?
She couldn’t help but wonder.
“Who cooked this food the last time I ate it? There’s a big difference between this meal and the other one you served me.” The king gro-an ed, his eyes on the unt©uçhed meal.
Naya couldn’t find the appropriate words to use and she felt scared.
She actually didn’t know who made the meal as she had been abs£nt from work the previous day.
“My king…it was one of the maids. I wasn’t able to prepare it the last time and a maid helped me.” She answered, her voice shaking in fright.
“What’s her name?” Caesar asked and Naya was taken by surprise.
“Um… I don’t know, My King. I wasn’t around”.
There was a brief silence.
“When you go back to the kitchen, ask for the maid and learn from her I love the way she made it and want it done the same way from now on. Do you un-derstand?”
Naya’s feet wo-bbled.
“Y…Yes, My King” she stuttered, turned around and left, feeling so shocked.
Who was the maid?
Episode 32
The king managed to eat the meal even if it wasn’t as tasty as he expected it to taste. If he knew it wouldn’t taste so good like he had expected, he would have ordered for another meal to be prepared.
He can still order for another meal to be prepared, but he was terribly hungry and he wouldn’t be able to wait till another meal is re-ady.
He ate the meal and when he was done, he drank enough water.
“I nee-d enough rest and I don’t want anyb©dy in my room. I don’t want to be disturbe-d.” King Caesar ordered as he la-id quietly on his be-d.
“Yes my king.” Princess Rayna and Roseline bowed simultaneously and walked out of the room.
Princess Rayna sighed as she walked elegantly to her room. She got inside and locked the door quietly.
She la-id on her be-d and stared up at the ceiling.
Her mind suddenly reminisce about the conversations that had transpired between her and the king.
She had lied to the king that she was the one who had found the cure and she didn’t know why she didn’t tell the king the truth.
The confessor really helped her brother and it is only because of her that the king had survived.
The princess knows how much the king hates the confessor and she knows he punishes her greatly. But then again, she wondered why the confessor had helped her brother.
Why did the confessor help heal the king when the king had caused her nothing but pain?
Why did she do it?
No matter how ha-rd she tried to think and get answers, the ha-rder it bec@m£.
It still puzzled and amazes her.
Why would the confessor help the king when she knows that when he finally dies, she’d be free?
Did she enjoy being maltreated by the king?
She was just so confused as different questions c@m£ into her mind.
She sighed for the umpteenth time and rolled to the other side of her be-d.
She heaved a tired sigh and soon, she fell asleep.
“Hey confessor.” Mia smiled lightly at Isabelle as she walked into the kitchen.
There were just two persons in the kitchen when Isabelle walked in – Naya and Mia.
Isabelle ignored Mia and went over to the counter and sat on a stool beside it.
“Hey Mia!” Naya called out angrily at Maya who was chopping some vegetables. Mia dropped the knife and turned to face Naya who looked visibly angry with her face red and scrunched up.
Isabelle turned to look at them and stared silently at them.
“I want you to tell all the cooks to as-semble here in the kitchen!” Naya ordered sternly.
Though Naya wasn’t the head of the cook, but because she was privilege to cook the king’s meal, she felt proud.
She felt high and mighty.
Nob©dy dares disobey her because she had the power to even get them punished severely.
“Okay.” Mia said softly and scurried out of the kitchen.
“Hey confessor! What are you staring at? If you don’t have anything to do, go over to the sink and wash the dishes!” She sneered angrily.
Isabelle didn’t reply her but just went straight to the sink and started washing the dishes.
Naya was really angry. Who the hell made the king’s favourite meal that he wants her to continue to prepare it?
Who the hell is the person trying to take her position away from her? How good was the person’s meal that the king could even notice the difference between her own and the person’s?
She was just so angry and she wanted to Know the person.
She didn’t want the person to teach her, but she wanted to give the person a stern warning.
“You s£nt for us Naya, what is the problem?” One of the s£nior chef’s, Dahlia asked with a slight frown on her face.
She had never for once liked Naya because she’s rude and pompous. She sees herself better, higher and greater than others.
“Yes, I s£nt for all of you. Well, the king is alive…” Naya said and paused, looking at them to see their reactions and of course, they were happy.
They were low whisperings amongst themselves. Isabelle had a small smile on her face and her heart was finally at rest.
She was so worried and she badly nee-ded to know how the king was faring but she didn’t know who to ask but thank goodness, she knows he’s fine now.
“While I was sick, someb©dy prepared the king’s meal – his favorite meal. Now, I want to know who did.” Naya said and darted her eyes to all the chefs standing in front of her.
Isabelle and Mia exchanged glances at each other and Isabelle nodded her head positively.
“Isabelle, the confessor did.” Mia spoke up after few seconds of grave silence.
“What!” Naya was utterly shocked and gob-sma-cked. And turned to look at Isabelle whose gaze was on the floor.
“Are you sure of what you’re saying?” Naya asked, finding it unbelievable.
“Yes Naya.” Mia answered.
Naya was filled with bitterness as she walked angrily towards Isabelle.
“A of you can leave except the confessor. I want to have a word pri-vately with her.” She said and the chefs all dispersed except Isabelle who was standing in front of Naya – better still, Naya was standing in front of Isabelle.
“Did you really make the king’s favourite meal confessor?” She scoffed at her.
“Yes, I did.” Isabelle mouthed a reply.
“Now listen and listen to me very well confessor, I’ve always been the one cooking for the king, even his favorite. I don’t know the scheme you’re trying to pu-ll but I just want to let you know that you would not succeed.
No matter how ha-rd you try to get to my position, you would never get to it.
You should know your limit and stay off my way if you don’t want any trouble in this palace.” She said authoritatively while Isabelle just stared blankly at her.
“The king is mine and you should stay clear away from anything that would make you go close to the king. If you want your days here to be peaceful, then stay out of my way.
I guide whatever is mine with jealousy.” She added and pu-ll-ed Isabelle’s hair r0ûghly. Isabelle gro-an ed a little and held Naya’s hand.
“The king likes your meal and wants you to continue to prepare it, but that would be over my dead b©dy. You’re not gonna cook the king’s meal, I will not allow you.” She said and yanked Isabelle’s hair ha-rd again.
“Stay away from the king okay?” Naya seethed and yank her hair ha-rd when Isabelle didn’t say anything.
“Am I clear?” Naya asked with a wicked sm-irk.
“Yes Naya.” Isabelle finally gr-unted out a reply. Naya sm-irked and let go of her hair. She eyed Isabelle disdainfully and walked out of the kitchen leaving Isabelle to nurse her hurting scalp.