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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The last confessor Episode 27 & 28

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🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)

Episode 27




Isabelle walked gingerly out of the Prince’s room and breathed a sigh of relief. She walked back to the kitchen and continued her work.
Mia came to her and asked her what happened but she said nothing.

Her mind is just occupied with so many things right now. She’s in a tight corner.

“Get the food ready for the party! Henrietta, get the wine the king is requesting for.” Ma’am Gloria said to the maids as she supervised them and did some few works too.

“Isabelle, take the fruits and follow Henrietta. Give the fruits to the Princess Roseline.” Ma’am Gloria ordered and stretched her a bowl containing slice fruits. A bowl of mixed fruits.

She gulped as she collected from her and did as she was told. She got to the party where some nobles men and women were.

Isabelle stared at the expensive dress a woman was wearing. She didnt know when the fruits fell down from her hand and poured out of its container. She had bumped into someone.

Oh no! She knew she was going to get scolded again. She’s doomed today. In the hands of Caesar.

“How could she be so careless like this? It’s a good thing you didn’t pourl the fruit on my

dress.” A woman said and kicked Isabelle with her shoe, which made her fall on the floor.

She didn’t want the party to be a mess that would be caused by her, she quickly got up and carried the bowl and walked away.

But before that, isabelle had brought her head up and her eyes went straight to the King.

King Caesar had saw what happened and he kept that mean and strict face on. Isabelle knew he could send for her soon.

“My king, us something bothering you? You’ve been looking at that direction amd I must say, you’re lost in thought.” Princess Roseline jolted him out of thought.

He had been staring at Isabelle’s back. Her ass. He sure knew he was going to screw her tonight again. She’s paying for her sister’s sin.

He wanted her dead but for some reasons or the other, he wanted her alive instead. Here she is.

He will make her suffer. She had watched her sister turn him into a fool. Killed his own parents.

Oh! He won’t spare her. Neither is he going to give her away nor kill her. She’s the King’s property. Slowly turning to the King’s sex slave.

Princess Roseline knew the King had been staring at Isabelle. Oh! How much she hate that dirty confessor so much. Pure hatred.

She wished she could strangle her right there. She has been here for few days and she’s gaining so much attention instead of her.

She’s the King’s fiancée for goodness’ sake. Well, she just need to get pregnant

for the king. She really need to pin him down. Make him hers forever with no one interfering.

“Where’s Salome? The party is about to start.” The King’s husky voice asked the princess.

“She’s coming….oh! There she is.” She pointed to the stage that revealed Salome.

Everyone cheered. Clapped their hands and give compliments to her. Soon, she was singing.

Her voice was kinda what they don’t expect. But Salome which isn’t the real Salome tried her best to sing her heart out.

After she was done singing, she came down from the stage with people clapping their hands.

Isabelle shook her head as she collected another bowl of fruit from ma’am Gloria. She’d prayed in her heart not to pour the fruits away.

She got to princess Roseline and gave her the bowl. The princess wanted gave her an eye roll and dismissed her.

She had only took two steps when she heard the King cough. She turned and saw his face that went pale.

Immediately, the wine cup in the King’s hand dropped and he got up from his throne to the floor.

He was spouting out blood which made everyone scared and shocked as the party began getting disorganized.

Isabelle ran to the King amd shook his body. “My king!!” She called but she got no answer.

“The King collapsed!! He’s not moving” Someone shouted.



Episode 28


Everyone began to murmur, maids running helter-skelter. The party has been ruined. King Caesar was rushed to his room and placed on the bed.

His body had stiffened but luckily, he was still breathing. Shortly, the best healer was summoned and she’d ran some test on the King.

She shook her head and got up from her kneeling position. “The king has been posioned” She said to everyone present in the room. Including Isabelle who was standing far away in the room.

Isabelle has been wondering how he got poisoned. Who could have done this? She shouldn’t be feeling pity for the king.

“Just keep a normal face” She told herself.

“How did the king get poisoned? Who gave him the wine to drink?” Princess Roseline asked some maids in the room but they were quiet.

Henrietta was in the room. She’d gave the wine to the King but she dare not talk. Not now. But she was sure she didn’t have the intention to kill the King.

No she can’t do that.

“Let leave that alone, Roseline. Do you know the kind of condition he is now? I mean is it critical?” Princess Rayna chipped in. She was feeling more concern about her brother than any other person.

“The poison is rare, my princess. And I don’t know the solution. The king is likely to die soon.” The healer blurted making everyone in the room shocked.

“My brother will die soon? Oh! Who could have done this?” The princess, Rayna knelt down beside the king and cried.

“Well, I think I need to be on my way now.” The healer packed her things into her bag and went out.

Prince Kalen, Madame Hapitha and Princess Roseline left the room with the maids. Just Isabelle and Princess was left in the room.

Silence took over.

Mia walked in the hallway and saw Salome running. Running to her direction and she wondered why she was running.

“Why are you running? Is something wrong?” She asked Salome, looking around to see if someone or something was pursuing her but she saw nothing.

“Nothing actually. Bye.” Salome words were fast that Mia hardly heard her say a word.

Mia nodded and went her way.

Salome got to the carriage and ordered the men to move from here fast. The men obeyed.

In the palace, everyone was searching for Salome. But she’s not anywhere around the palace.

“Where could she have gone to?” One of the men asked.

Just then, they saw Mia coming.
“Did you see Salome around?” They asked and she nodded.

“Yes. She was running in the hall way not quite long.” Mia answered.

“Why will she run?” One of the men asked and told the me to follow him. They got outside and asked the guards if they had seen Salome.

“Yes. She’s out of the palace. She ordered her men to leave the palace. And she was in a hurry to leave the palace.” The guard at the gate explained.

“Really? Salome left the palace just when she heard that the king collapsed? Isn’t she an imposter?” Tanner, the chief guard said.

“I guess so. I saw her happy expression when the king collapsed but I shook that off. Believing she can’t harm the king. I think she’s not the real Salome we called for.” Another guard replied.

“She’s definitely the fake Salome. An imposter. We will get her!” Tanner fired.

In the King’s room, Isabelle got up from where she sat and walked to princess Rayna who had been stating at the king for long.

The two must be close that they care for each other. The king was still lying down, his chest were rising and falling, his face pale and veins showing.

Isabelle studied the king well. A rare poison that make the face pale, veins visible, made the body stiffened and also made the person spill out blood.

And there she though of something. A solution. She knew it. Yes! There’s this particular plant she knew that could cure this. A rare plant. The plant was in her father’s compound. Far away from here.

She wouldn’t want to go there. Her father whom she hate so much and hadn’t seen for him for years. She can’t just go there trying to take the plant.

She knew the plant could heal poisons like this. Her sister had told her the usefulness of the plant. She need someone.

Someone to accompany her. She can’t just ho there alone. She need assistance. Isabelle glanced at the King. She really want to save the ruthless king’s life.

“Princess Rayna,” Isabelle called, gaining her attention.

The princess looked up at her and creased her brows. “Yes?”

“I know the solution to the King’s illness.” She replied almost in a whisper.

“Really? Are you serious? Where can we find the solution?” Rayna, the princess’ eyes dilated in shock.

“I want you to accompany me to my father’s house. I’ll need your assistance in this.” She answered.

She really want to save the King’s life.

“Don’t worry. I’ll go with you. I just want the King back on his feet.”




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