The last confessor Episode 25 & 26

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 25
By: Kebby NG
Isabelle was confused. That didn’t look like the Salome she had seen some years ago when she and some other confessors had gone to the Savannah Kingdom. It definitely didn’t look like her.
Or….was she just mistaken?
“Come on, everyone! Enough of the show alre-ady. There’s so much to do!” Ma’am Gloria cl@pped her hands, trying to distract them from the window and bit by bit, they started turning away.
The carriage was alre-ady out of sight anyway. So, there was nothing more to see. Isabelle also turned around and resumed work.
“Salome’s” carriage c@m£ to a halt and she stepped out majestically from it.
The guards and other important members of the cabinet were alre-ady on standby, waiting to welcome her and Salome’s eyes beamed with excitement as she walked towards them.
“Welcome ma’am” one of the highly prestigious women said. “we’ve been anticipating your arrival”.
“Oh!” She scoffed, her hand on her che-st.
“What can I say? I’m honored”.
She had a red hat over her head, a red net over the upper p@rt of her face and wore a go-wn that was a long enough to sweep the floor.
“The King is waiting for you” someone else said, pointing to the direction to her.
“Oh! plea-se, take me to him. Thank you” Salome replied curtly and took the lead.
The few people they c@m£ across kept stealing glances at her, admiring everything about her. Her beauty, s-en-se of fashion, walking steps….
She looked extremely beautiful and clas-sy and they admired her.
Finally, they got to the throne room and met Caesar there on his throne, relaxed.
Salome’s eyes beamed.
“My King!” She bowed as soon as she stood in front of him.
Her cheeks flu-shed in excitement.
“Salome” Caesar called unruffledly
“Finally, you’re here”.
“Yes, My King. Hope I didn’t take too long?”
“Of course, not. The p@rty’s not until tomorrow. So, there’s still plenty of time to prepare”.
“Thank you so much, My King. I consider it an honor getting to sing for you” she looked up at him and smiled.
Salome was taken to her room afterwards – one of the guest rooms which had been prepared for her comfort.
As soon as princess Rayna heard of the singer’s arrival, she had ran with full speed. But not without cross-checking her dress in front of the mirror anyway. She nee-ded to look her best.
She knocked on the singer’s door and it was opened almost immediately for her.
“Hii” she beamed when she found the young pretty lady holding the door.
“Hi dear” Salome smiled back at her.
“I’m um… I’m Rayna – princess Rayna” she said.
“Oh! Of course. You do look like royalty. plea-se,come in” she opened the door wi-de for her and Rayna blu-shed as she walked in.
She acknowledged the fact she was royalty.
“How’re you doing dear?” Salome asked, going to turn some wine.
“I’m fine. Hope you had a plea-sant trip?” She asked.
“Yeah, I think so”.
“Um…. I’ve always wanted to let you know…. I really admire you a lot – a lot. I’ve heard so much about you and….I’ve always wanted to meet you in person”.
“Awwn dearie. That’s cool. Thanks for being a fan”.
“You’re welcome. And I can’t… wait to watch you perform at the p@rty. It’s going to be my first time watching you sing, you know?” Rayna giggled, like it was so much fun to her.
There was a sudden knock on the door and Salome smiled and went to open it.
Her eyes dimmed when she saw it was the confessor. Isabelle.
Episode 26
Salome’s eyes dimmed when she saw it was the confessor. Isabelle.
She quic-kly put on a smile.
“Hey, what do you want?” Salome asked trying to keep her shockimg face.
“Uhm, I c@m£ to check up on Princess Rayna. Her mother was looking for her.” Isabella replied, instantly.
“Oh” Salome mouthed.
Isabelle was about to leave when I eyes caught a mark on Salome’s wrist. She crea-sed her brows. That mark.
She looked up carefully at Salome’s face who was actually still smiling sheepishly at her. She’s one of the red sisters.
That mark belongs to the three red sisters. Only the red sisters has the mark. This isn’t the real Salome.
She knew that. She had find that suspicious the moment she stepped out of the carriage.
Isabelle’s heart skipped so many times. She dare not say anything. Else, she’d be in trouble.
Yes, she was scared of saying anything out. Damn scared.
She bit her inner cheeks and cleared her throat. She was feeling h0t. Something is wrong.
Totally wrong. Isabelle doesn’t want Salome to recognize her suspicious expression, she decided to brighten up her face.
“I’d be on my way now. It’s nice meeting you, Salome.” Isabelle said and turned to princess who was busy pla-ying with her well manicured f!ngernails. “Your mother is still looking for you.” Isabelle spoke before leaving the room in a hurry.
Oh! She felt something wrong. Something bad. What’s the red sister doing here?
She can’t answer that question herself. Oh! She knew it King Miley will have something to do with this.
Isabelle hastened her steps and walked to the kitchen to find Mia and some maids doing some chores.
She set to work too and began cutting the carrots ma’am Gloria had asked her to cut.
“You nee-d to cut those carrots tiny. Because of Prince Kalen. You wouldn’t want to offend that prince.” Ma’am Gloria uttered before going to meet some maids.
Isabelle began cutting the carrots into tiny pieces, just as she had told her. And talking of the Prince, Isabelle though of the discussion he had with the him the other day.
About helping him unlock the Rada’Han from her n£¢k. Should he believe him or not? Can he even help her? With that strict face of his?
What if he can? Oh my! She’d be free! But will she be able to step out of the palace?
‘Isabelle, he can’t help you.’ She said to herself and shook the t©pic off.
So many things crossed her mind. But she tried not to pay attention to any of them. Especially, Salome.
Oh, she dare not say a word. But she really wished she could say something. At least, to the King Caesar.
No, she just have to keep it.
A guard c@m£ into the kitchen and said the Prince was looking for her. Why would he be looking for her?
What does he want from her? I st©pped what she was doing and followed the guard. Shortly, they got to the prince’s room and the guard knocked.
The door got opened, revea-ling the prince in his royal garment. The prince made her come inside while the guard excused them.
“Isabelle, right?”The prince asked and she nodded. “Did you think about the collar in your n£¢k? About me helping you to get rid of it.” He slurred, walking closer to her and t©uçhed her hair.
“You mean you can re-move the Rada’Han from my n£¢k?” Isabelle asked and he replied with a nod and sm-irk.
Gosh! This felt like a tra-p for her.
He didn’t let her open her mouth to talk before he continued, “I’m serious about this. I could. Well, if you want me to get you free from that Rada’Han,” He leaned closer and whispered,
“You will let me have a taste of you. I want to feel your lush b©dy on mine. Let me fv¢k you and i will do anything to get you free from that Rada’Han ” The prince said and stepped back.
Isabelle stared at him, shocked.
Her heart skipped repeatedly. Was he being serious??
“What do you think…. Confessor?” He sm-irked and t©uçhed her hair again, but she moved away.
“I..I..will nee-d time to think about it, My prince.” She stuttered and took permission to leave the room.
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