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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The heart Episode 25 to 28

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 25

By:Tofunmi Nikky🍭



🎀Sandra’s pov🎀

My phone beeped,I looked to see a message popped in

💌Hey!where are you,I’m returning home today💌

I sprang up;

💌Your home address💌i sent and his answer came immediately

He sent the address and I ran out without my phone but a voice stopped me

“Where to?”I turned to see mom,,her hands at akimbo

“Good morning mom,I need to get something”I said

“Um why do I feel you’re lying”she asked

“Trust me mom,I’m not”I said,hoping she let me go

“Okay”she said and I ran away,still feeling her gaze on me

I can’t take my car,I got out and board a taxi

In few minutes,I stepped down after paying him, I knocked on the big gate and a guy opened

“I’m here to see Jay”I said and he smiled, why?

“You’re Sandra,right?”he asked and I just nodded

“Come,He’s at the garden”he said and make way for me

I walked in and soon, I located the garden though it’s a huge mansion

What!here he is playing with ball,his back turned at me

Is this a trick or what?

“Hey”I called

“You’re here”he said and I smirk

“I can see you’re dressed already”I scoffed and I almost grip him but he ran away

I ran after him and gripped him making us fall on the grass;

He was on top of me as I pant heavily

“Sandra”he called

“Get off me”I said and

looked away

“I like you”

💛Amy’s pov:

“Where did you sleep yesterday?”Max asked and they stopped at the door

“On the couch sir,but it’s comfortable”I said

“But you should have stayed in a room”he said again and Rockboy Max took the stairs

He came back with a Lady,,

“She will show you your room”he said,pointing to her

“Ok sir”

“Stop using the word”Sir”,it’s embarrassing”max said and tucked his hand into his pocket

“OK”I said and they walked out

She took me to my room, it’s really good,the colour and everything

“Who stays here?”I asked pointing to the room opposite mine

“Carl”she said, I nodded and she left,I haven’t even seen him since yesterday

I rested my back at the wall as I listened to him sing, I was enjoying it when I shattering of glasses

What!I quickly bumped into his room,to see him on his knees bleeding, I rushed to him

“Why are you hurting yourself?”I ask and took the glass from him

“Arrgh”he yelped

“Go”he said slowly but I held him tighter

“No I won’t”I said and a tears dropped down my cheek, he’s bleeding and f**king wants me to go,No!

“Amy”he called

“I want you to be mine”


#Season 2
Episode 1


🍓Amy’s pov🍓

“I want you to be mine”

I was dumbstruck as he said it,I let go of him

“What are you saying? You’ve hurt yourself”I said and stood up

I need to clean the wound, I took a cotton wool and turned only to see him laying on the floor

I rushed to him,,

“Hey!stop it”I said,I lifted him and his head on my laps

“Be mine, just mine alone”he mumbled and shut his eyes,

this time I couldn’t fight back my tears

“Somebody help!! “I cried and tried lifting him up,I leaned closer and whispered to him

“Enough of this joke,I love you Carl”I said though not sure if he heard me,,or did he faint.

“No!”I yelped and rested my head on his chest,you can’t leave me this way,,I’m going with you

📌Sandra’s pov📌
“I like you”

He winked and I pushed him off me,and he fell on the grass while I stood up

I walked away,,

“Hey!”he called and suddenly came to my front

“You said you’re leaving today”I said hitting his chest

“Ouch!”he yelped and I laughed

“Let’s go inside”he said, I nodded and followed him

I say in a chair and I can’t believe I can be in Jay’s mansion; the popular freak

“I knew you would come,it’s boring alone”he said and sat beside me

“Yeah”I said and something caught my attention; the TV

📺Rockboy Carl is currently at the hospital,, he need your prayers📺

🚻What happened to him??

I stood up immediately,

“I need to go,,Carl is at the hospital”i said my eyes fixated at the TV screen

“I’m coming with you”


💌Amy’s pov💌

I sat down with my palm covering my face,,we rushed him to the hospital,, I just hope he’s fine

“Come on Amy, he will be fine”Max said and I just cried more

“No,,I’m the one who caused this”I said looking at them,,my eyes now puffy

“You’re not the cause if this,,this isn’t the first time”Roy said

“Really?”I asked cleaning my hand with my palm

“Yes,,I’ll tell you”he said and I nodded

“Amy”I heard a voice called and looked up to see Sandra

“How did it happened?”she asked immediately they got to us

“Hi guys”Jay said and they shook hands

Sandra and I went to a corner to talk

“How did it happened?”

“I just don’t know.,he hurt himself and then asked me to be his”

“Wait,,he said that”she asked

“I don’t wanna lose him”I cried and she pulled me closer


#Season 2
Episode 2


💞Amy’s pov💞

Few hours later💯

“You should go home now”I said getting on my feet

We are all still at the hospital since,there isn’t any change on Carl

“And you”Rockboy Roy said and I frowned

“What,why!can’t I stay here?”I asked sadly

“But you should get some sleep”Max said and Roy nodded

“Ok guys,I’ll check on him tomorrow”Jay said rubbing his eyes,,he stood up from his seat

“Ok,goodnight”Roy said,,

“Yeah”Jay said and walked away

“I have to go now,mom would be worried already”Sandra said

“Oh,you should go”Max said and the Rockboys hugged her

“Good night”I said and pulled her into a hug, we unlocked and she walked out

“Since you aren’t going,you have to stay with him”Roy said and I nodded

“We have to contact mom,bye”Max said

“Bye”I said and they walked out,I stood up and went to Carl’s ward

He’s still laying there,I sat on a chair beside him,,I hope he wake up

I shut my eyes and dozed off


“My son”I heard a voice and that’s when I opened my eyes,it’s morning already

“He’s going to be fine mom”Max said patting her shoulder

“Hmm good morning”I said as I stood up

“Hey”Roy replied and I smiled,their mom touched his cheek and then,,a nurse walked in

“Ma’am, the doctor need you”she said before walking out

“Let’s go mom”Roy said talking her arm,, I looked as they all finally walked out.

🎃Unknown pov🎃

I looked at them from the glass door,damn,,why the f**k is he still alive

He should have been f**king dead now,,

I heard footsteps approaching and I quickly head for the exit door

I looked back to see them walking away with their mother

I clenched my fist and walked out of the hospital,, damn!!

💋Amy’s pov💋

I moved closer to him and wait!,,he was opening his eyes slowly

I rushed to seat beside him on the bed,,yes!he finally opened his eyes

“Amy”he mumbled and blinked his eyes

“Yes,,,am here”I said holding his hand

“Come closer”he said,I nodded and leaned closer,making me stare at his face

“Will,,,,will you be my girlfriend?”


#Season 2
Episode 3

By:Tofunmi Nikky💞

🌸Amy’s pov🌸

“Will,,,,will you be my girlfriend?”he asked and my heart skips a beat

The door opened and Mrs Jenkins_their mom came in,,I quickly sat upright

“What were you guys doing?”She stopped in front of us,her arms crossed over her chest

“Hmm he was telling me something”I managed to say and Carl was just staring at me

Geez,,,say something

“Really? I saw you kissing”she said with a frown,,why am I still sitting beside him?

I made to stand up but Carl held my wrist

“You’re right mom,we kissed”he said smiling,, what!

“Right Amy?”he said and winked

“No ma’am, there is nothing like that”I said,hoping that’s convincing enough

“Come on boy,I’m not against anything you do,just stay happy for me”she said and ran to hug him

I signed,,thank heavens, she’s just joking

She came to me and I looked down,she gave me a warm hug and whispered;

“Please make him happy”


“Good evening ma’am”the maids bowed as the three of us stepped down

Of course,, Carl is now discharged

“Evening everyone”Mrs Jenkins replied them

They all kept their heads bowed as we walked in

“Welcome back Sir”one said

“We missed you “Another said

We finally got in and I went to my room,I flopped on the bed,it’s so stressful today

I shut my eyes,I haven’t give Carl a reply, I will tomorrow,, i love him!

👑Carl’s pov👑

The car screened to a halt in the school compound,Amy and I stepped out,heading to the class

“Come closer”she said and I stopped to look at her,I nodded and moved close

“I love you”she said into my ear,I can’t help but laughed

“Is that what you wanna say?”I asked and she nodded

“Let’s go”I said and she frowned

I started walking and laughed inwardly

We got to the class and all stares on us,Max and Roy are in already

💋Wow,,he’s strong

💋I knew he would make it

The noise started though a teacher is in,,they don’t care

“Today is the practical”Amy whispered and I nodded

#few minutes later

The practical started already since Amy and I are paired together, we are working together

I mixed the flour and a ideas popped into my mind,,i did something on the flour and passed it to her

“Come on Mix this”she said and passed some butter and so on to me,wait! Didn’t she see it

My gaze went to Jenna who was busy operating her phone, what’s wrong with her,,,




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