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August 1, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The hearts Episode 21 to 24

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 21

By: Tofunmi Nikky💯



⛔Sandra’s pov⛔

I walked out of the class since it’s closing hour,Amy didn’t even show up at school today,, and I wonder whg

Wait!! Isn’t that Jay Wilson,the popular artist,,,,though he’s backing me but I still know him

I tapped him and he looked at me,,

” Hi “I said, smiling

” Oh you “he said, looking surprised

” hmm Sandra right? ”

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” Yeah,,Sandra “Wow he still remembered my name

” You’re now a Rockboy,I watched when you were performing”

” Really?did I perform well?? “He asked with a serious look

I was about to give an answer when;

🚻Rockgirl Jenna🚻

🚻That’s Jay, my favourite🚻

Jenna and two other girls came to us.

” Hi Jay “Jenna said and they hugged, they two Rockgirls stood beside her

” Hi “Jay replied immediately they unlocked from the hug

” Wait!! What’s she doing here?? “Jenna looked at me before facing Jay

I smirked inwardly,,,

” Oh sorry, she’s my friend “Jay said and looked at me,I nodded slightly

” So this the type of people you make friends with now “Jenna smirked

” Hey! Mind your words “I said pointing a finger at her

” Stop it Sandra “Jay said

” What if I don’t? “Jenna replied me as she moved closer

” Then I’m going to cut that tongue of yours “I replied her

” Can you see that ?”She said to Jay, I walked away.

” Wait Sandra!! “I heard Jay’s voice and stopped,, after some minutes he came to me

” You shouldn’t have reply her “he said as we started walking

” She’s the one getting on my nerves,Okay,, sorry “I finally said

” So you were saying something about my performance “he said

I smirked as I already know where he’s heading to

” Oh that, I won’t tell you “I said and ran off

” Please!! “He said running after me

💞Amy’s pov💞

I sighed when they finally walked out,Mrs Morgan took him in for some private talk.

What could it be???

” Bye “Patsy waved as she stood up beside me

” Yeah “Carl said and walked out

” Won’t you follow him? “Patsy tapped my shoulder and starred at me

“Oops sorry ma’am “I scoffed and hurried out, he was opening his car door when I got there

“So hmm what did she say? “I asked and he turned to look at me

“She accepted, so a driver will pick you up tomorrow “he said and I sighed

“Thanks”I said with a bow

“Yeah”he replied and got into his car, he zoomed off


Episode 22


💌Amy’s pov💌

Patsy dragged me into the club, geez!! Why can’t she understand it’s late already!

The screaming and also the loud music,,I can’t bear it

“I’m not going anywhere “I said and withdraw my hand from hers

” It’s just to celebrate,,you’re leaving us,,you’re leaving so;let’s enjoy a little

” But not for long,, we need to return home “I said,looking around

” Yeah,thanks love “she winked and I smirked

“Let me get us a drink “she said,I nodded and she left

I sat on the chair and stood up again,, I’m just feeling uncomfortable right now

I looked at the lady in short mini skirt, why did I come here!?

I moved only for me to bump into someone; A guy,he walked past me.

” Sorry “I said and turned to see him stop,, he was putting on a face cap

My eyes was attracted to the tattoo on his neck,, before I could figure out what is written there,,,,he walked away.

I sighed,,why am I concerned?,I apologized right?

I better go back to my seat before anything else happens,,,

💂Unknown pov💂

I hit my fist on the wall angrily, I bumped into her but she couldn’t recognise me,,

” I’m going to kill any f**king person who comes closer to her “I said inwardly

” Cause she’s mine “I rough my hair as i looked at the mirror at my front

I put on my face cap and walked out.

🌟Amy’s pov🌟

” Hey “Patsy called immediately she got to where I am

” Where is it?? ” i asked curiously,cause she isn’t holding any cup

” Mom called that Dad is back, and he mustn’t know we cams here “she said and I sprang on my feet

” Damn it “I said and ran my hand through my hair

” We need to go home right now “she said and we both ran out

“No,,I will drive “she said and got unto the scooted,I climbed and damn,,

It was a crazy drive.

🍢Jay’s pov🍢

“Wow thanks “she said as she stepped down from the cad

“Yeah”I said from inside

” I will see you tomorrow “she said and I nodded before I zoomed off

Gosh, I had fun today,, I mean we went to some places to catch fun

She’s a really good girl and bold as well

I got home and went to my room,I need to sleep

I flopped on the bed,,, and slept off.

Love you all😍💫The
(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 23

By:Tofunmi Nikky💜

_______________[NEXT DAY]______

💌Amy’s pov💌

The driver put my bag inside the booth, Mrs Morgan and dad stood beside the car,,, Patsy is going to school with me

” Ok dad,bye “I said and pecked him,I also did the same to Mrs Morgan

“I’ll miss you dad “Pasty said beside me

” Hey! Make sure don’t cause any trouble over there “Mrs Morgan snapped and I laughed

” I won’t “she said

We made for the door when dad suddenly called me back

” Where is your locket? “He asked when I looked at him

My locket?? Damn,,Carl seized it!!

“Um dad,,oops we are late already “I said and entered the car,,the driver also got in

” Love you dad “Pasty kissed his forehead and hurried in,they waved to us from outside

The car zoomed off,,thank heavens,, can’t believe he almost got me

We stepped down from car and the driver drove away to drop my luggage

” Wow “I heard pasty mumbled beside me

” How do you find it here? “I asked and winked

” Great “she smiled
Like really! The rock boys are in,we walked in quickly

” Welcome Patsy Morgan “the teacher said when she saw us

” Thanks ma’am “Patsy said,I know dad would have clear out things,, they know her already

We both took out seat behind,the Rockboys at our front

” Henry Jones “the teacher called,they guy walked to the front of the class

He picked a paper from the box before him,,oh today is Thursday

” Jane Rogers “he called looking from the paper,, the girl walked to to meet him

There are many standing there also,,

” Hey!! “Someone called and I turned to see it’s Sandra

Wait!!,,,she’s sitting beside Jay Wilson,I know him

” Audrey Leo “the teacher called again.

He did like others;

” Jenna Garcia “he called and there was murmuring immediately

I scoffed as she walked out,

” Max Jenkins “the teacher called,, the cute guy walked out backing me though,,,

And stood beside Roy.

He took his paper and,,

” Patsy Morgan “he said and my jaw dropped,I looked beside me buy Patsy isn’t there

Only to see her dashed to the front already,,

“Jaw Wilson”he also came out and pick his,I never imagined meeting him

“Sandra Davis”she rushed out too

“Carl Jenkins”she finally called the Greek lord who walked out,he’s so cute

Hr picked his,,checked and looked up

“Like, did I really have to do this”he said


(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 24

By: Tofunmi Nikky

🌟Carl’s pov🌟

” Amy Morgan ”

“I think that’s all,so the practical…”
I walked to where my car is parked and stepped in,,what’s happening

There is this thing I feel whenever she’s around me,,the closer she keeps coming,,the more I couldn’t resist her.

But where is Roy and Max?

” Carl”someone called and I looked up to see it’s Roy,he’s waking with Max,Patsy and Amwith So this where you are? “Roy said when they got to me

” Hey!what are you doing here?”I asked

“I came here cause I love this school,,also with the fact that the Rockboys are here”Patsy pouted

” Really?where are the Rockboys?”I asked from inside

“Here,,this two cuties “she said pointing to Max and Roy

“But what about him”Amy said,her arms crossed over her chest

“Yes,,what about me? “I asked and smirked

“I don’t know both of you,cause you don’t welcome me here”Patsy said

” do you know her? “Max asked with wink

“Yeah,,see you guys later”I said and turned on the ignition

“Bye”they all said and I drove away

🎻 Amy’s pov:

“I’ll tell the driver to pick you up”Rockboy Roy said and I nodded

“Thanks”I smiled and they left,, while it remained Patsy and I.

“So who is your friend here?”she asked as we started walking

“I have a friend and her…”I was about saying when I sighted her coming

“That’s her”I pointed and Patsy patted my shoulder

“Wait!,,isn’t that Jay?? “She looked at me and I nodded

“Yes,he’s the one”I said and she ran off immediately

I looked as she jumped on him unexpectedly, I quickly went to them

“Seriously Pat,go home now!! “I said pulling her back

“Hey Amy! “Sandra called but I ignored her

“See,,your driver is here already”I said, we turned as the car stopped at our front

“At least let me greet him”she said, I shook my head,I opened the car door and pushed her in

“Bye! “I said with a sly smile, she frowned abd the driver zoomed off

“Ahh don’t mind her”i sigh and faced them

“She’s just jovial”Jay said

“Hmm Jay meet Amy; my friend,, Amy meet Jay”Sandra said and I hissed

“I’m not your friend”I said

“Awwn”she said and hugged me

I got home and was amazed by what I met;

“They asked me to show you”the security said again

“Where are they now”i asked looking at the brand new car before me

“They must be asleep”he said and i ran in



Love you all😍

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