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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The hearts Episode 29 to 32

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(He’s her idol💋)

#Season 2
Episode 4

By:Tofunmi Nikky🍭



💛Amy’s pov💛

He sent his reply on the flour,I have to act like I don’t know,, we are all baking a cake,we are done with the mixing already and Carl,, acting lazy here

“Is that all?”he asked facing me

“Yeah,we just need to wait till it’s done”I said as I put it inside the oven

Everyone is also done waiting for theirs

“Oh mother”Patsy said and collapsed beside me

“Wait,you’re tired already”i asked looking at her

“Damn tired”she said,the Rockboys came to us except Carl, where is he??

“Shouldn’t it be done by now”Roy sighed leaning against the wall

“Hmm maybe”Sandra said walking up to us from behind

“Hi everyone”Sandra said when she stopped at our front

“Hey”Max replied

“Hi pal”I said and looked at Sandra,, she’s too lazy.

“Come over guys”The teacher called and everyone walked up to her immediately

We all brought the cakes out from the oven,,while the teacher went on with the checking

“Team Carl and Amy”She called and looking at a book,she looked up

“I”i said raising my hand

“Where is Carl”She asked

“I’m here”We heard Carl’s voice and everyone turned to him,,he came and stood beside me

“Almost everybody tried but the team with the overall mark is;Team Carl and Amy”she said beaming with smile,,

Despite the fact that we weren’t fast,we still did it, Wow!!



It’s closing hour already,we all

walked out of the class

“Excuse me guys,i have to go to the restroom”i said and they all stopped

“What about we wait for you?”Sandra asked and Carl just stared at me

“No,you guys can go”i said,and they all walked away

I went to the toilet and sprinkled some water on my face

A hand touched my shoulder and i flinched,i turned to see Jenna,,what’s she doing here?

“I have to go”i said and started walking away

“And you think that’s why am here,you can go to hell,,,,who cares”she sneered and i turned to look at her

“Haven’t you done enough?”i smirked

“I’m here to tell you to leave Carl, he don’t do bitches like you”she said

“How dare you”I said angrily and made to slap her but she held my wrist,, till it was cross behind me

She pushed my face into the closet,,

“Please “I said,trying enough to breath

“Bitch”She uttered

“Then what are you?”A voice said

Who owns the voice?😓
I love you all💋


#Season 2
Episode 5


👑Carl’s pov👑

“Then what are you?”I said

“Hmm ehm is not,I don’t mean it”Jenna said and let go of her

She was coming closer to but my eyes went on Amy

She coughed and spluttered as she sat on the floor

I started walking to where Amy is but Jenna got on my way,

“Am so sorry..she’s the one”she said trying to touch me

“Then why is she the one who got hurt instead of you”I said and pushed her aside,she fell on the floor instantly

I squatted at Amy’s front and helped her on her feet,her eyes were swollen

“Carl”she sobbed and hugged


“I’m here”we unlocked from the hug and I cleaned her tears

We started walking away as I held her closer to myself,

“Carl”Jenna called and we stopped,she’s on her feet already

“Have anyone ever told you that you’re a witch? You like me but I hate you,don’t ever lay your filthy hands on her again”I said,with that,,we walked away

It’s obvious no one is at school,we entered my car and I drove out

We got home and I took get to my to,How dare Jenna did this to her

“Go and take your bath”I said staring at her,she nodded and I walked out of the room

I went into the kitchen,I prepared a tea and in few minutes the hamburger is ready

Max and Roy isn’t home yet, even mom?

I headed back into the room with the food,I opened the door to see her on a chair,,already dressed

“Eat up”I said as I dropped the food tray before her

I stared at her the whole time till she’s done with the food

“Get on the bed and sleep”I said

“I need to go to my room”she said and I chuckled

“Please”I added and that’s when she went on the bed and dozed off after some minutes

I kissed her forehead and went out


“I want everything about her”I said,,seated on a twirl chair

“Yes boss”he said,his head bowed

“Just find her,I want my sister back,that’s if she’s still alive”I said,looking at the wristband

“Okay,,I’ll go on sir”he board again and walked away,no matter what,I will find you!

🎀Writer’s pov
💜Somewhere in a Kingdom💜
“What are we going to do,she’s In love now”A woman said

“That’s when more dangers keep lurking in”the eldest woman said,still worried

“She has to make use of her power,but who will tell her,we can’t just walk up to her”Another said

“Are we going to stop her from loving someone? Cause they are met to he”The first woman said

“We have to do something, we need to act fast immediately


#Season 2
Episode 6


💙Amy’s pov💙

I itched my brow and stretched on the bed,I opened my eyes to see its already morning

I stood up and walked out of the room,I really dozed off in his room

I took the stairs and saw Carl seated at a side

“Hey”I called stopping at his front

“Hi”he said,not even sparing me a glance

“What’s the matter?you look worried”I said,he got up from his seat and moved closer to me

“Really, I’m worried but would you do anything to stop it?”he asked

“Yeah,sure”I said with a pout,what’s he up to this time

“Okay”he said and took my hand,we walked into his room

He closed the door and pulled me close till my back was at the wall

“I want this”he said and still wondering what he meant, his lips landed on mine

Gosh!I gave him access and later reciprocate, the kiss was getting intense

His hand on my waist and then,we unlocked from the kiss

“Now how do you feel?”I teased, looking at ourselves

“I now feel better”he said and we both burst into laughter and we fell on the bed,,In each others arm

“I love you,Amy”he said and I smiled

“I love you too”I said and bite my lower lips

🎻Sandra’s pov💝

He stopped the car at the front of my house,he’s going back to his dad today,, I don’t know why am feeling sad

“I’m going to miss you”I said and took my backpack

“Same here,I’m going to come back In a week time”he said and immediately I heard that,my face brightened

“Really? I hope so”I said and stepped out from the car

“Bye!,,don’t get lost staring at girls there”I said pointing a finger at him

“I won’t, bye”he smiled and I moved back a bit,I watched till his car went out of sight

I’m really going to miss him

I walked into the house after the security opened the gate

“Good afternoon miss”he greeted

“Hey”I said and walked in, I got to the living room to find dad and mom in.,

📞I’ll get back to you later


Dad dropped the phone

“Mom,,dad!what’s wrong? What’s wrong, what happened?”I said walking to mom,she stood up as I stopped at her front

“Dad”I looked at his worried face as he sank into the couch

“Sandra you have a real family”


#Season 2
Episode 7


🎀Sandra’s pov🎀

“A real family, it’s not possible”I said and shook my head

“I was also surprised like you are now”dad said, it like I can’t believe my ears

“We told you we aren’t your parents, it’s long since you have been living with us,I don’t want to lose my daughter”mom said,almost in tears

“No matter what, you’re still my parents, I won’t part away or leave you”I said and with that,I walked off into my room

I paced around the room,I have a real parent,what’s really behind how they got me?

Or am I adopted,, oh no!this can’t be true!!

🌚Max’s pov🌚

“Any information?”I asked Jim who’s helping us find our sister

“No Sir,Nothing yet”he said,his head bowed,I looked at Carl then back at him

“Immediately you find her or what can lead us to her,don’t hesitate to inform us”I said my hand crossed over my chest

“Ok Sirs”he bowed again and left

“I don’t think he can do this,I’ll go and search for her myself”Carl said and started walking away

“No,you can’t do that,you don’t even know if she’s alive or not”Roy yelled and he stopped

“No,she can’t be,I want her at all cost”Carl yelled back;now facing us

“Stop it guys,we shouldn’t be fighting over this”I said moving forward

Carl sighed,roughing his hair

“Ok let do it this way,we’ll go in search of her tomorrow”I said

“That would be great”Carl said and I looked at Roy

“Okay”he said and looked away,

“Let’s behave like one,we must find her”I said and pulled the both of them into a hug

Though its kinda risky,as long as we are happy

💧Amy’s pov

I operated my phone as I laid on the bed,I don’t feel like sleeping so,I’ll just pass the time in my room

The door opened and someone bumped in,I sprang on my feet

“You?”I sighed looking up,he scared the hell out of me

“You’re scared?”he asked,standing midway

“You really scared me”I said and touched my chest,I watched as he went around the room and looked out of the room

“What’s it?”I asked curiously and went to meet him

“Just searching to make sure no one else is in this room with you”he said

“Don’t you trust me?”I asked with a frown

“Of course I do,you look more cute when angry”he said and touched my cheek

“Stop teasing me”I pout and rested my head on his shoulder

“You see this stone,we are going to last more than it”he said

“Then I wonder how we will look like”I said and we both laughed


#Season 2
Episode 8

🎻Amy’s pov🎻


“Bye”I waved and Carl waved back,I got out and went to where my car is parked

“Good morning miss”the driver came to meet me

“Morning,I’ll drive myself”I said and entered the car

“Okay miss”He said and I turned on the ignition

I zoomed off immediately the gate was opened, I stopped at the school compound

I entered the class and a class was going on,I sat beside Patsy

“Hi”I said and put off my backpack

“Hey sis,I missed you”she smiled

“Same here,where is Sandra?”I asked quietly, since I couldn’t find her in class

“She’s at the garden,,she’s so moody now”she said,moody,,why?


I walked into the garden to see Sandra seated on a chair, I moved closer and tapped her once

“You?”she looked up,she wiped her face before standing up,,what!she’s crying?

“What’s happening?you’re crying?”I asked pointing to her face

“No,am not”she shook her head

“You are, liar”I yelled

“Okay fine,I am. Why won’t I when they told me I have a real parents,,”She cried


💛Carl’s pov💛


“Your order”A Lady stopped at our front,I just started into the space

“Three coffees”Roy said and she left

“How do we get in touch with that monster Dan”I said,,, sitting upright

“Am sure he will be somewhere hiding, we need to go to his parents house”Max said and Roy nodded

“Do you still remember where their house is located?”Max asked me

“Seriously,,, how can I remember after all what he did to us”I said and scoffed

“Come on Carl, we all know that”Max said staring at me

“I know it”Roy said and the waitress came and dropped three cups of coffees on the table

Her face looks puffy and also has a cut on her lips,, she left

“We’ll go there”he said,we picked up the cups at once and there was a note on the saucers

“What’s this?”I asked, looking at ourselves

“Let’s check”Roy said and we picked it up

“Dan!”I dropped the note and sprang up

“He’s here”Roy said they stood up,we all ran out of the café,,we stopped as there was no sight of her

“We lost him”Roy said breathing heavily

“Wait,,the waitress”Max suddenly said, we ran back inside



Love you all


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