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The girl he never noticed episode 23 -25

One night)
By authoress gabby Daniel
Chapter twenty four
Scarlet watched over her mum as she slept peacefully, she was so happy
She doesn’t remember when last she was this happy and it was all thanks to Jeff, he was surely a savior
“I’m so happy that you are fine mummy ” she said as she kiss her cheek softly
Max walked out of the hospital, he had just been discharged, he wanted to leave but then he haven’t done something
He needed to say hi to Scarlett and her mum, even if Scarlett doesn’t want to see him, he promised not to let go
He wasn’t a failure
The doctor had told him the room number, he heart was racing as he took steady pace to the ward
He slowly walked in and met a woman there, maybe it was Scarlett mum
She noticed his presence and stared at him, Max stared at her back wondering where he had seen the face
“now that I stared at you, you are definitely Evan ” Scarlett mum whispered still staring at him
Those oceanic blue eyes that Evan has, it was definitely Evan
Max stared at her as his jaw dropped, its been years since anyone called him that name and more still only a woman and her daughter called him that name
But he stop answering that name when he left highschool and decided to be cold and heartless
But hearing the name now makes him weak
“yes you are Evan, it’s you Evan ” Scarlett mum mumbled
He was motionless, this shouldn’t be
Those it means Scarlett mum is……………
No, no
It can’t be, he might be in a wrong room
“I’m sorry ma’am for disturbing I’m in a wrong room” he said and quickly walked out without waiting for her to reply
He slowly entered his car and drive out,
He couldn’t even imagined what just happened
He was almost a miles away when he remembered he haven’t bought his drugs
He saw a pharmacy and decided to get the drugs there, he was almost closed to the pharmacy when something popped up on his screen, he picked up his and opened it to see a video
He stop the car and played the video
Max felt his world crumbled when he saw the video
He held his chest, it so much hurt, very much
He needed to show this to Scarlett, he quickly droved to the pharmacy
He walked to the exit when he saw someone who was about to fall, he quickly caught her as he encircled his hand around her waist
“I’m sorry, so sorry for that” the person said as he released his grip on her, he raised his head to see it was Scarlett
Scarlet stared at him too dumbfounded
They kept staring at each other until Jeff voice came in
“you rapist what are you doing here ” he said trying to attack him but Scarlett stood in between them
“what do you want max” she asked not staring at him
“Scarlett you need to know the truth, I didn’t rape you, I didn’t ” max said as tears fall from his eyes, he has been suffering from something he never did
Scarlet felt hurt, apart from raping her he was also a pathetic lier
“just stop it Max do you think this will make me love you ” she yelled
“I told you to stay away from me already ” she uttered
“do you really want that?? ” Max asked feeling hurt
“look into my eyes and tell me you feel nothing for me and I will gentle walked out of your life” he said and Jeff scoffed
Scarlet stared at him with hatred
“I FEEL NOTHING FOR YOU MAX” she uttered and Max slowly nodded
“let’s go Scarlett ” Jeff said and held her hand as they both walked up to Jeff car
Jeff was about starting the car when Scarlett suddenly became guilty, she had lie, it’s true she feels something for him but she was still hurt
Max looked sincere,
Was he saying the truth?? She thought as she looked out the window to see max just standing there
“stop the car, stop it” she yelled suddenly but Jeff payed deaf ears as he keeps driving
“stop the car, stop” she yelled but Jeff laugh out loudly
“so you will go meet him, never” he yelled and Scarlett shrieked in fright
Jeff was slowly turning to a monster
“I have always loved you scar since childhood but no you only see me as a friend ” he smiled staring at the room
“I did everything possible and yes max didn’t rape you, I did. I was the one who raped you that night, you both where set up” he said throwing his phone at the speechless scarlet
“That’s the video of what really happened that night ” he smirked as Scarlett gently pick the phone watching the video

Twenty five

Scarlet picked up the phone trembling, and it display from when she saw herself leaving the hotel with Valerie
Immediately scarlet left the hotel with Valerie, Jeff plan came into action
He knew that Valerie will not allow anyone hurt scar so he had asked Ella to put a call across to her informing her she was sick
Valerie had just dropped scarlet at the hostel when the call came in and she had went back to the hotel
Immediately Valerie left, Jeff had entered the hostel and had carried Scarlett who was in a deep sleep back to the hotel
He smirked remembering what he had planned, he had asked Ella earlier to dare Max that he should sleep with scarlet
He knew Max won’t do it and that’s why he have dared Max to drink until he gets drunk
After raping scarlet that night, he had make it looks it was max
Linda had strip max and made him lay beside scarlet, he woke up that morning to see himself naked and also naked scarlet with him, he couldn’t remember all that happened that night and had thought he had forced himself on her because scarlet looks unconscious
Feeling guilty Max had rushed her to the hospital and place a call on Valerie and quickly left the hospital
Linda had forced Max to believe he had done that just because of the dare
“so max never did anything? ” she asked as tears flew from her eyes
“yes max never raped you and Valerie never betrayed you, she only knew a day before the mid summer vacation and wanted to tell you but it was too late” Jeff muttered staring at the road and scarlet was astonished
So Valerie was innocent all this while
“And for the person that was following you, I sent her, I only wanted her to scared you but damn Linda she has told her to kill you but then your lover boy had to come to your rescue ” he said
“he was the one who even donated kidney for your mum, yeah! Max was your mum donor, I only lied” Jeff smirked and scarlet was shocked as the tears fell
“you mean max had come to the hospital and had even donate kidney for my mum, why Jeff, why?? ” scarlet uttered
She let the tears flow
What has she done, Max was her savior yet she had over her anger pushed him out of her life
Max was her mum donor
Oh God
“you are evil Jeff, so evil, what did I do to you” Scarlett cried covering her face with her palm
“don’t you fucking say evil, I did all because I was desperate, I had love you since we were little but no! You only saw me as your friend and the only person your heart beat for was Evan and up till this very day you still love him ” Jeff yelled
Evan !
“And do you know why it hurts ” he asked still focusing on the road
“it’s because Evan is Max and Max is my twin brother ” he yelled as he stopped the car in the middle of nowhere

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