The fault in our r0m@nç£episode 17 & 18

The Fault in our r0m@nç£Episode 17
(He’s human, She’s a mermaid)
Written by Johnny Patel
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(That night)
(In the kitchen, Rosemary and Veronica cook dinner)

Veronica: Rosemary, Is the pasta soft alre-ady?

Rosemary: Yes Madam.

Veronica: Okay take it down and dish it out for everyone.

Rosemary: (she takes out the spaghetti sauce)

Veronica: No no no, My husband doesn’t like spaghetti sauce, I’ll make him meatba-lls. Just take the foods to the dinner table.

Rosemary: Yes Madam.

(As Rosemary carries the food out of the kitchen, Stephen enters the kitchen)

Stephen: Mmmm, What smells sumptuous in here?

Veronica: It’s just spaghetti. Rosemary has taken your food to the dinner table.

Stephen: Okay then. (He takes a fork and leaves the kitchen)

Veronica: (about Stephen) Son of a bit-ch! I can’t wait to see your dead b©dy locked in a casket and buried six feet un-derground… I just have to endure you for a little while till the time is right and then, I’ll finish you off!

(At the dinner table)

Stephen: Dad, Aren’t you going to eat?

Sir Griffin: You know I don’t like pasta sauce. But don’t worry, your stepmom’s ma-king me some meatba-lls.

(Just then, They hear a dog barking loudly)

Sir Griffin: Isn’t that your dog, Max?

Stephen: Yeah, I wonder what’s wrong with him? (To Sir Griffin) I’ll be right back.

(Stephen goes outside and sees his dog barking angrily at Bethany)

Stephen: (he crouches & pats the dog) Easy boy. She’s a friend, not a foe.

Bethany: I wonder why he doesn’t like me.

Stephen: He’ll get used to you very soon.

Bethany: (rolls her eyes) Hopefully.

Stephen: Yeah (he stands up to his feet) So, What’re you doing here?

Bethany: I just wanted to come and stay with you for a while before our wedding.

Stephen: Sounds alright.

Bethany: Of course it is. We’re soon going to be a couple and we nee-d to be as close as we can to each other (she walks to her car boot) Come and help me offload them.

(Stephen helps Bethany to carry her luggages into the house)

Sir Griffin: Bethany!

Bethany: Good evening Mr Griffin….Or rather, Good evening my father in-law (laughs)

Sir Griffin: (he laughs) How are you my dear?

Bethany: I’m fine sir.

Sir Griffin: I see you c@m£ with your luggages.

Bethany: Yes sir. I’ll be staying here till the day Stephen and I get married.

Sir Griffin: That’s okay, You’re always welcome here. Why don’t you go drop your luggages then come and join us for dinner.

Bethany: I’d be delighted.

(Later that night)
(The dinner table)
(Sir Griffin, Stephen, Veronica & Bethany eat)

Bethany: So Sir Griffin, My mom and I have picked a church for our wedding, It’s St John’s church. I talked about it with Stephen and he said it was okay.

Sir Griffin: And what about the d@t£? Have you picked a d@t£ for the wedding?

Stephen: Not yet, Dad.

Sir Griffin: We nee-d to decide on a d@t£ fast. You’re not getting any younger…

Bethany: True. (she talks with a mouthful of spaghetti) Mmmm, This pasta is so delicious. It wouldn’t be bad to step it down with some jui-ce.

Sir Griffin: Okay. (shouts) Rosemary!

(The cook, Rosemary enters the dining room)

Rosemary: Sir?

Sir Griffin: Serve us some orange jui-ce.

Rosemary: Okay sir.

(Rosemary goes into the kitchen and sees Silvania doing the dishes)

Rosemary: Good thing you’re here, plea-se I’ll nee-d you to wash four glas-s cu-ps.

Silvania: No problem.

(Rosemary and Silvania takes the glas-s cu-ps and orange jui-ce to the dinner table. Bethany is infuriated on seeing Silvania)

Rosemary: It’s here sir.

Sir Griffin: Good. Pour it for us.

(Silvania and Rosemary pours the orange jui-ce into the glas-s cu-ps)

Bethany: (holding a glas-s cu-p) Mine plea-se….

(While Silvania pours Bethany a cu-p of orange jui-ce, She intentionally hits Silvania’s elbow and the jui-ce pours on her)

Silvania: Ah!

Bethany: (snidely) Oops. Sorry.

(Sir Griffin, Stephen, Veronica and Rosemary look towards Silvania & Bethany)

Sir Griffin: What happened?

Silvania: (while looking at her Sk-irt) The jui-ce poured on my Sk-irt.

Bethany: (mockingly) Well at least it’s not one of your nice Sk-irts. (she continues eating)

Sir Griffin: (to Silvania) Go in and change the clothes then wash it before the stain becomes permanent.

Silvania: Yes sir.

(At the quarters)
(Silvania goes to change her Sk-irt)

Lucas: Woah, What happened to you?

Silvania: Bethany poured orange jui-ce on me.

Lucas: (angrily) That witch! If I were there, I would’ve sl@pped her ha-rd .

Silvania: Let’s not say thing we can’t do.

Lucas: (laughs) Oh really?

Silvania: Yes. You can’t possibly do that, You’d lose your job. Considering the fact that she’s the fianceé to the son of the owner of the house you work in.

Lucas: (confused by what she just said) Huh?

Silvania: Think it throu-gh.

Lucas: (he realizes what she meant) Ohhh. Wow, How’d you put all that together?

Silvania: (chuckles)

Lucas: I wanna go see the fireworks, You coming?

Silvania: Sure. I wanna see what it looks like.

(Silvania & Lucas leave their quarters)

(In the ocean – The Mer Kingdom)
(At the castle, King Jerod and Prince Erik are in the throne room when two merman guards bring in a mermaid)

King Jerod: What is this?

Merman guard 1: My King, We caught her with some surface objects, Which means she’s been going up to the surface

Mermaid: (crying) That’s not true…

King Jerod: (aggressively) Silence! (To the mermaid) What is your name?

Mermaid: (fidgets) My name is Alana.

King Jerod: And how did you get those surface objects?

Alana: I saw them in a boat which sunk at the bo-ttomof the ocean, I swear!

King Jerod: (to the guards) Lock her up in the dungeon till she’s re-ady to tell me the truth.

Alana: No! My King plea-se… I’m innocent!!!

(The guards carry her and takes her to the dungeon)

King Jerod: This is how I want you to rule the ocean when you become King. I want you to rule with an iron fist! You mustn’t be soft on your subjects or else they’ll see you as a weak King. un-derstood?

Prince Erik: Yes Father.

King Jerod: I’m very happy you and your sister didn’t take after your mother. She was always too soft on our subjects.

Prince Erik: Where is my mother?

King Jerod: Erik, You’ve asked me that a dozen times….

Prince Erik: And now I nee-d an answer.

King Jerod: Your mother is dead.

Prince Erik: (shocked) What?

King Jerod: Many years back, Your mother, Queen Marissa was found guilty of commiting a felony. And according to my law, Anyone guilty of that crime would be s£ntenced to death.

Prince Erik: (bewildered) You killed her?

King Jerod: (without any hint of remorse) Yes. There was no pain, I killed her swiftly.

(Prince Erik stares at his father in shock)

(Later that night)
(In Stephen’s room)
(Stephen just comes out from the shower while Bethany lays on his be-d, using her phone)

Stephen: Ooohh, The shower’s really cold.

Bethany: What happened to the h0t shower?

Stephen: It’s a long story. (he puts on a shi-t and shorts) I’m going downstairs to get a bottle of beer, You want some?

Bethany: Yeah.

Stephen: I’ll be back. (He goes out of the room)

Bethany: I nee-d to take a wazz.

(She gets up from the be-d and looks around for her sli-ppers)

Bethany: Ugh, Where the hell is my sli-ppers?

(Bethany checks un-der the be-d and sees Stephen’s sketchpad)

Bethany: Hmm, I didn’t know Stephen still draws…

(She pu-lls out the sketchpad from un-der the be-d and opens it then checks Stephen’s drawings)

Bethany: Hmm, Good stuff. Stephen is very talented…

(Bethany keeps on fli-pping the pages until she sees the sketch that Stephen made of Silvania)

Bethany: (looking at the sketch in confusion) Who the hell is this?! (She closes the sketchpad) STEPHEN!!!!

(Bethany furiously leaves the room with the sketch, Going to confront Stephen)

The Fault in our r0m@nç£Episode 18
(He’s human, She’s a mermaid)
Written by Johnny Patel
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(Bethany furiously enters the kitchen with the sketchpad)

Stephen: What’s the matter babe?

Bethany: (she shows him the drawing of Silvania) Who the hell is this? Don’t even lie to me!

Stephen: Where did you get that?

Bethany: It doesn’t matter where I got it! I ask again, Who is this? (She sees the name of the drawing) Ohh, And the name of the drawing is “Silvania”…. Stephen, What is this? Few months to our marriage and you’re alre-ady cheating on me?!

Stephen: It’s not what you think…

Bethany: I can’t believe this. (She throws the sketchpad at him and leaves the kitchen)

Stephen: Bethany come on…

(Stephen follows her out of the kitchen and catches up to her, He tries to hold her back but she rebukes him )

Bethany: (angrily) Do not t©uçh me! I’m not slee-ping in your room tonight, You can have your be-d all to yourself and your precious little drawing of “Silvania”

(She leaves him)

(Next Morning)
(In the kitchen)
(Bethany goes to the kitchen to meet Rosemary)

Rosemary: Good morning Miss Bethany.

Bethany: Morning Rosemary. Ummm, Are you busy?

Rosemary: Not really. Why?

Bethany: I nee-d you use the boiler to boil water for me to have my bath. There’s no h0t water in my fiance’s room.

Rosemary: No problem miss. (She does as instructed)

Bethany: I want it to be very h0t plea-se.

(Just then, Silvania enters the kitchen)

Silvania: (To Bethany) Good morning miss.

(Bethany eyes her scornfully)

Silvania: (she ignores Bethany’s reaction and looks at Rosemary) Morning Rose. I c@m£ to ask if you’re done with everything you nee-d to do this morning so I can start cleaning up the kitchen?

Rosemary: Not yet. But I’ll let you know when I’m finished.

Silvania: Sure.

Bethany: (thinks) Why is the name of Stephen’s drawing and this girl’s name the same? (She stares at Silvania for a moment)

(Few minutes afterwards)

Rosemary: The water is re-ady Miss Bethany.

Bethany: Okay good.

(Bethany carries the h0t water and is about to leave the kitchen when she pretends to sl!pand then she intentionally pours the h0t water on Silvania’s expo-sed arm)

Silvania: (screams) Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

Rosemary: Silvania!

Bethany: Oh my god, I’m so so sorry! (To Rosemary) Get the first aid kit, quic-kly!

Rosemary: Yes miss. (She hurriedly goes to fetch the first aid kit)

Bethany: First of all, You’ll nee-d to let cool water t©uçh your arm…

(She takes Silvania to the sink and rinses her arm)

Bethany: Just let it cool then we’ll bandage it, Okay?

Silvania: Okay.

(Bethany looks at her with despisement)

(That evening)
(In Stephen’s room)

Stephen: (on the phone with Alex) I don’t know, bro. Bethany’s attitude is changing. It’s like she’s suffering from paranoia.

Alex: (over the phone) Just try to work things out with her…

(Stephen turns around and sees Bethany at the door)

Stephen: (to Alex) I’ll call you back… (He cuts the call)

Bethany: I just c@m£ to get my purse. I left it here last night.

(Bethany takes her purse and attempts to leave but Stephen gently draws her back)

Stephen: Bethany wait… Allow me to explain

Bethany: (she folds her arms) Okay, Go on. I’m all ears.

Stephen: Remember at the hospital when I was telling you about the girl who saved me? That’s the girl in the drawing. I drew her because I wanted to be sure that I saw her cause no one else believed me, I was even starting to doubt myself as well. That’s just why I drew her, I don’t even know who she is.

Bethany: But why is the name of your drawing and the name of that cleaner girl the same?

Stephen: I don’t know, Okay? It’s probably a coincidence. Look, I drew that drawing before I even met Silvania.

Bethany: (sighs)

Stephen: So, Do you forgive me?

Bethany: (smiling) Of course I do. And I guess I overreacted, I’m sorry

Stephen: It’s cool.

Bethany: (she t©uçhes her temples with her two hands) The pressure and anxiety of our impending marriage is really getting to me..

Stephen: (he holds her w@!st ero-tic ally) Just shake it off.

(Stephen pu-lls Bethany into a de-ep lvstful k!sswhile loos£ning her t©p and Bethany re-moves his clothes at the same time. Stephen pins her to the wall and k!sses her pas-sionately, fondling her soft firm brea-sts at the same time. Bethany breaks the k!ss, re-moves his belt, takes off his trou-sers then pushes him to the be-d and she clim-bs on him and continues k!ss!nghim, Soon they’re engaging in a heated r0m@nç£)

(In the kitchen)

Lucas: (he stares at Silvania’s bandaged arm) Sorry Silvania. I know that witch did this to you on purpose.

Silvania: (poignantly) It doesn’t matter. What’s done is done, I can’t reverse what happened.

Lucas: I don’t like Bethany at all. Unlike you guys, I don’t even call her “Miss Bethany”

Rosemary: You guys have to be compliant if you want to enjoy working here. I advise you, Just be respectful to everyone. Sir Griffin, His son, His son’s girlfriend….

Lucas: Yeah yeah…

Rosemary: That reminds me. (To Lucas) plea-se help me take that tray of food to Sir Stephen. (She points at the tray of food)

Lucas: Okay.

Silvania: (she intercepts Lucas) Don’t worry, I’ll take the food to him.

Lucas: Are you sure? What about your arm?

Silvania: Don’t worry about me…

(Silvania carries the tray of food to Stephen’s room)

Silvania: (excitedly) Oooohh, I can’t wait to have some alone time with Stephen… (giggles quietly)

(In Stephen’s room)
(Silvania enters the room)

Silvania: Sir Stephen, Your food is….

(She looks up to see Stephen ma-king out with Bethany)

Silvania:….. Here.

Stephen: (he notices Silvania) Ohhh…. (He gets up from the be-d) Thank God. I’m starving.

(He collects the tray of food from Silvania and drops it on his table)

Stephen: (smiles) Thank you. We’ll let you know if we nee-d anything else

Silvania: (despondently) No problem sir.

Bethany: (she gets up and goes to Stephen) Let’s pick it up where we left off baby….

(Bethany pu-lls back Stephen into a k!ss, Then she opens her eyes to see Silvania’s reaction)

Silvania: (sadly) Bon appetité.

(She leaves the room)

(At the quarters)
(Silvania sadly enters the room and start packing her things)

Lucas: Silvania…. Is something wrong?

Silvania: (crying profusely) What was I even thinking? Leaving my family and coming on land to meet a man who doesn’t even know me or loves me, That was just foolish of me. I’m a fool, I’m a moron, I’m an idiot….

Lucas: Calm down, Silvania. Your emotions are overwhelming you. Tell me what happened.

Silvania: I saw Stephen ma-king out with Bethany and I just got upset, I know I’m not supposed to feel this way because Stephen and I aren’t even in a relationsh!p, But I do! I do feel upset… (crying ha-rder)

Lucas: You’re packing your bags…. Where are you going?

Silvania: I’m going back to the sea, Where I belong. (She packs her bags and keeps them un-der her be-d) I deserve everything I’m going throu-gh right now, I brou-ght this upon myself. I betrayed my mother, my father, my friends, my whole kingdom…

Lucas: Silvania you don’t have to do this.

Silvania: I’m sorry Lucas but I do.

Lucas: No. You can’t go, You’re like a big sister that I never had… Who’s gonna watch my back when you’re gone?

Silvania: (she cleans her tears) My mind is made up.

(Silvania leaves the house and goes to the ocean. Lucas follows her)

Lucas: (devastated) Silvania plea-se….

Silvania: (tears run down her cheeks) Maybe it’ll have been better if I had never come here in the first place. (She gives Lucas her hair cli-p) That’s to remember me by… (She hvgs him) I’ll miss you…

(Silvania enters the water then takes off her amulet and transforms back into a mermaid while Lucas watches from the beach)

Silvania: Goodbye Lucas.

Lucas: (distraughted) Bye…

(She dives into the water, swimming back to the Mer Kingdom)

To be Continued