The fault in our r0m@nç£episode 19 & 20

The Fault in our r0m@nç£Episode 19
(He’s human, She’s a mermaid)
Written by Johnny Patel
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(Silvania swims pasts some fishes and hears them murmuring)

Silvania: (confused) I wonder what’s going on…

(She eventually arrives at her family’s house)

Beatrice: (shocked) Silvania?

Silvania: (sniffles) Mom…

(Beatrice rushes to embr@ce her daughter)

Beatrice: (tears drop down her cheeks) I’ve missed you so much.

Silvania: I thought you’d angry at me…

Beatrice: I was. But I can’t stay mad at you forever, When I learnt about your decision, I was truly devastated but I had to accept the fact that you chose to follow your heart.

Silvania: I was just being a lovesick fool. I shouldn’t have ever gone to the human world where I don’t even belong, I’ve only experienced suffering there….

Beatrice: Take heart my child… (she notices Silvania’s bandaged arm) What is that around your arm?

Silvania: (looking at her arm) Ohhh, I got into a little accident…

(Simon returns to the house from an errand)

Simon: I can’t believe this… Silvania?

Silvania: (smiles) I’m back Simon! (She embr@ces him warmly)

(Donald enters the room)

Donald: (swinging his arms around) I heard Silvania’s voice. Is she the one?

(Silvania swims to her father and embr@ces him)

Silvania: Yes papa, I’m home. (She looks at him) What happened to you?

Beatrice: After you left, King Jerod s£nt for all of us at the castle and then he blinded your father’s eyes as a reward for your disobe-dience to his laws.

Silvania: (she care-sses her father’s face) Papa I’m so sorry for the pain I’ve caused you, I didn’t mean for this to happen… (enraged) King Jerod will pay for this!

Beatrice: Silvania, There is another thing you should know…

Silvania: (curiously) What is that?

Beatrice: (sighs in de-eply) You’ve been banished from our Kingdom and the King has declared that if you ever return, You will be killed.

Silvania: (she wi-dens her eyes in fear)

(In Hillwood City)
(Sir Griffin’s mansion)
(Stephen & Bethany are relaxing in the lounge)

Bethany: Today has been euphoric.

Stephen: Being with you IS euphoric.

Bethany: Who would have believe we would arrive at this moment? When we first met two years ago, You were just an annoying, authoritative, simple minded person who I didn’t want to have anything to do with.

Stephen: (chuckles) People change. Things happen.

(Richa-rd enters the lounge)

Richa-rd : Good evening sir, I c@m£ to give you the keys to your Lamborghini.

Stephen: Just drop it on the stool. (He watches as Richa-rd does as he instructed) Where’s Silvania and Lucas? I haven’t seen them since this afternoon.

Bethany: (disturbe-d) Why do you care?

Stephen: I’m just concerned.

Bethany: (sternly) Their wellbeing should be none of your business. (She puts Stephen’s arm around her n£¢k) And besides, They can handle themselves. (To Richa-rd ) Leave us!

Richa-rd : Yes Miss. (He exits the lounge)

(In the ocean – The Mer Kingdom)
(At the castle, A guard rushes into the throne room)

Guard: My King!

Princess Marianna: Your king is in his chambers, resting. What message do you have for him?

Guard: There’s a rumor that Silvania is now back in the ocean.

Princess Marianna: You’re lying…

Guard: I’m afraid not my princess, Many sea creatures have affirmed this. They said she swam to her parent’s house after she returned.

Princess Marianna: Then that’s where we’re going. If really Silvania is now back in the ocean then she is as foolish as the word “foolish” (to the guard) Bring two of your able bodied guards along, We’re going to her family’s house right away!

Guard: (bows) Yes my princess.

(At Donald’s house)

Beatrice: Silvania, You have to go quic-kly!

Silvania: (crying) Mother, I can’t leave you… (She turns to her father and brother) I don’t want to leave any of you.

Beatrice: You have to…

Simon: Yeah, It’s for your own safety, if the King or his guards finds you here… There’ll be no escape.

(Just then, A small turtle enters their home and goes to Simon then whispers in his ear)

Simon: Oh no!

Beatrice: What did the turtle say?

Simon: He said Princess Marianna and three castle guards are on their way here.

Silvania: (panicks) What do I do now?

Beatrice: (seriously) Listen to me. Silvania, You have to go now!

Simon: There’s no time. (To Silvania) quic-k, Hide!

(As Silvania goes to hide, Princess Marianna and the three castle guards barges into their house)

Princess Marianna: (furiously) WHERE’S SILVANIA?!!!

Beatrice: What are you talking about?

Princess Marianna: What do you mean “What am I talking about”?! I’m talking about Silvania returning back to the ocean and coming straight home. Almost every sea creature we spoke to on our way here confirmed this to be true. Which means she must be in here somewhere.

Beatrice: With all due respect, Princess Marianna, You have no right to barge into my home and say such things.

Princess Marianna: How dare you speak to me in that tone… Do you realize that you are talking to the princess of the ocean?

Beatrice: And do you realize that you are in my home? It’s even against the law to barge into someone’s home unauthorizedly. (She fires back)

Princess Marianna: Very well. I will pardon you this time, Beatrice… But next time I won’t be very kind. (To the guards) Search around the house for Silvania, Leave no stone unturned!

Guards: Yes my princess.

Simon: Hey! What’re you doing?!

(The guards shove Simon and his mother aside and search around the house thor0ûghly)

Guard 1: There’s no sign of her, My princess.

Princess Marianna: Hmph, Alright. Maybe I was wrong then.

Beatrice: And maybe we deserve an apology for what you just did.

Princess Marianna: Well you’re not getting any. (To the guards) Let’s go!

(Princess Marianna and the guards leave the house)

Simon: (sighs in relief) Phew…

(Outside the house)

Guard 1: My princess, Are we just going to leave like that?

Princess Marianna: Sssshhh. I know Silvania is in there, My instincts never deceive me. Just be patient.

(Inside the house)
(Silvania comes out of her hiding)

Simon: You did a great job, Silvania.

Silvania: Thank you…

Beatrice: Silvania you nee-d to leave now before they come back.

Silvania: (sniffles) I’m really going to miss you all. But I know that we’ll see each other again one day.

(She hvgs her mother, father and brother)

Beatrice: May God be with you my daughter.

Silvania: (she nods her head) Goodbye…

(As Silvania comes out of the house, Princess Marianna gr-abs her from behind)

Princess Marianna: Gotcha!

Silvania: (she struggles to get free) No…

Princess Marianna: (grins evilly) Oh yes… And now there’s no escape!

(Silvania headbu-tts her from behind and quic-kly swims away)

Princess Marianna: (growls) Argh! (To the guards) After her! She must not get away!

(Beatrice & Simon are alerted by the commotion and they come out of the house)

Beatrice: (scared) Oh no. Silvania! Swim away, quic-kly!

(The guards swim after Silvania in an attempt to catch her but she’s too quic-k. Princess Marianna, however, swiftly catches up to the guards)

Princess Marianna: (to the guards) Incompetent fools!

(She speedily swims past them and gets to Silvania. But before she can gr-ab a hold of her, Silvania takes a small rock and smashes it in her face)

Princess Marianna: (growls in pain) Grrrrr!!! (To the guards) GET HER!

(One of the guards throws his spear at Silvania but Princess Marianna inadvertently gets in the way and the spear stabs her in her tail)

Princess Marianna: (screams) AHHHHHHHH!!!!

(Princess Marianna and the guards watches from a distance as Silvania reaches the surface in safety)

(At the surface of the ocean)
(Silvania raises her head above the water)

Silvania: (looking back) Uh, Thank God they didn’t follow me to the surface. (She quic-kly drags herself to the shore) I nee-d to turn back to a human quic-kly before anyone sees me. (She searches her b©dy for her amulet but can’t find it) No, no, no, no… Where is my amulet? I’m sure I took it with me before I left home. (panicks) If it’s not with me, Then that means… (She wi-dens her eyes in fear) Oh no…


Episode 20


(Silvania fearfully dives back into the water and searches for her amulet just at the surface of the ocean. Luckily, She catches sight of it dangling from a coral)

Silvania: (sighs with utmost relief) Uhhh, Thank goodness….

(She speedily swims to it and gr-abs it then returns back to the surface and puts it on. Her tail splits into two then transforms into her human legs)

Silvania: (walking out of the water) I can’t believe this… (She sits on a rock) I’m now a fugitive.

Lucas: Silvania, You c@m£ back!

Silvania: (she turns around) Lucas? You’ve been here since I left?

Lucas: Yeah. I didn’t feel like going back to the quarters, I was really missing you…

(Silvania hvgs him)

Silvania: Don’t worry, I won’t be leaving again.

Lucas: Wait, What happened? Why are you back?

Silvania: (tears run down her cheeks) I’ve been banished from the Mer Kingdom and if I ever go back, I’ll be killed.

Lucas: (sighs) Oh, You poor thing…

Silvania: (crying) I ruined my life, Lucas. Stephen will never love me and I won’t be able to see my family again… (crying ha-rder)

Lucas: (pats her) It’s ok, It’s ok…

(Back in the ocean – The Mer Kingdom)
(At the castle, King Jerod heals Princess Marianna’s tail injury with his trident)

King Jerod: There. All better.

Princess Marianna: (she flexes her tail) There’s no pain. Thank you, Daddy.

King Jerod: You’re welcome sweetheart. I have all the power in the ocean, Nothing is above me. Healing you is just child’s pla-y.

(The guards bring in Beatrice & Simon)

Princess Marianna: (scornfully) Mmmm, The traitors have arrived. This is gonna be fun.

Beatrice & Simon: (bows) My King…

King Jerod: Is what I’m hearing true? That Silvania returned to the ocean and despite knowing the reward for her treachery and the consequences of your actions, You still went ahead to hide her and help her escape?

(Beatrice and Simon remain silent)

King Jerod: ANSWER ME!!!!

Beatrice: Forgive me my King.

King Jerod: And in her attempts to escape, She injured my daughter severely.

Beatrice: I’m sorry my King but I did what I had to do to protect my daughter.

King Jerod: Ohhh, Is that so? (To the guards) Lock them up in the dungeon till I decide the most befitting way for them to die.

Simon: No! (He tries futilely to fight off the guards)

(The guards overpower Simon and takes him & Beatrice to the dungeon)

(In the dungeon)
(The guards throws Beatrice and Simon in it)

Guard 1: You better start finding this place cozy cause you’re never getting out of here. (grins)

Simon: (furiously) Why don’t you come closer so I can sma-ck that grin off your face!

Guard 1: I don’t have time to pl@ywith children.

(He and the other guards swim out of the dungeon gates)

Simon: (about the guard) as-s-hole. (looking at Beatrice) Mom… You’ve been awfully quiet

Beatrice: What do you expect me to say? (sighs) I just hope Silvania got back safely… And I’m worrying about your father, How will he be able to survive without us? He’s blind.

Simon: Don’t worry Mom, I have a plan to get us out of here.

(Prince Erik goes to Princess Marianna’s chambers)

Prince Erik: (enraged) Why did you do that?

Princess Marianna: (she pretends to not know what he’s talking about) Do what?

Prince Erik: You are the reason all of these is happening and you know that! Silvania’s dad just lost his eyesight and now her mother and brother are going to be killed because of you. Don’t you even have any pity for them?

Princess Marianna: First of all, Don’t ever blame me for Silvania’s family misfortune and second of all, The reason her family is suffering is because of her!

Prince Erik: I don’t see you as a sister anymore, You are a monster! You’ve always been jealous of Silvania because she’s prettier than you, smarter than you, sings better than you…. Even her tail shines brighter than yours.

(Princess Marianna angrily sl@ps Erik across the face)

Princess Marianna: (furiously) How dare you say such things to me? Get out of my room!

Prince Erik: Go to hell.

Princess Marianna: OUT!!!

(He leaves her room)

(In Hillwood City)
(At Connor’s house)

Connor: (holding Veronica’s w@!st) I’ve missed your warm b©dy so much.

Veronica: Now’s not the time for S-xual intimacy. I have good news.

Connor: Go on with it…

Veronica: (she frees herself from Connor and goes to sit on the couch) I’ve been having appointments with my doctor and he said there’s a higher chance of me having a baby boy.

Connor: (sm-irks) Nice.

Veronica: Which means it’s time to obliterate the only obstacle on our road to permanent riches. And by that I mean, To kill Stephen Griffin.

Connor: (smiles menacingly) Trust me… (He gr-abs his pistol on the footstool) I never disappoint.

Veronica: (getting up from the couch) Kill Stephen and make sure no one finds his dead b©dy.

Connor: (grins) They won’t.

(At Sir Griffin’s house)
(Silvania & Lucas return to house)

Rosemary: Finally, You two are back. Where’d you go?

Lucas: We just went out for a stroll.

Rosemary: You shouldn’t have left the house unannounced. Next time, Inform someone before leaving.

Silvania: We’re sorry. It won’t happen again.

Rosemary: It’s alright. I’m done with the kitchen, You can start cleaning up.

Silvania: Okay, I will.

Rosemary: Lucas, I’ll nee-d your help with something. Follow me.

(As Rosemary & Lucas leaves the kitchen, Silvania starts cleaning the kitchen walls)

Silvania: (singing) 🎵🎵 From Tower Hill to Blackwall, I’ll wander, weep and m0@n , All for my jolly sailor. Until he sails home…. My heart is pierced by cu-pid, I disdain all glittering gold, There is nothing can console me, But my jolly sailor bold 🎵🎵

(Her mesmerizing enchanting voice fills the room)

(In the lounge)

Bethany: I’m exhausted.

Stephen: Me too.

Bethany: And hungry.

Stephen: So?

Bethany: So go bring me some food.

Stephen: I’ll be back.

(Stephen approaches the kitchen and hears Silvania singing)

Stephen: That voice. I remember it…

(He enters the kitchen and sees that Silvania is the one singing)

Silvania: (sings) 🎵🎵 Come all ye pretty fair maids, Whoever you may be, Who love a jolly sailor bold that ploughs the raging sea…. My heart is pierced by cu-pid, I disdain all glittering gold. There is nothing can console me, But my jolly sailor bold 🎵🎵

Stephen: (surprised) Silvania…

To be Continued