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The fault in our r0m@nç£episode 15 & 16

The Fault in our r0m@nç£Episode 15
(He’s human, She’s a mermaid)
Written by Johnny Patel
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(At the studio)
(Stephen arrives with Bethany)

Stephen: See, You look much better. How do you feel?

Bethany: Angry. I just wasted four hours getting re-ady.

Stephen: Just shake it off. (He sees the ph0togra-phers from a distance) They’re here alre-ady.

Bethany: (excitedly) Okay.

(Bethany goes to meet the ph0togra-pher)

Bethany: Good afternoon Mr Mitchell.

Ph0togra-pher 1: Afternoon Miss Bethany Sanders. Are you re-ady for your ph0to shoot?

Bethany: (grins wi-dely) I sure am.

(Bethany stands in the sp©tlight)

Ph0togra-pher 1: Give us some h!ps.

Ph0togra-pher 2: And some smile.

Ph0togra-pher 3: Turn this way, Miss Bethany. You’ll look better from this angle.

(The ph0togra-phers keep on taking pictures of Bethany as she poses for the c@m£ra)

Alex: (watches Bethany) Wow. She looks damn S-xy…

Stephen: Hey. That’s my girlfriend.

Alex: (gently punches his arm) I’m just kidding bro. But seriously, I haven’t seen any girl as beautiful as Bethany.

Stephen: Yeah… (Just then, He zones out as he remembers Silvania)

Alex: Is something wrong?

Stephen: (shakes his head) No, not at all…. I’ll be in the restroom

(Stephen goes to the restroom and angrily ban-gs his fist on the wall)

Stephen: Argh! (He looks into the mirror) Why can’t I forget her?

(Sir Griffin’s mansion)
(In the libr@ry – Lucas cleans the windows while Silvana arranges the books on the shelves)

Lucas: We got lucky. We should thank God that Sir Stephen’s a nice man or else we would have been sacked by now.

Silvania: I’m very sorry, Lucas. I didn’t know where else to throw the dirty water.

Lucas: You should’ve asked me. Look, If you don’t un-derstand anything, Just ask. And I’ll help you.

Sivania: Alright. I will next time.

Lucas: That’s better. (He looks at the windows) Good, They’re sparkling now.

Silvania: Can i ask you something?

Lucas: Sure.

Silvania: The human girl I accidentally poured water on, The girl that was with Stephen…. Who is she?

Lucas: Ohhh, That’s Sir Stephen’s fianceé, Bethany. She’s a t©p model in Hillwood City. Most guys would do anything to d@t£ her but she chose Stephen. Lucky guy.

Silvania: (shocked) Stephen has a fianceé?

Lucas: Yup. Why do you sound so suprised?

Silvania: Because I am. (disturbe-d) I thought he was single.

Lucas: Well, Now you know he’s not. (He finishes cleaning) Finally! I’m done here, The attic is next. Come on, Let’s go.

Silvania: Just go. I’ll meet you there.

(As Lucas leaves the libr@ry, Silvania looks around in distress)

(In the sea – The Mer kingdom)
(At Donald’s house)

Beatrice: Donald, plea-se just try and eat….

Donald: I don’t want to eat.

Beatrice: But how will you get your strength if you don’t eat?

(Just then, Simon enters the house)

Simon: I’m back Mom. I collected the sea kale.

Donald: Is that Simon?

Simon: Yes Dad, It’s me.

Beatrice: (To Simon) Put them on the mushroom table.

Simon: (he drops the sea kale and notices his father’s weariness) What’s wrong with Dad?

Beatrice: I don’t know, He’s getting weaker and paler. I’ve been trying to feed him but he’s not eating. And he hasn’t eaten since two days.

Simon: Let me try…

(Simon tries to feed his father some sea worms but he vomits it)

Beatrice: (crying) If someone had told me Silvania would do this to me, I wouldn’t have believed. Even after I warned her not to ever go up to the surface, She didn’t listen. Now we’re all suffering the consequences of her actions.

(That evening)
(At Sir Griffin’s house)
(Stephen and Bethany relaxes on the couch while watching TV)

Bethany: (she rests on Stephen’s che-st) The ph0toshoot was exhausting, I’m really famished.

Stephen: Me too. But the cook is preparing something for us to eat.

Bethany: Mmmm, I hope it’s porridge. I love porridge.

Stephen: Nahh, It’s gravy.

Bethany: It’s just as good. (She stands up from the couch) I need to go to the restroom, I’ll be back.

Stephen: Okay babe.

Bethany: Stay handsome.

(She goes out of the living room)

(In the storeroom)

Lucas: We’re done for today, Thank God! Cleaning isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. (He notices Silvania isn’t paying any attention to him and he snaps his f!ngersin her face ) Hello? Silvania?

Silvania: (looks at him) Oh sorry Lucas. I zoned out.

Lucas: Yah, I noticed. What were you thinking about?

(Outside the storeroom, Bethany p@sses by from the toilet and overhears their conversation then puts her ear to the door)

Silvania: I was thinking about Stephen….

(Bethany g@sps on hearing this)

Lucas: Wow. Is this how it is when someone falls in love?

Silvania: Yes. Haven’t you fallen in love before?

Lucas: Nah, I don’t believe in love. I just feel like it’s surreal to most people. (he looks at Silvania) No offense.

Silvania: None taken. (sighs) Well, I really love Stephen and matter how h@rd I try, I can’t st©p loving him. But it’ll be overly difficult to get him to realize I’m the Silvania who rescued him with this face that’s entirely different from my real face. (She pinches her cheeks angrily)

Lucas: Don’t worry, Stephen will definitely notice you one day…

Bethany: (g@sps in shock) What the hell!

(Bethany angrily pushes the door open. Silvania and Lucas see her)

Bethany: (glares at Silvania) Oh, It’s you! (She viciously gr-abs Silvania and pu-lls her out of the storeroom)

Silvania: Let go of me, What are you doing?!

Bethany: Shut the hell up! I heard everything you and that little boy were discussing about in there.

Lucas: (he tries to free Silvania from Bethany’s grip) Hey! Leave her alone!

Bethany: Get out of here you little rat! (She pushes him away)

Silvania: (defensively) Don’t call him that.

Bethany: (she ti-ght£ñs her hold on Silvania, sinking her long pointy f!ngernails into her skin) I’m not done with you yet….

Silvania: Owww, You’re hurting me….

Bethany: I will do more than hurt you! How dare you say that you’re in love with my fiancé? Your boss? Do you even have any self respect at all?!

Silvania: (boldly) Yes! I admit to what I said. I do love Stephen, And I’m not afraid to say it again!

(Bethany furiously swings her arm at Silvania, sl@pping her across the face. Then she gr-abs Silvania by her elbow once more)

Bethany: Listen here you dirty lowlife, I know you’re one of those harlots who go around pretending to be helpless girls just so they can snatch other men but I am the wrong one, If you make any move on my fiancé…(she grits her teeth angrily) I will rip you ap@rt. Thank God I overheard your plans to get your claws on him. If you ever get close to Stephen… I will have you locked up in jail. Got it?

(She thumps Silvania and pushes her to the floor)

Bethany: bit-ch!

Lucas: (points at her) You’re the bit-ch!

(Stephen enters the hallway)

Stephen: What’s going on here? (To Bethany) I heard voices. What happened?

Bethany: This girl you employed as a cleaner said she’s in love with you, Can you imagine that?

Stephen: And what did you do?

Bethany: I gave her a warning.

Lucas: A warning? (To Stephen) She attacked us and called us names. (He helps Silvania up from the floor)

Stephen: Bethany you shouldn’t have done that.

Bethany: I had to. I’m definitely sure she’s one of those girls who go around stealing other people’s men, I can’t allow any wench to ruin my marriage plans by snatching my man from me, Few months to my wedding!

Stephen: (re@ssuringly) Look, No matter what happens….It’s you i’ll always love, You and no one else. And nothing’s going to change that. Okay?

Bethany: (she glances at Silvania) Okay.

(Stephen pu-lls Bethany into a de-ep k!ssin Silvania’s pres£nce and she stares at them with teary eyes)

The Fault in our r0m@nç£Episode 16
(He’s human, She’s a mermaid)
Written by Johnny Patel
plea-se don’t comment next or next plea-se
(That night)
(Sir Griffin and Veronica return back from the hospital)

Stephen: Welcome home, Dad. Where’d you go?

Sir Griffin: I took your stepmom to the hospital cause she was showing symptoms of an illness but guess what?

Stephen: What?

Sir Griffin: She’s pregnant!!!

Stephen: Hmm, That is good news. (To Veronica) Congratulations.

Veronica: Thank you Stephen.

Stephen: I pray it’s a boy. I want to have a baby brother.

Veronica: (she rubs her stomach) I want it to be a girl.

Stephen: (chuckles) Both S-xes are equally a blessing. But anyway, it’ll be nice to have a baby crawling in this mansion.

Veronica: Yes it will. (to Sir Griffin) I’ll be back honey, I want to go prepare something we’ll eat for dinner.

Stephen: There’s some leftover gravy.

Veronica: Your Dad doesn’t like gravy but I’ll prepare oatmeal for him

Stephen: Alright.

(Veronica leaves)

Sir Griffin: So, How did the ph0to shoot go?

Stephen: It went okay.

Sir Griffin: Good. Because we’re launching the product on the 4th of next month, And we’re gonna make a lot of money especially with Bethany as the face of the product.

Stephen: (nods his head comprehensively) That’s right.

(At the quarters)
(Silvania lays on her be-d, crying)

Lucas: Silvania plea-se st©p crying…

Silvania: (soliloquizes) If only I knew that all these would happen, I would never have come here. I would have just remained in the ocean, being Princess Marianna’s handmaid. At least I’ll still be with my family, People who care about me.

Lucas: Don’t talk like that. I care about you, Silvania…

Silvania: (she rests on Lucas and cries h@rder) I regret my decision, Lucas….My mom and dad will never forgive me

Lucas: (pats her head) It’s okay, It’s okay….

(Next Day)
(At Bethany’s house)
(She packs her belongings when her friend, Clara, enters the house)

Clara: Hi Bethany.

Bethany: Hey babe. (She folds a go-wn)

Clara: (she sees the packed luggages) Are you moving out?

Bethany: No. I’m going to Sir Griffin’s mansion, I’ll be staying there for some time. I want Stephen and I to be very very close till our wedding and then we’ll move out to the house that Stephen’s currently building.

Clara: That’s nice.

Bethany: Yeah, My younger sister will be coming over. She’ll be staying here.

Clara: Okay. Just know that I’ll always come visiting.

Bethany: (smiles) Sure. (Her smile changes into a scowl) You know, There’s this cleaner that Stephen and his father employed, Her name is Silvania. The girl said she’s in love with my Stephen and when I confronted her about it, She boldly conceded to it.

Clara: That girl must be damn crazy.

Bethany: Indeed! (She furiously locks her boxes) Call me clingy, insecure, over possessive or animalistic for fighting over a man but it’ll be really stupid for me to just sit back and fold my arms when a vixen is plotting to sever my relationsh!pwith Stephen.

Clara: You’re right. This is one of the reasons why most people end up with broken relationsh!ps and failed marriages because they sit back and do nothing when someone interferes in their relationsh!p.

Bethany: Yeah, But I am not one of those people. (She lifts up the luggages) I’m going downstairs.

Clara: Okay.

(Bethany goes downstairs. Clara follows her and helps her put all of her boxes in her car)

Clara: That’s all of them?

Bethany: Yeah. Hop in, I’ll drive you back home before I go to Sir Griffin’s mansion.

Clara: Alright

(Bethany and Clara enter the car and drives out of the house)

(That afternoon)
(Lucas and Silvania clean up the living room)

Lucas: After I’m done cleaning, I’m going to take another shower. (He sniffs his shi-t) Ugh, I stink.

Silvania: (smiles)

Lucas: I wonder how you merpeople take your showers (he looks at Silvania and notices her expression has changed) What’s wrong?

Silvania: It’s just nostalgia. I never thought I’d miss home (sighs) And I’m sure everyone back home will think of me as a fool, A lovesick fool.

Lucas: It’s easier for them to judge you since they’ve never been in your shoes before, Only someone who has experienced the same thing you’re going throu-gh would un-derstand.

(The cook, Rosemary, enters the living room)

Rosemary: Silvania! Lucas! Lunch is served.

Lucas: Thank goodness. I’m starving.

(They go to the dinner table)

Lucas: Oooh, Rice and turkey. (li-cks hisl-ips) Yummy. I’ve never had this meal before.

Silvania: Really? Why?

Lucas: I lived in a foster home, Remember? We have no choice but to eat what we’re offered. And there, its mostly mashed potatoes we eat. (He starts eating)

Silvania: (looks at the fork & knife) I don’t know how to use these…

Lucas: Just watch me.

Silvania: (she tries to copy Lucas but is unable to) I still can’t…

(Stephen enters the dining room and sees Silvania fumbling with the fork and knife)

Stephen: (smiles) Silvania, What’re you doing?

Silvania: I’m trying to eat.

Stephen: Don’t injure yourself. Here, Let me help you. (He holds her hand) It’s very simple. Just scoop the food to your fork, using your knife and then put it in your mouth and let your teeth take over…..

(While Stephen explains to Silvania, She stares at him with endearment, Not even listening to what he’s saying)

Stephen: So that’s all. (He notices she’s just looking at him) Uhhh, Silvania?

Silvania: (blinks her eyes continuously) Oh yes yes… I un-derstand, It’s actually easy. Very easy.

Stephen: Yeah.

(When Stephen enters the kitchen, Silvania starts eating the food with her hand)

(That evening)
(Veronica secretly goes to visit her secret b©yfri£nd, Connor)

Veronica: (presses the doorbell) Connor? Connor!

Connor: (from inside the house) Hold on, I’m coming! (He goes to open the door) Veronica?

Veronica: (smiles wi-dely) Hey boo.

Connor: I can’t believe you’re here (He gr-abs her and pu-lls her into a k!ss) I’ve missed you so much (he k!sses her again) I thought you weren’t coming to see me again…

Veronica: Don’t be silly. You know that can’t happen. (She enters the house and looks around) I love what you’ve done with the place, Looks ravishing.

Connor: I had to do something with the money you’ve been s£nding to me. Sir Griffin is a bloody dunce.

Veronica: (sm-irks) You got that right. Fooling that old man is sooo easy, It’s just like taking candy from a baby

Connor: (he holds her by the w@!st) You still remember our plan?

Veronica: Of course I do. Get Sir Griffin to fall in love with me and divorce his wife and then win the trust of his son, Stephen. Next step, Get pregnant for Sir Griffin, Kill Stephen and with no one else as his successor, He’ll sign all of his wealth, riches and properties to my unborn child.

Connor: You mean, Our child. (while ru-bbing her tummy)

Veronica: Yes, Our child. That 5 seconds old man couldn’t possibly have fathered this baby growing in my wo-mb. Anyways, Once we kill Stephen. We would have succeeded in about 70% of our plans.

Connor: Yes! You see, This is one of the reasons I like you…. You’re so sharp and calculative.

(Connor carries Veronica and places her on the table)

Veronica: (laughs) Be gentle Connor. I’m with child.

Connor: (sm-irks) I know…

(Connor takes off Veronica’s Sk-irt aggressively then gr-abs her by her hair and pu-lls her into a de-ep k!ss. They lie on the table as they continue ma-king out pugnaciously. Connor care-sses Veronica’s n£¢k and th!ghs as he k!sses her and she m0@n s in ecstasy)

To be Continued

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