The fall of a drama queen of 13






?Harry’s POV

I fought ha-rd the overwhelming nee-d to get close to her. And now, I don’t care anymore. This breathless urgency I feel for her is too much to bear.

I k!$$£d her ha-rder to get my fill of her sweetness. Drawing her as close as I could get without breaking her small bones. I wanted to absorb the feel of her, so badly like a car-nal craving.
My mouth went to the slender column of her throat, then transferred to the area behind her ear. She m0@n ed as my ton-gue li-cked the s-en-sitive sp©t. She lifted her head to give me more access.

I pushed her on the wall and admired the full length of her beautiful physique. Her b©dy was perfect – de-ep di-ps and curves in all the right places. Her brea-sts so lovely with pink pointed n!ppl!s that I could not wait to ravish, ti-ght belly and S-xy legs, and dark red mons that I longed to get buried into its sweet heat. The thought made me shivered with intense wanting.

I k!$$£d herl-ips again while my hands fondled her lovely brea-sts.

“Oh…” She g@sped and k!$$£d me with equal fervor. She was very responsive, arching her back to better accept me as my mouth transferred to her brea-st. Teasing and l!çk!ng, then doing the same to the other peak, until she cried with delight. “This is my first time, Harry…” She said, cu-pping my face between her hands.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be very gentle.” I re-moved a lock of hair out of her face and k!$$£d her swollen mouth again. I gro-an ed as my erection bu-mped against her belly.

My mouth and ton-gue ran hungrily on her throat and down to her brea-sts again. I knelt in front of her and held her eyes. I wanted to see her expression, how I would affect her. How her eyes would roll up with intense pas-sion.

I k!$$£d her stomach while my hands ca-ressed the silken length of her th!ghs, opening it wi-der. My mouth went down to her sli-ck heat, l!çk!ng her with long liquid k!ssthat rushed love and lvst throu-gh her.

“Harry…” She m0@n ed, running her hand throu-gh my hair. Her faced looked so flu-shed and her eyes bec@m£ dreamy. I tea-sed the tiny bud, swirling h0tly as she cried my name with intense plea-sure. Her eyes slid shut in ecstasy. I felt her shuddered as she experienced cli-max.

I stood up and molding her b©dy to mine. Her arms went instantly around me. She was lethargic of spent pas-sion.
I reached for the towel, ru-bbe-d it on her hair and b©dy, then I put the towel around her. “Go and get dressed before you’ll catch cold.”

She looked confused. “What about you? You never…”

“I did.”

“You did?”

“We did it together.” I smiled at her. She was so naive and innocent in lovema-king. “Get dressed. I’ll be with you in a while.” I secured the towel around her b©dy.

“Are you sure.”

I k!$$£d herl-ips briefly and smiled. “Very sure. Now go.”
I took a cold shower the moment she left the bathroom I washed the heat off my b©dy. I still wanted her so badly that my nerves were trembling. I did not want to scare her. I wanted to take things easy with her.

I was always attra-cted to Emerald, even when she was still a kid. It did not help that she made it known to everyone about her childish crush on me. I was flattered and enjoyed the idea of her liking me. I just wished at that time that she would not have a change of heart when she’d grow up.

I admit, I was guilty of encouraging her. To the point that Zion and her dad warned me to st©p leading her on.

“Don’t encouraged my sister. She’s still young. She can’t handle a heartbreak.” Zion told me during Emerald’s thirteenth birthday.

“I just want to make her happy. It’s her birthday.”

“She’s imagining you as her prince. Do you know that she alre-ady have names for your babies?” He looked at me accusingly.

“Really? That’s funny.” I wondered what were the names she made.

“That’s not funny at all. She’s becoming delusional. St©p wi-nking at her and ma-king her feel special. She’s still a kid.”

“St©p it, Harry. I’m serious. That’s dad’s order also.”
Myl-ips twisted at the mention of Mr. Eros Petrakis. He always raised his eyebrows every time I c@m£ near Emerald, then followed by his suspicious glaring. He wanted to scare me, warning me to keep my hands off his daughter.

But seeing Emerald again after many years, during Zion and Claire’s engagement, was like resurrecting the same old feeling. When she caught my eyes, my heart froze. I knew, the attra-ction was still there, coming back once again.
That night, Zion informed me about Emerald’s jewelry business. He talked about her, when I was not even asking. But de-ep inside, I was very interested to know more about her whereabouts.

When the king wanted a new crown for the next queen, I remembered Emerald’s jewelry business. I informed the king about it and he agreed immediately to give the project to the Petrakis Gems.

Confronting Emerald was another story. I bec@m£ very defensive. I avoided falling for her, to the point that I wanted to hate her. At first, I tried to be rude to her hoping that she would hate me in return. I kept our conversation strictly in professional level. I kept on reminding myself that she was a spoiled selfish girl who wouldn’t give a damn about other people.
But I was so wrong. She proved herself as the exact opposite of what I thought. She showed her beautiful personality. She may be wra-pped in gold and luxury but she was actually a loving, caring and selfless woman.

I was tra-pped. I could not help myself. I was falling for her more and more, everyday.

?Emerald’s POV ?

I sat down on be-d thinking of what just happened. My b©dy was still tingling from the delicious s-en-sations I felt earlier. Myl-ips were burning from his demanding k!sses, my brea-sts tender from his t©uçh and my center… I could still remember vividly the feel his mouth and ton-gue, seeking all my secrets and plea-suring me to the edge.

Oh God… I felt like a real woman. A real wanton woman. Harry made me feel this way. k!ss!ngmy b©dy like I was a goddess in his eyes, so beautiful and special.

I never experienced this kind of feeling ever before. I wanted to cry of happiness and… fulfillment? Whatever. The s-en-sation was so crazy, mind-b!owing that stirred all my emotions. I felt like I reached heaven… then fell back on earth.

Then I realized something. We never really had S-x. There was no pene-tration going on. I’m still a vir-gin?

I sighed heavily. I was overwhelmed with sudden sadness. What about him? Did I plea-sure him?

?Harry’s POV ?
I went down and saw Emerald in the kitchen preparing dinner. She was chopping carrots on the chopping board. She seemed to enjoy learning how to cook. The food she made during breakfast and lunch were actually delicious.
Seeing her being domesticated was something new. Very unexpected.

“Hey.” I said and she looked at me with bright smile.

“Hi. Umm… are you hungry?” She asked. I did not miss the blus-h creeping on her cheek.

It depends on the hunger she was referring to. For her, yes. But food… nah.

“I’m good.” I went beside her and observed her cutting the carrots, she was cutting it too close to her f!ngers. “That is not the best way to cut the carrots in cubes.”

“Huh?” She st©pped and looked at me.

“You’re going to cut your f!ngersif you keep on doing that.”

“How?” She asked, a confused expression on her face.
I went behind her and put my hands over hers. Immediately, fire ignited inside me. The yearning I felt awhile ago c@m£ back. Dammit. I’m like a hormonal teenager that can’t control his S-xual urge. I tried to ignore the feeling and taught her how to chop the carrots in a proper way. “See? It’s easy.”

“Um… yea, thanks.” She replied and continued chopping on her own.

But I was still behind her, holding her close. I put my arms around her w@!st, drawing her against my b©dy. I buried my face on her n£¢k, smelling her sweet scent.

Well, I suddenly don’t care anymore if I can’t control my longings for her.

“Harry…” She put the knife down and turned around. Immediately, I k!$$£d her de-eply, thrû-sting my ton-gue inside her mouth, tasting her. She was very responsive, k!ss!ngme back, matching my hunger.

Arf! Arf! Arf!

We heard the dog growling, followed by non-st©p barking. Damn stupid dog. He’s interrupting us. I’ll be damn if Emerald will pu-ll away from me.

And she did. She re-moved her arms around my n£¢k.

“I think he’s hungry alre-ady.” Emerald continued chopping the carrots.

“Yeah.” Stupid dog. You’re lucky Emerald cares for you. Or else, I would have s£nt you to the animal shelters alre-ady. “Anything I can do to help?”
“Sure. Can you start boiling the chicken stock?” She took a box in the cabinet and gave it to me.

“Okay. What else?”

“You can slice the bre-ad and the apples.”

“No problem.” I win-ked at her. I never thought cooking together would be this fun.


?Emerald’s POV ?

He’s so gorgeous. Handsome and S-xy. The way he rake his hair off his eyes, that cute dimple showing when he broadened his smile and his eyes sparks, every time he stared at me, very hypnotic.

“This soup is really good. This is the best carrot soup that I’ve ever tasted.”

“It’s not a carrot soup, Harry. It’s a potato soup.” Either he was teasing me or telling the truth.

“I’m just teasing you.” He was looking at me with s-en-sual eyes.
“It’s very h0t and delicious. Like you.”

I flu-shed and my b©dy abruptly heated with fire. I instantly remembered the delicious s-en-sation of his ton-gue fl!çk!ng fas-ter on my center as I screamed for re-lease. Will he do that to me again tonight?

I would love to t©uçh him too. To give him the same plea-sure he was giving me. But I don’t know how to t©uçh him and do b!ow job . I should get a lesson from… mom? No… no… Oh God. Maybe from Claire?



“I just asked you why you st©pped talking to me?”


“When I told you that I can’t take you to the prom, you got mad and avoided me.”

“Oh!” I was flushing again. It made me suddenly upset remembering the past. “Because you said you were only joking. You decided to take Betty Jones instead as your d@t£.”

“That’s not what I said.” He frowned, putting his fork down.
“What I said was, the Prom committee had an age limit, sixteen and above, in bringing a d@t£ to the prom. You were only thirteen.”

“Yeah, I heard you said it. But… Okay. Zion said it, that you’re going to take Betty Jones. You were only joking when you asked me.”

“Your brother can be an as-s-hole sometimes, putting words into my mouth. I was not joking when I asked you. And yes, I asked Betty Jones at the last minute. But I regretted it. She was so boring.”

I laughed and he laughed too.
“I was so excited.” I confessed to him. “So silly of me. I prepared my go-wn and my makeup. I even imagined our first dance…”

“That’s not silly at all. It’s being normal.”

If only you knew. I also imagined our first k!ss, us getting married in a castle, our house and prepared names of our kids. But I was not prepared to tell him that, maybe when we’d be more comfortable with each other.

“I asked you on your Facebook mess£nger if we could talk. I wanted to say goodbye to you before I’d leave for England.” His voice was sad and his eyes looked really hurt.
My heart melted. I wanted to cry inside. The years lost because I was so stubborn.

I stood up and went towards him. He instantly pu-ll-ed me in his arms and made me sit on his l@p. I put my arms around his shoulders, hvgging him.

“I’m sorry, Harry. I don’t know how to explain this to you. I was young…”

“Yeah, you were only thirteen.” He agreed, pushing my hair out of my face.

“I was so stubborn.”

He chuckled. “Agree.”

“I was really hurt when you said I can’t go with you in the prom. I decided not to like you anymore.”

“Ouch.” He frowned and pretended not interested anymore.
“Harry…” I held his face between my hands. “I was so stupid to believe Zion, when he said you were only joking. I was so devastated and heartbroken. I thought I was special.”

He ca-ressed my arm, then pu-ll-ed me closer to him. “You were very special to me, until now. You don’t know how much.” He said before he k!$$£d me with burning pas-sion.



Harry’s POV ?

“I love you.” She whispered between k!sses.

“I love you more, my sweet angel.” I k!$$£d her ha-rder, thrû-sting my ton-gue inside her mouth. My hand went inside the hem of her dress, c@r£ss!ngher smooth silky th!gh. I felt my b©dy heated again.

Arf! Arf! Arf!

Damn stray dog. It growled and barked every time I k!$$£d Emerald. Either the stupid dog was jealous or thought I was hurting her.

I’m going to kill this dog if Emerald will leave my l@p now.
And she did.

I gro-an ed in frustration, pursing myl-ips.

“It’s time for dessert.” She said as she went to the kitchen counter and took the apple pie she made earlier.
I was actually thinking of another dessert. Something that involved me and her in the be-droom. And the dog – outside the house.

Emerald gave me a slice of the pie. I ate it fast and cleared my plate in an instant. I was anticipating for my other dessert .
“You like it?” She asked.

“Yeah. The best apple pie I ever had. Delicious.” I li-cked myl-ips and stared at her fresh face and pinkl-ips. I noticed her not wearing makeup here in the house. She was showing her natural beauty.

“You want more?”

“No… no. I’m so full.” I ru-bbe-d my stomach and looked at her toying half of her apple pie with her f!ngerti-ps. “You nee-d help on that?”

She nodded. “It’s not really good. I put too much sugar in it.”
I stood up and pu-ll-ed my chair beside her. I sat down, facing my b©dy towards her.

“Feed me.” I said, waiting.

She took the apple pie with her f!ngersand put it inside my mouth. “Hmm… Yeah, too sweet, but it’s still delicious.” I held her hand, li-cked her thumb and su-cked her foref!nger inside my mouth.


I put her hand down, lacing my f!ngerswith hers. “Let’s go to your room.”

I nodded and drank her glas-s of water. “Yeah, now.”

“I nee-d to wash the dishes first.”

“I’ll take care of it.” I k!$$£d her shoulder, raining k!sses to her n£¢k and cheek.

“Okay.” She nodded, tou-ching my jaw. “I’ll feed the dog.”
I stood up abruptly and cleared the table in a flash. It was a record breaking for washing the dishes.

In less than five minutes, I was in Emerald’s be-d, hovering on t©p between her legs, k!ss!ngherl-ips h0tly with raging burning fire. The hem of her dress went up to her w@!st as I skimmed the silky length of her legs.