The fall of a drama queen episode 14





💄 Emerald’s POV

I could not breath. I was intoxicated with Harry’s sweet k!sses, his tantalizing smell and nerve shattering care-sses. He was kneeling between my legs, struggling in un-bu-ttoning the ten tiny bu-ttons of my blouse. I wanted to help him, but my hands and b©dy were trembling with de-sire.
“fas-ter Harry…”

“Can I just tear this? I swear, this tiny bu-ttons are killing me.”

“My grandma Nina gave this to me.”

He heaved a sigh of frustration, but still continued with the bu-ttons. “Halfway there.”

Still halfway? He spent five minutes alre-ady. I sat up and helped him with the bu-ttons. Finally, Harry peeled the blouse out of my skin.

We were back k!ss!ngagain. I was in delirium when Harry transferred his mouth on my brea-st, l@pping it hungrily while his hand was inside my p@n-ties, tou-ching me inti-mately. I g@sped when he shove a f!nger inside me.


He shifted his position and planted a we-t k!sson myl-ips.
“You’re so beautiful, my sweet angel.” He whispered as his hand continued ru-bbing me in fas-ter motion. His mouth transferred to the area behind my ear, k!ss!ngand su-cking me.
I was lost in my s-en-ses as I cried for re-lease. Sea of plea-sure washed over me.

Harry re-moved his f!ngersfrom my S-x. I was shocked when he su-cked his middle f!nger, looking at me with a grin. Ew! That’s gross, drinking my fluid. He’s such a dirty… dirty man.

“What are you doing?” Myl-ips twisted as I looked at him.

“Having my dessert.” He chuckled.

“That’s gross, Harry. You’re such a… a… ”


“A dirty boy!” I finally had the courage to say it. But he just laughed richly.

He re-moved his clothes and stood in front of me n-ked. He looked so gorgeous, solid and strong. His ti-ght abs, so S-xy… his V-lines… mouth watering… his pe-nis… Oh my God!

My eyes wi-de-ned when I looked down. His pe-niswas so engorged. It was so hvge! If that thing would go inside me, I’m going to die of hemorrhage!

I looked at him with big bright eyes.

“Come here.” He said, pu-lling me out of the be-d. He k!$$£d myl-ips again, thrû-sting his ton-gue inside my mouth. I did the same to him, for the first time… and it was very awkward. He let me explore his mouth, to taste him. At least, I was learning the basics.

He re-moved my dress, letting it fell on the floor. His hands cu-mpped my bu-tt, squee-zing and kneading it.

“Kneel to your king, my sweet angel. Be dirty and k!ssme.” He grinned at me.


“I’m just kidding. Come on, k!ssme.” He put his hands on my shoulders, gently pushing me down to kneel in front of him.

“No!” I pu-ll-ed away from him.

His hands fell on his sides. The disappointment was evident on his face. He exhaled heavily and took his clothes on the floor.
“You’re leaving?”
He nodded. “I nee-d to go before I’ll go crazy, Emerald. I love you and I respect you. I can see that you’re not re-ady to get inti-mate with me.” He laughed briefly. “I have to be patient. I don’t want to f0rç£ you into this S-xual thing. We should take everything slow.”

“But…” Oh God no… he’s leaving me. I don’t want him to go.

“Goodnight, Emerald.” He said when he finished putting on his clothes.

“I want you to stay, Harry. plea-se.”

“No. For your own good. I don’t trust myself not tou-ching you if we’re alone together.” He k!$$£d myl-ips softly. “Go to be-d, my sweet angel. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


👑 Harry’s POV ✔

Emerald is giving me insomnia. Two nights in a row that I was not slee-ping well.

It was six in the morning, the weather was cold and drizzle of rain falling from the gloomy sky. I went out for a jog wearing my sweatp@n-ts and sweater hoody, heading to the border of the estate.

“Good morning, your royal highness.” Walter greeted me when I st©pped at their cottage.

“Good morning.” I was catching my breath, bending down, holding my knees. I never ran this far without st©pping before. I just felt like I wanted to drain all my energy.
“You want some water, sir?”

“No. I’m good.” I straightened up, taking the hoodie out of my head and allowing the cold mist ran onto my hair.

“Any news in the palace?”

“All is well. The paparazzi st©pped going behind the palace gates when they could not find you and Miss Petrakis, sir.”

“Good.” I was a relieved. Emerald and I could go back to the palace anytime soon.

“But there was a man looking for Miss Petrakis yesterday afternoon, sir. Unfortunately, the royal household staff was not able to get his name. He left immediately.”

My head j£rked up. Who could that be? It must be something very important.

I have to call Zion, if someone in her family was looking for her. I hope it’s not some sort of emergency.

I went inside the cottage and radio my right hand in the palace to call Zion. Zion relayed that no one in their family travelled in England. All was doing well in their family and they did not contact Emerald. They knew she was safe with me.
Safe? The word made me wonder if she was really safe with me.
I k!$$£d her and introduced S-xual intim-acy with her.
Her family trusted me to take care of her while she was in England. In some point, I disappointed them. She was dragged to the royal scandal.

And now, I don’t know how to explain to Zion about me and Emerald. He would use his kick boxing skills on me once he’d know that Emerald and I shared the shower together, n-ked. His father, Eros Petrakis would grill me whole like an asian pig.
But they would un-derstand if I’d explain to them better how I loved Emerald. They’ve known me for too long, even my family.
I wonder who was looking for Emerald? Maybe a friend here in England.

I went home and Emerald was still asleep. I had a quic-k shower then went downstairs to prepare breakfast. I was ma-king pancakes when Emerald c@m£ down.

“Hey.” She greeted me.

“Good morning. Are you hungry?” I reached for her hand, drawing her closer in my arms and gave her a k!ss.
“Not really.”

She walked behind me and took a cu-p. She filled it with brewed coffee on the kitchen counter. “You want some?”
“Yes, plea-se.” I answered, not even looking at her.

“You want it so black, right?”


“Black as a devil?”

I looked at her and she smiled.

“And yours? Creamy and white as an angel.” I tea-sed her. She look so cute in her big shi-t and th!gh high socks. I wanted to
We were having breakfast when I mentioned to her that I saw Walter and informed me that someone was looking for her.
“I don’t know anyone here in England. Maybe he got the wrong girl.”

“Maybe.” I nodded. “Anyway, do you want to go back to the palace tomorrow? The palace security said that it is safe to go back now. The paparazzi st©pped stalking us when they could not find us.”

“That’s great news!” She hvgged me instantly, k!ss!ngmy cheek. “I’m excited to go back. I have a lot of calls and emails to make.”
“Me too.”

“What about Archie? Can we bring him too?”

“In the palace?” I frowned. I still did not like the dog. It was the most grumpy dog I’ve ever encountered.
She nodded. “plea-se Harry. Archie is such a sweet dog. He nee-ds care and protec-tion.”

“We’ll talk about it later, Emerald.” I stood up and took a water to drink in the filtered jug on the kitchen counter.

“Harry… plea-se. If you love me, you will be concern of my happiness. I want to take care of Archie.”

I heaved a sigh. “Okay, okay.” I answered. I could not say no.

💄Emerald’s POV🌹

I was excited to get back to civilization. I wanted to do a lot of things. First, call my family to tell them that I was okay. Then I’d call my office in New York to check the designs of the crown I asked in 3D. I would submit the design to the King as soon as it was re-ady.

My phone would not st©p beeping when we were nearing the city. My notifications in my social media accounts would not st©p. I noticed missed calls also. I checked on it, mostly from the office. I scanned my phone messages, then I was surprised when I re-ad a message.

“Hi, Emerald. I miss you so much. I’m here in England. I want to see you.”

It was a message from Kevin Hill.


🎉Harry’s POV✔

I hate this dog. It’s breath fanning my face as it sat between me and Emerald. It growled every time I tried to pu-ll Emerald for a k!ss. When we were in the helicopter, it was sitting on Emerald’s l@p, frantic and crying. Timid dog.

I accompanied Emerald in her room when we arrived in the palace. The dog ran to the balcony and outside the pri-vate lawn, wagging his tail. Good riddance.

At least I had my privacy with Emerald. I pu-ll-ed her immediately in my arms, giving her a lingering k!ss. “I’ll see you later during dinner. We’ll be dining with the King. Don’t forget to bring your designs. He wants to see it.”

“Sure. I have it in my iPad.”

“Good.” I said, k!ss!ngher intently.

She was so sweet, warm and soft. I could not get enough of her. She always had this effect on me whenever I start k!ss!ngher. I wanted to taste every inch of her.

I pu-ll-ed her up in my arms, straddling her legs around my w@!st. I thrû-sted my ton-gue inside her mouth and she su-ckled it. I could not help but smile. My sweet angel was learning.

My hands went inside her dress and settled on her behind, squee-zing, kneading her bu-tt cheeks. I held her eyes as I bu-mped my erection against her center.

“Do you trust me?”

She nodded. “Yes! Yes, Harry… plea-se.”

I looked down and saw her we-tness marked my jeans. I pu-ll-ed her closer and la-id her down on the be-d. I settled between her legs and k!$$£d her again with greediness.

I j£rked when I felt her hand t©uçhed my man-hood.
fv¢k! I gro-an ed as she ru-bbe-d it up and down. I’ve been too ha-rd and arou-sedfor days alre-ady, wanting her so badly and I was dying for a re-lease.

Her hand transferred to my stomach, going down inside my jeans.

“Are you sure?” I asked her. I did not want to scare her. She was very innocent when it comes to intimacy.
She flu-shed and nodded.

I opened the bu-ttons of my jeans and la-id down on the be-d. Waiting for her to do the job. I breathed ha-rd as I watched her hand went inside my briefs and cu-mpped my shaft.

“Oh God! Emerald.” My head fell back on be-d as I gro-an ed.

“Harry… ” She said. There was uncertainty on her eyes.

“It’s okay. Go on.” I encouraged her. I would certainly die in frustration if she would st©p. I held her eyes then looked at my c0ckas she re-leased it out of my briefs. I shivered as her thumb brushed the ti-p of my man-hood.
My phone rang. fv¢k!
I took my phone out of my pocket and throw it at the carpeted floor.

“Your phone.” Emerald said, watching the phone on the floor, still ringing angrily.

“Ignore it.” I said and thankful that it st©pped ringing.

She nodded then her attention went back to my shaft. “Harry… um… am I holding you just fine?”
“Aha…” I gritted my teeth as her hand moved up and down. The plea-sure was unbearable that my eyes rolled up.

“Can you show me how to plea-sure you?” She asked innocently.

“You’re plea-suring me, Emerald.”

“Like this?” She moved her hand fas-ter, fv¢k!

“Not too fast.” I enclosed her hand with mine, showing her when my phone rang again.

She st©pped and stared at the phone. “You should get that one. I think it’s important.”

Before I could reply to her, she dropped her hand and took my phone from the floor. All my nerve endings suddenly died.
“It’s your grandfather.” She said and handed me the phone.
I let out a long sigh. I could feel the cells in my b©dy screaming with frustrations. I covered myself before I stood up and fixed my jeans. Dammit.

“Yes, your majesty.” I answered the phone.
“Phili-p, come to my office immediately. There’s something very important I want to discuss with you.”

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes, grandpa.”

“Nah- come here, right now, Phili-p.” The king demanded.

I looked at the dog as it entered inside the room. He jumped up on be-d and settled on the sp©t I just occu-pied recently. Damn dog. I knew there was no way Emerald and I could continue where we left off.

“I’ll be there.” I said before I hung up. I turned to Emerald who was now pla-ying with the dog. Its head cushioned comfortably on her l@p. “I’ll see you tonight at seven. I’ll pick you up.”
Her head went up, her expression showed disappointment.

“Okay. I’ll be re-ady.”

I nodded. I went close to her and lifted her face for a k!ss, but the dog growled before I could de-epen the k!ss. It stood up and threatened to bite me. Stupid dog. One day, I’m going to make you pay for this. I could not help but think of a thousand ways to murder the damn dog.

I almost run the King’s office. I was catching my breath when I entered. I was surprised that Grandpa had a visitor. I thought I would be seeing him alone. A woman was sitting across him.

“Your majesty.” I bowed down and moved further inside the room. The woman turned and I realized it was the princess of Spain. She cut her hair short.

“Prince Phili-p.” She stood up and curtsied, smiling at me brightly.

“Princess Camila. You’re back.”

“Yeah, and this time I’m staying longer.”

My eyebrows rose in a fraction. I looked at my grandfather then back at Princess Camila. “Really.”

“She is here to help organize the medical mission that Spain also funded.” Grandpa explained further. “I invited her to stay in the palace.”

“That’s great.” I smiled back at her.

“You can show me England.” Her eyes prolonged contact on mine before it slid across the room.

I looked at grandpa whose eyebrows rose then my eyes shifted back to the princess. “Of course, when I’m not busy.”
She nodded and looked at my crotch. Her eyes wi-den. I followed her eyes. $h!t!

“Prince Phili-p. You spilled milk on your p@n-ts.”


✒ 🌹Emerald’s POV ✔

I was on be-d, staring at the ceiling. My hands clasping my che-st. “I love Harry so much, and I’m re-ady to take any chances with him. When we’re together, I feel so alive… I want to spend every moment with him. Is that a good or bad thing? What do you think, Archie?” I looked at Archie whose head j£rked up at the mention of his name.

Aww… He’s used to his name now.

I haven’t told anyone about Harry, even my best friend, Athena. Something was holding me back. I sat up and stared at the wall.
I could not st©p myself from pondering. Everything happened too fast between Harry and I, liked it was a dream – a fairy tale. In ba-rely two weeks, I was swept off my feet by a prince and made me fall in love with him all over again. The best thing was, he felt the same. Is that possible at all in real life?

He said he loves me. But is that enough? For now, maybe. But what about the future? My life is in New York and his, is in England. I have to leave very soon.

I stood up and went to the closet, scanning my very few selection of dresses and instantly picked up a white satin dinner dress.
Long distance relationsh!pcould be so ha-rd . The thought of it made my heart ache.

I took a warm shower and my mind diverted to what happened earlier. The memories of our inti-mate lovema-king ran tingling s-en-sations inside my b©dy. Seeing the effect of my t©uçh on him brou-ght a warm feeling de-ep inside me, knowing that I could give him the same plea-sure as he did on me.

I smiled at the thought and continued rinsing the soap off my b©dy.