The. Fall of a drama queen episode 12





👑 Harry’s POV 🎉🎉

I woke up early and went for a jog. I could not sleep well last night, I kept on thinking about her.

“Good morning, your royal highness.”

I st©pped and turned around to see Walter, the head security as-signed to protect me.
I was losing my track, I never realized that I ran too far alre-ady that I almost reached the boundary of the Rose Castle Cottage estate, about ten kilometers away.

Walter was with his team, staying in a cottage near the entrance of the said property. If I had my way, I would not want them around me. But it was a royal protocol, being the next in line king, to be safely guarded 24/7.

“Good morning, Walter.”

“We heard barking and growling from the dog last night, sir. Was everything okay?”

“That stupid dog almost bit my leg.” I reflected with some bitterness. “Did you radio Blake last night about the dog? How did it get inside the area?”

I met Walter at the lake last night when I was looking for logs.
“Yes, sir. Blake informed that the dog belonged to an old woman who lived just outside the property. She died of heart attack a month ago. The dog had been roaming inside ever since. They tried to capture it, but it often outsmarted them.”
I twisted myl-ips. “Now, it’s inside the cottage and slee-ping at Emerald’s room.”

“What a lucky dog.” Walter grinned.
I crossed my arms ti-ghtly, thinking of the dog getting cozy inside the house. I don’t like that dog. Right now, it’s impossible to get rid of it.

“Blake said that the gr@p£s are re-ady to harvest. Would you like us to get some for you, sir?”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll do it myself later.” I checked the time on my wrist, it was almost eight in the morning. Emerald is probably awake now. “I’ve better go back. See you, Walter.”
“Have a good day, sir.”

I made a salute gesture to him and ran back to the cottage.
The dog was curled on the couch when I entered the cottage. Its head c@m£ up, slightly c0cked when it saw me. It started to growl angrily but I ignored it.

What the hell is wrong with this dog?

I went directly to the kitchen where Emerald was. She was facing the wall ma-king breakfast. She looked so cute from her back alre-ady, wearing a brown sweater and black ti-ghts.


She immediately turned around. Her face looked so freshly young, flawless and radiant without any makeup on. Actually, she did not nee-d any cosmetics, she was naturally beautiful.

“Hi.” She answered shyly, then I saw the sudden reddening of her cheeks. She blu-shed, made her look more beautiful like a spring’s first rose.

The S-xual tension was there, very strong and vibr@ting on me. Fire ignited every time our eyes met. Every nerve of my b©dy jumping, excited to get closer to her.

“Did you sleep well?” I reached for a glas-s behind her and she immediately leaned back against the kitchen counter. I could feel her holding her breath to avoid any physical contact between us.
“Aha.” She answered looking up at me with bright eyes. “You?”
“Not really.” I went to the sink and poured some tap water in the glas-s.


Because I kept on thinking about you. I wanted to kick that door open last night and pu-ll you in my arms. I was dying to k!ssyou again so de-eply until I’d leave you breathless and craving for more. I wanted you. All of you. And right now… I’m feeling it again. I mastered the art of self control, but with Emerald, I’m losing it.

“I kept on thinking about… the government project I’m working on right now.” I replied, then drank the whole glas-s of water.
She nodded, clasping her hands together. “I woke up so early and did new sketches for the queen’s crown this early morning. Wanna see it later?”
We both turned together and our bodies collided. The mere t©uçh brou-ght sparks in my whole b©dy.
“Sorry.” She stepped back immediately, avoiding my way. Then she turned to the bowl of batter she was working on when I arrived.
“What are you ma-king?”
“Pancakes. Are you hungry?”
“A bit. But it’s okay, I can wait. I’ll just take a quic-k shower first.”

Later in the afternoon, I showed the gr@p£ vineyard to Emerald. We took the hummer and brou-ght a picnic basket with us. Thanks God, she agreed to leave the dog in the house.
She enjoyed seeing all the gr@p£s. The amazement was shown in her eyes. She was always laughing while picking and eating gr@p£s. “Hmm… so sweet and delicious. I can’t get enough of these!”

“You can eat as many as you want.” I chuckled.

“Who harvest all of these gr@p£s?” She asked curiously.

“Blake and his men. He’s as-signed to take care of this estate, as well as the five others in the neighboring areas.”


“They have this fermented and turn to wine. The proceeds go to the monarchy projects. Hospitals, schools, medical missions, charities and other government projects.”
“That’s really cool.” A smile plastered on her face. “This place is like heaven! It’s my first time being in a vineyard.”

“Really? Come, I’ll show you around.” I took the picnic basket with us, as we strolled at the vineyard, talking and laughing. Then we went un-der a big tree to eat the food we brou-ght and relax.

“I love it here. So peaceful and close to nature…”

“You don’t miss New York?”

“Um… Not much at the moment. But being here, I realized that living a simple life can also be better and happier. No pressure from nosy people who often criticizes the things I do and I don’t have to look perfect every single moment. No one will care in here.” She leaned her back against the big tree, half lying. Her eyes gleamed as she looked into space. “I can be me, the real me.”

Her statement surprised me. I moved closer to her. “Hey…” I loomed over her, blocking her face from the sunlight. “You can be yourself wherever you are in this world. St©p minding what other people say.”

She inhaled de-eply, then f0rç£d a smile. “People judge me all the time. Always finding faults…”

I shook my head. “It’s not actually about you. It’s all about them and their insecurities. No matter what you do, they will always find fault. So, you might as well do what you want. Just be yourself and be happy.”
She was silent for a while and just stared at me. Then she said.

“You’re right. From now on, I’ll do that.”

“That’s my girl.” I couldn’t help myself, I bent down and captured herl-ips with mine. Dammit. I was losing my self control again.


🎉 Emerald’s POV💄

My s-en-ses reeled as if short-circuited as Harry k!$$£d me devouringly, bringing me to euphoria. I p@rted myl-ips welcoming every thrû-st of his ton-gue. The taste of him was so sweet and intoxicating, ma-king my mind spin. I wanted him so badly and madly…like air.

I returned his k!sses with reckless abandon, I didn’t want him to st©p this time. Hisl-ips transferred to my jaw, trailing down my throat and on the area behind my ear. I m0@n ed as intense plea-sure surged de-ep inside me. His mouth and ton-gue did amazingly delicious s-en-sations that I’d never experience before.
I g@sped as his hand went un-der my sweater and slid slowly across my belly moving up.

“Harry…” A m0@n of ecstasy sli-pped throu-gh myl-ips as his hand fondled one of my brea-sts.

“Dammit, Emerald… You’re driving me crazy.” He gro-an ed.
I knew what he meant. I was not wearing any br@ because of my thick sweater.

His hand transferred to my other brea-st. Gently c@r£ss!ngand kneading. His thumb circle my arou-sedn!ppl!, s£nding currents of de-sire throu-gh me.

We continued k!ss!ngde-eply and hungrily until a sharp loud crack of thun-der jo-lted us.

“We nee-d to go. It’s going to rain.” Harry said.

I looked at the angry dark clouds. So odd that the sky was so bright and sunny awhile ago, and now, it suddenly turned black.
Harry put the food and glas-ses in the basket while I was folding the picnic blanket. But before we could move, the heavy rain poured down. We ran towards the hummer, dripping we-t. He immediately started the car when we got inside and drove fast in the blinding rain.

We were silent and engrossed in each other’s thoughts. The S-xual tension was still there, very potent, like electrical current vibr@ting between us.

I leaned back. My heart was still beating fast. Either from running so fast or from the intense pas-sion we shared awhile ago. I ran my ton-gue to my lowerl-ip. It was still tender from his demanding k!sses… and I could still taste him.
When we arrived in the cottage, Harry st©pped me before I could go out of the hummer.


I turned to him. Waiting.

“I’m sorry.” He said.

I felt like I was splashed with iced water.

“I shouldn’t have k!$$£d you.” He raked his hand throu-gh his hair. He couldn’t look at me straight in the eye. “I shouldn’t have started k!ss!ngyou.”


“It’s wrong.”

“How can it be wrong when it feels so right.”

He put his head against his arms on the stirring wheel briefly, then faced me again. “No. This must st©p. Zion trusted me. Your dad… your whole family. I’m supposed to protect you.”
“After you k!$$£d me three times with mind b!owing k!sses, and now you decided that it was wrong? That’s not fair!” I wiped the single tear that suddenly fell on my cheek. “Damn you, Harry. I never thought you’re such a coward.” I went out of the hummer and slammed the door.

I was hurt. I hated him for leading me on. He made me fall for him and suddenly decided not to fight for me. Damn him.
He never changed. History repeated itself now.
I ran to the bathroom and took off my we-t clothes. I turned on the shower in full blast. I was rinsing the soap off my b©dy when the bathroom door suddenly crashed open.

“What are you doing?” I stood frozen in the shower, covering my n-kedness with my arms and hands.

“You were right, I was a coward.” Harry was walking towards me. “I can’t bear seeing you hate me now, it hurts more as hell. I’m falling for you, Emerald, and I don’t want to fight this feeling anymore.”

I was shocked and stared at him wordlessly. Then I reached for his face and ti-p-toed to k!sshisl-ips, but he st©pped me, holding my arm and pushed me gently on the wall.
“No. Tell me first if you feel the same way.” His face was strong and unflin-ching, and his voice was firm.

“Of course… I… I feel the same way.”

“Tell me, Emerald.”

“I love you, Harry.” I declared my true feelings for him.
He held my eyes, as if re-ading it. Then instantly, I was swept off my feet. He hurled me in his arms and k!$$£d me with burning pas-sion, the same k!sses he gave me in the vineyard… and yesterday.

I helped him re-moved his clothes until both of us stood n-ked in the shower – skin to skin, che-st to che-st,l-ips tol-ips…😊