The fall of a drama queen episode 11

The Fall of a DRAMA QUEEN👑
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👑 Harry’s POV 🎉
It was five in the afternoon when she started cooking. She had the recipe book on the table as her guide. The dog was with her in the kitchen, sitting on the floor, waiting for her to throw food on him.
I was in the couch, still working on my l@pt©p. At least I had a bit of progress now.

“Harry, do you prefer quinoa or brown rice?” Emerald asked.

“I eat anything. Just cook whatever you want to eat.” I answered. I knew she was trying to make a good meal, and I appreciated her effort. “I’ll get some logs outside.”



✒Emerald’s POV 🎉
“Where is he?” I looked at the time in my phone, it was six thirty alre-ady and it was getting dark. He’d been gone for more than an hour just to get logs.

I was done setting up the dinner table with food, wine and candle lights. I made an apple spinach salad, garlic lime chicken tenders and quinoa. I did my best to follow the instructions in the recipes, to make the dishes deliciously and perfectly cooked.

But where is he now?

I went outside and Archie followed me. It was bright because of the solar lights in each post. I looked for Harry but he was not around.

“Harry? Harry… Where are you?”

Weird imaginations started running inside my mind. What if he’d been attacked by a bear. Or bitten by a rattlesnake. There were many deadly scorpions and spiders in the woods. Fear knotted inside me. Panic like I’ve never known before welled in my throat.

“Harry!!” I shouted. “Harrrrryyyyyyyy!!!”

“Hey, I’m here.” I saw his silhouette moving towards me.
I was so relieved. The anxiety I felt suddenly mellowed down.
“Oh God, you’ve given me a fright. Where have you been?”

“Near the lake.” I saw him clearly as he went inside the concrete gate, carrying logs in one arm.

“I thought something bad happened to you. I was so worried.” I met him halfway.

“Sorry, I don’t have my watch with me. I did not notice the time.” He st©pped in front of me, looking very apologetic. “I got you this.” He gave me the flower he hid on his back and put the logs on the ground.

“Oh…” My heart instantly melted. After getting so worried and freaking out that he was alre-ady lying on the ground in the middle of the woods, dead – and now, seeing him so alive with a lovely rose in his hand.

“This is a Ferdinand Picha-rd , a rare kind of a rose.” He said as he stood up, brushing the dust off his hands.

“It’s so beautiful.” I was so awed with the rose. Its a str!ped rose in pink and red colors. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The happiness I felt was unmeasurable. It was receiving the most expensive gift. I couldn’t help but cry.

“Are you crying?” The concern in his voice made me cry more.
“Um…” I wiped the tears on my cheeks. I could not control it.

“Sorry for being so emotional…”

“Hey.” He pu-ll-ed me slowly towards him, until I was cocooned in his arms.

I hvgged him so ti-ght and cried my heart out. I did not know why I bec@m£ so vulnerable at that moment. I’ve known fear, but the fear of losing him… I could not bear. And this wonderful gift he’d brou-ght was overwhelming.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you all alone for too long. It won’t happen again, I promise you.” Harry said in a lower, huskier tone, and ca-ressed my back s-en-suously. The gentle mas-sage s£nt current of de-sire throu-gh me. I could feel hisl-ips on my hair, my forehead and down on my cheek.
I lifted myl-ips and captured his.

I could feel him freeze.

I was so thirsty for him. I wanted him to move and k!ssme with much pas-sion and car-nal craving, like he did last night. I ran my hand to his n£¢k, pu-lling him down.
“Dammit, Emerald!” He cursed and in one swift motion, he pu-ll-ed me up in his arms like I was as light as a feather, straddling my legs on his h!ps. Hisl-ips met mine, his ton-gue thrû-st inside my mouth to open wi-de. My calm was shattered as he k!$$£d hungrily.

Oh God. .. I wanted him this way… to k!ssme this way. So wild like he couldn’t get enough of me.


🎉Harry’s POV 💄

“$h!t!” I exclaimed as I heard the stupid dog growled, then bit my jeans. I let go of Emerald instantly, putting her on the ground.

“Archie! No. That’s bad.” Emerald scolded the dog. It immediately let go of my jeans, but still barking and growling at me. “Maybe he thought you were hurting me.”

“Stupid dog. If he’d bitten me, I swear, I’d leave him outside to freeze.” I said, disgusted with the dog.


“Come on, let’s go inside. It’s cold out here.” I put an arm around her shoulders, drawing her closer to me. I liked that she was very responsive, putting her arm around my w@!st in an instant.
Damn. We should take things slow. I should learn to control myself.

But being alone together in the cottage with no other human being around was not helping at all. This fever burning de-ep inside me longed violently for re-lease.
“Are you hungry?” She asked when we were going inside the cottage. Her eyes were bright, looking up at me.

“Actually, I’m starving alre-ady.”

We went to the dining table and I was surprised that it was beautifully set with wine, candle lights, China wares and silver utensils. The food was also done very well, a big improvement from what we had during lunch.

We settled down on the table to eat. I noticed her not eating yet. She was waiting for me to taste the food.
“Hmm… this is delicious.” I said when I took a bite of the chicken and a spoonful of quinoa. It was really good. I could not believe that she made it.

“You like it?”

I nodded. “This is the best chicken tenders that I’ve ever tasted and the quinoa is perfectly cook.”
Her smile broaden. “Thank you. I’m glad you like it.”

“I love it. My stomach is very happy right now.”

She giggled and laughed happily. “Awe… I’ll do my best to make it happy all the time.”

“Hey, you’re not going to t©uçh that wine.”

“I won’t. It cost me a lot of trouble alre-ady.” She shrugged her shoulders, herl-ips pouted. “It’s the reason we’re here.”


💄Emerald’s POV

I felt very happy that Harry loved the food. He ate too much actually. Even Archie ate the food I gave him un-der the table. I was excited to cook another dish tomorrow. I’d make it so good again to make them happy.

Harry asked me a lot of things during dinner. I felt his interest in getting to know me better. The questions were getting so de-ep.
“If you’re not in the mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up?”

“Um… I prefer if there’s someone to cheer me up. But mostly, I’m alone.” I answered, then turned the question on him. “What about you?”

“Same.” He answered, then asked another question again. “What do you do when you’re not working?”

“You know alre-ady. I still love shopping.”

He immediately held my eyes with his, that I could s-en-se his disapproval. I suddenly felt embarras-sed admitting it.
“I know it’s a bad hobby, but I can find a new hobby. Probably cooking.”

His sudden smile was like a sunshine after days of storm, it made my heart glow. “What about you? What is your favorite past time?”

“Aside from pla-ying football and polo, I enjoy watching Netflix.”
“Really? Me too.” We talked about the series we watched, movies and stories for the next fifteen minutes.
“Would you ever take back someone who cheated?”

“What kind of question is that? Of course not.” I answered. “You?”
He shook his head. “For me, trust is the foundation of a relationsh!p. Once it’s broken, I can never look at the person the same again.”

“We’re the same. Love, trust, respect and loyalty is important for me.”

We talked about Zion and Claire, how lucky they were that they found each other again.

“What do you look for in a girl?”

His eyes clung to mine, an-alyzing my reaction. “I’m not looking anymore. I found her alre-ady.”
I felt the sudden ti-ght£ñing in the pit of my stomach and my pulse, it skittered alarmingly. “Who?”

“Secret.” He smiled, lifting his eyebrows in a fraction.
Suddenly I was uncertain if he was referring to me or another girl? I remembered him talking to the Princess of Spain, they seemed so close. A gut feeling of jealousy overwhelmed me. Is he going to marry her? If he would, his k!sses would not mean anything.

“Can I wash the dishes now? I want to re-ad the recipe book, then sleep early.”

He frowned, looking at me oddly. “Did I say anything wrong?”
I heaved a long sigh. “No. I’m just tired.” I lied. I stood up and collected the dishes.

Harry stood up too and took the dishes from me.”Just relax. I’ll take care of these.”

“No. I’ll do it.” I insisted.

“Okay, we’ll do it together.” He said firmly, putting the plates on the sink.

We were washing the dishes in silence. After we were done, he asked me again. “I have a last question for you, if you don’t mind.”

“What is it?” I said in a weak voice. I was not really in the mood to answer his questions anymore.

“Would you relocate for love?”

That brou-ght a sudden squee-ze in my stomach. I felt emotional all of a sudden, I wanted to cry of happiness. I turned to him and said. “Yes.”

He answered with a nod and a big smile. I could feel that he was satisfied with my answer. “Now go and re-ad your recipe, Emerald. I’ll stay outside for a while.”

I felt disappointed that he dismissed me quic-kly. Well, I asked for it.

He turned to go and I st©pped him. “Harry…”
He st©pped immediately and faced me again. “Yes?”

“Aren’t you going to k!ssme goodnight?”

He blinked his eyes and looked at me with compelling eyes. “You know what will happen if I do that now, Emerald. You’d be n-ked in ten seconds. God help me, I’m saving my sanity here.”
I was speechless. He wanted me, more than I wanted him. I was desperate of his k!sses, his care-sses… Am I re-ady for his lovema-king? It would be my first time. They said, it would hurt.
I went to be-d, still thinking of him. Yeah, I wanted to have my first lovema-king with Harry. I was falling for him, and the feeling was growing dee-per. I knew I more than liked him – maybe its LOVE that I felt.

Archie sle-pt with me on the be-d. He was at my foot, slee-ping peacefully, while I was still wi-de awake until I heard Harry went up the stairs. He st©pped outside my door. I felt the door knob rattled. Darn it. Why did I lock it?

He immediately left and heard him entered his be-droom door.

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