The fall of a drama queen episode 10



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🎉🎉Harry’s POV👑

I was relieved when finally I arrived at the cottage. All the way to the warehouse, I kept on thinking about Emerald. I shouldn’t have left her. I bec@m£ so worried of her, being all alone in the cottage.

I went out of the Hummer and went directly to the door. I st©pped when I noticed some muddy sp©ts on the ground. Where did these c@m£ from?

I opened the door and was surprised at what greeted me. A very thin and dirty Springer Spaniel was sitting on the couch.
How the hell did this stray dog get in here?

The dog watched me, his ears flat, head slightly c0cked and a vibr@ting growl de-ep in his che-st.

“Emerald?” I almost shouted, afraid of her safety.

Where is she?
Fear and anxiety running de-ep inside me. Lord, Jesus. I hope Emerald’s okay.

I moved forward and the dog barked, standing up and getting re-ady to attack me. fv¢king dog.

“Easy boy… easy…” I said, watching the dog growled, showing it’s canine teeth. I looked for something to use as a weapon and saw the logs at the fireplace. My heart was pumping ha-rd as I moved slowly to the fireplace until I got hold of a log. “One wrong move and your dead.” I said in gritted teeth to the dog.

“Hi! You’re here.” I heard Emerald said behind me.

“Step back. Go back upstairs.” I ordered, putting a protective arm in front of her.


“This dog is dangerous. It will attack us.”

“What are you talking about? Archie is harmless.”


“Yeah, I named him, Archie.” She went towards the couch where the dog was sitting.

“No…no.. don’t go near that stray dog. It has rabies.”

“Nope. It doesn’t have any rabies. He’s not sick. He’s just hungry and lonely. He must be lost.” She sat on the couch, petting the dog’s head. The dog snorted happily and sprawled on her l@p.
“Stay away from that dog. Look at that, it’s so muddy. Get it out of the house now, Emerald.”

“No. Can’t you see, he’s hungry and cold.”

“I don’t agree with you. That’s a stray dog.”

“Yeah, a reason for us to give him a home. Don’t be heartless Harry. This dog nee-ds our help.”

fv¢king $h!t. What the hell is she doing!


🌹Emerald’s POV. ✔

Archie wagged his tail and watched me with hopeful eyes as I prepared his food – canned sausages and meat loaf, and when I gave it to him, he attacked it with too much enjoyment. Aww… Poor dog. I pitied him. How long since he had a good meal. His owner must have lost him in the woods.

After Archie finished eating, I asked Harry’s help to give Archie a bath.

“Come, Archie, be a good boy. You nee-d to take a bath.” I tried to carry Archie inside the tub but he resisted, afraid of the water.
“This dog really stinks.” Harry’s nose wrinkled. “We can’t have him inside the house if he won’t take a bath. Better let him go.”
“Don’t be heartless, Harry.” I looked at him with gentle eyes, asking for a little sympathy for Archie. “Can you plea-se help me get him inside the tub.”

“How can I? That dog growls angrily at me every time I come near him.”

“Because you’re scaring him. He feels that you don’t like him.”
Harry looked heavenward then shook his head. “He’s a grumpy dog.”

“Of course not… He’s so sweet. Just show him love and care. Make him feel wanted.”

“Nah- I don’t think so.”

I managed to put Archie inside the tub, bathing him while Harry was holding the handheld shower, spraying at Archie.
“Hey! You’re intentionally spraying on me.” I said to Harry, when Archie had his final rinse.
“Of course, not.” He said pla-ying innocent.
I looked at the front of my sundress, sticking on my che-st.

“You’re ma-king me so we-t!”

“Really? Well, you nee-d a cold shower for that.” Harry chuckled and sprayed water on me.

“Hey, you per-vert! I didn’t mean it that way.” I stood up and gr@bb£d the hand shower from him, but he held it so high that I could not reach, then aiming the shower on my head. I g@sped at the cold water running down my b©dy. “You’re so bad!”
Archie got scared and jumped out of the tub, leaving the bathroom. “Archie! Come back here. Look what you’ve done. You’re scaring him.”

I’m not scaring him. He’s scared of the water.”

I hated how he just stood there looking so gorgeously handsome and boldly intimid@t!ng. He loos£ned his hold of the shower and I immediately gr@bb£d it.

“Whoa…” He raised his palms up towards me. “No… no.”

“Gotcha!” I aimed the water at his face. I turned the knob to increase the water pressure and we-t his b©dy. “Good for you. HA! ” I felt victorious afterwards.

“Now, I’m so we-t!” He exclaimed, taking his shi-t off.

“Oh! So you’re the one who nee-ds cooling off.” I sprayed on his crotch and saw his eyes g@sped in surprise.

I did not know what drove me to do that. I was suddenly embarras-sed. Then I panicked as he c@m£ towards me, his eyes raked boldly over me.

I trembled as his hand gr!pp£dmy wrist, taking the shower from my hands. Water spraying on us as he placed it back on the wall. I was surprised when he poured shampoo on his hand, then ru-bbe-d it on my hair.
“What are you doing?”

“You nee-d a bath, you smell stinky like that dog.” He chuckled as he mas-saged my hair, bubbles were flying all over the bathroom.
We both laughed, then suddenly the laughter died. It was awkward as he continued ru-bbing my hair down to my n£¢k, my shoulders and arms. I noticed him watching me intently.
I put some bubbles on his che-st and ru-bbe-d it slowly up to his shoulders. I could feel his breathing bec@m£ ragged and his t©uçh bec@m£ aggressive. His eyes held mine, then dropped on myl-ips.

“Emerald.” He almost whispered.

I held my breath as he put my arms around his n£¢k, drawing me closer to him. My knees were weakened by the quivering of my lim-bs and my heart thudded noisily within me.
Hisl-ips c@m£ down and I was re-ady to meet it with mine. I closed my eyes… waiting.

“This is not a good idea.”

I opened my eyes, feeling disappointed. “Why not?”

“Your family. They trust me.”

“They will un-derstand.” I t©uçhed his n£¢k, coaxing him to continue what he started.

He nodded, brushing the ti-p of his upper l!pagainst mine. “Just one k!ss.”

I smiled at him and whispered. “Just one k!ss.”
He angled his head and finally, ourl-ips met. It was like magic. Hisl-ips, firm and persuasive, invited more and his ton-gue s£nt shivers of de-sires racing throu-gh me. I responded to him eagerly, till his soft gentle k!sses bec@m£ demanding and aggressive.

“We should st©p.” He said between k!sses.

“Um… yeah.” I answered but still clinging on him, k!ss!nghim with fervor.

He pushed me gently until I was leaning against the tiled wall. He re-moved my arms from the circle of his n£¢k and put it above my head, still continued k!ss!ngme hungrily.
“I can’t st©p.” He said as hisl-ips transferred on my n£¢k. “Oh God, I have to do this.”

Instantly I felt the cold water spraying on us with strong pressure. Rinsing us and cooling our heated b©dy. When I opened my eyes, Harry was leaving the bathroom.

During lunch, Harry and I couldn’t look at each other. My heart throbbe-d and my pulses were racing fast. The memory of our k!sslingered in my mind.

We were very silent eating. I felt bad that the garlic bre-ad was ha-rd as stone, the sausages almost turned to charcoal and the vegetables were saggy and bitter. But Harry did not complain. He continued eating the food that I cooked like it was delicious.
“You don’t have to f0rç£ yourself from eating the food. I know it’s terrible.” I said shyly at him.

“I’m not forcing myself.” He answered, looking at me directly for the first time since we sat on the table.

“I’ll do my best to make a good meal tonight.” I as-sured him.
He nodded and smiled, ma-king my b©dy tingled all over. Darn.

Later, I gave some food to Archie, but sadly, he wouldn’t eat any of it.


👑Harry’s POV 🔑

I was on my l@pt©p encoding the details of my next government project, but the cursor in the monitor stayed on the same position for nearly an hour alre-ady. My attention diverted to Emerald, sitting on the couch with her S-xy legs raised on t©p of the center table. Very distracting. She was so engrossed re-ading a recipe book. While the stray dog getting so cozy beside her. Sprawled on the couch with its face rested on her th!gh. Damn dog. Every time I moved, its eyes grew bigger and focused on me. I don’t like this dog. Well, I’m not really fond of dogs, cats or any other pets.

I wonder if she’s affected by the k!ss, as I am right now? It’s like an ache that sparked by that indelible k!ss.
It was mind b!owing. Dammit. I could still taste her on myl-ips – even though I ate, drink plenty of water and brushed my teeth.
I was dying to k!ssher and it just intensified that moment in the bathroom. She looked so beautiful and radiant like a sun. When we k!$$£d, I felt her fire burning, turned me into flame. It took me a lot of willpower to st©p, before I’d lost control and made love with here there and then.

Oh God, I’m so busted. I don’t know how Zion would react once he’d find out that I k!$$£d his sister. I’m supposed to protect, not to s£dûç£her.

Emerald petted the dog and it wagged its tail happily. I realized how caring, sympathetic and loving she was. I knew not only with that dog but to others as well. It was her nature, her personality.

Honestly, I never expected that from her, since I saw her growing up being so pampered. She was also too loud that everyone would know if she was around. I was wrong thinking that she would grow up the same.

I heaved a long sigh. But I wished she was still the same spoiled br@t girl I knew… so I wouldn’t feel this crazy feelings for her right now.