The fall of a drama queen episode 9





👑Harry’s POV

I tossed and turned on be-d, couldn’t sleep. I kept on thinking on Emerald.

She always amused me. The way she looked heavenwards when she was thinking, the way she fli-pped her hair with her hand and every time she smiled… it tem-pted me to lean closer and k!ssherl-ips.

I thought about what happened earlier and it gave me goosebu-mps. She could get killed if the g@s exploded!
I heaved a long sigh. I did not care in the least if the cottage would turn to ashes, as long as she was safe. I would never forgive myself if something happened to her. She was my responsibility while she was in England. Her family trusted me to take care of her.
I took my phone and pla-yed some app games, but still it wouldn’t let me sleep. My mind kept on drifting to her. I checked the time, it was midnight.

I fell asleep for ba-rely a minute, when I heard someone shouted.

It was Emerald.

I rushed outside and bu-mped at her. She screamed again, j£rking away from me. She looked so frightened.

“Hey, it’s me.”

There’s a ghost out there!” Her hands were shaking as she clasped my arm. “I heard a woman crying outside my window.”


We went to her be-droom and I switched on the lights. Emerald was behind me, clutching my shi-t. I opened the window and looked down, but all I could see were dark landscape and outline of trees. “There’s no one out there.”

“I swear, I heard someone crying. Like she was looking for help.”

“Did she talk to you?” I closed the window, securing the lock.
“No! No. Of course not. I’d pas-s out if a ghost would appear in front of me.” Her eyes wi-de-ned. “But from her crying, it seemed like she was in pain… wounded.”

I gave her a quic-k hvg, comforting her. Her b©dy was trembling, she was really scared. “Calm down. There’s no ghost in here. I was only joking earlier.”

I regretted joking on her. She was freaking out.I did not know she was this vulnerable. She always projected herself as strong, tough and independent.

“But, I heard her…”

“I believe you.” I gave her as-surance that what she said was true. “If you’ll hear her again, call me. Okay?” I was re-ady to turn to leave her room but she st©pped me.

“No… no… don’t leave me, Harry. I’m scared.” She hvgged my w@!st from the back, not letting me go.

“We nee-d to sleep, Emerald. It’s almost one in the morning.”
“We can share the be-d. plea-se… I can’t sleep alone in this room. What if she’ll appear in front of me. I’d surely die!”
I looked at the be-d, it was a queen be-d. Sharing it was not a good idea at all.

“No… no. We can’t. I’m going back to my room. I have to catch some sleep. I’m going to Blake later to get us some food.” I re-moved her hands from my w@!st, but she was ti-ght£ñing it.

“You can’t leave me alone here.”

“Can’t you see, we can’t share a be-d. I’m a man. What would Zion think if he’ll know about this? That I’m taking advantage of you? And especially your dad? He’ll kill me.”

“Of course not. They’ll think that you’re such a nice guy, protecting me like a sister.”

A sister? She’s got to be kidding me.

Herl-ips twisted. “But we won’t be telling them, right?”
I looked at what she was wearing – a ti-ght wonder woman shi-t that molded her brea-sts and outlined her pointed n!ppl!s. Her cotton shorts so skimpy showing her smooth slim legs. Dammit. And she thought I could sleep beside her on be-d without getting a ha-rd on?

“I’ll just stay with you until you sleep.”

“If you do that, I won’t be able to sleep. plea-se, stay with me. I promise, I’ll make you a delicious breakfast. I have a special Gordon Ramsay recipe.”

“Ah…now, that’s scaring me. Just make sure you won’t burn the cottage.” I tea-sed her.

It was really awkward being in be-d with Emerald. She fell asleep easily and was snoring. I looked at her and chuckled. As a young girl, she was very stubborn. She always wanted to get anything she wants. If she didn’t get it, she’d be angry and had tantrums.
I remembered when she was really upset of me. It started when I went to their house to give her the hvge Teddy Bear that, I owed as her late birthday pres£nt.
“It’s almost your s£nior’s Prom, right?”

“Yeah, in a month. Zion told you?”

She nodded and asked curiously. “Did you ask anyone for a d@t£?”

“Nope. I’d probably be going alone.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“I wish I could go to the prom.” She said with a weak smile.

“Don’t worry. You will in the future. And you’ll have plenty of guys asking you out.” I tea-sed her and she responded by twisting herl-ips. I did not know what c@m£ over me but I suddenly asked her. “Hey, would you like to go to the prom with me?”

Her eyes immediately grew big with excitement. “Of course! I would love to go to the prom with you.”
But the Prom committee had an age limit in bringing a d@t£ to the prom. It should be sixteen and over. When I explained this to Emerald, she could not take it and got mad at me. Since that time, she avoided me.

Zion told me that she’d get over it. But it took too long until such time I was going to leave for England. I asked her on Facebook mess£nger if we could talk, but she’ve just seen my message.

The next time I’d seen her, was during Zion and Claire’s engagement p@rty. She looked all grown up and very beautiful. The attra-ction I felt for her was still there, but it bec@m£ tenfolds over. But I was disappointed when she still avoided me. Every time I tried to go near her, she evaded like I had a contagious disease. So upsetting to know that she hadn’t changed.


💄Emerald’s POV ✔
I sat up the moment I woke up, stretching my arms above my head as I let out a long yawn.


I covered my eyes with my hand as the sunlight blinded my eyes. I remembered I was in the Rose Castle Cottage. I stood up to go to the bathroom when I stepped on something…

“Aargh!” Harry gro-an ed.
Shocks! I accidentally stepped on his bu-tt!
“I’m so sorry.” I knelt on the floor instantly. He was lying on his stomach and now he rolled over. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah… I’m fine.”

My eyes focused directly at the bulging of his crotch. $h!t! I could not st©p thinking about it last night. It was really… hvge.
I swept my eyes away from it, pretending to ignore it. “Why are you slee-ping on the floor?”

“I fell.” He remarked with a gloomy sigh.

He was lying. I knew that he intentionally sle-pt on the floor because he did not want to share the be-d with me.

Darn it. I did not know what happened to me last night. I was freaking out like a child. Usually, ghosts don’t scare me. And so odd that right now, I was not even sure if I heard that crying sound. Maybe I was only dreaming.

Harry stood up and I did the same. I was suddenly conscious of my appearance. I combe-d my hair with my f!ngersthen re-moved the dirt in my eyes. I was ba-re of makeup, showing my freckled oily face — like re-ady to put in a frying pan. While Harry was standing there, looking so h0t and handsome in his white shi-t and gray sweatp@n-ts.

“I’m going to the warehouse to get us some food. I also have an important instruction to Blake that can’t wait. Wanna come with me?”
“Sure! I’ll just take a bath…”

“How long will that be?”

“Thirty to forty five minutes?”

His forehead furrowed. “Can you make it ten? Or you can take a bath when we get back.”

“Oh, just go. I’ll stay here. I have to wash my hair.”
Taking a bath is important for me. Something that I don’t want to rush.
He nodded. “Okay, I’ll be very quic-k.”
“What about breakfast? I thought I’m going to make you one.” I remembered offering him my special Gordon Ramsay breakfast recipe.

“Just make if for lunch. I’ll have breakfast at the warehouse.”
When Harry left, I locked the door and went back to my room to prepare for a bath. I opened the windows to smell the fresh air, when suddenly, I heard the sound of someone whimpering.
I stepped back, frightened. I took my phone to call Harry, but I remembered that there was no network coverage in the area.
The whimpering st©pped and I stayed immobile, sitting on be-d with my heart beating fast. This is crazy. I can’t stay here anymore.

I stood up to put my things back inside my luggage.
I swear, when Harry comes back, I’ll ask him for us to leave this place the soonest possible. It’s so creepy!

The whimpering started again and it was getting nearer. Slowly, I peeped at the window and I could hear it clearly like it was just down below. I went downstairs with trembling legs… still, I could hear it just outside the door. I listened to it and realized that it was not a human voice.

I knocked on the door and the voice st©pped. After a minute, the whimpering was back again. I repeat the process twice and heard the scratching at the door.

I opened the door and it confirmed my suspicion.

💄Harry’s POV ✔

I was relieved when finally I arrived at the cottage. All the way to the warehouse, I kept on thinking about Emerald. I shouldn’t have left her. I bec@m£ so worried of her, being all alone in the cottage.

I went out of the Hummer and went directly to the door. I st©pped when I noticed some muddy sp©ts on the ground. Where did these c@m£ from?

I opened the door and was surprised at what greeted me. A very thin and dirty Springer Spaniel was sitting on the couch.
How the hell did this stray dog get in here?

The dog watched me, his ears flat, head slightly c0cked and a vibr@ting growl de-ep in his che-st.

“Emerald?” I almost shouted, afraid of her safety.
Where is she?

Fear and anxiety running de-ep inside me. Lord, Jesus. I hope Emerald’s okay.