The fall of a drama queen episode 7 & 8

🎉 The
🎉 Fall of a DRAMA QUEEN👑

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🎉Emerald’s POV👑

“What the hell is going on? Your pictures are flooded in the internet, even in the morning papers.

Dammit! Why are you in Harry’s room? Are you slee-ping with him? ” My dad, Eros Petrakis bur-st the moment I answered my phone.

“No! Of course not. I… I… ”

It was so ha-rd to explain. I could not tell him the truth that I have a bad effect in drinking alcohol. That last night, I had a couple of drinks and got me into trouble – slee-ping in Harry’s room.

Dad would not tolerate this behavior. He would make all possible measures to implement his being over protective and that would mean the end of my freedom.

“I was lost in the palace, dad. I… I went to the wrong balcony.” I held my breath, keeping my f!ngerscrossed, hoping that he would believe me. I hated lying, but in situation like this, I was f0rç£d to do it.
“You have to explain that to the press. Do what is best at the moment to settle this issue. I don’t give a damn if my reputation is ruined. I’ve embarras-sed myself several times in the past. But to my own daughter, no, I can’t handle this. I don’t want you to be humiliated by anyone… much more in the whole world.” I could feel dad’s tension vibr@ting throu-gh the phone.
“Don’t worry dad, Harry will help me settle this.”
“He should or I’m going to crush that British boy. I don’t give a damn that he’s going to be the next king of England!”


My conversation with my older brother, Zion was more open and relax. I could not lie to him, he knew me better. Besides, he was the best brother ever. He wouldn’t get mad and always helped me find a way to solve my problems.

“I talked to Harry. They’re doing the best that they can to sort the problem. All you have to do is to cooperate with them. Can you do that?” Zion asked me in his usual firm tone.

“Duh– Of course, I will. I don’t have any choice.”

“Good. Just do what Harry tells you to get out of this mess. You’re involved in a scandal with the royal family, not just with ordinary people.”

“I know, Zion…”

“This brou-ght shame not only to you, but the biggest impact here is to Harry, as the future King of England. This ruined his reputation.”

“I feel so bad on this. I don’t remember going to his room last night.” I scratched my forehead, wondering why I still hadn’t learn my lesson. “I shouldn’t have drink that vintage wine. I just don’t want to insult the king. Oh… I’m so stupid, Zion. I always forget that alcohol have a bad effect on me.”
“The damage has been done, Emerald. Just do your best to get out of this mess. Cooperate with Harry. un-derstand?”
“Yeah, yeah.” I sighed heavily.

“Harry ordered their security to check the CCTV. We’ll just wait what really happened last night.”

“Okay… Anyways, when did you learn that Harry is a prince?”

“Since we were kids. But I thought it was only a joke.” He chuckled. “I just knew it was real when he transferred there in England.” He paused, then continued in an apologetic voice. “I’m sorry for not telling you. He wanted keep to it a secret to anyone. He wished to live a normal life before he’d as-sume his duties in the palace.”

“It’s okay.” I answered in a weak voice. The weight on my shoulders were getting heavier.

“Hey, everything will be okay. In a week or two, people will forget about it.”

“I hope you’re right. Sometimes it would take forever. People keep on digging the past just to hurt a person.”
“We can’t change our past, but we learn from it, ma-king the future better. Just be strong, Emerald… Wait.” I heard him asked something from his wife, Claire. Then c@m£ back to me. “To lighten your mood, I have great news for you.”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Claire is pregnant. I’m going to be a dad.” My brother said excitedly.

“For real? Oh wow!” I instantly bec@m£ excited for them. It made me forget my problem for a while. I asked him how many months, what Claire was experiencing, if they’ve been to the doctor and other things.

“We haven’t told anyone, aside from you. We wanted to surprise everyone tomorrow at the family dinner.”
“Mom and dad will be very ecstatic. I can imagine their reactions alre-ady.”
Zion laughed richly. I could feel his happiness all the way here in England.
“I’m so happy for you and Claire. I’m glad you’re starting your family very soon.”
“Thank you, Emmie. I couldn’t even wait. I feel like I’m the luckiest man alive.”

“You are, Zion.” I said, before I hung up the phone.
He was right, the news made me feel a bit better. I should not worry too much. Everything would be fine.

Later in the afternoon, Harry arrived. He informed me that it was Yvette and Barbara who brou-ght me to his room. I was so drun!kthat they had to drag me inside.
Those bit-ches!

“The king banned them in the palace premises. He ordered them out immediately.”

I did not feel any sympathy for them. They created this scandal. My reputation and Harry’s were ruined because of what they did.
I told Harry about the bad effects of alcohol on me. It changes my behavior, ma-king me behave quite unlike my usual personality – I bec@m£ extremely happy and increasingly wild. The reason why I drank the wine, despite knowing what would happen.

“You shouldn’t have drink it.”

“I told you, I don’t want to insult the King.”

Hisl-ips twisted as he exhaled heavily. I knew what he was thinking. That it turned out more than I insulted the King.
“I’ll leave you now so you can pack your things.”

“Pack my things? Oh my God! The king is throwing me out too?” I was so shocked. I felt my heart dropped on the floor.
He gave me an odd expression. His forehead furrowed.
“I can’t blame him though for cancelling the project. I disappointed him.” I continued, feeling so sad. I lost the opportunity. “I disappointed my family, my colleagues… they have too much expectation on the project.”

“Don’t be too dramatic, Emerald. You still got the project.”

“Really? Oh! Thank you.” I clasped my face, could not believe that I’d still be ma-king the crown. “But… why am I packing?”
“We’re going to a place where the paparazzi could not follow us. We’ll stay there, probably a week, or until this issue will calm down.” He informed me.

“What place? In the Caribbean? Malaysia, Indonesia, Phili-ppines or India? Somewhere humid is great. But we can go to Scotland and New Zealand. I haven’t been there.”

I was getting very excited thinking of all the vacation sp©ts. Wow, a holiday! I really preferred going to the Caribbean, where I could wear my bikini, swimming in clear blue sea, sunbathing and rolling on white sand. I missed the beach!

But Harry just stared at me, then put his hands on his p@n-ts’ pockets.

I wondered where we were going? But I had a feeling that it would be somewhere very exciting. I can’t wait!

👑Harry’s POV✔

“I told you what really happened, man. Those girls brou-ght her in my room.” I took my cu-p of h0t green tea. “I did not sleep with her.”

“I trust you, bro. I’m just asking you again. You know that aside from my family, you’re the only guy I could trust with Emerald.” Zion chuckled. “I know you treat her like your own sister.”
That statement made me sip the h0t tea abruptly, scalding my ton-gue. “Um, yeah. Of course.”

Honestly, I had never felt any sisterly affection towards Emerald. In fact, that was the last thing I’d ever wanted. I witnessed her growing up. She was too spoiled, attention seeker and the most narcissistic girl I’d ever known. I did not know how Zion handled having a sister like her.

But I could not deny being fascinated by her. Who wouldn’t? As a kid, she was very pretty. Funny that she was not in the least embarras-sed showing her crush on me. She let it known to everyone. Whenever I was in their house, she was at the corner staring dreamily at me. When I noticed her, she blu-shed easily.
I was flattered of her attention. I knew that I shouldn’t since she was still a kid. Zion often reminded me to ignore her girly fantasies, she’d get over it when she’d hit puberty. And he was absolutely right. When she was knocked with her s-en-ses, she ignored me like I was a piece of $h!t!

“Just s£nd us a message when you get there. Mom often worry much.” Zion’s voice drifted me back to the pres£nt.

“I will, as soon as we get there.”

“Thank you. Take care of her, bro. We know that this is for the best.”

“It’s the only option at the moment.”

“We’re not going abroad. It will create more scandal if the paparazzi will see us leaving the airport together.”

“So… where are we going?”

“In the countryside, at the Rosefield Castle.”

Her eyes grew bigger. “Rosefield Castle? Oh, I love the countryside. That’s what I nee-d right now. Peaceful environment that you could hear the chirping of birds in the morning. The smell of fresh air, flowers and trees… I can’t wait.”

“That’s good.” I checked the time on my watch. “We’ll be leaving in an hour. Be re-ady.”

Of course!” She answered.


👑Emerald’s POV

My makeups, hair extensions, stilettos, my go-wn, my bikinis… well, it’s a castle, they surely have a pool in there. As well as a gym, tennis court, spa… I’m so excited.

A helicopter took me and Harry to the countryside. So odd that one of the b©dyguards that esc-rted us was the man I thought was the Prince. He was actually married and had two kids. Yeah, I asked him when I noticed his wedding ring.
The helicopter landed in a vast land. A three story white building standing in the middle of the greeneries that looked more like an office. A yellow Hummer was parked outside, with a middle-aged heavily bearded man beside it.

Oh-oh… this is not what I expected. The place looks so boring alre-ady.

The man approached us, as we went down from the helicopter. He n£¢k bowed at Harry then at me.

“Hello, Blake.” Harry greeted.

“Good afternoon, your royal highness.” He gave the keys to Harry while the b©dyguards put our bags at the back of the SUV. Harry asked me to get inside while he was still talking to the men, giving instructions.

I leaned back inside the car, thanking that it was not the place. Well, it did not look like a castle though and no field of roses. I looked at the back of the car. It was loaded with boxes. What are those?

Harry drove the car. I checked the time, thirty minutes gone and we hadn’t arrived yet. My heart was pounding so fast, as I looked at the road getting narrower and narrower. We were getting so far away from the civilization. All I could see were green land and mountains. Gras-s and trees were everywhere. No house anywhere.

“Are you sure we’re not lost?” I asked Harry. Then looked at the flowing river, as we pas-sed by.

His eyebrows furrowed. “Of course not. I know where we’re going. I’ve been here before.”

“Are we almost there?”

“Actually, we’re in the area.”

Really? I bec@m£ very excited. I looked around for the castle but couldn’t find it.

Harry entered a gate and parked the car outside a stone cottage.
“We’re here.”


“We arrived. Come on, help me get our things out.”

“Wait. Where’s the Rosefield Castle? I thought we’re going there.”

He sm-irked and pointed at the stone cottage. “That’s the one.”
“No! That’s not a castle. That’s more… more like a cottage.”

“Yeah, that’s the Rosefield Castle Cottage. See that sign over there?”

I re-ad the sign. Oh my God. It was clearly written in italic, Rosefield Castle Cottage. Darn it. “Where’s the field of roses?”
“There’s no roses in here. It’s just a name given in honor of Princess Rose.” Harry answered.

What?! I was really disappointed. There was no castle, it was a cottage. No field of roses, but field of gras-s.

We went inside the cottage. It was decent, not fancy at all and so small. I was so shock! Inside a fifty square meter house were a couch and armchairs, bookshelves, fireplace, dining table and a small kitchen. There were two rooms upstairs, I chose the bigger one to accommod@t£ my two luggages.

“Is there an internet here?” I asked Harry when I went down. He was carrying a box and put it in the kitchen counter.
Hisl-ips twisted. “None. There’s no phone signal here either.”
“What?” I took my phone and checked the signal of the network provider – there was none!

“I can’t live here, Harry. There’s no internet. I can’t live without it. How can I communicate with my family and friends… the office, I have to answer important emails, and my Instagram account. I nee-d to post in my account everyday.”
“Your family knows where we are alre-ady, I talked to Zion. Your friends and the office can wait either, even your Instagram account. Our reputation is more important.”

My eyes scanned the room again, then noticed many missing appliances. “There’s no fridge in here? Not even a microwave and a toaster? How are we going to survive in here?”
“We have food and water. We will survive.”
I looked at Harry as he opened the box he put on the kitchen counter. He was taking out canned goods, flour, eggs, olive oil, seasonings and other stuff.

“Oh, okay.” I shrugged my shoulders. “I’m hungry now. Can you cook dinner?”

He paused and stared at me. “Sorry sweetheart. You have to cook your own food. I’m not your servant.”


👑Harry’s POV ✔

Emerald’s expression was priceless. I wished I could capture the moment on a c@m£ra. She looked really funny… and yeah… cute , but still a spoiled br@t. Too much pampering and protectiveness from her parents made her like that.

Let’s see how she would handle living in a remote place like this. All her life, she’d been used to getting all she wanted in just a snap of her f!ngers. Housemaids, as-sistants and b©dyguards ran to cater her nee-ds. And now, she expected me to do the same for her.

HA! She’s hungry, then let her cook her own food. She’s not a kid anymore. She should learn how to survive.
Emerald cleared her throat, lifting her chin and answered. “Okay fine. I’ll do it.”
“You know how to cook?”

“Of course.” She answered. But I did not miss the hint of hesitation in her voice.



Hmm… Why is it so ha-rd for me to believe that.
Unless she took cooking lessons or learned by watching Master Chefs and YouTube cooking videos.

“Great! You can do the cooking and I’ll wash the dishes.”

“Cool.” She smiled, resting her hands on her w@!st, that emphasized the slenderness of her b©dy.
“Okay.” I turned back to the groceries, putting it up the wall cabinet. She was an irresistible temptation, all right.
Emerald took over the kitchen as I put her luggages inside the room she picked. Although Blake had the house cleaned this morning, there was still a slight musty smell in it. I opened the windows to re-move the odor and let the air get pas-sed throu-gh. The house was equipped with electricity, g@s and water, ma-king it comfortable to live in.

I decided to take a shower before dinner. The bathroom was placed between the two be-drooms. I was enjoying the warm bath, rinsing the mint soap suds off my b©dy when I smelled something burning. What is that?

I put a towel around my w@!st and opened the door. Thick smoke greeted me and it was coming from downstairs. I heard Emerald calling my name, asking for help.


I ran downstairs and saw fire in the kitchen. Emerald was putting off the fire on the stove by throwing water. The fire went up more and caught the curtain and the wall cabinet.

“St©p throwing water.” I said to her.

I turned off the burner and took the flaming pan out of the stove. I put it on the sink then covered with the lid, leaving it there for the fire to die down by itself.

“I don’t know why this suddenly happen. I spilled the cooking oil and suddenly fire flared up.”

Obviously. But there was no time to explain to her. I looked at the fire eating the curtain and the cabinet.

“Move back.” I instructed her before I used the tool I knew would kill the fire. The damp towel.

Without hesitation, I re-moved the towel from my w@!st and sma-cked it ha-rd at the fire on the curtain and cabinet. I did not st©p until the flame died. I was sweating and breathing pretty ha-rd afterwards. Thankful that I st©pped the fire.

I turned to Emerald and gave her a victorious smile. “We did it.”
She just stood there, watching me with her jaw dropped open. Shock expression was evident on her face as her eyes transferred to my crotch.



💄Emerald’s POV

“AAaaahhhhhh!!!” I covered my eyes as I saw Harry’s man-hood – his length and erection pointing at me. I peeped at him between my f!ngersand saw him covered himself abruptly with the towel.
“It’s okay. I’m decent now.” He said, securing the towel around his w@!st.

“I’m so sorry.” My hand was trembling as I raised it towards the burned area of the kitchen. The yellow curtain was almost gone and the brown wall cabinet turned black. I felt so guilty and ashamed of the fire. I’ve never been so reckless like this before. “Thank you… If you weren’t quic-k enough, the whole place would have burned down.”

I could not imagine if that really happened. I would be the biggest disappointment of my family. Harry would be too. I ruined his reputation alre-ady. And the king would not allow me to make the crown anymore.

“You should be careful in using cooking oil. It bur-st into flame if it gets overheat.”

I nodded.

“And don’t use water to extinguish the cooking oil fire. It will just flare up and ra-pidly spre-ad in the house.” He continued, and telling me things to do and not to do if there would be a fire.
I felt like a stupid child, scolded for behaving badly. I was just trying to prove to him that I was an independent woman and I could cook. But that fire mess my plan.

Harry went upstairs to put on clothes, while I was in the kitchen, washing the pan and the utensils. I took the burn curtain out of the rod, threw it in the bin. I separated the canned goods that were burned and threw the ones that were not useful anymore.
Whew! I felt a s-en-se of accomplishment seeing everything clean in the kitchen.

“Hey, what’s our dinner.”

I turned around and saw Harry standing behind me, his h!pleaning against the kitchen counter. He looked so fresh and smelled of soap. I guessed he took a bath again.
“Um… we can have a can of mushroom soup, some garlic bre-ad and slices of apples.”

“Okay, sounds good to me.” He shrugged his shoulders and sat at the small dining table. “Can you manage that?”

“Yea.” I gave him an as-suring smile. I would do my best not to fail this time.

He nodded, returning my smile.

We enjoyed our dinner. We talked about many things. Our dreams and pas-sion in life. We shared jokes and funny stories.
“I have a confession to make.” I said to him when we were both washing the dishes. “I really don’t know how to cook. I was so stubborn trying to prove to you that I can. I won’t forgive myself if I burned down the cottage.”
He laughed richly. “Princess Rose would come out of her grave and haunt you.”

“Don’t say that. You’re scaring me.” I sprinkled him with some soap. Then, I wondered… “Is there any ghost in here?”

“Hmm… I’m not telling you.” He looked at me with teasing eyes.