The fall of a drama queen episode 6

A Drama





👑Emerald’s POV 💄

This is not good…

An ill feeling started creeping inside of me. My heart bec@m£ so heavy.

Harry is Prince Phili-p… Prince Phil!pis Harry… My thoughts found it so ha-rd to process.
I knew from re-ading the write ups in the internet that Prince
Phil!pkept his identity pri-vate. But knowing that he’s Harry, it hurts as hell. I feel like he can’t even trust me.
Memories of us last night ri-ding a motorbike, having fun eating at the night market, then talking together uphill, was something wonderful. We got closer and connected well. He made me feel so special.

Darn… he couldn’t just mention that ‘Hey! I’m the Prince.”

My mind went back to the pres£nt when Harry nodded at me . Then took his place at the left side of the King, opposite of the King of Spain. Beside Harry was the Princess of Spain.
The food was served. Delicious appetizers, main courses and desserts. Some of it I haven’t tasted before.

I took a sip of water to swallow the caviar biscuit. I lost my appetite. My attention diverted at Harry, seating at the opposite end of the table. From time to time, he talked to the Princess, drawing their heads closer together.

Why am I feeling this way? I feel like… I’m jealous. NO. It’s not right to feel for him this way. He’s not my b©yfri£nd! I took a de-ep breath and tried to compose myself. I had to show that I was not affected.

“I’m shock you’re a billionaire’s daughter.” Barbara interrupted my thoughts. Her expression miraculously bec@m£ friendly.
I turned to her and gave her my sweetest smile. “Oh really? I’m shock too! You’re claiming royalty when you’re not even related to the king.”

Her jaw dropped and her face immediately turned red.
After the dinner, there were introductions and speeches. The only thing I grasped well was the king’s speech. He informed everyone that tomorrow morning, there would be an exhibition by the military aircraft, in honor of the guests from Spain and Prince Phili-p. He would be pres£nted to the public as the next in line to the throne. Everyone cheered, getting very excited. And before the King’s speech ended, servers marched inside bringing the palace’s finest vintage wines. Servers poured the wine to the guests’ flute glas-ses.

Oh no… I won’t drink that. Never. I have bad effects on alcohol. Either I pas-sed out or have an increasingly wild behavior.
Everyone stood up as the king made a toast, raising the flutes and shouted cheers. Everyone drank their wines, except me. The duchess saw me and said softly. “Dear, you have to drink it, or else, the king will be insulted.”

Really? My goodness.

I stared at my glas-s of wine then to the duchess… the duke. I had no choice. Oh God, help me. Come what may. I put the glas-s on myl-ips and drank the wine.

I was surprised that the wine tasted so good. Sweet and smooth, with no smell of alcohol. A server refilled my glas-s and I had a great time drinking another glas-s. My mood suddenly shifted to being festive… I wanted to sing.

👑👑Harry’s POV👑👑

The royal banquet was finished but my obligation was not yet done. I had a short meeting with the King of Spain and the officers of the monarchy.

All were slowly leaving their tables. I went to Emerald who was still sipping her wine. She seemed enjoying it. She was smiling and singing softly.

“Hey.” I greeted her.

“Oh! Hello, Prince Phili-p. Oops, should I say, your royal highness? Or your majesty?” She stood up and curtsied on me.

“No, you don’t have to do that.”

“Why not? Your going to be the king.” She sat down again, her expression bored and took a sip of her wine.

I knew she was upset. I could s-en-se from the tone of her voice. I sat beside her, turning the chair towards her. “I’m sorry. I should have told you. But we’ll talk tomorrow, okay? I have an important meeting tonight. They’re waiting for me.”
“No problem. Just go with the boys.” Her mood changed. She suddenly smiled brightly, looking so beautiful. But her face was flushing.

She raised the flute glas-s to herl-ips again, and I st©pped her by clasping her hand.

“No. I think you have enough.”

“This is just my second glas-s. Let go.” She pu-ll-ed her hand which was holding the glas-s and took another sip.

“You’re drun!k.” I pushed a lock of hair out of her eye, watching her.

“I’m not.” She stood up and walked. She managed to walk straight. “See?”

“Okay, I believe you.” It was not really a strong wine, with only twelve percent alcohol. She wouldn’t really get drun!kin two flute glas-ses. “Just finish that glas-s. That’s enough.”

She pouted and I laughed. Why is she so cute? Made me want to stay with her and forget the meeting.

“What’s going on?” Aunt Dorothy’s nieces, Yvette and Barbara appeared.

“I’m just saying goodnight to Emerald.” I stood up, putting my hands de-ep inside my p@n-ts pockets. “I have to attend a meeting.”

“Ah- don’t worry, Barbara and I will take care of her. Right Emerald?”

“Rigghhttt… hic…” Emerald answered. Made me a bit concern. She sounded like she was actually drun!k.
I felt sweat started to form behind my n£¢k. I could not leave her alone on this state.

“Come on, Emmie. I’ll take you to your room.” I put a hand on her elbow, drawing her closer to me, but she was quic-k in pu-lling away.
“It’s too early. I’ll hang out with them.”
“Yeah! We’re best friends.” Barbara said, holding Emerald’s arm. “We nee-d to bond together.”
I took a de-ep breath and gave in. “Okay, if you say so. Take good care of Emerald.”
“Of course! She’s in good hands.” Yvette answered and I left them dancing to the music.
Girls will be girls. I took a last look at Emerald dancing. She made me smile.
It was almost midnight when I went to my room. I was shocked when I opened the lights and saw a woman slee-ping peacefully on my be-d. Her arms and legs sprawled on the kingsized be-d. She stirred when I woke her, but went back to de-ep sleep.
I stared at her, shaking my head. What am I going to do with you Emerald Petrakis.


🎉🎉Emerald’s POV 💄

What the heck! Where am I?

I scrambled out of the be-d, confused as to where I was. Am I dreaming? This is not my room in New York. Oh wait… I’m in England! At the royal palace. This is not the room given to me either.

I looked around the room and saw a man’s jacket dangling at the arm chair, as well as a white shi-t and white p@n-ts folded neatly on t©p.

Oh my God! This is a man’s room. Where am I?
I glanced down to my go-wn, thankful to at least I have my clothes on. I t©uçhed my brea-sts and pri-vate p@rt, weird imaginations running wildly in my mind. No… no… I don’t feel any tenderness or pain. I’m okay.

I still panicked and opened the door wi-dely. Thank God , it opened. At least I was not kidnapped by a serial killer or held captive for ransom.

Three steps forward and I was immediately outside the room. I yawned and stretched my arms. I then shielded my eyes as the sun glared brightly, hurting my eyes. I could ha-rd ly see what was happening outside, but I heard a crowd cheer – then it c@m£ to a halt. I looked up and saw an exhibition of stunt planes. Wow… to my amazement, the plane produced smokes in red, white and blue.

My eyes adjusted to the lights and I looked down. Hundreds of people were staring at me. What’s going on?

I realized I was in a balcony. These people were watching the plane exhibition just a moment ago, and now their attention shifted to me. Why? I don’t un-derstand.

I turned to the right and my eyes wi-de-ned in shock.

Oh my God! This can’t be happening. Standing at the much bigger balcony was the royal family, headed by the King. Their eyes were fixed on me. I could see Harry’s shocked expression, plain as day. Then I noticed some ph0togra-phers taking pictures of me. I mouthed ‘Sorry’ to the royal family and ran back to the room.
I rushed to the other door and it suddenly opened. Harry c@m£, drawing me back in the room.


“I’m so sorry. I did not know… I just woke up and I opened the wrong door…” I was freaking out. I was talking so fast, trying to explain what happened. “The king is upset right? What am I gonna do?”

“Shh, it’s okay. Calm down.” He gr@bb£d ahold of my arms to st©p my fidgeting.

“Where am I? I don’t know how I got into this room. I swear, I don’t remember anything.” I ru-bbe-d my temple, trying to recall what happened last night.

“You’re in my room.”

My shoulders visibly relaxed, relief washing over me. I could not imagine what would happen if I sle-pt in any guy’s room. I blamed myself for being so stupid last night. If I hadn’t drank that wine I wouldn’t be in this mess.

“You were slee-ping soundly when I arrived at midnight. I just let you sleep.”

“Thank you. How did I get here?”

“I don’t know. But I’m going to ask the security to check the CCTV. Someone must have brou-ght you here.”
“What about the people? They took pictures of me. And the king… Is he upset?”

“We have someone in the palace who deals with the paparazzi. I’ll talk to the king, okay?” He put an arm around my shoulders, ushering me towards the door. “Come on, I’ll take you to your room. I’m sure you’re hungry also. It’s almost noon.”

“Oh God… This is so embarras-sing. I don’t really drink alcohol. I’m so sorry.”

🎉”It’s okay, Emerald.” He said and opened the door.



✒Harry’s POV👑

“This is a big scandal in the palace. Look at this!” The king bur-sted as he pushed his iPad Pro on the table towards me. He showed Emerald’s picture in the balcony and the royal family in another side looking at her in shock.
The headline of the article, Mystery Girl at Prince Phili-p’s balcony. I scanned other articles on different websites, there were plenty of them.

Prince Phil!pIs slee-ping With A Mystery Girl,
Another article said, A Redhead Girl at Prince Phili-p’s Room.
The king was right. It was becoming a scandal and it scattered online.

“You have to settle this Phili-p. The phone in the palace won’t st©p ringing asking to interview you. They’re more interested about the mystery girl rather than you being proclaimed as the next king.”

“I’ll do something about it, as soon as I can, Your majesty.” I answered. We learned from the Palace security that it was Yvette and Barbara who bribe a security guard, and got Emerald into my room. The King was very angry and ordered them out of the palace immediately.

“Your majesty, I think it would be better if his royal highness, Prince Phil!pwill take a vacation for a while. He can come back when the issue settles down.” The kings adviser suggested.
“With the situation right now, there’s no place in England that no one could recognize you, your royal highness.” The second adviser said.

“I know a safe place.” The king informed us. “Bring Emerald Petrakis with you. The paparazzi won’t leave her alone. She nee-ds to be protected from them too.”