The fall of a drama queen episode 5





🎉🎉Emerald’s POV 👑

I was in the royal p@rty hall at seven sharp, wearing a flimsy silver go-wn accentuated with sparkling Russian diamonds. Thanks to mom, who got me an appointment with a boutique in London that specialized c0cktail dresses and p@rty go-wns.

The hall was so grand, with hvge chandeliers, gold pillars and arches, bright red carpet and so much more. The rectangular twenty seater dining table placed in the middle of the room was decorated with white candles and red roses. Shiny porcelain wares, crystal champagne flute glas-ses and golden utensils were also placed neatly on the table. Everything in the room screamed with elegance and luxury.

An usher showed me to my seat at the table. The table was half-occu-pied with women in fancy dresses and men in tuxedo. They were all busy talking and drinking wine.
Unfortunately… I was seated beside Miss Pink, with Miss Lavender sitting beside her. Darn! I would not be able to get rid of these two girls while I was in the palace.
I smiled at them but they both rolled their eyes, showing how annoyed they were in seeing me. Miss Pink even stood up and distance her chair away from mine. This caught the attention of the old couple sitting across us. I smiled at them when their eyes met mine.

“Hello, dear. How are you?” The woman greeted me with a flashing smile.

“I’m fine, your royal highness. Thank you.” I answered confidently.

Since it was a royal dinner, I as-sumed that they were all royals here. Including the two bit-ches. I googled the members of the royal family last night and tried to remember them this evening. But it was ha-rd , considering that the images in the internet were taken ages ago.

“You’re an American, right? I can tell from your accent.” The woman asked me again.

“Yes, ma’am. I’m from New York.”

“Ah… I loved New York. By the way, I’m Anastasia and this is my husband, Prince Vincent, the Duke of be-dford.” Her husband acknowledged me with a smile.

Oh my God! Prince Vincent was the younger brother of the king.

“Good evening, your royal highness.” I made a n£¢k bow to Prince Vincent. Actually, I was confused whether to bow, curtsy or shake his hand. These royal rules puzzled me.

“May I know your name, my dear?” The Duchess asked me. Her eyes were bright with curiosity. “Do you happen to be a princess?”
I shook my head but still continued to smile. “No, I’m not a princess or a member of a royal family. My name is Emerald Petrakis.”

“Petrakis?” The prince looked at his wife then back at me. “Are you related to Markos Petrakis?”

“You know him?” I nodded eagerly. “He’s my grandpa.”
The prince’s eyes grew bigger and his smile broadened. “Your grandpa is a very good friend of mine. We went to Harvard together. He’s very smart in business. His son, Eros is equally brilliant.”

“He’s my father.” I said.

“Oh my… I want to give you a hvg.” The duchess clasped her hands together, her eyes glistened. “Do you know that your father have a big heart?”

I knew he has. From the way he took good care of his loved ones. But sometimes, he could be annoying too.
“He donated millions of dollars in our charity organization for the cancer children. It helped save many lives. That’s why we are very grateful to him.”

I’m so proud of dad, he’s so generous. I remembered mom’s story about dad’s crazy way of giving her a house. She thought they won it in a raffle draw!

We talked while waiting for the king to arrived. I glanced around, looking for Harry. I really hoped that he was also invited in the royal dinner. I should have texted him that I was invited.
“What about you two? You are?” The duchess shifted her attention to the two girls beside me.

“I’m Barbara Webb and this is my sister, Yvette, your royal highness.” Miss Pink or Barbara said proudly.
“They are my nieces. They’re vacationing here.” The woman beside Miss Lavender a.k.a. Yvette bu-tted in.

“Ah- Princess Dorothy. At least you have these girls to keep you company.” The duchess said.

So, the woman was Princess Dorothy. I learned that her husband, who was the next in line to the throne, died in a car accident.

“Yeah. I really wish I have a child of my own, a son – to be the next king.” Princess Dorothy continued.

“That is unfortunate for you, my dear. But Prince Phil!pwill make a good king one day.”

The other quests arrived and took their places at the table. Then everyone stood up as the king entered the royal hall with his visitors, they said. A younger man in black tuxedo was with them. I could not see his face clearly, the other guests blocked him from my view.
I heard Barbara and Yvette talking beside me.

“Prince Phil!plooks so gorgeous.” Barbara sighed.

“The Princess of Spain is so lucky. I heard she’s going to marry him that’s why she’s here.”

“No way…”

I focused my eyes to the younger man, whom they said was Prince Phili-p. Until I saw his face clearly. He was behind the king, walking towards us in the table. With him was a very beautiful woman – the Princess of Spain.

I was shocked when his eyes suddenly met mine. It was Harry.


📝Harry’s POV🌠🌠🌠


“Your time is up, Phili-p. I have given you the opportunity to live an ordinary life. You have to make yourself known to the public so you can perform your duties well.” My grandpa, King Alaric said. “I’m getting too old and weak everyday.”

“Just give me time, your majesty. Perhaps another month. I have something to settle first.”

“I’ve given you years. It’s enough alre-ady. You’re taking too much of your liberty lately. Last night, someone recognized you in the night market. Bloody hell! Why did you take your d@t£ there? You have to think of your safety and reputation. You’re the next king!”

“I apologize for disappointing you, your majesty. I will be more careful next time.”

The king nodded. “This afternoon, the King and Queen of Spain, together with their daughter will arrive. I want you to repres£nt yourself to them as the Prince, successor of the throne.” The King twisted hisl-ips. “You can’t use your doppelganger anymore. You’re deceiving the people. We alre-ady talked about this Phili-p.”
“I un-derstand, your majesty.”

Harry Phil!pAllen, was my real name. My second name ‘Phili-p’ was used to continue the succession of my great grandfather, King Phil!pVI’s name.

My family went back in England when my mom’s twin brother – supposedly the next king, died in a car accident. Automatically, I replaced him as the next in line to the throne.
After twenty years, Grandfather forgave my mother for eloping with my father, and requested for all of us to go back to England. My mom was crying with happiness. She missed her mother so much. Good thing that grandmother was still alive at the time we went back in England.
Actually, I wanted reconciliation in our family too. It was not easy seeing mom suffered, missing her family and relatives in England.

When I graduated s£nior High in New York, my family went back in England. I gave up my dream of becoming an engineer. Instead, I studied history and politics at the University of Cambridge as suggested by my grandfather, the King.
Living in England was not easy at first. I was used in USA. The country, culture, climate and the people. I missed my friends so badly and pla-ying football.
My grandfather did not help me at all. He kept on reminding me of my royal duties, pressuring me. I bec@m£ stubborn and wanted to go back to the US. Grandpa bec@m£ considerate and allowed me to forget about being royal for the meantime- as long as I pursue my studies in England.
I got my freedom, and slowly, I learned to love the country and the people. As I studied the history and politics of United Kingdom, I bec@m£ more and more interested. I began to explore the country and meet many people. Then I un-derstood the pas-sion of my grandfather, my great great grandfathers. And the importance of my duties as the future king.
The king was resting, so I was the one who met the King and Queen of Spain at noontime. With them was their daughter, Princess Camila. I joined them for lunch and afterwards, we had a meeting with the King and other officers in the monarchy.
I noticed how the King and Queen of Spain discreetly pushed their daughter on me. They encouraged us to sit beside each other and talk.
Princess Camila was a pretty, well-educated, refine and articulate lady. Trained to become a queen someday. It was easy to talk to her since she knew a lot about history and politics too. But two people could not be f0rç£d to like each other. It nee-ded connection, intense physical attra-ction and reciprocal affection.
I thought of Emerald. Since she c@m£ here in England, we spent more time alone together and had real conversations. I got to know her better. Yeah, she was still spoiled and it annoyed me. I just wished she would learn that there were more important things in life rather than shopping, pampering herself in the beauty salon and getting everything she wanted in a snap of her f!ngers. She nee-ded to learn to be simple, humble and generous.
If I have my way, I’ve invited her to the royal dinner. But it was the King’s decision who he wanted to invite. Well, I’d be spending more time with her tomorrow. I’d tell her the truth that I was Prince Phili-p.
I frowned at the thought about how eager she was in meeting Prince Phili-p. All along she thought that Jake, one of my b©dyguards was me. My fault. The crowd at the airport was unexpected.
“Phili-p, I forgot to inform you.” My grandpa said during the evening when I met him outside the Royal p@rty hall.
I could see the table was almost full with the guests alre-ady. They were just waiting for us to arrive so dinner would be served.

“What is it, your majesty?” I asked him.

“I invited…” The king’s statement was cut off when the King and Queen of Spain arrived, together with Princess Camila. They started talking and then entered the p@rty Hall.

I was listening to Princess Camila, talking about her experiences in br@zil while we walked towards the waiting guests at the table. My eyes suddenly caught a red haired woman.

I abruptly focused my eyes at her, hidden behind the guests. I continued walking and finally saw her, looking so beautiful in diamond studded gray dress. She smiled but did not reach her eyes.

Bloody hell! I have a lot of explaining to do to her.

💄Emerald’s POV. ✔
This is not good…

An ill feeling started creeping inside of me. My heart bec@m£ so heavy.

Harry is Prince Phili-p… Prince Phil!pis Harry… My thoughts found it so ha-rd to process.

I knew from re-ading the write ups in the internet that Prince Phil!pkept his identity pri-vate. But knowing that he’s Harry, it hurts as hell. I feel like he can’t even trust me.

Memories of us last night ri-ding a motorbike, having fun eating at the night market, then talking together uphill, was something wonderful. We got closer and connected well. He made me feel so special.

Darn… he couldn’t just mention that ‘Hey! I’m the Prince.”