The fall of a drama queen episode 20






? Harry’s POV ?

“Are you sure?” I made a gesture looking at her dad who had his back on us.

“Very sure.” She leaned closer to me, so close that I could feel her warm breath against my cheek as she whispered. “Dad wouldn’t mind.”

“As you wish. But let’s turn the lights on, okay.”

She nodded, then we settled in our seats as the manager turned on the lights. I blew the light from the scented candle on the table and brushed the red petals. This is so awkward.
Lunch was doing great, the food was delicious and the conversations were light, about family, common friends, the weather, food and England.

“Dad helps in the engineering projects and coordinate with the constructions of new roads. He has a lot of things on his hands, right now.”

“Great, what about your mom? Is she still writing children’s books?”

“Yeah, she is. But she is into writing r0m@nç£novels.” I continued and told him about my twin sister, London who worked as a celebrity fashion adviser.

Dessert was served, a moist chocolate truffle cu-pcake with white icing on t©p and a bowl of three flavoured refreshing sorbet – persimmon, pomegranate and blueberry.
“You love chocolates dad, you can have this.” Emerald pushed her plate of chocolate truffle cu-pcake to her dad.
“Thanks, sweetie. It’s delicious.” His eyes went bright as he looked at the cu-pcake with glossy icing. He finished his share alre-ady very quic-kly.

“Excuse me, I have to go to the restroom.” Emerald stood up and left us.

“Sure.” I answered as I watched her went out of the door.
I was surprised when I heard Mr. Petrakis coughing very ha-rd , like he was choking.

“Are you okay?”

He was flushing red and g@sping for breath. He was holding his n£¢k and his eyes were wi-de staring at me, asking for help.
He was choking.
What the hell! Did he just swallow the whole cu-pcake?
I stood up and performed the Heimlich Maneuever
at him immediately. In one push, something c@m£ out of his mouth, and a sound of light metal object clattered on the tiled floor.

Bloody hell!

My heart ran fast as I had a feeling of what it was.

Eros Petrakis recovered and drank a glas-s of water. He squ-atted down and took the object un-der the table. He cleaned the object with is jacket and examined it very closely. And when he turned to me, the look in his eyes was like a man re-ady to murder someone… me!

“What do you think you’re doing British boy! Are you trying to kill me? Or Emerald for that matter?” His voice and expression were full of rage as he stood up.

“No, of course not sir, I really apologize.”

He slammed the object on the table and pushed it at me. “Go back to England, Bristish boy, and leave my daughter alone. I don’t care if you’re a prince, a king or anything. You’re not going to give this to her, now, tonight or anytime! Or I swear, I’ll be your worse enemy. You’d wish you’ve never met me.”

My heart sank as I looked at the object – my grandmother’s engagement ring. I instructed Lloyd very clearly to do it tonight. He messed up with my instructions again.

I faced Mr. Petrakis squarely, and looked at him directly in the eyes. “I’m sorry sir, I can’t do that. I love her.”

? Emerald’s POV ?
I could feel the tension in the room when I c@m£ back from the restroom. Dad stood up immediately and said to me in his usual commanding voice, “Let’s go.”


“Yeah. Now.” He said firmly and walked towards the door.
I looked at Harry giving him a ‘What’s going on’
question look, but he just continued staring at me.

“Hurry up, Emerald.” Dad st©pped mid stride, made me and Harry followed him abruptly to the door.

I wondered what was very important that made him leave, we haven’t been here in an hour. The food that we’ve been eating haven’t even digested yet in our stomachs. He told us earlier that he had no business meeting for the next two hours.
I had a feeling that something happened while I was in the restroom. The glow in Harry’s eyes was gone and dad was acting crazy wanting to go back in the office immediately.

“I’ll call you later.” Harry said in a very low voice.

“You’re not coming with us?”

“Nope, I’ll be with the royal guards.”

“Okay.” I gave him a quic-k hvg and in return, he gave me a pe-ck on thel-ips. “Will I see you later?”
Harry glanced at dad’s back then turned to me. “Yeah, tonight.” He gave me a k!ssagain, though it was quic-k, but h0t and arousing.

My heart felt heavy as I left ahead of Harry and followed dad.
“What’s going on?” I asked dad when I settled inside the pas-s£nger seat of his Bugatti Veyron.

He just looked at me and hisl-ips twisted in disappointment.

“What happened dad. Something c@m£ up in the office?”
He was silent and it gave me a feeling that he was sulking because of Harry.

What’s his problem?

I stayed quiet, did not want to provoke his anger. He was a great dad, fun and loving, but when he was angry, it was better to leave him alone until his temper subsided.

“Why him?”

His question took me off guard. I felt all the blood drained off from my head, ma-king my shoulders slumped instantly.
“Why not him?” I asked him back.
He shook his head, focusing on the road, then said. “He’s a friend of Zion, that’s okay with me, but being your b©yfri£nd? I can’t allow that Emmie.”

“Harry is a good guy, you know that dad. Even his family, they’re great and very good friends of ours. So what’s the problem?”
“I’m not basing on his family and his character.”

“So, why? He’s very affectionate and loving. I’ve seen him dealing with people, he’s very kind and generous. That’s why they have high regard on him. He’s dedicated in his advocacy, ma-king projects and missions for the benefit of England.”
“Yeah, he has the ma-king of a great king, there’s no doubt about that.”

I was glad that he agreed on that but still, why he did not like Harry for me? “He’s not the same n@ûghty boy anymore, maturity changed him.”
“I know. I saw how he changed, that’s why I don’t want him to be with you.”

“Why? I don’t un-derstand.”

“Look, he’d be okay for a start, but eventually… he’ll be very busy. He will neglect you and won’t have time for you, until you’ll get hurt.”
I heaved a sigh. Dad was overthinking, overreacting. I knew he was only trying to protect me from getting hurt, but I was not a kid anymore. How would I learn if he kept on defending me? I’m a grown up woman now. I have to handle any obstacles or trials that comes my way.

“I know Harry, he won’t do that. Besides, we’ll make time for each other. Couples nee-d not be together always at the start, because of certain priorities. What matters is that the love and trust are always there. You know this better dad.”

“But his priority is England and you’ll always be second.”
“I know that, ever since, and I don’t want to compete with that. It’s his advocacy in life, it’s p@rt of being him, the person that I learned to love and admire.”

“You can say that for now, but later on, you’ll realize that I’m right.”

“Dad… in life, there are always trials and errors. I love Harry and I’m willing to take the risk with him. If ever I’ll make a mistake, then let me. It would only make me stronger and become a better person.”

Dad was silent and focused on driving. Later on, he said.

“He’ll take you away from us.” His jaw ti-ght£ñed as he continued. “You’re going to live in England, away from your family. Do you think your mom can bear that?”

“Is that what really concerns you?” My eyebrows rose questioningly, then let out a small laugh. “Harry is my b©yfri£nddad, he’s not my fiancee. What are you so worried about?”
“I don’t want you to leave your family and live with Harry in England. I want you to be near us. Just like Zion is doing. I see him almost everyday in the office, and during weekends he’s in the house with Claire. It would be good if we’re intact as a family. But if you’re going to marry that British boy,” Hisl-ips twisted again, “he’d be very busy ruling the country, and you’re obligated to help him. You wouldn’t have time to see us. That would break your mom’s heart.”

“Dad… st©p worrying.” I t©uçhed his arm, c@r£ss!ngit gently. He wouldn’t admit it, but I knew that it was his heart that would be breaking. More than mom’s. “Harry haven’t proposed to me and I don’t think he’ll be doing it soon. We’re just enjoying our time together and in the process of getting to know each other better.”
He was silent again and I knew he was thinking.

“What if he’ll propose to you? Are you going to accept it?”

That st©pped me. Would I? The thought itself was very heartwarming and brou-ght so much joy in my heart. I would be the happiest girl.

Dad was waiting for my answer. He turned to me when the traffic light turned red, his eyebrows lifted.

“I don’t know, dad. I don’t want to think about it yet. I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.” I leaned back on the seat and watching the people walking on the street.

When I turned to dad again, I was surprised that his face was sad and weary, with his broad shoulders slumped. His gray hair was showing and the lines on his forehead and beside his eyes bec@m£ more prominent. Dad suddenly looked older.


? ?Harry’s POV? ?
“Lloyd messed up again. I told him to prepare a special dinner tonight, not during lunch.”

“I reminded him sir, but he insisted that you said during lunch time.” Walter, who was sitting beside me in the car informed me.

“If he keeps on ma-king mistakes, then he’s leaving me no choice but to as-sign him back in the kitchen.”

“I hope not, your royal highness. He’s a wreck in the kitchen. He kept on burning the royal household staff meals.”
I shook my head and looked outside the window. We pas-sed the Petrakis Tower and saw the Bugatti Veyron of Emerald’s father turned towards the basement of the building.

Eros Petrakis did not like me for his daughter. Loud and clear.
What am I going to do now? He knew about my intention of proposing to Emerald, and my whole plan was messed up. He would not allow me to propose to her!

Do I have to wait? For how long?

I took my grandmother’s engagement ring from my p@n-t’s pocket, rotating it on my f!ngers. It was a tradition to pas-s on the ring to the woman that I would marry. The next in line queen. My queen, Emerald.

I love Emerald so much and I’m willing to marry her as soon as possible. What was the point in having a long distance relationsh!pwhen you’re both in love and wanted to be with each other always. It’s just a torture being ap@rt, and each pas-sing day would be an agony.

I have to do something about it. Having a conflict with my future father in law would be a total disaster, especially that the said guy was Eros Petrakis.



✏Emerald’s POV ✔

“I’m not a thief! We did not steal anything from the Petrakis Gems. It’s our original design! Emerald Petrakis is a bit-ch! She’s always jealous of me.” Regina knocked the lady reporter’s face with her elbow and screamed. ” Get the hell out of my building you crazy people!”

My family and I watched Regina Stone’s interview in the evening news at home. The controversy regarding my stolen Jewellery designs were out and the reporters were getting crazy again. I have to stay here at home to avoid the press. My lawyers answered their questions on my behalf.
“Don’t worry, Emmie, we will win this battle.” Dad gave me as-surance.

I knew that we were at the right side but still, having a tooth and nail fight with Regina since we were kids was not healthy anymore. The competition between us should better st©p, since we were grown ups alre-ady.

I went to my room after dinner and worked on some designs for the coming exhibit. The queen’s crown was halfway done and revisions were made for the other jewellery.
Harry went out to see his twin sister London, who arrived this evening. She was staying in her ap@rtment in Manhattan. He said they would have dinner and meet her friends afterwards. He wanted me to come with him, but because of the situation with the press, I would not take the risk.
There was a knock on the door and it immediately opened. It was mom.

“Hi, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, come in mom.” I put the stylus down and turned to mom.
“What’s up?”

“I’m so worried of you, are you okay?” She sat down on an armchair, opposite to were I was sitting.
“Of course, I’m okay. I’m a tough girl.” I t©uçhed mom’s hand, c@r£ss!ngit briefly.

“You just want to appear tough but I know de-ep inside, you’re hurting. I know you too well, Emmie. You don’t want to talk about your feelings, you don’t want us to worry.”
Yeah, I am secretive and I don’t want to talk about my feelings. I don’t want pity from anyone, and I don’t want to be a burden from my parents. They had a lot of things to worry about, the business, the employees and Crystal who got a medical condition when she was young. I did not want to add more to their problems.

“I can handle this, I promise.”

“We love you so much, Emmie. Your worries are our worries too. You’ve been to a lot of things this past few days, the scandals in England and this with the jewellery designs. Tell me what you feel about it.”

I stood up and transferred to my be-d. Mom followed and hvgged me.
“Tell me sweetie. We care for you a lot. Open up your feelings.” Mom ca-ressed my hair as I put my head on her l@p.

“I just want to be with Harry.”

Mom’s hand st©pped, then she asked. “You love him?”

I heaved a sigh, then looked at her. “Yeah, so much. Is there a problem with that?”

“No. Of course not.” Mom smiled and stro-ke my hair again. “We love Harry, he’s a very good man. He’ll be a great king of England someday.”
.I nodded. “But dad doesn’t share the same opinion. He doesn’t like Harry for me.”

I heard mom exhaled heavily, I looked at her and saw herl-ips twisted. “He’ll come around, just give him time. He’s just afraid that Harry will propose sooner and take you away from us.”
“But I’m twenty three mom, I have to live my own life and someday, I’m going to be with the man that I would marry.”

“Yeah, and we’re not depriving you of that happiness sweetie. Your happiness is our happiness. It’s just that, your dad… ” Mom gro-an ed, finding ha-rd to explain.