The fall of a drama queen episode 21





💄Emerald’s POV
I heard mom exhaled heavily, I looked at her and saw herl-ips twisted. “He’ll come around, just give him time. He’s just afraid that Harry will propose sooner and take you away from us.”

“But I’m twenty three mom, I have to live my own life and someday, I’m going to be with the man that I would marry.”

“Yeah, and we’re not depriving you of that happiness sweetie. Your happiness is our happiness. It’s just that, your dad… ” Mom gro-an ed, finding ha-rd to explain.

“What is wrong with dad?”

“He’s not re-ady to let you go, Emmie… I mean, the idea of you marrying Harry and to live in England. He said it would really break his heart if you will leave us soon. He’s so emotional about it. You are his princess and now, a real prince will take you away from us.”

“Awww, mom. Harry is my b©yfri£nd. We’re not planning to get married soon.”

“Yeah, I know sweetie.”

Our conversation went to the queen’s crown and Regina Stone. I opened up my feelings to her and told her the story on how Regina and I started this feud between us. Then our t©pic shifted to fashion, celebrities and bags. It was around ten o’clock when mom left my room and I was re-ady to sleep.

💄 Harry’s POV 💞

She was not answering my phone calls. But it’s still ten in the evening. She usually sleeps at eleven or eleven thirty.
I just arrived home and I wanted to see Emerald, even for a few minutes just to k!ssher goodnight. I suddenly felt lonely and missed her so badly.

I ordered Walter to check the gates of the Petrakis mansion if there were still ph0togra-phers and press waiting outside. He c@m£ back and said it was all clear.
I changed my clothes and wore my black jeans and black hoodie sweater. Together with Walter, we walked to the Petrakis mansion.

Zion’s b©dyguard, Erickson was there, Zion and Claire spent the night in the mansion. He informed me also that everyone was in their rooms alre-ady except for Mr. Eros Petrakis who was watching the news in the living room.

Bloody hell! How can I see Emerald.

I pressed her number again but she would not answer.
I don’t think she’s alre-ady slee-ping. Maybe her phone is in silent mode. She usually do that when she’s working.

“Do you want to go inside, sir? I will inform Mr. Petrakis that you’re here.” The other guard asked.

“No. NO. Don’t tell him that I’m here. I just want to see Emerald.”

“Miss Emerald’s room is just in the second floor, in that corner, sir. You can go up from the ledge in the balcony. We can get you a ladder if you want, sir.” Erickson suggested.

I knew too well where Emerald’s room was. It had been her room since she was young.

“It’s okay, Erickson. I can jump up on that ledge.”

Erickson accompanied me below the balcony and stayed there, while I hopped inside the balcony silently like a black p@n-ther. I was climbing the big concrete round post and just one step to the ledge when I heard a de-ep authoritative voice.

“What are you doing here, Erickson.” Eros Petrakis went out and stood in the center of the balcony.


I froze, like a lizard sticking on the wall.

“Just checking the area, sir.” Erickson said trying to distract Mr. Petrakis.

“Good. There’s a robbery last night at that neon house in the corner, they said it’s a one man job wearing all black…”
I put my foot on the ledge and st©pped when a small stone fell down to the balcony, almost hitting Mr. Petrakis.

Finally, I was up on the ledge and I was moving slowly towards Emerald’s windows.
“I thought you’re going to wake up early tomorrow dad, why you’re still awake?”

$h!t! It was Zion coming out to the balcony.

“We’re just talking about the robbery last night. The guy was really smart. He took the jewelries…” Mr. Eros Petrakis continued talking.

“Yup, I re-ad the news on Facebook. It said that the police got him alre-ady.” Zion’s voice was louder.

“Nope, Pete told me that they’re still looking for him…”

I st©pped at Emerald’s windows and saw her on be-d, alre-ady slee-ping. I tried to open the glas-s windows, but it was locked. $h!t!

They were noisy talking downstairs and I knocked at the window hoping she would wake up. The more they got noisier, the more my knock bec@m£ louder.
Great! But Emerald was still slee-ping.

“If I see that guy, I’ll shoot him right away.” Eros Petrakis said.
What guy?

“You’re very noisy, it’s almost eleven.”

Damn! It’s Emerald’s mom, she’s also awake and in the balcony. What am I going to do now?

I leaned back on the glas-s window and suddenly it snapped open. I yelped and everyone in the balcony looked at me.

“It’s him!” Eros Petrakis shouted, pointed a f!nger at me.

Bloody hell!

🎉 Emerald’s POV ✔

I woke up at the sound of someone falling on the floor. My heart throbbe-d as I peered at the foot of my be-d trying to figure out who or what it was.

Am I dreaming?

My eyes shifted instantly at one of the windows. It was open. A strong wind must have opened it.
I heard someone gro-an ed at the foot of my be-d, like an animal in pain. My God… Someone is in my room!

My first instinct was to ran to the door when I saw a silhouette of a man struggling to stand up. From the dark clothes he was wearing, I knew he was a burglar.

I covered my mouth preventing myself from freaking out. Fear and terror overwhelmed me.

I had no choice but to stay on be-d and pretend to be asleep. I would just let him do his thing, steal anything and go, rather than confront him. I re-ad in the internet about nas-ty things happened during robbery. Hysterical victims and those who struggled ended up being murdered.
I peered and saw him standing so tall, staring at me at the foot of my be-d. He was scaring the hell out of me!

Then he moved closer ti-ptoeing like a cat until he was so near. All my nerves were trembling, my br@in was panicking as he reached out his hand to me. I could not control my physiological reaction anymore, I had to fight or flight.

“AAaahhhhhh!!!!!” I shouted at the t©p of my lungs and ran to the door.

I managed to open the door before he could reach me and was greeted with a commotion from dad, Zion and the security running upstairs.

“There’s someone in my room!”

“We saw him.” Dad ran upstairs holding his sh0tgun. “He’ll regret coming inside our house tonight.”

“Get downstairs, mom and crystal is in our room with Claire.” Zion instructed as he followed behind dad, holding a baseball bat.

I pitied the burglar. I’m sure he won’t see the sun again.

I ran downstairs, avoiding the other men rushing upstairs, until I bu-mped at Erickson.

“Ouch!” I t©uçhed my head as it hit his.

“Sorry, Miss Emerald. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.” I said and ran pas-sed him.

“Miss Emerald!” Erickson shouted and followed me downstairs.
I st©pped and looked at him. He sure was in a panic as he approached me.

“Miss, it’s the Prince. The man inside your room is not a burglar, but Prince Phili-p. I helped him get inside your room because he wanted to see you.” Erickson’s expression was full of regret. “I’m sorry, Miss. I’m afraid I was not able to inform your father about it.”

“What!?” That made me freak out. If that’s Harry, Oh my God!
I ran back upstairs, as fast as I could, hoping that I could save Harry.

🎉🎉 Harry’s POV. ✔
“Emerald wait! It’s me, Harry.”

I ran to the door to follow her and instantly, I was attacked by a group of men. I could not see them, the room was dark. But I heart the familiar voices of Mr. Eros Petrakis and Zion.
“I got him!” Eros Petrakis yelled as he yanked me on my back.

“Hey! It’s me.” I struggled and gro-an ed painfully when he twisted my arms behind my back. “Arggh!
St©p it, man.”

“This is not your lucky night, idiot!” It was Zion followed by a b!ow on my jaw. $h!t! That hurt as hell! I could taste the blood on myl-ips.

Someone hit my stomach and my leg, made me off balance and thrown on the floor, whimpering.

“Let Pete handle him. His stupid lazy as-s will rot in jail.” Eros Petrakis said to the men who surrounded me.
Suddenly, the lights were turned on glaring brightly inside the room. Then I heard Emerald’s voice, and I knew my torture was over.

“St©p it! It’s Harry!”

Someone took the hoodie out of my head, I looked up and met the cold angry eyes of Eros Petrakis.

“What the hell are you doing, British boy,” he barked at me, “you could have been killed!”

The men left and Emerald was on the floor kneeling on my side.
“Harry! Are you okay?” She brushed my hair away from my face, tou-ching my cheek. She looked so worried.
“I’m… okay.” I gro-an ed.

“Yourl-ips is bleeding again!” She turned to her father and Zion angrily. “You j£rks! What did you do to him?”

“We thought he’s the burglar who roamed around in the neighbourhood every night.” Her dad said and was on the floor with Emerald. “We’re so sorry, Harry. I feel so bad that this happened.”

I coughed and managed to speak well at last. “It’s my fault, Mr. Petrakis.”

“You could have just ask permission to see Emerald, not pu-ll this Romeo and Juliet thing in going up the balcony.” Zion chuckled. Wow, it’s good that he found this whole situation very funny. “Are you hurt.”

“What do you think? You used that kickboxing skill of yours on me again.”

“I’m really sorry, bro.” Zion helped me get up then tapped my shoulders.

fv¢k! That hurts. I could have a shoulder joint dislocation.

“Come on, I’ll take you to the hospital.” Zion offered.

“No, no. I’m good.”

“Are you sure?” Emerald half hvgged me and I had my arm around her shoulders for support.

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

Everyone left the room and I was alone with Emerald. We were both lying on her be-d in each other’s arms.
“I’m so sorry for what they did to you. I feel like crying right now.”

“Shh… It’s my fault. I don’t know what c@m£ over me, why I did it. I could have ask your dad to see you.”

She ran her f!ngerti-ps on my cheek. “It happened in two consecutive nights alre-ady. Last night and then now. I don’t want you to get hurt again, okay?” She k!$$£d my cheek then pressed a gentle k!ssat the side of myl-ips.
I felt heaven holding her in my arms with her sweet k!sses. The pain I felt was starting to fade.

“Why did you come?” She asked.

“I c@m£ to say goodnight. You haven’t answered my calls.”

“Oh, you’re so sweet. I love you so much, Harry.” She k!$$£d me gently on myl-ips, avoiding the cut on my lowerl-ip.

“I love you too, so much baby.” I answered before I pu-ll-ed her ti-ghtly in my arms.

Although it was a really bad night, something great still happened in the end. I sle-pt in Emerald’s room where I got to hold her in my arms overnight. I missed her so badly and just being with her was enough, it felt like in heaven.

The following morning at around six, I went down with Emerald to go home. We pas-sed by the breakfast nook and saw her dad drinking coffee. He looked shock seeing me with the same clothes I wore last night.

“Good morning, Mr. Petrakis.”

“Good morning.” His eyes shifted from me to Emerald. He did not like what he was seeing. “Did you… um sleep well last night?”
I yawned and smiled at Emerald. “Nope.” I ran a hand tracing Emerald’s spine, before resting it on her h!pbone. Mr. Petrakis followed my hand then glared at me. “We did… a lot of…” I shrugged my shoulders and squee-zed Emerald’s bu-tt. “You know what I mean, Mr. Petrakis.”
His expression was clouded with intense anger like he was re-ady to murder me.

“I have to catch up some sleep. See you later, old man.” I chuckled and left.

💄 Emerald’s POV🔑

My head hurts listening to dad’s ranting about Harry over breakfast. He was just repeating every word he’d said. While I was eating fas-ter so I could leave the table.
“I should have put a sh0tgun on his head or at his d!¢k for slee-ping with you last night.” Dad raised his hand in exasperation.

“I told you, nothing happened. We were just slee-ping together. He was hurt after you and Zion attacked him.” I heaved a sigh then drank my tea.

“Don’t lie to me Emerald, I’m not stupid. The way he t©uçhed you in front of me… that as-s-hole has no respect at all!”
“Harry is an affectionate man and he was just showing how much he care for Emmie.” Mom c@m£ to the rescue.

“HA! If you’ve seen, I’m sure you’ll freak out honey. I don’t even t©uçh your bu-tt in front of everyone that we’re married for years!” Dad turned his attention to mom.

“The generation right now is too different from ours. They’re more expressive.”

“Nah– he’s disrespectful calling me old man.”
Mom shook her head and t©uçhed his arm, a way of telling him to calm down. “You’re calling him British boy. Why can’t you call him his own name?”

“Because… ” Dad paused, I knew he was trying to find a good reason for his action. “Eversince, he was a n@ûghty boy, teasing Emerald when she was too young.”

“He was just a boy, now he’s a matured man. He’s even trained to take a big responsibility – to rule England.” I reasoned out, hoping he would see s-en-se. I loved dad but he was acting too childish taking things personally.

“Why in the world England chose him as the next king? Is there no other heir in the throne?”

I rolled my eyes, feeling so disappointed the dad was not in good terms with Harry. I loved them both and I did not want them to have conflict with each other.

Mom and I just looked at each other. Dad was silent when we did not reply to his question. Finally, the morning session of preaching was over.