The fall of a drama queen episode 19





Harry’s POV
Talking to Zion was tougher. As best friends, we were used talking with no filters and inhibitions. The problem with knowing each other too well.

“$h!t man! I trusted you with Emerald. How could you do this? I thought you treat her like a sister.”
“I did not say that, you just as-sumed.” I defended myself.
“No way,” he shook his head, “this is not easy to take in.” He gave me his brutal and unfriendly stare.

“You can’t blame me, I’m only human. She’s so beautiful and I fell damn ha-rd for her. You know this better, bro. You can’t choose the one you love like you did with Claire, remember?”

“Don’t change the t©pic, we’re talking about my sister here, for heaven’s sake, I know about your S-x escapades, you told me about your S-xual fantasies… dammit Harry, I swear I’m going to kill you if you’ll experiment that with my sister.”
I did not anticipate this to happen. The problem of having my best friend’s sister as a girlfriend. He knew too much about me. I always thought he would be okay.

“What the hell! I even saw you fv¢k Betty Jones inside my car! You hook up with Olivia, Kendall. and our teacher, Miss Wilkinson.”
“We were young, we did too many crazy things. You did too, don’t be too vain. It’s just fortunate that you married Claire.”
“Another mention of Claire, and you’re dead.” He threatened me with a shake on his head. He was like his father whose ego was bigger than the entire universe. These Petrakis men were driving me nuts!

“So you don’t approve of me for your sister?” I still asked him although it was clear to me alre-ady.

“I don’t know… I just nee-d time to get use to it.” His eyebrows snapped together.

“Make it fast bro, cause I’m determine to keep her.” I said before we were interrupted by Mrs. Petrakis, who showed her genuine reaction of happiness that Emerald and I were together.

“I want you to know that you’re welcome here in our family anytime, Harry. I’m happy for you and Emerald. Don’t mind about those two… ha-rd headed irrational men, they’re just overwhelmed, they’ll get around soon.” She as-sured me.

“Thank you, Mrs. Petrakis.”

“Come on, it’s time to eat dinner.” She invited as Emerald c@m£ back on my side.

💄Emerald’s POV 👑

After dinner, the women in our family were crowding at Harry, even my cousin Alessandro’s d@t£, Lisa Brooks. They wanted to take a selfie with him. It was the first time they met Harry again after he made known to the public that he was Prince Phili-p.
Harry was very patient as he complied to their wishes, I guessed he was used to it alre-ady. Well, I have to get used to it too, that ap@rt from being a prince, he had an obligation to the people, to serve and attend to their nee-ds. He nee-ded my support, un-derstanding and acceptance of his duties as a public person. I have to share my time with the people.

Grandma Nina was the last one who had a selfie with Harry, she giggled as she got a k!ssfrom Harry and everyone laughed.

“You’re a real prince charming, Harry.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Petrakis.”

Grandma waved a hand, “Ah… call me grandma from now on. I love my Emerald,” She looked at me, holding my hand, “whoever she loves, I support her.”

Everything went well after dinner, the women were singing and dancing, the men drinking and talking business. Everyone was busy having fun.
Zion was with Claire, mas-saging her foot. She was four months pregnant and often had leg cramps, while dad was so engrossed talking to Alessandro, uncle Iñigo and grandpa Markos. They were planning to open a new business.

Harry and I were in the couch observing everyone. His hand lacing on mine, ru-bbing our palms together as it ignited electricity inside us.

“Let’s get out of here.” He whispered, hisl-ips brushing my ear. The thought of us alone together brou-ght excitement in every cell of my b©dy.

I looked at him and nodded a little.

“I’ll wait for you at the foyer.” He stood up and went ahead discreetly. No one seemed to notice him leaving.

I waited for about a minute then sneaked out of the living room. The anticipation of being with Harry alone was too much.
I met him at the foyer and together we hurried out to his Bentley that was parked near the door entrance. He stole a k!ssbefore he started the car and yelped.

“Dammit, this is torture, not being able to k!ssyou,” he complained and drove his car out of the mansion gates.
The moment we arrived in his house, located just across ours, he pu-ll-ed me in his arms. “I miss you so much.” His hands ran from my face down to my arms and w@!st.

“I miss you too.” My hands creeped from his che-st to his face. I could see the glow of de-sire burning in his eyes.

I knew it was not the right moment to ask but I had to, I’d been worried. “Harry… how’s Archie.”

He chuckled. “He’d been missing you, kept on whimpering. But he’s okay now. Do you want to see him?”
“What do you mean? You brou-ght him here?”
He nodded and gave me a bright smile, “Wait, I’m going to get him.”

Oh my God. A tear of happiness feel at the side of my cheek.
When Harry returned, I saw Archie running towards me, he was wagging his tail happily. He looked different now, very well groomed, without the scabs and his hair growing back beautifully. I was so happy to see him.

“I miss you, Archie. Sorry for leaving you.” I petted his head and back and he responded by ru-bbing his b©dy against my legs. I knelt down, hvgged him and k!$$£d his head.
A loud knock on the door j£rked me up. I wondered who could that be.

“Are you expecting anyone?”

“No.” Harry went to the door and opened it.

Dad stormed inside, his expression looked very angry. “Where’s my daughter, British boy?”

Oh my goodness, what is wrong with him? His over protectiveness is killing me. I’m not a seven year old girl anymore.
Walter appeared behind dad. “Sorry your royal highness, we could not st©p him.”

Harry gestured a nod to Walter then faced my dad. “She’s here Mr. Petrakis, safe and sound. I just showed her our little friend here,” he looked at Archie who stared at dad, growling.

Dad seemed to calm down, looking at me, then back at Harry. “I hate it when both of you sneak out behind my back. Go back in the house, now.” He ordered and left.


🎉 Harry’s POV

I arrived at Emerald’s office at eleven in the morning. It was too early to pick her up for our lunch d@t£ but I just could not wait to see her. I kept on counting the hours and minutes since I woke up.

Emerald was at her table talking to her two employees when I entered her office. I signalled her to take her time, then I settled on the couch.

She looked tired and agitated. I knew it had something to do with their jewellery designs being stolen. As what she’d told me last night, they had to make a new theme and change the designs. They alre-ady made and crafted jewelries worth billion of dollars but they could not showcase it in the exhibit. At the moment, their lawyers were working on filing a case against the Stones Jewellery Company.

About twenty minutes, the employees left and I was alone with Emerald. She stood up and went directly into my arms.
“Hi.” I k!$$£d herl-ips immediately, forgetting the cut on myl-ips. I flin-ched a little as I felt the cut opened again.

“Yourl-ips still hurt?”

“Yeah, a bit.” I said in annoyance as I recalled what happened last night. Her father did not like me, obviously. I had to prove to him that I have good intentions with his daughter. And Zion… what the hell, acting like he was so vain. It was ha-rder than I thought dealing with him. He thought I would m©l£sthis sister. What the hell!
“My poor baby.” Her hand cu-mpped my jaw as her thumb ca-ressed my cheek. Just staring at her eyes and being near her made me forget all the bitterness. What was important was that we were together now.

“You look tired. Are you okay?” I hvgged her ti-ghtly, pu-lling her on my l@p. The feel of her softness and fragile frame was enough to make my b©dy ha-rd ened.
She heaved a sigh as her cheek rested on my shoulder. “Still bothered on how we’ll dispose our jewelries.”

“Don’t worry, you can once the truth will come out that they’re your original designs.” I as-sured her, wanting to lighten her feelings.

“It will be very messy once the press would find out. I’d be in the headlines again.”
“Ahh… you’re starting to become the darling of the press. But I’ll make sure that we’ll be on it together again. Whatever your battles are, it will be mine too.” I ran my hands throu-gh her red hair, c@r£ss!ngit gently. “I’ll be here with you for a few days, but next week I’ll go back to England to check on my project but I’ll be back with you right away.”

“Thank you, Harry. You made my burden lighter.” She planted a k!ssat the side of myl-ips, very careful not to t©uçh my so-rel-ip.
What the hell! Never mind the pain as long as I could k!ssher. It was just painful at the beginning, but later on, it was gone.
I shifted and in one move, I pu-ll-ed her b©dy down on the couch.
Her legs were still on my l@p as I loomed over her, k!ss!ngher cheek, her n£¢k…

I heard the creaking sound as the door suddenly opened. I looked up and saw the person standing in front of the door, his expression was thun-derous.

Bloody hell! Not again.

I stood up, fixing my tie and suit as Emerald sat there on the couch tidying her hair. There were smudges of her redl-ipstick at the sides of herl-ips.

Dammit! She’d freak out if she’d seen her face.

“Hi dad. Do you want anything? Um… something?” She asked in her very professional tone. She looked even more cuter.
Mr. Petrakis shifted his attention from Me to Emerald, then back to me.

“Your fly is open.” He said looking directly at my crouch. $h!t!
My face burned with humiliation as I Zi-pped my fly in a hurry. Dammit, why is it open?

“What are you doing here, British boy? Aren’t you supposed to go home and rule a country?” He snapped at me, made me speechless for a minute.

I was back to ‘British boy’ again. I did not un-derstand why he disliked me so much for Emerald. I knew many parents would be flattered if their daughter would have a prince or king as a b©yfri£nd, but obviously, Eros Petrakis was not among them. He had the opposite reaction. What would I do to make him like me for his daughter?

He turned to Emerald and glared at her. “Check your face in the mirror, you look like you’re auditioning for a Batman movie.”
Emerald g@sped and ran to the bathroom.

“I’m taking Emerald for lunch.” I said as his accusing eyes focused back at me. I felt embarras-sed being caught in the act ma-king out with his daughter. His opinion of me suddenly went down from zero to hundred percent negative.

He nodded, standing there like a predator. I un-derstood now what dad said when he faced his father in law, my grandpa, for the first time.

I had to figure out how to impress the man. He proved himself to be very difficult to deal with.


💄 Emerald’s POV✔
“What the hell are you doing young lady? ma-king out inside your office?”

I felt embarras-sed as I looked at Harry sitting on the couch again. He could possibly hear dad’s whisper.

“You should have knocked.” I was really pissed of dad’s attitude. He was so overprotective when there was really no nee-d to. What is his problem? He knew Harry way back then, he was a good boy and a good influence to Zion. What was he afraid of?
“I did.”

“You did?” I rolled my eyes. “Why do I find it ha-rd to believe.”

“You were busy.”

I shook my head, trying to be very patient. I would not win in any argument with dad. I loved him but his overbearing attitude was too much to swallow sometimes. “Why are you here?”

“The lawyer called.”

My heart pounded at the mention of the lawyer. “And?”

“He talked to the lawyer of the Stone Jewellery. Regina Stone was so upset denying the allegations. She’s planning to pres£nt a counter affidavit.”

“Well, let’s see if she has something to prove that it was her original designs.”

“Kevin Hill tried to leave the country this morning, but the authorities sp©tted him in the airport. He’s un-der investigation right now.”

I remembered Kevin, when he was so nice to me when we hung out together. But knowing that he was just pretending… well, he should be punished for what he did. Stealing was a crime.
We continued talking until I realized that Harry and I should go alre-ady. I looked at my wrist watch it was almost twelve noon,
“We have to go, dad. I’ll talk to you as soon as we get back.”

“Of course.”

I took my bag and walked towards where Harry was seated. Harry stood up immediately and together we faced dad.

“Well, enjoy your lunch.” Dad stayed where he was, waiting for us to go.

I did not know what c@m£ over Harry when he asked. “Do you want to join us for lunch?”

I was surprised why he asked dad. I knew he was just trying to be nice with dad by asking, by being courteous. But, I was more surprised when dad instantly answered.

“Really? That would be great! We’ll take my car.”


🌠🌠Harry’s POV🌠🌠

I did not expect Emerald’s father, Eros Petrakis to join us. To be honest, I invited him out of courtesy, but he said yes!
I felt a bit of regret, since I wanted Emerald to be by myself, at least for an hour. But having her father with us, we could ba-rely talk about personal t©pics.

But it was better to look at the positive side. It would be a great opportunity for us to bond again. I remembered the terrible time we bonded when I was fifteen, I joined him and Zion in their kickboxing sparring match. He taught me some kickboxing skills and had me flat on the floor all the time. I was no match on him.
“Get up boy, you can do it. re-lease that fierce animal within you. Don’t accept defeat, fight!” Eros Petrakis said as he had me lying on the floor for the nth time.

I felt battered alre-ady, all my defences were slowing down due to fatigue. But I had to get up and show the man that I was not a coward, I was a fighter. I stood up to fight him again, that time I was aiming for revenge.

I got few kicks but before I’d end up on the floor again, I lunged at him and bit his shoulder.

Eros Petrakis shouted angrily and pushed me away from him. “What are you, a vampire!”

The match ended and I got my revenge. I learned from Zion that the bite left a good mark on his dad’s right shoulder.
And now…

I was sitting at the back of Eros Petrakis’ Bugatti. Alone. Listening to him and Emerald talking about the business and Emerald’s current company problem. Though she kept me engaged in their conversation by asking about my opinion, so I would not feel left out.

“When are you going back to England?” Mr. Petrakis asked, his eyes directed at me on the rear view mirror.

“In a week.” I answered.
I saw the sudden relief in his eyes followed by a satisfied nod. “That’s right. You can’t leave England for long, the people and the country nee-ds you. When you’ll be a king, it’s like you’re married to them.” He said followed by a chuckle.
“But Harry will be back immediately.” Emerald said.

The brightness in his eyes easily died down as he frowned at me.

After a few minutes, we arrived in a fancy fine dining French restaurant. Walter who went ahead together with my other b©dyguards greeted us in the restaurant entrance. He was with a guy, I as-sumed the restaurant manager.

The manager ushered us to a pri-vate room, and to my surprise, the room was filled with red roses, dimmed light and scented candles.

What the hell… in broad daylight outside!

It reminded me of a se-duction scene in a movie. Either my as-sistant, Lloyd or the restaurant manager took my instruction in exaggeration. I just said a simple inti-mate lunch.
My face burned with embarras-sment as Mr. Petrakis walked in the middle of the room and looked at the table, then shifted his attention from me to Emerald.

“I ordered a simple inti-mate dinner.” I turned to the manager, feeling so defensive.

“I apologise, your royal highness. There’s a misun-derstanding in the instructions. I’ll have this fixed immediately.”

“Thank you. plea-se hurry up.”

“But I love what you’ve done.” Emerald turned to the manager.
“It’s beautiful. Can we just leave it as it is?”

“Are you sure?” I made a gesture looking at her dad who had his back on us.

“Very sure.” She leaned closer to me, so close that I could feel her warm breath against my cheek as she whispered. “Dad wouldn’t mind.”

“As you wish. But let’s turn the lights on, okay.”