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July 24, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The exclusive sex worker Episode 50 & 51

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Chapter 50



[Exclusively His]

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Written and owned by: Blessing D writes



(Impending disaster)

Writer’s P O V

Prince Reagan got closer to crown prince Marcus’s chambers to see Prince Micheal coming out from his room.

“Is it true?” Prince Reagan asked.

Prince Micheal sighed. “Yeah, it is. He is like a mad man, I wonder what made him that way, he can’t control his own self. The royal doctors are coming over to take care of him.”

“What is the queen doing then?” Prince Reagan asked.

“She? You won’t believe that Marcus doesn’t want to see his mother. I can’t help but think she has a hand in what’s happening to him.” Prince Micheal whispered.

“Her lovely son? I doubt she will cause him harm,” prince Reagan shook his head in doubt.

“So, what do you suggest we do now? The party is about to begin,” Prince Steven chipped in walking closer to them.

“You can hold it off without our help, can’t you?” Prince Micheal turned to Prince Steven in reply.

“Oh…me? Marcus should be the one doing that. Not me,” Prince Steven refused.

“Well, you suggest we drag him out to the front stage in that condition? I’m sure you have seen how he looks, Steven. Don’t make things difficult and be a serious man for once,” prince Micheal said scoffing.

“Oh, thou says the man who travels from country to country not willing to settle his ass in his homeland,” Prince Steven retorted.

“I believe it’s not time for you two to argue. Am I right? And one more important thing. Father is sick and dying, saw him coughing out blood, he might die anytime so, he expects me to keep quiet about it but I can’t do that,” Prince Reagan cuts in and said.

“Coughing out blood. Seriously. Can’t things get better for once?” Prince Steven huffed palming his temples.

“I’ll go see father,” Prince Micheal excused himself and left.

Prince Reagan went closer to crown prince Marcus’s room.

The maid standing at the entrance opened the door for him. He thought on not entering but decided against it.

He is my brother after all, he thought.

He went into the room to see two maids inside the room with the crown prince. The room looks so disorganized and the crown prince head is buried on his palms.

“Marcus?” He called staring at him from the door.

The crown prince lifted his head up from his palm and his eyes settled on prince Reagan.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you fear for your life. Run! Now!” Crown prince Marcus shouted out in command. The very act amused and at the same time sent a message to prince Reagan.

“What do you mean by that? You should be dressed up and out there. You are the crown prince,” prince Reagan decided to threw in another question.

“Don’t you hear me boy? I said you should run, run far away from here because you’ll be dead too, it’s just a matter of time.” Crown prince Marcus warned.

“What do you mean. Who wants me dead. The queen?” Prince Reagan moved closer to him.

“I said you should run! Don’t you understand boy?” Crown prince Marcus yelled throwing all sorts of things towards Prince Reagan.

The maids kept picking up the things he kept throwing.

Prince Reagan didn’t listen and kept moving closer to look at him.

‘You are truly sick. What has she done to you” Prince Reagan asked running his eyes all over crown prince Marcus’s body.

“What are you doing here? Get out now!” Prince Reagan turned when he heard the queen’s voice behind him.

He walked up to her, glared at her before leaving the room. But before he left, he saw a horrific look crept up crown prince Marcus face when he saw the queen.

He got out to see Prince Steven still standing outside there.

“I heard all he said,” prince steven stated.

“You also heard the part he said I should run far away because I’ll be dead ‘too’, it means someone already died. Who died?” Prince Reagan stared up at prince steven in question.

“The royal adviser. He died the day before yesterday, exactly the day Marcus started acting this way.” Prince steven answered.

“What killed him then?”

“The queen daggered his heart. It appears that Marcus happened to witness that terrible incident, he doesn’t appear to be as strong as we thought,” prince steven explained.

“What did father do about that then. The royal adviser’s death?” Prince Reagan questioned further.

“Nothing, he did nothing.”

“There are more to this. That queen deserves to be in chains,” prince Reagan said angrily.

“Well, whatever it is. We have to wait till father’s birthday is over. We can’t afford letting the whole world know about the happenings in the royal palace,” prince steven advised.

“Can you do me a favour then?” Prince Reagan requested.

“What is it?”

“Help me go into the library. I need father’s journals. If I go in there I’ll be suspected of some things but not you, everyone loves and respect you more. Please do this one for me,” prince Reagan asked.

“Is it for your pink haired mistress?” Prince steven whispered in question.

“You are smart. I need the journals. Thank you,” prince Reagan patted his shoulders before leaving.

He found his way back to the room he locked pink up.

He got there to see Simon standing and probably guarding the door.

Simon unlocked the door for him.

“Amanda, you can come out now. I’ll take you home myself, you can’t stay here in this palace anymore,” Prince Reagan said staring into the dark room but heard no reply or movement.

“Is she still in there?” Prince Reagan turned to ask Simon.

“Yes, I heard her sobbing few minutes ago. I’m sure she’s still in there,” Simon confirmed before walking into the room.

He flipped on the lights of the dark room to find Pink lying down unconscious on the floor.

“My prince,” Simon gasped out.

Prince Reagan rushed into the room to see Pink’s state.

“What the hell happened to her?” Prince Reagan asked no one in particular. He went and picked her up from the floor, he carried her in a bridal style while staring at her face.

“I have no idea.” Simon mouthed.

“Call her brother, ask him if she is truly afraid of the dark. That is the only possible reason I can think of,” Prince Reagan ordered while carrying her out of the room and straight out.

But unfortunately he bumped into Celia on the way to the car.

Celia stood in his way while glaring dangerously at the unconscious Pink.

“Do you understand that there are reporters everywhere in this building? You want them to see you together with this bïtch who is not your wife?” Celia grunted the question.

“Get. Out. Of. My. Way.” Prince Reagan rasped at her.

“We have a lot of things to talk about, considering the fact that Frank is not my real son,” Prince Reagan added in fury. The angry look on Celia’s face disappeared and was replaced with that of fear and shock.

For a while she looked so scared but suddenly she covered and composed herself again.

“Well, I’m not going down alone. Your personal guard is also going down with me considering the fact that he is Frank’s real father,” Celia said while folding her arms beneath her breast.

Now it was the time for prince Reagan’s expression to change. Shock and disbelief was evident in his expression. Celia smiled.

“And aside that I got the king to grant me a pardon and a request, I’ll continue being your wife whether you like it or not. You can never ever be with her, I’ll find a way to become more powerful, I’ll attack her after I’ve gotten more powerful,” celia explained and vowed.

Prince Reagan turned to look at Simon who has just appeared behind him.

“Get the car, we are leaving.” He ordered lowly before walking away with Pink still in his arms.



Chapter 51

(Hate. Betrayer)

Writer’s P O V

Throughout the ride home prince Reagan didn’t say a single word to Simon. Simon wasn’t really sure what Celia told prince Reagan but from the looks of it all, especially the one that Celia had given him. It looked like there was trouble.

Simon parked at the garage of the shared house and the prince came down with Pink in his arms.

“Send for a doctor, will you?” Prince Reagan said to Simon while leaving for his room.

“Uh..there will be no need for that, my prince. Derek said she is scared of the dark and she’ll wake up after a while,” Simon explained.

Prince Reagan paused to look at Simon.

“That’s the first time you are not doing what I asked you to do, Simon.”

“I wonder why,” he added before leaving with Pink.

Simon went back into the car, kicked start it and started heading back to the palace and his main aim is to find Celia.

Prince Reagan kept Pink down on his bed, he arranged the duvet to cover her body before sitting down beside her on the bed.

“You see my father and brother are really sick but I’m not really concerned about them. I’m here worrying my head out for you. Am I a good son. A good brother?”

“And I can’t seem to come in term with what Celia said earlier. Simon is not that way is he. He is not using me, is he? No. He is not that kind of guy.”

“I’m sorry for locking you up too. I need you to wake up. Wake up because I need someone to talk to,” prince Reagan said while holding Pink’s hands in his hand.

After a long period of time, Pink’s hand moved and her eyes opened.

Prince Reagan focused on her then as he was thinking about other things.

“Amanda?” Prince Reagan called attracting her attention. Pink lowered her eye lid to stare at him. Instantly, she pulled her hands away from his.

“You locked me up and left me to die after I begged you not to.” Pink frowned taking her eyes away.

“Hey, I’m sorry. It was my fault, totally my fault. I should have listened to you but I had no idea that you were afraid of the dark. Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” He apologized and asked.

“That’s because I thought I had gotten over it. I never knew it’ll come back,” Pink explained still staring away from him.

“Tell me about it,” prince Reagan requested taking her hand again.

Pink turned to look at him.

“Go on, tell me. How did it start?”

“It started long ago in the orphanage home. They were always bullying Derek but Derek is strong headed, he decided to fight back. I always go out and defend him and after our caretaker learnt I’d join my brother to fight off the others, she’d lock me up in the store room repeatedly.”

“I always cried and pleaded for her to stop but she never listened. That’s when it started.” She explained softly.

“So my prince. Don’t ever lock me up again or you won’t like the outcome next time.” Pink raised her voice a bit.

Prince Reagan chuckled.

“So, you are not that strong after all. More reason for me to protect you. I won’t do that again, also stop being strong headed like your brother and let me do the tough jobs for you.” Prince Reagan cooed taking his hand to her hair.

“What happened really. You speak differently now. Was it because of my actions?_ Pink questioned seeing the look on Prince Reagan. Prince Reagan mostly hide his feelings but he is not hiding whatever it is that is troubling him.

“What is it?” Pink asked again turning to face him fully.

“My father is sick and will die soon. My brother is on the edge of becoming a lunatic and well, the person I trust the most doesn’t seem to be who I believe he is but a backstabber.” Prince Reagan let out in one breath.

“Your father is dying. Should I be sorry? Ok he is your father. I am so sorry,” Pink apologized.

“You don’t need to be sorry. I’m not telling you this to feel sorry for me. I just…”

“Just need a listening ear. Someone you can trust,” Pink cuts in and say.

“Yes.” Prince Reagan shook his head.

“Is it Simon. Is he the person you are saying betrayed you?” Pink inquired.

“Yeah, possibly. I don’t want to believe it too. I want to hear what he has to say but he hasn’t said a single word about Frank to me. He never told me once that he had a more intimate relationship with Celia in the past rather, they both made me believe they had a brother, sister relationship.”

“It doesn’t hurt to learn that Celia betrayed me because I didn’t even trust her. I never trusted her even for a day but Simon…? He is my best buddy.” Prince Reagan explained bitterly.

“You have to hear his part. Every story has two sides, even a third side to it. Don’t just conclude, I don’t believe Simon to be a betrayer. Wait for him to…”

“Wait for how long. For how long, tell me. Until Frank becomes a man, until he marries and have kids of his own?” Prince Reagan cuts in.

Pink exhaled in and out.

“Well, Simon hasn’t been looking alright lately tho. Even tho he is just like you, always hiding his true feelings. For this past few days he takes me to Lilian’s, I noticed that there is something bothering him. I think Lilian knows of it too and it might have something to do with this particular subject,” Pink explained.

“So it’s true then. It means Simon knows, he might have found out recently but still didn’t care to tell me?” Prince Reagan asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe he is scared, you know him more than I do…”

“No! I don’t know him anymore, Amanda and I don’t easily get along with those who aren’t truthful to me. Take for example, the crown prince.”

“He went behind my back when we were young and reported me to his mother. I hated him from that day and I still don’t think I’ve forgiven him. The reason why I am no longer close to him is not because I fear him, but because I hate him. And now I’m afraid I’ll also hate Simon that way. I hate to hate.”

“Perhaps the reason I don’t really feel the king’s forthcoming death is because of all the sins he has committed. Both to you and to others who are innocent.” Prince Reagan explained more bitterly.

“You have to learn how to start loving more people. You have to learn how to forgive,” Pink advised taking her hand to his cheek.

“It’s not as easy as you think it is, Amanda. But of course I’ll try because I don’t want to lose Simon. I don’t think I wanna lose him.” Prince Reagan replied.

Pink smiled.

“That’s it then. We are done here,” Pink smiled more broadly expecting Prince Reagan to also smile but he didn’t.

A knock came at the door then.

“Come in,” Pink said when Prince Reagan refused talking.

The door opened and Simon walked in with the king’s journals.

“Prince Steven asked me to give this to you.” Simon said giving the journal to Prince Reagan.

Prince Reagan collected it and started flipping the pages.

“You can leave,” he muttered coldly to Simon.



T B C Pink.

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