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July 30, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The exclusive sex worker Episode 48 & 49

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Chapter 48
[Exclusively His]
Written and owned by: Blessing D writes


(Heated argument)
Writer’s P O V
**The next day**

Pink dressed up pretty well before walking out of her room, as expected, Simon was already standing outside her door waiting for her but he didn’t notice her near him until she touched him.

“Oh…where to?” Simon got himself back and asked.

“To Lilian’s. She is forcing me back there,” Pink answered and started walking out. Simon followed her from behind.

They got to one of the numerous cars parked out in the garage and Simon got into one.

Pink doesn’t know who exactly owns those cars but she see all the princes using the one of their choice whenever they wanted to go out.

One thing she liked about the shared house was that the princes doesn’t fight each other. The shared houses is always quiet as if no one lives there.

Simon arrived the house isolated from all other houses. Pink wasted no time before coming there.

She walked to the door, knocked and opened it.

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“Lilian?” She called proceeding in. Lilian walked out from the small kitchen looking excited to see her or maybe he was excited for someone else.

“You are here,” she beamed.

“What of Simon?” She wasted no time to ask.

“Still in the car,” Pink pointed out. She watched Lilian walk out happily.

The look on Lilian’s face told her something. Even yesterday, they both hadn’t noticed her when she walked out from the kitchen and went outside.

But she didn’t bother to interrupt whatever they were talking about. She has also noticed that Lilian likes Simon a lot.

She thought on advising Lilian to kill her feelings for Simon considering how oddly he behaves but then she recalled the position she is in with Prince Reagan. She thought otherwise.

No one is above falling in love. Everyone deserves a chance. At that thought, she supported Lilian.

She kept hearing little sounds coming from the kitchen. Ethan must be in there, she thought and went in to greet him.

She went into the kitchen to see him. She stood behind him and said.

“Hi Ethan, what are you doing?”

Silence only met her words which confused her a lot.

“Ethan!” She called out loudly but he still didn’t move or show sighs that someone was calling him.

“Ethan, what’s wrong?” She touched his shoulder, making him turn to face her.

He removed her hand from his shoulder and sighed.

“You shouldn’t be touching me, Amanda.” Ethan mumbled and brushed past her into the sitting room.

Pink followed him out, finding his act a bit unusual. Yeah, Ethan is a little bit introverted but he has been opening up to her lately.

Things are not really awkward around them anymore thus her confusion.

“Did I do something wrong?” Pink asked stopping behind him again.

Silence met her words then she asked again.

“Did I do something wrong, Ethan? You can talk to me please. Stop keeping quiet,” Pink brushed her hair backwards and said, feeling exhausted.

“Maybe you should go ask your prince. Then you’ll understand,” Ethan replied sharply before leaving for his room.

Pink stood at the same spot staring at the shut door of his room. Her mind went to Prince Reagan’s and Ethan’s conversation from the previous day.

*Is that a threat then?* She had heard Ethan ask from afar.

*I don’t blab so you should know* she had also heard prince Reagan reply Ethan.

Then, she thought she didn’t hear them clearly so she just brushed the words away. But now it seems she heard them clearly.

She let out another exhausted sigh before walking out to meet Lilian and Simon standing beside the car and possibly speaking.

She wasted no time before calling Lilian’s attention.

“Lilian, I need to speak with you,” she sounded serious. Sounded urgent.

“Um..what’s up?” Lilian left Simon’s side and walked to Pink.

“What happened yesterday? Did Ethan tell you about the conversation he had with prince Reagan?” Pink questioned.

“Um…not really, just a little. He was so mad, I forced him to spill a little,” Lilian scratched the back on her hair and said. She already knows where the conversation was heading to.

“What did he say? What did the prince threaten him with?” Pink wasted no time to ask.

Lilian hesitated.

“I don’t want to be the reason for you to fight with the prince. He might not allow you to come here anymore if you fight with him,’ Lilian said.

“Please just tell me, Lilian. What did the prince say to him?” Pink pressed.

“From what Ethan told me. I feel the prince threatened him with his life. The prince said Ethan should kill his feelings for you,” Lilian said.

Pink huffed.

She had already started suspecting that Ethan likes her but didn’t let her suspicious get in the way of their friendship but now, it’s truly confirmed that Ethan likes her.

Pink left Lilian, she walked back to the car and got in.

“Let’s go, Simon. I need to have a word with your boss,” Pink said with her arms folded beneath her breast.

“Remember my earlier advise. Act on it,” Pink heard Lilian say to Simon as he got back into the car. He drove them back to the house.

Just as Pink came down from the car, she sighted Prince Reagan walking out with the other prince, Prince Micheal.

She wasted no time before walking to them.

“I need to speak with you,” she said immediately. Prince Micheal seeing the look on her face and not wanting to hear whatever she has to say to Prince Reagan left them.

“What is it?” Prince Reagan asked already suspecting the reason why she is like that.

“Why on earth will you threaten Ethan that way. Why death? The last time I checked, we are not married. I’m just bearing the title of your mistress because I want to.”

“Hey! Listen to me,” Prince snapped cutting her off.

“No, not today. Being by your side doesn’t mean you own me, Prince Reagan! You shouldn’t have threatened my friend that way. I get it if he likes me, you should have let me solve it myself rather than threatening him with death.” Pink glared hard at him in anger.

“Maybe I should really kill him then.” Prince Reagan mumbled shaking his head.

“You won’t try it. No! You won’t,” Pink half yelled.

“You are daring me, Amanda? You think I can’t have my guards beat him till he gives up. Let him come close to you again so you can find out yourself what I’m capable off,” Prince Reagan groaned equally angry.

“You are a controlling freak. A proud prince. It’s just a matter of time before you loss me,” Pink rasped and started walking away from him.

“Amanda!” Prince Reagan called as she walked away from him but she didn’t turn to look at him.


Chapter 49

Writer’s P O V
**A day later**
“So, will you be following me to the king’s birthday party?” Prince Reagan asked resting on the door of Pink’s room.

“No, you have your wife. She’s following you, I don’t wanna be the odd one around,” Pink answered arranging her bed.

“When will you start talking to me normally, Amanda? How long will you keep on with this attitude of yours?” Prince Reagan questioned.

Pink stopped what she was doing, she turned to face Prince Reagan.

“Until you do the right thing” she answered simply.

“And what is the right thing to do?” Prince Reagan asked.

“By apologizing to Ethan for threatening him that way. After you’ve done that, then we can now go back to being normal,” Pink said.

“You are stubborn. You know I won’t do that. Anyways I’m leaving, make sure you don’t do something irritating while I’m gone,” Prince Reagan said before turning and walking away.

Pink rushed to close the door after he left.

“Where is the dress and the mask?” She went into the bathroom and asked.

“Here miss,* a female voice answered coming out from the bathroom.

“Is the result ready, Simon?” Prince Reagan asked Simon who was sitted at the driver’s sit and driving prince Reagan to the palace.

Simon swallowed down nothing.

“Yes, my prince. I received the result this morning,” Simon answered searching the car for the particular place he kept the piece of paper that will as well mean doom for him.

He got hold of it before handing it to the prince.

Prince Reagan received the paper from him. He breathed in and out before opening it.

His eyes kept roaming the piece of paper until he found what he was looking for.

Simon couldn’t take his eyes off Prince Reagan, he kept staring at him through the rearview while driving.

He saw prince Reagan’s body stiffen. Prince Reagan folded the piece of paper and threw it out through the window.

His body suddenly became hot, he lossened his tie a bit for comfort before relaxing back on the chair.

They got to the palace minutes later. The palace guards rushed to the car and opened the door for prince Reagan.

He walked out of the car looking a bit disorganized and in fury.

The guards greeted him before giving space.

He walked a long distance away from the guards with Simon behind him.

He suddenly stopped, he turned to look at Simon.

“Have Vincent check up on Amanda now.” He ordered.

Simon did as he was instructed and he got feedback.

“Um…he just went into her room to search for her but she wasn’t there neither did he see her coming out of her room,” Simon delivered the message he received.

“What?” Prince Reagan asked in a low growl.

“She’s not in your Highness. She left the house already and I’m guessing she’s here in the palace with us,” Simon confirmed.

“Oh this stubborn girl…gosh Amanda, is she out of her mind?” Prince Reagan asked himself before turning to the maid that was about passing them.

“Where is my father?” He asked the maid.

“He is still in his room your Highness,” the maid bowed a little, replying.

Prince Reagan turned towards the direction of his father’s chambers and started heading there fast.

His eyes fell on a lady in blue and black strapless gown with a mask.

“Just the right dress,” he groaned before reaching out to her as she was about opening the door and entering.

Weird that there are no guards standing around the king’s door.

Knowing fully well that the person behind the mask is Pink. He held her around her arm strongly and started pulling her away ignoring her struggles.

He got to a room he knows will be empty and kicked the door open.

He dragged her in before shutting the door behind him.

“What the fück is wrong with you, Amanda?” He hushed pulling the mask from her face but saw that she was another person.

“Ah fück! Where is she?” Prince Reagan groaned and demanded.

“I don’t know who you are talking about your Highness,” the girl replied looking frightened.

“My prince,” he heard behind the door. He threw the door opened to see Simon and he was holding Pink.

“She played you,” Simon mumbled before handing Pink over to prince Reagan. He looked at her dressing code and it was totally different from the one the lady is wearing.

“Take her and keep her safe. She’ll be answering a lot of questions later,” prince Reagan said before locking the door to face the real Pink again.

*My earlier question was, what the fück is wrong with you, Amanda. Can’t you pass a day without irritating me? I clearly asked you not to irritate me,” Prince Reagan snapped at her.

“Well, I’m not good at doing that. I need answers, Reagan, I can’t remain with you forever. I have a lot of things to do back at London, I need answers, I need to return,” Pink answered.

“I told you I’ll get them for you, didn’t I? Why can’t you trust me for once in your life?” Prince Reagan snapped.

“Because he is your father, Reagan. He is your father so you won’t be able to do much, you’ll take pity at your father while mine has been killed by him,” Pink retorted.

Prince Reagan palmed his forehead for a while.

“I’m honestly sick of you behaving this way. You won’t ruin my plans, you will remain here for your own safety too,” Prince Reagan said and opened the door.

He made to walk out but Pink held him.

“You won’t leave me in this room alone with you. This room is dark, don’t leave me, let me go with you,” Pink pleaded.

“It’s for your own good, Amanda. I fear what you’ll do when you see the King. I fear for your life because my father is not so good,” Prince Reagan said before closing the door and locking it from the outside.

“No please. I’m scared of the dark, please,” Pink pleaded banging on the door.

“You’ll be safe in there. I’ll come get you out soon enough,” Prince Reagan replied her before leaving.

He went to the king’s chambers. He knocked and entered to meet a woman dressing the king up.

“Is that you Reagan?” The king asked going to take a sit.

“Leave us,” he ordered the woman before going closer to his father.

“Yes,” he answered lowering himself in greeting.

“What is this? I thought your new mistress is the one I’m having a meeting with? Why are you here instead?” The king asked him.

“Father you won’t be meeting with her. Since it’s your birthday, I’m here to ask you for something,” Prince Reagan began.

“Hmm. What is it you want?” The king hummed and asked.

“I want you to grant….” he paused when the king started coughing seriously.

Prince Reagan took out hanky before handing it to his aged father.

His father coughed into it. Prince Reagan stared at the white hanky which has turned damn red, covered by blood.

He folded the hanky and kept it aside after coughing.

“You are sick,” Prince Reagan said.

The king forced a sad smile.

“Don’t let anyone know about it. Especially your mother,” the king said. Prince Reagan knows that the king is referring to his step mother as his mother.

“Since when. Why aren’t you having the doctors cure you?” Prince Reagan asked again.

“No! No! When it’s your time to leave Earth, don’t try to stop it. After all, I’ll be able to see your mother again,” the king coughed after saying this.

“So, what is it you want to request?” The king asked.

“Nothing. Forget it,” Prince Reagan mumbled. He turned to leave but the king stopped it.

“Your mother, she wanted me to make you a king. I don’t know why she chosed you among her three sons.”

Prince Reagan turned back to face his father.

“I am not interested in the throne, father. That is the last thing on my mind,” prince Reagan stated.

The king coughed again, then chuckled. “At least it’s still on your mind.”

“I don’t have much time left. I can’t hide it from you anymore since you are the first person seeing me like this I might die this week or even tomorrow.”

“What do you think about fulfilling your mother’s last request?” The king asked.

“You want to make me the crown prince?” Prince Reagan asked wanting to laugh but held himself.

“Why? You think I can’t do that. You should go check up on Marcus health? He won’t last on the throne after I put him there. The queen has made him crazy,” the king explained.

“But me? Can’t it be Micheal or even Steven. Why should I be the one ascending the throne?” Prince Reagan asked.

“Because you are the most fit for it aside every other thing,” the king supplied.

“I’m sorry, I’ll have to decline that offer. I do not want to be a King. I’ll get going now, father. Have your rest,” he bowed in curtsy before leaving the king’s room.

The woman formally dressing the King up stood outside there waiting.

“About the crown prince. How is he?” Prince Reagan asked.

“Your Highness, in this last two days he has been acting really weird. Like a person that saw a ghost or something more scary than a ghost. I’m sorry to say this but the maids in his personal chambers said he has been acting like a lunatic,” the woman delivered.

“Where is he right now?” Prince Reagan asked.

“In his chambers your Highness,” the woman bowed in reply.

“Go attend to the King,” prince Reagan nodded before leaving, heading for crown prince Marcus chambers.



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