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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The exclusive sex worker Episode 13 & 14

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Chapter 13
[Exclusively His]

Written and owned by: Blessing D Writes.


Writer’s POV
Pink swallowed nothing down her throat as she proceeded into the room to sit down. The shape of the table was round, so when she sat, she was facing Veronica slightly.

She took her eyes to stare at Veronica who had a cunning smile on, she took her eyes away from Veronica to Reagan. She pulled a smile to her face before greeting him warmly.

Reagan nodded once at her greetings before turning his attention back to Veronica.

“You said you have something to tell me” Reagan said.

Veronica smiled more broadly as she stares at Pink.

“I don’t know if it is appropriate for me to say it now that Pink is here. But you know me, I always treat you more than a customer should, that’s because you are a prince, I respect you a lot, so I’m still considering, considering the fact that she is still a novice” Veronica replied Reagan emphasizing the word ‘she.’

At the mention, Pink wondered what Veronica was up to.

“Excuse me?” Pink simply asks.

“What is it about me you want to tell him?” Pink couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m thinking I should just forget it, since you are still a novice” Veronica said

to Pink. She turned back to Reagan.

“And speaking about novice. I bet she is not up to your standard yet, let me do it, let me be at your service, I’m willing. Not for the money tho, I can even do it free as long as you allow it” Veronica says taking her hand slowly towards Reagan’s hand on the table.

Reagan’s phone starts ringing almost immediately. He picks it and started speaking with the caller.

Veronica stood up,she walked gently towards Reagan, she stood behind him, she took her hands to his shoulder, she was careful as she did it as not to infuriate him, or not to do it so hard and make the prince glare at her. She placed her hands on him and started messaging his shoulders, slowly.

She kept watching his actions, she was taking her chances and she doesn’t wanna embarrass herself in front of Pink she considers junior worker.

When Reagan didn’t react negatively to her touch, she exhaled out softly, happy that the worse didn’t happen.

Her big smiles returned to her face. She took her eyes to look at Pink who has been staring at what she is doing.

“Tell him you won’t be able to serve him right, tell him to allow me serve him instead” Veronica said to Pink. She didn’t have to say the words out, and just had to move her lips.

Pink read her lips, she understood what Veronica said but did as if she hadn’t seen her move her lips.

She took her

eyes away to another direction. The act annoyed Veronica to the bone.

She expected Pink to do exactly what she says, and expected Pink to bow to her, after confronting Pink the other day, she expected Pink to bend to her will.

When Reagan ended the call. Veronica stopped messaging him.

She walked back to her sit and sat.

“So, if you know you aren’t willing to spill it out, I’ll get going now” Reagan announced about to stand up.

“No! I’m ready now, I’ll say it” Veronica replied with smiles on her face.

That very day Reagan stepped into the club house and was about making a pick, she believed he was gonna pick her. No! Reagan has already told her the last time she pleasured him that she was gonna be the one he was gonna pick again if he was to come back to the country.

That was the very reason she stood at the front line but Pink had to spoil the whole shit by attracting his attention. Veronica serving him twice noticed the particular things he likes in a woman mostly. Firstly, he likes one that is really beautiful, smart, talented in what you are doing, not to bitchy, he probably also likes girls that smiles a lot but she isn’t sure of that one, all she knows is that he acts nice whenever she is always with smiles on her face, but above all, Reagan likes obedient people, probably because he is a prince. He likes his orders been carried out effectively, the way he wants it, he doesn’t entertain refusal of some sort and Pink has just managed to go against him.

Veronica turned to look at Pink with a scornful and pitiful look.

She isn’t smart at all, she doesn’t know how to cover her tail. She has seen her yesterday with one of their regular customer Mr Williamson, she has pleasured Mr Williamson countless times already, she knows his taste.

Well, about disobeying Reagan, she has also done it, but was smart enough not to return to the club the same day but three days later, she also disguised herself very well by changing her looks.

But Pink didn’t do any of those. Poor girl, she doesn’t understand a thing.

Mama Cassy is also after money. You need to have a way of also controlling things when it comes to mama Cassy. She is also another case,you can’t just refuse her without some really valid shit.

“Pink here, I saw her walking into a hotel room with one Mr Williamson. I heard that she promised him to always be at his service whenever he needed her, so she couldn’t refuse him, she went running to pleasure him yesterday” Veronica spills.

At the mention of ‘she went running to pleasure him yesterday’ Reagan’s eyes snapped to look at Pink who already got the thing Veronica was doing.

“She is still a novice, I bet she doesn’t know the rule here. What if…what if she contracted a…” Veronica pauses to look at Pink again.

“The man she went to pleasure doesn’t stay a day without having someone pleasure him, our club always ensures that all men that comes in and out are always clean. That is the very reason we are always clean too. But Mr Williamson goes to other sêx clubs too, lower rank to ours. He picks up random girl by the street, who knows what disease he is carrying inside of him? He might have passed it on to poor Pink and oh…. unknowingly might pass it unto you after tonight or….”

Reagan stood up on his feet, interrupting what Veronica was saying.

“Let’s go” he ordered Pink as he walked out from the room.

Fear suddenly gripped Pink at the tone and the eyes he used in looking at her.

Immediately Reagan disappeared out from the room Veronica broke out into a hilarious laughter.

“You should have agreed to let him go baby girl. Now, let’s see how he deals with you, it has never really happened before, I’m curious, what is he really gonna do to you” she laughed hard at the end.

“This has been your plan all along?” Pink asks getting angry at the way veronica was laughing at her problem.

“Yes baby girl. You should have just known your queen from the start, I told you right? But you still went ahead to prove stubborn.”

“You are no queen, you are just a desperate whore” Pink snaps at her.

Before you know it, Veronica was at her. She pushed Pink hard to the wall, Pink forcefully hit her head hard on the wall.

“You don’t tell me shit again baby girl. Now go to him and receive whatever punishment you ought to receive from him while I plan mine” Veronica smirks at the end before picking her purse. She walked out from the room with smiles on her face.

Pink winced in agony at the pain she felt at the back of her head.

She slowly steps out from the room, the pain driving her nut.

She saw Simon there and it looks as if he was waiting for her. He escorted her up to Reagan’s room without uttering a word.

Simon is just like a shadow. He never talks much. Only does what Reagan orders.

They got to Reagan’s door, Pink opened the door to see Reagan walking towards the door with a coat hanging on his arms.

“I…I can explain” Pink comported herself to say.

“Stay in and don’t leave” Reagan instructs as he made to walk pass her.

Pink touched him a bit, so she could at least plead now that the matter was hot.

But Reagan snapped.

His hand found her neck as he pushes her forcefully to the wall.

“Do not disobey me!” He sounded his warnings before letting her go.

He left the room afterwards but Pink already lost it, she felt blood oozing out from the back of her head, she touched the back of her head to see her hand soaked with her blood.

She gasped out as she falls to the floor.

With her blood everywhere on the wall and floor, she fainted.


Chapter 14


Writer’s POV
Simon drove Reagan back to the hotel very late that same day, they both walked into the hotel floor, very close to Reagan’s room. Simon recalled a very important thing he should let Reagan know.

He turned to him.

“My prince” he called with a gruffy voice.

“What is it?” Reagan answered not staring at him. It is obvious he is still upset from being disobeyed.

“It’s about her, it’s about that lady, Pink” Simon started.

“What is it again about her?” Reagan couldn’t help but show his displease.

“Um…I saw her younger brother today, I think she is really who you think she is” Simon reveals making Reagan stop walking.

He turned to look at Simon in a more careful way.

“How old is her brother?” Reagan asks.

“Well, I did some research. He is just a year younger that Pink. His name is Derek” Simon reveals.

Reagan after thinking on what he said for a while nodded at him. He turned towards the door and opened it.

The darkness of the room welcomed him. It made him wonder if Pink was still inside the room or has left against his order.

He walked into the room, reached for the switch and turned the lights on.

He looked towards the bed but found the bed empty. He sighed, rubbing his temples.

He made to walk in further but felt something sticky pulling his feet.

He looked down and flinched.

“What the fuck??” He gasped out in shock.

He squatted down slowly to touch Pink’s neck, scared that she might be dead.

Not that he is afraid of going to jail. There is no way he was gonna go to jail even if he kills her. His position can never allow that, well, he is probably scared of losing her without finding out the truth.

His hand slowly touched her neck, she was becoming really cold, but still has a weak pulse.

“Simon!” Reagan called once. He’s eyes wide at the amount of blood she has lost.

The door opened and simon got in.

The sight also shocked him but he didn’t flinch or anything.

“My prince?” Simon answered.

“Rush her to the nearest hospital, she still has a pulse. A weak one” Reagan instructs standing up and moving away from her.

Simon picked her up from the floor, blood has already soaked her hair and joined them together.

Simon took her down the hotel, to the car and to the nearest hospital.

She was taken into the operating room immediately.

Simon called Reagan to inform him that they have started operating on her.

Reagan breathed out in relief. Hoping she survives.

He went to the hotel CCTV operating room and demanded for footage, he wanted to confirm if he was the one really responsible for what happened or someone else had gone into his room to do that to Pink.

He got confirmed when he watched the video. No one went into his room.

It’s probably the time he had pushed her to the wall and she had hit her head on the wall.

He sighed again at the thought.

Becoming a murderer was another thing. His mother will get mad at him. His father might not say a thing, but he will also get really mad at him.

He walked back into his room to sit after calling for the cleaners.

The two cleaners that cleaned out Pink’s blood kept staring at him in fear as they cleaned the blood out.

One thing about being a prince, you can’t be seen doing a lot of things. Even if you have to do them, you have to cover your tracks.

Who knows what the two cleaners are gonna tell the world tomorrow?

Reagan received a phone call from Simon at 2.00am telling him that the operation was successful. Pink lost a lot of blood, more than a lot.

They had to transfuse a lot of blood into her.

“So, is she conscious now?” Reagan asked.

“No, my prince. The doctors said that she might wake up after a full day” simon replied him.

“Ok, stay there with her. I’ll try and come over late tomorrow” Reagan said.

“But…I need to stay with you, not her, who is gonna guard you? I’ve sent phillip home” Simon asks.

“I’m fine, just stay with her. Don’t forget to also phone that her brother, I wanna see him tomorrow’ Reagan breaths out into the phone.

“As you wish, my prince, I’ll do that” Simon bowed slightly even tho Reagan couldn’t see him.

The next day.

Derek prepared for school, he was about leaving with his friend when a call from an unknown number called.

“Hello?” Derek answers the call.

“Yes, I’m called Simon. Your sister, Amanda is in the hospital, you need to come….”

“Which hospital?” Derek interrupts him, his heart already beating fast.

He started running towards an oncoming cab.

“Hey, Derek? Where are you going to?” His friend asked.

“Go without me” Derek replied getting into the cab.

He got to the hospital and rushed to the reception stand, he was about making inquires about the whereabouts of his sister when he saw Simon. He immediately recognized him as the guy Pink left with yesterday.

He walked to him instead.

“Where is my sister?” Derek asked, furious.

“I’ll take you to her” Simon simply said. He walked simon to the VIP ward she was taken to.

Tears filled Derek eyes on seeing the condition of his sister from the outside. He made to go inside the ward but Simon stopped him.

“You aren’t allowed to go in unless the doctor says order wise” Simon said.

Derek freed himself forcefully from Simon’s hold.

“Don’t tell me what to do, okay? I’m sure you guys are responsible for this shit she is in right now” Derek fired angrily at him.

He made for the door handle, he was about turning it when he heard a voice speak from behind.

“My prince” Reagan called, surprised to see him at that hour.

Derek also looked at him.

“Who are you?” Derek asked, a mean look on his face.

“If the doctors instructs for her not to be disturbed, then, you have no right whatsoever to go against that order” Reagan says in a deep baritone voice.

“But, I’m her brother, her only relation. I have to go check on her” Derek object.

“No! You won’t be disobeying the doctor. You’ll wait until the doctor confirms that it is ok to get in to her” Reagan insist.

“Who the fuck are you to try to stop me anyways? Well, you can try to stop me if you please” Derek scoffed out his words in annoyance.

He made to go in but Simon held him.

“Shit!! Fück you all! You crazed bunch of lunatics” Derek gritted his teeth in fury.



TBC Pink

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