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The exclusive sex worker Episode. 15 & 16

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Chapter 15
[Exclusively His]



Writer’s POV
Derek kept tapping his feet on the floor repeatedly as he waited for the doctor. His eyes were fixed on Reagan. He continued glaring dangerously at him in annoyance, different ideas of things to do to him for preventing him from getting into his sister’s ward flowing like river inside his head.

He can’t simply understand why, the mean reason why he isn’t allowed in to see his own sister.

Soon the doctor showed up, accompanied by Simon. The doctor walked into Pink’s ward after greeting Reagan.

He checked Pink’s vitals and the others before coming out.

“Ok, you can go in since you are her brother. She might probably need you beside her, but, don’t make noise, don’t squeeze her hand tight too” the doctor instructs.

“Yes” Derek immediately agreed before rushing into the ward. He turned back to glare at Simon and Reagan, a victorious look on his face making him look so childish.

Reagan shook his head at Derek’s attitude.

“He is still a kid” he mumbled to himself.

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Simon glared back at Derek, he has been so angry at Derek for disrespecting Reagan. He wished that Reagan will allow it, for him to really teach Derek a lesson, but he also knows the prince.

Having been taken to the royal palace since he was fourteen to guard the prince, he has come to know how Reagan tread, he tread with caution. Doesn’t really enjoy attracting much attention to himself unlike most prince could do.

He turned to fully face Reagan when he was sure that Derek wasn’t listening to them.

“My prince” he called, bowing slightly to show his respect.

“Have you cleared the bill?” Reagan simply asked, his eyes fixed on Pink.

“Yes of course. I..I also got her DNA sample, I don’t know if you will need it” Simon says.

Reagan sighs. Something he likes doing when he is really tensed.

“Call Victor, tell him go search my room, inside a small white nylon, on the floor of my closet, he’ll find a comb inside the nylon, ask him to bring it down here, then match the hair from the comb and the DNA sample with you, that will do” Reagan instructs.

“On it” Simon obeys taking steps away from Reagan to make a call.

Reagan continued staring at both Derek and Pink, Pink in particular.

Are you guys who I think you are? AwHe thought.


Derek felt really weak watching his sister sleep all day without moving her body. He was scared, scared that she might really not wake up from her sleep.

The only thing that calmed him down a bit was the fact that they were still in the hospital and that the doctor has already confirmed that she is okay.

He was getting too tired of waiting. He needed a faster way of making her wake up.

He got up from the hospital bed to go look for a doctor and to make his complaint. He doesn’t like seeing his sister so quite.

In the process of looking for the doctor he bumped into Tessy.

He paused on seeing her, Tessy hasn’t seen him. She was looking all over, probably looking for someone or a ward.

Her eyes finally landed Derek after a long while. She breathed out in relief as she ran to him.

“How is she?” Tessy immediately asks.

“How do you know?” Derek answered her with a question.

“Well, someone was blabbering nonsense. I guess it’s true, I went to your apartment, found it locked and all” Tessy breathed out her reply.

“Where is she?” Tess asked again.

“I don’t know if she’ll like to see you once she wakes up, anyways I’ll take my chances since you are already here” Derek said.

“So, she isn’t even awake? She is still unconscious?” Tess asked.

“Follow me” Derek nodded to her, he started going back to Pink’s ward. He was glad that neither simon or Reagan was there. They had both disappeared.

He was really glad.

They got into Pink’s ward to see her turning and confusingly looking around.

“Sister” Derek called rushing towards her.

“Oh Derek, what the fuck happened?” Pink touched her head as she asked, she felt a lot of pain emitting from her head.

Derek took her hand away from her head, he held it instead.

“Oh sister, you don’t know how scared I was. I should be asking you what happened. Who did this to you? How did you end up like this?_ Derek says and asks.

Pink winched in pain.

“I think you should go alert the doctor since she is just waking up” Tess said to Derek from behind.

“Oh yeah. That’s true” Derek replies letting go of Pink’s hands. He rushed out of the ward afterwards.

Tess took that chance to sit with Pink on the bed.

“I warned you, didn’t I? I told you not to attend to other men while you are still on the prince. Now look at where you have landed” Tess said in a scolding tone.

Pink remained quite as she tried understanding her words properly.

“When Veronica started spitting out those words, I thought she was only kidding at first, then I later realized she was saying the truth after I called you numerous times and you didn’t pick. I even went to your apartment to check up on you but you weren’t there. I learnt of the hotel Reagan louged into, I was about coming in to search the hotel rooms for you when I heard some set of cleaners whispering about how much blood they cleaned, they were saying someone killed another here last night, I was really scared for you then I decided to come to the nearest hospital to search for you, I told myself that if I don’t find you here, I’ll move on to the next hospital and the next till I find you. I felt so relieved seeing Derek during my first search” Tess explained.

“How do you feel? Where does it hurt?” Tess asked as she tried to touch Pink’s head.

Pink winched out in pain and Tess quickly withdrew her hand.

“I’m sorry, your head seems to be the only place hurt here. Were you hit with a bottle or something?” Tess asked again, curious laced in her voice.

The door opened and Derek came in with a doctor and a nurse.

“You two should excuse us” the doctor instructs Derek and Tessy.

Both stepped outside.

“Hey, do you know what happened to her? Who did this to her? Was it that Simon or what was his name again?” Derek ranked his brain to think.

“The prince was here?” Tess asked when she heard his guard’s name.

“What Prince? Is it that arrogant peacock? No, he is no prince. Those two guys are only bunch of lunatics…”

“Hey! Shut it! You shouldn’t say those words. He is not a fake ok? He is a real prince. So he was here or was it just his personal guard?” Tess asked again for confirmation.

“Well, those two dudes were here” Derek folded his arms.

“But, you haven’t answered my question. Who did this to her? Were they the ones? I saw Pink leaving with that Simon guy yesterday, he should be the one to be blamed” Derek concluded.

“Well, I think the prince is really responsible, but, I am not sure” Tess whispered to Derek.

Derek rolled his eyes at Tess.

“Why are you so scared of him?” He frowned. He lifted his eyes when he heard approaching footsteps.

He saw Simon coming back.

Derek walked to meet him midway.

“Listen, you guys aren’t allowed anywhere near my sister again ok? She isn’t gonna work at that foolish club anymore” Derek rasped at him.

Simon exhaled out.

Chapter 16

(The one)
Writer’s POV
Derek patted Pink’s hair as she slept, they have gone back to their apartment. Pink requested that she should be taken home, she doesn’t like the small of hospital at all and Derek understood.

He was told by the hospital that Pink’s bill has been cleared out and he immediately realize who did it. It must be that prince.

He had scoffed at Simon’s words yesterday, but, after learning that the prince cleared Pink’s bill, he decided to go and inquire why he paid her bills even after putting her in that condition, according to what he learnt from Tess. The prince is responsible for Pink’s current condition.
Derek slowly stood up from the bed, Pink was still on drip and bandage. He left her room without making much sound, he went to his room to bath deciding that he is gonna move back to the apartment. After what happened, he can’t afford leaving apart from her.

He took his bath, clothed himself in fresh dressed, then went into the kitchen to cook. He has a list of the meal the hospital recommended for Pink and they are all vegetables, he is gonna try making that. He is not an expert when it comes to cooking but he is not bad either.
He was trying to turn on the electric cooker when the door bell rang. He left what he was doing, went to the door to see Tess there.

“Hey” she waved at him before bringing herself in.
“Hey” Derek drew his reply as he closed the door to face her.
“How is she?” Tess asked, her eyes running over his whole body.
“Well, she’s holding up quit well” Derek shrugged with his reply, almost asking her what she was doing here but held himself.
“Let me see her” Tess said in a hushed tone, without a reply from Derek, she went straight to the other room she supposed was Pink’s and saw her there.
She stared at her for some minutes before walking back to look for Derek. She met Derek in the kitchen still trying to turn on the electric cooker.
“What are you doing?” Tess chuckled from the behind on seeing the apron tied around him. Derek titled his head to look at her.
“Trying to cook something” Derek stressed the word ‘cook.’
Tess chuckled again.
“Hey, what’s funny?” Derek turned fully to face her.
“You don’t know how to turn that on, do you?” Tess asked in a teasing way.
“Well, I’m tryna learn here” came Derek’s answer.
“Let me help, I’m here to help anyways” Tess pulled him back. She untied the apron from his body, she tied it around her own body.

“What are you trying to make?” She asked moving forward to turn on the cooker. Derek stepped back to allow her do it.

“Well, some vegetarian food you know. Pink hates such so aside those kind of meal, I wanna try adding something sweet. Like pan cakes with jam and all, so she could be able to eat it. I’m afraid she won’t even open her eyes when she learns she’s about to eat vegetables.”
Tess chuckled at his words looking at the ingredients placed on the kitchen cabinet.
“Ok, let’s stay, shall we?” Tess joined her palms together to say, a smile lingering on her cheeks. Happy that Derek and Tess were now getting comfortable with her again, even more than before. She couldn’t have asked for more.

Different dishes were placed on a tray, Derek covered each meal properly before carrying them to Pink’s room. He meet her still sleeping, he touched her hair, he patted it down slightly in an effort to wake her up. It didn’t take long before Pink’s eyes slid open. Everywhere was blur at first, before she finally recognized her environment and Derek who was sitting with her.

Derek took an extra pillow, he supported her up with the pillow.
“I brought your meal sis. You should never miss a meal, so says the doctor” Derek cooed grabbing hold of the milk inside a glass cup.
“Have this” Derek offered her. Pink collected the glass from him, before mumbling a ‘thanks.’
“How long have I been asleep?” Pink asks.
“Since we got back yesterday, you have been asleep. But, it’s cute anyways, I’ve never watched you sleep before. This is my first” Derek replies as he brought other dishes forward to her.
Derek took back the remaining meals to the kitchen, as predicted Pink didn’t eat much.
“She didn’t finish em?” Tess asked, showing up from behind.
“She didn’t. I wasn’t expecting her to anyways. Her face was all crumpled up while eating, she only smiled biting on the pan cakes. Anyways what time is it?” Derek asks.
“I think it’s almost 4:00pm, I’m not sure tho” Tess replied bringing out her cellphone from her pocket.
“Yeah, it’s five minutes before 4:00pm on the dot” Tess showed her cell to him. His eyes widened.
“Oh fuck! How time flies?” He exclaimed running into his room to look for a proper shirt to put on.
He was still inside his room when he heard the door bell, he rushed out, and ran pass Tess who was heading for the door. He opened it and there was Simon, exactly at 4:00pm.
“Are you ready?” Simon asks going straight to the point. Tess tried looking above Derek’s shoulders to see who he was speaking with.
“Yeah, just give me five sec” Derek answered before shutting the door.
“Hey, can you stay with my sister for a while? I don’t want her to be alone, in case she needs something” Derek asks.
“Of course” Tess smiled at him. Derek walked straight to Pink’s room to find her already asleep again. Seems the medication is working fine on her.
He walked back to meet Tess at the corridor, close to the door.
“Who is that outside?” Tess couldn’t help but ask.
“It’s that guy from the hospital yesterday” Derek replied her. He held the door handle to open it but paused on realizing what Tess was doing. She kissed him on his cheek.
“Bye” she waved at him. Turned and went into the sitting room before he could say a word. He shrugged it off after a while before joining the waiting simon outside.

Simon took him to meet Reagan at the VIP restaurant section of the hotel. The same place he met with veronica and Pink previously.
They both entered the VIP room to find Reagan standing and was staring intensely at white designed walls as it observing something. When he noticed Derek’s presence, he went to sit down on his sit.
Derek, sat facing him on the round table.
“I treat my guest specially, so I’ll ask you. What will you like to order? Or better still, will you like to order something?” Reagan asks.
“No, thanks. I’m not here for some friendly visit” Derek refused him.
“Call the waiter, tell him to bring the tray in” Reagan beckoned on Simon.
Simon nodded before leaving. He came back with a waiter who served them drinks.
“Well you’ll love it. It’s not a strong wine” Reagan beckoned on Derek.
Derek didn’t resist the urge to taste the wine, it looks so good, so he picked up the wine glass and took a sip from it.
Reagan smiled on seeing him sip from the wine. He brought out a picture from his side, he placed it on the table, then beckoned on Derek to look at it.

Derek picked the picture up to stare at it.
“Do you know that person in that picture?” Reagan asks.
A frown appeared on Derek’s face.

“Of course, it’s me in the picture. Wait, how did you get hold of this picture?” Derek asked confusion written all over his face.

Reagan only smiled in satisfaction.
They are the ones, the thought kept ringing inside his head.
TBC Derek

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“The prince request your presence. You can also lay out your complains to him there. He expect to see you by 4:00pm tomorrow. I’ll come pick you up at your apartment, no delays” Simon simply passed on the message before turning and leaving the hospital.


TBC Pink

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