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August 1, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The exclusive sex worker Episode 10 to 12

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Chapter 10

Written and owned by; Blessing D Writes.



Writer’s POV
Pink watched as Reagan took a pack of cigarettes, lit one, then started walking out, to the corridor she doesn’t know exit.

Immediately he was out, she rushed into the bathroom, had her bath, then put on her dress.

She came out from the bathroom, dresses her hair then made sure she was okay to leave. But she had one fear in her, will he allow her leave?

She doesn’t know but she wanted to leave there. She can always come back once he request for her.

She started approaching the corridor, she felt wind blow her hair up as she got closer to him.

Her hand slowly opened the glass doors there, she stepped out to him.

He turned slightly to look at her, the smell of the cigarette rushing into her nose.

She titled her head back immediately at the smell.

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“I..I.. I’m I allowed to leave because I wanna leave right now?” Pink managed to ask him through her nose.

Reagan’s brows thinned together and a slight frown appeared on his face.

“What is wrong with you?” He asked.

“ just don’t fancy the smell of cigarettes a lot” she replied again through her nose.

“Go tell Simon you wanna leave. Let him take you there, take note of where you are staying” he spoke.

“Ok, thanks” Pink thanked. She wasn’t really expecting he’d let her go.

She left the corridor to the room, she grabbed her small bag, then walked to the door. She unlocked the door then got out to see the Simon he was referring to.

“Um..your boss said you should….” Pink was still saying when he interrupts her.

“Let’s go.”

He beckoned on her to move ahead, she did after shrugging her shoulders.

Does he know what I wanna say? Pink wondered as they both got into the elevator there. It took them down.

Simon stepped out first when the elevator opened, Pink followed him to the garage where they got into the black Bentley car which had brought her there.

Throughout the ride to Pink’s house, no word was uttered between them.

Pink wondered if Simon already knows her house.

She got answered when he pulled up in front of her apartment building.

“Ok” slipped from Pink’s lips as she opened the door then got down.

She got down from the car and was about leaving when Simon called her back.

“Pink right?” Simon asked.

“Yes” Pink replied fixing her hair to the back of her ear.

“Ok,so from what I have here, you live at the fourth floor, second door right?” He asked.

Pink kept staring at him as he kept going.

“Throughout your stay with the prince, you should never go back to work at Cassy’s club. Keep your ear at alert, I might call or come pick you up even at 4:00am in the morning” he says.

Pink was surprised.

Even 4 in the morning? She thought but didn’t ask out.

“And…” he drew his word.

“One good advise I’ll give you is not to anger the prince. Don’t do foolish things not required of you, stick to his rules and not your club rules. If you anger him then get ready to face his anger for the rest of your life” Simon added.

Rest of my life? Pink thought.

“But, what does all those…” Pink wanted to ask but Simon already started the car, he revised then left.

Pink stood stranded staring at the fast moving car.

Do not anger him?
Rest of my life? Pink thought.

“You should at least dress more decently sis” Pink heard from behind. She immediately turned to see Derek standing steps away from her.

She got surprised and happy at the same time.

“Derek” she called, happyily.

“Are you back?” She asked.

“I just came to spend this Sunday with you since you always claimed you were lonely” Derek replied.

Pink wasn’t entirely happy at the answer she got, she was hoping that he came back for real.

She started walking towards him.

When she got to him, she stopped.

“When are you going to really stop this? I hate imagining the fact that you actually work as a slüt. You should really stop it” Derek mumbled to her.

“Derek, we have talked about this already. Please don’t go back” she pleaded.

“Do you enjoy it? Spreading your legs on the bed, to literally every guy that asks for sêx. You enjoy it right? Is that why you don’t wanna consider my advice,so we can live this place?” Derek asked.

The question annoyed Pink.

“Derek stop! I don’t wanna hear such words from you” she snapped at him. She left him there, entered into the building and went up to their apartment. She unlocked the door with the pin before entering.

She went straight to her room after that, she undressed herself totally. Went into the bathroom to take a 5 secs bath.

She came out after that, then left for the kitchen to prepare breakfast and lunch at the same time.

She was at the kitchen arranging the items needed in preparing bacon when she heard the door open.

She didn’t bothered as to who was at the door, knowing it could only be Derek.

It didn’t take long before she heard Derek’s voice behind her.

“Sis” he called, but softly this time. Pink continued doing what she was doing, she didn’t bother to look at him because she doesn’t want another round of argument with him.

Soon, she felt a hand touch her.

“I’m sorry. Your new job isn’t just settling down with me at all” Derek cooed.

Pink then turned to look at him.

“It’s ok, I understand. You are concerned because we only gat each other, it’s ok not to feel okay with my new job” Pink said in reply to him.

They hugged for some few seconds before Derek decided to assist her in cooking.

They talked about lots of things while they cooked together.

When they finally sat down at the dinning to eat, the door bell range.

Derek, stood up, he went to answer it.

Pink kept waiting to know who the visitor was. She nearly puke out her meal when she saw Tessy.

She stood up immediately.

“What are you doing here you devilish creature? Derek,why did you let her in?” Pink asked at the same time.

“She begged to see you” Derek replied her.

Pink turned to glare at Tess.

“Get out! Get out now!” Pink screamed at Tess.

“Um.. Pink please I just wanna apologize to you please. I mean no harm”Tess pleaded.

“No, I don’t need an apology from your dirty mouth” Pink refused.

She started dragging Tess out but Tess doesn’t wanna move.

“Please Pink, I beg you to listen to me. I know what I did was wrong but I only did that because I like you brother, please Pink” Tess continued pleading but Pink wasn’t hearing any of it.

She continued dragging Tess out until they got to the door.

Tess went to the back of the door and stayed there.

“Pink, I’m not your enemy here. You have to listen to me, Pink please” Tess kept pleading to her but Pink already decided never to trust her again.

“Hey sis, hear her out at least. You are over doing things” Derek suddenly said in support of Tess.

“No! She is a snake, I hate her” Pink refused.

“Hear her out first. I can’t believe you wanna be a lawyer with this behavior” Derek.

Pink finally calmed down. She folded her hands beneath her chest, glaring at Tess to go ahead with whatever she wanted to say.

“Pink, I really like you as a friend. That’s my honest truth. I’ve been looking for a way to become friends with you ever since you and your brother moved into this building. That day, I came here with the intent of becoming your friend but then met your brother here. I didn’t know what came over me, I started feeling weird, I thought it was just sexual attraction, I thought that if I had sêx with him then…then I’ll stop feeling this way about him, he is a year younger than I am anyways. That’s why I planned that when I saw the opportunity, I didn’t mean to hurt you. But since that night I..I finally got him drunk and had him all to myself, I’ve never stopped thinking about him. And I feel so bad for what I did to you too, I feel bad because I was originally trying to get close to you and not your brother but I screwed it up. I am really sorry, please just forgive me, I promise I’ll abide by your rules. I will never betray you again, I truly want to be friends with you” Pink pleaded.


Chapter 11

(Another customer)


Writer’s POV
Pink kept staring at Tess, indecision clearly written on her face.

She doesn’t know if she is to believe Tess or not, but Tess’s performance seems appealing.

“I’ll think about it, just give me some time” Pink muttered still holding the door handle for Tess to go out.

Tess hesitated for a while, her eyes flickering to Derek’s.

She gulped, before stepping out of the apartment. Pink shut the door immediately, she walked back to the dinning.

She sat with her hands palming her forehead.

Derek sat facing her.

“What was that Derek? Are you supporting her?” Pink lifted her head to ask him.

“Supporting her? Hell no! You are just over reacting. She apologized, didn’t she?” Derek asks.

“So, you have forgiven her?” Pink asks back.

“It’s not that hard, beside she has explained herself. I just let go of it, she got me because of you anyways” Derek mumbled the last part.

“That is the very reason I don’t want her around. I’m afraid she’ll continue bringing up ideas and plans on ways to have sêx with you” Pink said, her voice coming out hard.

“Oh really? You don’t want her having sêx with me right? You are concerned. That exact feeling is what I feel about you, mine is worst because you will continue having sêx with different men you know nothing of! I feel terrible thinking and imagining it” Derek retorted.

Pink snapped her mouth closed.

A question lingering on her lips.

“Did you enjoy sêx with her?” She finally asks.

“Nope, how am I supposed to know when I don’t even remember? I told you I couldn’t handle myself that night, she took me to a bar, I got drunk. That was the last thing I remember, then when I opened my eyes again, I found myself lying naked beside her on her bed, in her room. She was equally naked, that was it” Derek explained.

Pink gulped down nothing, her feet tapping the floor repeatedly.

“So, you don’t feel guilty that you cheated on celine? That she made you cheat on her?” Pink asks.

“Celine broke up with me the following day. Obviously, her friend who worked at the bar Tess took me to, called her and narrated everything to her. She even took a picture of us, she sent it to her and that was how celine broke up with me” Derek narrated.

“Oh! I’m so sorry, Derek. I didn’t even know that happened” Pink apologized.

“It’s ok. I’ve gotten over it already, you are the one I think about this days. Thoughts on how to convince you to leave that dirty job, I obviously love you more than any girlfriend, so I didn’t give the breakup much thoughts” Derek responded.

“But, you use to like her tho. Why sounding like this now?” Pink asks, ignoring his other words.

“Well, like I said. I guess I love you more than any girlfriend” Derek munched on his food as he replied.

“So, will you forgive her?” He asks, referring to Tess.

“I guess so. But, I won’t let her get so close anymore” Pink replies. Derek nods.

Derek left after some hours to his friend’s house to continue staying, leaving Pink all alone.

Pink left alone, did her school assignment. Before showering and going to bed again.

The next day, she jumped out of bed, had her bath before rushing to the roadside to grab a cab. She did and the cab took her to the college.

She saw Tess a few times in school but ignored her. She hasn’t made up her mind fully to forgive her.

Immediately after closing hours, she got a call from Mama Cassy. Mama Cassy asked for to come over to the club house quickly.

Pink hesitated but still heeded to Mama Cassy instructions.

After rushing home and changing into a causal outfit of sweatpant and sweatshirt left for the club.

She got there and immediately asked for Mama Cassy, she wanted to use the avenue to also inform Mama Cassy what Mr Reagan has asked of her, not to run to other men.

When she stepped into the office of Mama Cassy, she saw a lady on suite talking with her.

“Pink?” Mama Cassy called sounding relieved to see her.

“She is the one” Mama Cassy looked at her then said.

The lady stood up then turned to the confused looking Pink. “My boss has requested for your service, please come with me” the lady announces then started stepping out.

Pink kept looking at the lady and at Mama Cassy. She finally turned to Mama to inquire who she really was.

“This is Mr Williamson’s female guard, he asked for your service. Just for tonight” Mama Cassy’s reveals.

“Oh no! You know I can’t follow her ma’am I…”

“I know, I know Mr Reagan will want you to remain for him throughout but the girls don’t follow his rules entirely. I heard you personally told Mr Williamson that he could ask for you whenever he wanted” Mama Cassy’s cut her off.

Pink’s mouth clasped shut.

Indeed, she has promised Mr Williamson that he could ask for her whenever he wanted but damn! She didn’t know the future, she doesn’t know that she will get hooked up with another customer, Mr Reagan.

“But…” Pink tried saying.

“Others have done it, they do it secretly behind Mr Reagan’s back. He is too busy to watch you dear, so don’t worry. Just follow her, get back with a whole lot of money” Mama pushed her out slightly.

Pink’s mouth remained closed as she followed the lady dressed elegantly out.

They got to the front of the bar. The lady showed Pink to a white honda there. Pink waited as the lady opened the back side for her, Pink got in.

The driver kick starts the car and soon Pink found herself in front of a gigantic hotel. Thankfully, it was a different hotel from the one Reagan took her to.

The lady took Pink up to where Mr Williamson is waiting for her.

Looking at the middle aged man, he looks like he is married. Even the ring on his finger clearly shows that he is married.

Married men are the ones that mostly patronize them anyways.

She got into his hotel room to see Mr Williamson half naked. A towel was covering his lower body and that was it.

“Hello my sweet baby Pink. You look even more sweet in the day. Maybe I should just make you my sugar baby, what do you think about that?” The man asked walking towards her.

“Good afternoon, sir” Pink smiled, not like she mean it.

The man got to her. He grabbed her by her waist, one of his hand sneaked into her butt. He rubbed her butt gently.

“I suddenly like your tight pûssy, most of the slut I fück, their hoes are always so big. I must say that I’m mesmerized by you, I think I should really keep you to myself. You won’t have to worry about money, I can give you any amount you want at any fuckïng time, so what do you say my sweet?” The man asks kissing her neck.

Pink shrugged in an attempt to push him off. She can’t afford getting a hickey, Mr Reagan will surely find out she went to pleasure another man once he sees it.

“Um sir” Pink drew her reply.

“Can we get down to business now? We can talk about that later?” Pink requested.

Mr Williamson smiled bringing out his head from her neck.

“Yes my sweet baby, Pink, let’s get down to business, shall we?”


Chapter 12



Writer’s POV
Pink stepped out from Mr Williamson hotel room, wads of dollars accompanying her out.

She got to the road side, boarded a cab which took her to the Mama Cassy’s bar.

She gave the money to Mama Cassy before leaving the clubhouse, she got outside to see Tess’s car parked there and it looks as if she was waiting for Pink.

Pink saw her car but did as if she didn’t see it, she wanted to walk pass her car to board a cab but Tess came down from her car to personally call her.

“What?” Pink turned to ask, tiredness clearly evident in her tone.

“I…let me drive you back to the building” Tess offered.

“I thought you were going inside, aren’t you joining them?” Pink asked folding her arms beneath her breast.

“No, I can’t for now. On till I’m perfectly ok” Tess replied touching her head.

Pink’s eyes followed Tess’s hand to see a small plaster glued to her head.

As if I care, Pink thought rolling her eyes inwardly.

“Ok” Pink says walking towards her car.

She opened the passengers door, got in before closing the door.

Tess got into the driver’s side, started the car before driving out to the road side.

*Few minutes later, on their way*

“So, how is it going with the prince?” Tess turns to Pink to strike up a conversation.

Pink hesitated for a bit before turning to also look at Tess.

“Why is he called a prince?” She asks instead.

“Don’t you know him? Don’t tell me you haven’t heard about him before?” Tess asked.

“Well, I haven’t. Who is he?” Asks Pink.

“He is the son of Thailand’s current ruler, his last son” Tess explains.

Pink’s brows thinned together.

“Really?” She asked in doubt.

“You have your phone there with you. You can goggle it” replies Tess.

“Woah! No wonder he looked a bit familiar although I don’t really know much about Thailand shit” Pink gasped.

“Yes! That is why I said that you are so lucky you got picked by him. How is it going with him? Hope you are following all his orders?” Tess tilts her head a bit to ask.

“Yeah. Yeah” Pink shrugged as she replied.

“Because I heard he doesn’t like sharing, during that period you are with him. You should never go to another man, I don’t know the main reason behind that rule of his but it’s actually good” Tess explains further.

Pink stays lost in thought.

Oh fück! He is a prince! My goodness! I hope I don’t get called again till he is finally done with me. It might turn out bad if he finds out that I disobey his rule.

“Pink??” Pink heard Tess’s loud voice. She snaps her head towards Tess.

“Yeah?” She answers.

“Why? You served another, didn’t you?” Asks Tess.

Pink noticed that Tess has stopped driving. She looked around to see that they were already in front of the building where they live.

“No, I didn’t” Pink replied bluntly before opening the door of the car.

“Thanks for the ride” she added before walking into the building.

She went up to her apartment, enters inside to see Derek inside.

“Derek? You are here” Pink exclaims.

“Yeah. Came to take one of my textbooks, our final exams are close by, I need it to study” replies Derek walking towards her.

“Oh! I thought you came back for good. Why don’t you stay here and study? You can go back to your friend’s house afterwards. That’s if I still make you feel discomfort” reasoned Pink.

“You don’t make me feel any discomfort sis” Derek says then paused. He kissed her on her cheek.

“I love you” he added before leaving the apartment with a textbook.

He got into the elevator which took him down. It opened minutes later, he made to step out but his eyes ran into Tess’s eyes who was trying to get into the elevator.

They stared at each other for five seconds before Derek took his eyes away, he stepped out from the elevator, he made to leave but Tess stopped him.

“Derek” she called.

Derek turned to look at her, he cocked his brows together in response expecting her to say whatever she wanted to say.

“Thank you” Tess thanked.

“Thank you for supporting me when your sister tried kicking me out of your apartment, thanks” she thanked again.

Derek nodded once at her before leaving the building.

*Next day*

Pink heard a knock at her door.

She went to open it to see Reagan’s personal guard.

“Hi…hi” she stuttered, not expecting to see him. She has been expecting Derek ever since Derek called her and told her he was coming over.

“He sends for you” Simon said.

Pink touched her hair nervously, she is in the middle of baking some pastries.

“Um…ok, ok. I’ll be right out with you, just give me 10 minutes” she said before running into her room.

She washed her face, hands, lossened her hair to fall on her shoulder. She grabs a gold coloured gown, grabs her small purse, a black sandals to match, put them on before running out to see Simon still standing outside her apartment waiting patiently.

She locks the door then turned to him.

“Let’s go” she saids.

Simon beckoned on her to go first, she walked into the elevator followed by Simon. The elevator landed, dinged open.

Pink stepped out again, followed by Simon. They take few steps away from the elevator before Pink sighted Derek.

Derek who was walking towards the elevator stopped on seeing his sister with a man.

Pink turned to Simon immediately.

“Please give me a second” she pleads with him before walking to Derek who kept his gaze on Simon.

“Who is he? Has your clients started following you home now?” Derek asks, displeased.

“No, no! It’s not what you think. He is not my client or whatever you call it. He is just taking me to…to the person who…”

“To your client, woah! Congrats, he got a big vehicle you know” Derek said sarcastically.

“Derek. You aren’t supposed to see him, I’m sorry for that. I need to go now” Pink waved at Derek before walking to meet Simon who was waiting for her.

They both got into the car Simon came with.

About an hour later.

Simon pulled up in that same hotel of last time.

Simon leads her to the VIP restaurant section of the hotel.

The door of the restaurant opened revealing Reagan, he was sitting and talking with a lady.

At a more careful observation, Pink recognized the lady to be Veronica.



TBC Pink

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