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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The exclusive sex worker Episode 8 & 9

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Chapter 8
[Exclusively His]

Strictly for matured minds 18+



(Oral sêx)

Writer’s POV
Immediately, he turned back and started leaving the clubhouse.

Pink stood there not willing to move an inch. Most of the girls there turned to look at her, some felt disappointed,some just glared hard at her.

Pink saw Veronica angrily storming out, back to the makeup room.

“You should go” a familiar voice said from behind. Pink recognized the voice to be that of Tess’s.

“You are lucky you got picked by him. That prince is a rare gem, a lot of the girls here joined the club just for him, just to see if they could have a chance with him. You are really lucky, I repeat” Tess kept saying.

Pink angrily turned to look at her.

“Back off, Tess” Pink said through gritted teeth.

“You are not my friend anymore. Know your place” Pink added before walking to Mama Cassy who has been waving to her.

“Ok Pink. What are you doing here? Mr Reagan shouldn’t be delayed. Go, go” Mama Cassy beckoned on her.

“But…but, I don’t want to…I” Pink stuttered in refusal.

“You have to, you made him notice you” mama Cassy insisted.

“That man can’t be refused,the money you’ll get paid will make your give in.”

‘How much money?” Pink asked.

“Well, he

is going to pay you himself. After he is probably done, satisfied with you” Mama Cassy added pushing her to the entrance.

Pink started leaving the club, heading outside to where Mr Reagan is. She got outside the bar to see a black Bentley there, she figured out that he is the one that owns the car.

She walked to the car then knocked on the window. The window rolled down, but it revealed a different person inside, not Mr Reagan.

“Get in, he asked for you to be brought to him” the man who looked very much like a bodyguard said.

Pink walked to the other side of the car, she went in.

The driver started the car, minutes later Pink found herself in front of a big hotel.

One of the best hotels around, only the wealthy people can afford to lounge in there.

The car parked in the garage. Pink opened the door and stepped down.

The guard led her into the hotel, to a VIP room.

When she got into the room, she found Mr Reagan sited by a corner – eating.

Pink took a deep breath before she started approaching his table.

She got to him, then stood facing him. She watched him as he eat silently, he didn’t really spare her a glance.

She also used the opportunity to examine his looks.

The room was brighter, making it possible for her to see what he really looks like.

After a careful examination, she realized that she has seen him somewhere before but wasn’t sure.

He has an oval shaped

face, a peer of brown eyes. His hair flopped over to his face, covering part of his eyes. It gave him a dangerous look.

She also noticed his skin colour, his skin colour is very white, it looks soft.

Maybe he gets a regular skin treatment, Pink thought to herself.

“Sit” his baritone voice came again.

Pink pulled out a chair then sat down.

“What do you wanna eat?” He asked.

“I..I am not hungry, sir” Pink replied him. Reagan lifted his eyes from his own meal to look at her after her response.

The look on his eyes showed.

*Don’t you dare refuse me. No one does that!*

“I’ll just go with anything” Pink quickly corrected herself.

Reagan took his eyes back to his meal, he continued eating.

“Anything? Like chairs? A telephone or…?” He took his eyes to her again.

Pink felt stupid replying with just anything, he is making her feel stupid.

“Um…beef stew” Pink said.

“Simon” Reagan called immediately. His voice not really loud.

The door opened and the person standing outside the door came in.

“Yes” he answered.

Reagan used his eyes to talk to the guard – Simon.

“Miss, what would you like to take?” The guy asked Pink.

“Just beef stew” Pink said.

“Ok” the Simon guy said before leaving the room.

A waitress came in this time pushing in a cart of different meals.

Pink wondered who was gonna eat all the meals being brought, her questions got answered when the waitress started placing the plates on her own side of the table.

They were different types of meal.

Pink wanted to protest but held herself.

The waitress left after a while, Pink started eating from the plates of delicious meal there. All of them tested so delicious that she forgot she was in front of a customer.

“I like treating my workers nicely” Reagan’s voice suddenly said. It made Pink stop eating, she took her eyes to him, to see him staring at her.

And oh! His eyes is kinda small. Like that of a baby.

“So, that they can also give me the best treatment I deserve. I also like knowing them personally. What is your name?” He asked with his hands joined together, placed on the table.

Pink swallowed the meat inside her mouth. Then blinked before replying.

“My name is Pink” she said.

“What is your real name lady?” He asked again, not really believing her name to be Pink.

Pink stared at him for a while.

“I…I just told you my name sir” she said.

Reagan kept staring at her, as if waiting for her to correct herself.

“My name is Amanda Scott” she finally gave in to him.

Reagan relaxed a bit, folded his arms, his brows raised.

“Continue” he said.

Pink realizing that he wanted an introduction began.

“I am still a student, 21 year old. I..I am studying law…” she was still introducing herself but stopped when she heard him scoff.

“A sêx worker studying law?” He asked but it wasn’t really a question. Pink could see that he was being sarcastic.

Like someone who studies the law but valuate it.

Again, he’s words made her feel stupid.

He stared at her to continue but she remained muted.

“If that is all, then you can finish up your meal” he says after a while.

“I’m ok now, thanks” Pink cooed, the stupid feeling in her not washing away.

He stood up and started walking towards a room, it looked like a closet.

“Your medical condition?” He asked.

“I’m perfect” Pink replied.

“So, I’ll be needing your services for a week or so. I need all the satisfaction I can get” Reagan said, he turned to look at her expression.

He took his eyes back to the closet after seeing that she was paying attention to him.

“We’ll be starting with oral sêx” he added.

Pink gulped on hearing that. She has learnt it but she hasn’t really done it before. He’ll be her first.

Chapter 9


(Pleasuring him)

Writer’s POV
Pink watched as Reagan found his way to the bathroom built inside the room.

She gulped down the saliva that formed in her mouth. She is going to be taking him with her mouth, pleasuring him with her mouth.

She drank up the water there, then stood up. Her palms started getting sweaty.

Looks like she hasn’t really gotten used to used to her job as a sêx worker.

She walked slowly to the bed then sat down, waiting for him to finally come.

She doesn’t really know how things work around him. Mama Cassy had said that he has a different pattern.

After the long wait, the bathroom door opened. He walked out only on short, a white towel with him in which he used in dabbing the water from his hair.

He walked straight to the closet, took out a shirt then put it on, he literally started dressing up.

It made Pink curious, was he not serious when he said that she was gonna start with oral sêx?

She stayed muted, she kept watching him dress up.

When he was fully dressed up, he made for the door without a word to her.

He got to the door, he turned the door knob and was about to walk out when Pink spoke up.

“Are you going somewhere?” She asks.

“Just stay there” he’s baritone voice replied her. He opened the door then went out.

It didn’t take up to five minutes, the door opened. A waiter came in to pack up the dishes and the remaining meal.

Pink laid on the bed, her eyes fixed on the ceiling. The thought on how to get her brother back to the apartment filled her head.

According to Derek, the only way he can return is if she stops being a sêx worker, it’s not so possible.

What way? She kept thinking, she didn’t realize when sleep took her.

She only opened her eyes after lots of hours passed.

She sat up on the door, her eyes running round the hotel room. Her eyes finally settled on Reagan.

He was sitting and on the sofa handing his phone.

She must have made some sound because Reagan looked her way immediately.

He took his eyes back to his phone like he hadn’t noticed her.

She stood up from the bed, walked towards her small bag, opened it then brought out her phone to check the time.

Her eyes widened immediately.

“9:00am??” She gasped out.

“Looks like you are a heavy sleeper. You disappointed me yesterday, are you like that to your other customers?” Asks Reagan.

She dropped her phone back into her small bag.

“I’m…I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. I must have overslept I…”

“Of course you overslept. I should be reporting that to Cassy” interrupts Reagan.

Pink swallows nothing.

“I..I’m really sorry, if there is anything I can do to lessen your anger. I’ll do it, but please don’t report me” Pink pleaded.

Reagan lowered his phone.

“Go take your bath” he orders.

“Yes..yes sir” Pink stuttered helplessly, she turns and ran into the bathroom there.

She leans her head on the wall, knocked herself repeatedly.

Mama Cassy will surely get annoyed with her if Reagan tells on her.

Damn! How could I have slept off? I wasn’t taught that, I pray he doesn’t tell on me, Pink scolded herself.

Pink had her bath. After bathing, she found a towel that looked unused there. She grabs it and wrap herself with it before stepping out from the bathroom.

I am only gonna be putting on my dress after I’m done doing what he wants, Pink thought.

She came out to see Reagan sited comfortably on the bed, waiting for her.

He was half naked meaning that he wanted them to go down to business.

Pink walked up to him.

‘Go on’ his eyes said to her.

Pink squatted slowly in between his both legs.

She wondered if she was the one to take off his shorts or he’ll do it himself.

When he kept mute, remained still. She concluded that he wanted or expected her to take off his shorts.

So, with shaky hands. She made for his shorts.

She made to pull it down but it seems impossible, she looked at him with pleading eyes.

He adjusted on the bed, giving Pink the opportunity to slowly bring down the short down to his thigh.

His coçk shot out, she resisted the urge to look up at him again.

She took her hand to his coçk, she wrapped her hands around him but the silence between them was deafening.

She wondered if he was the one she was really touching. He wasn’t even reacting.

She slowly took her eyes up to look at him.

“Is this your first time?” He suddenly asks.

“I…yes” Pink replies.

“Then if you can’t do it, I better ask for someone who can” Reagan said then made to fix his coçk back into his short but she didn’t allow him.

“I’ll do it. I can do it” she insisted.

He relaxed back to her, immediately she fixed his coçk into her mouth and started trying to pleasure him.

He didn’t really react to it in the beginning but when she kept going, she started hearing his deep groans and moans of pleasure. It gingered her to do more.

If she can satisfy him all he wants now. Who knows? Maybe next time he’ll ask for her again, and possibly keep her up to two weeks. And that means that she won’t be satisfying other men but just him.

His deep moans got intense as time passed by.

Pink got suprised when he suddenly stops her. He then stood up, he turned her back to face him.

The towel covering her nakedness was down in a sec, leaving her naked.

He made her bend down, then the next thing Pink felt was him coming into her from the back.

Seems like he is fully in the mood.

Pink winched at the force he is suddenly using.

With the way he talks, walks slowly. She can never imagine him to be so aggressive now.

Pink had to hold onto the bed tightly when he started slamming into her fast.

She doesn’t understand why guys likes fuckïng her àss so much rather than her pûssy.

Reagan held tightly onto her waist as he thrusted into her. Groans of pleasure left his mouth as he did that.

Men, he is really turning into a sêx freak.

Reagan felt his cum building up, he groans grow louder as he released but he avoided releasing into her but did it on the floor instead.

Next, he made her lie on the bed, he came on top of her again, in between her legs.

He made her legs wrap around his waist before slamming into her again but from the front this time.

Pink has long accepted to endure and enjoy both the pains and pleasure being a sêx worker brought. So when she started feeling extreme pleasure, she didn’t hold back, she let herself moan out so loudly.




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