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The ceo’s secret episode 9 & 10

(He’s the devil ☠️ she’s his secretary 💜)
Kimberly POV 😘
It was ten at night when the elevator door to Kaleb office opened and he stepped into the room looking exhausted and ready to p@ss out.
“Mr Eustis?” I ran out to catch him before he collapsed on the ground.
“I d-don’t need help! Book me a hotel for tonight, now!” He snapped at me as he walked towards his desk. “Where’s the diary I gave you?”
“The diary?” I asked dumbfounded. Why would he be thinking of that diary right now. “Are you sure you don’t want to rest for a while?”.
“Do not tell what I should do and shouldn’t be doing Ms brown. Get the diary and call the next three women on the list!” His voice was hoarse.
“What are you waiting for? I said now!” He snapped at me as I rushed to my desk to get the diary he asked for. “And make sure to keep a two hour interval for each appointment”.
Finding the next three names on the red diary I called each of them and gave them the appointments to the hotel where Kaleb frequently meets with his clients. I informed him the reservation, all he did was nod at me and head towards the elevator door.
Feeling extremely guilty for having just selling off those three women. I sat down thinking of what to do next. I’ve never meet someone like Kaleb who had no respect for women. And to think that he even has a sister! Picking up my phone I swept through my contacts to find someone to share my thoughts with. I swiped down further until I came across Mary’s name.
“of course!” Mary had not only a good insight but she also knew all about the Eustis’s brother shenenagins. I pressed the call button.
“Hey sunny! You staying over tonight?” Cheerful as always even though she was just getting home. Bluebird has been helping us run the company smoothly until Kaleb was back on his feet.
Oh he was back alright and the first thing he decided to do was to fv¢k around rather than re@ssuring his employees that he was okay now. I told Mary.
“Hmmm I totally understand what you mean. Hey I’m making dinner today want to join?”
“Mary I’m feeling guilty about what I did and you’re talking about dinner, really!”
“Look it’s clear that Mr Eustis is a manwhore and he won’t be coming back this night. So I suggest you come over and have dinner. An empty stomach isn’t going to give you any ideas. Do you get me?”
“Yeah I’ll be there as soon as I clean up here. I’ll be there in half an hour”.
“Great. I’ll have dinner ready by then”.
I was about leaving when my eyes meet the glossy cover of the red diary. I picked it up and shoved it inside my bag before heading out.
I’ve had a look at kaleb’s diary while I was heading to Mary’s place and found over two hundred names written in it. I felt sick.
“Look”. Mary sighed. “I’m not saying the Eustis’s brother are doing the right thing but you have to know that those women were not forced into this. You spoke on the phone with them right? Did they sound unwilling to you?”
I frowned my face. “Stop playing the devil’s advocate”.
“Well I’m just saying you need to know your limit”, Mary said.
She was right, I was poking my nose where it didn’t belong but I couldn’t stand back and watch him humiliate a woman. I already know what to do.
Next morning, I arrived with kaleb’s special coffee just before the elevator door shut. Mary and I had a nice night and when she had fallen asleep I’d sneaked out of the room and made some calls.
I know I was stalling thinking about various things so that my mind stays adverted from the events that were about to unfold today. The women in the diary were all adults, late 20’s to early 30’s. Some where even in their early 40’s. I’d made sure they could make their own decisions without me interfering. But there was this tiny part of me that kept screaming foul play.
“Is this a one time thing Ms brown or did you decide that since I’d already hired you it’s okay to come in late.”
Kaleb’s sharp voice cut through my thoughts and I looked at the walk clock to find that it was already 8:45am. My eyes widened at the time, I’ve never been this late to work.
“I’m sorry Mr Eustis, but there are guests waiting for you at the lounge, would you like to meet them?” I asked handling him the cup of espresso.
“Guests?” He frowned. “I didn’t know I had a meeting today or did you forget to put that in my schedule?”
“No sir they came in unexpectedly. They’ll be here shortly”.
“And who might they be Ms brown, you know I do not meet people if they don’t have prior appointment.”
“I’m sure you’ll like to meet them”. Just then the elevator door opened and about fifteen women came inside at once, all gorgeous in their own right and they all looked pissed off.
The reason I was late was because I had to welcome them and made sure they sat together in the lounge room. The women could not have waited to quench their curiosity about why they were all here to see Kaleb. And that would have brought their personal connections with him. As predicted the rage in their eyes looked like my plan succeeded.
And then something unexpected happened.
The women had h@rdly come halfway into the waiting area when Kaleb stepped in front of me, blocking his face from view….the temperature in the room dropped instantly and I felt goosebumps break out on my skin.
And that when I knew something was very, very wrong.
Kimberly POV😘
The temperature in the room kept dropping enough to freeze. Kaleb’s back was still turned so I couldn’t see his face but I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be good. The women in the room appeared to be frozen in place as they kept staring at his face, their eyes wide and mouth open as they looked at Kaleb. And then suddenly their eyes changed becoming void of any emotion.
Then I heard Kaleb speak in a voice I’ve never heard before.
“Leave this room and forget you came here today. You will come again when called, if and when I need you”.
And then Asif hypnotized all fifteen of them walked out in accordance. One by one they all left the room and it was when the last one left that Kaleb finally turned to face me. I g@sped my heart about to beat out of my chest.
His signature golden eyes were now a deep dark red. No pupil or Iris. When he spoke this time it was harsher and colder than when he spoke to the ladies.
“What do you think you were doing Kimberly?”
His voice…. I’ve never heard anyone sound like that……it couldn’t possibly be human.
I shifted back from my desk. I ended up tripping and sat on the chair with the wall behind me and the desk to one side as kaleb came up from the other. My heart fell like it was about to pop out. Kaleb’s eye, the temperature in the room still dropping….this wasn’t possible! How could he do that?
“Y-you’re not human” I managed to squeak out beads of sweat breaking out on my forehead.
“Damn right I’m not!”. Kaleb was getting closer by the second as he took slow steps towards me. I let out a scream just as Kaleb came to stand in front of me, my knees brushing his legs….and then the elevator door opened.
I felt relieved as I heard Denlian’s voice.
“We do not hurt the innocent, Kaleb”.
We, Denlian had said we, asin he wasn’t human too. So he too was like this monster standing in front of me.
And then Mary walked out the elevator before it closed and stood close to Denlian.
I looked between the two brothers and then turned to Mary, I was numb. Kaleb was turned away from me, facing Denlian and Mary stood timidly behind Denlian, looking at the ground.
I watched as Kaleb and Denlian talked to each other, but u couldn’t hear anything and suddenly I saw black dots in my vision until darkness consumed me.
I opened my eyes. The ceiling was higher than that in my room ur Mary’s. I sat up on the bed alone and scared, trying to understand what was going on around me. The man I’ve been working for, for the past three years was some kind of monster. And he wasn’t the only one even his brother Kaleb looked like some kind of monster too and they had something to do with women. But the confusing part was why in the last three years and days I’ve worked for these monsters I didn’t know the truth.
I looked up at Mary as she entered the room, anger enveloped me. You knew!
“Kim calm down I can explain”.
“Explain what? That Kaleb and Denlian are monsters”. I said avoiding her
I can’t believe she could do this to me. How could she! We’ve been friends for over five years and she didn’t think to tell me about this the moment she knew. I guess this was why she kept on defending them anything I brought up their names in our conversations.
“Incubus” she whispered
She cleared her throat. “Incubus. They’re not monsters they’re Incubus”.
“Well what the hell is that supposed to mean?”
“It means that they are demons, but Incubus which translates to s£× demons”.
“S-s-s£× demons” I said in between laughter.
“So explain to me what exactly is a s£× demon”.
She took a seat beside me and began “Incubus is a species of demons that feed on the life force of humans. Male incubi can only feed from a female human and female incubi feeds from a male human. That’s why Kaleb keeps sleeping around it gives him strength”.
“And what happens to us human when they’ve s√¢ked out our life force?” I asked even though I knew the answer.
“They die. But they aren’t allowed to drain a human completely, that’s why they both never sleep with the same person twice. It’s against the rules and it could lead to their discovery”.
“Then why not let them get discovered? Why guard their secret?”
“Because demon or not they’re still people Kim. And besides incubi don’t just sit around and fv¢k people, they’re really powerful. What you saw today was just one percent of what Kaleb can do.
They’re strong and can manipulate the entire nation to do their bidding. Even if I exposed their secret, do you think anyone can get close enough to them to do something about it.”
I stayed silent, I know that what I’ve seen was not normal and what Mary said made s£nse but I still couldn’t get my head to process everything.
“How do you come to know so much about them?” I asked when she was heading towards the door.
“Because I’m Denlian’s scribt……and now you’re Kaleb’s”.


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