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The ceo’s secret episode 11 & 12

(He’s the devil ☠️ she’s his secretary 💜)
Kimberly POV 😘
“What’s a scribt?”
“It’s like a P.A of sorts. We keep track of the women they’ve slept with, make sure no woman is repeated and cover up after them so that no one finds out about them”.
I narrowed my eyes “so basically were servants”
We were pretty much going to be slaves to them. “Do i have a choice?”
“You do. You can choose to walk away from this, but if you do then your memories will be erased and you’ll loose your job in this company. You’ll also forget about your time in Bluebird and all your records will be erased. But it’s not only you everyone you’ve ever interacted with will also forget about you like you never came into their lives.”
I looked at Mary with my mouth open and eyes wide.
So there was no choice at all. Either I work for Kaleb or I give up my life’s work.
“I want to go home”.
“I’ll s£nd Kaleb inside”. She said and left the room.
I stayed in the bed, unsure of how to react.
“Planning any other methods of my downfall?”
Startled I looked up from the sheets to Kaleb’s gold eyes. He was leaning against the door casually. He didn’t have a Jacket, he wore a black shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbow and dark grey p@nts. His hair was w€t probably from a shower.
The red I had seen today in the office was gone, his eyes were back to the usual good colour. Incubus. A different species. Up till this moment I didn’t know that existed.
“What are you?” I whispered not knowing my voice.
“A demon”. Kaleb shifted from the walk and Walked towards me.”someone who feeds on the life force of womens to stay alive and isn’t sorry for what he’s done. But I don’t take lives unnecessarily, because I don’t like lowering my food resources”.
“I don’t know what to think. I don’t understand what this all means” I said maintaining eye contact.
“There’s nothing to worry about”. Kaleb took a seat on the bed facing me and then he unhooked one of my hands from my knees and took them in his. “We’re not that different internally or externally. We just have a different source of food.”
“And super human powers”, I reminded him, oddly comfortable with him touching my hands.
“Yes” Kaleb l!ps tilted up.
“What do I do now?” I asked. I was in what looked like Kaleb’s room and I had no idea how long I’ve been out. I had to call my mom and tell her I was alright at least physically and then I had to come to work tomorrow acting as though nothing ever happened.
“Well for starters”, he placed my hand back on the bed and stood up. “You need to get your @ss off my bed and go home and then you’ll need to start parking”.
“Packing?” I frowned “what for?”
“Trevina just called. We are heading out to West Babylon tomorrow”.
Shit! The hotel how could I forget.
Denlian POV🔥
“No screams yet, looks like things are working out for now”, Mary said from the seat across the room.
“For now”, I reminded her “when someone feels too many emotions their brain sometimes turn off and they feel an unnatural s£nse of calm.”
“so you’re saying this is the calm before the storm?”
“It could be or it could be that she has finally accepted who we are”.
It’s not that Kaleb is cold-hearted but it’s exactly the opposite. Kaleb cares too much about people under his care. But what I see between him and Kimberly gives me concern.
The door opened and Kimberly walked out looking less tensed and anxious than this morning.
Kaleb came out a second later and handed Kimberly her jacket “Martin will drop you home”, he said.
I motioned for Mary to follow Kimberly and she left quietly.
“I’ll be staying at my new branch in West Babylon for the next month, so it’ll be better if you let the queen know that I won’t be able to attend the court for that duration”.
“But Kaleb it could be something impor-”
“If by something important you mean my coronation then rest @ssured our mother isn’t prepared to let go of the throne this early”, was his harsh reply. “Anyway I don’t want to spoil my day discussing her. Did you find out anything about the attack?”
“Nothing in particular. No gunpowder, no bullet shell and most importantly no DNA residue on any of the five buildings. Whoever did this made sure to clean up after themselves and from the looks of it, they’ve dealt with this kind of situation before”.
“And they knew I’m an Incubus” Kaleb confirmed my theory “otherwise they’ll never put sage in the bullets. Whoever they are, they know who they are dealing with and know where it would hurt the most”.
Indeed they did, but what those fools didn’t know was they don’t get to mess with us and hide in the slimy gutters. No one hurts my family and gets to leave freely after that. I’ll find out and when they do they’ll regret they were born.


Kimberly POV 😘
“Mum have you heard if the word incubus before?”
Two hours after Martin dropped me off at home I had a hot shower to clear my mind and had a big dinner and then I had to tell mum that I’ll be off to a distant land for a month. Mum hadn’t taken it pretty well, as I’d expected and I’d had to convince her that I’d be okay and that I wasn’t going there alone.
Mom froze Midway while folding a dress she was convinced I’d need for the inauguration party. It was kinda old but gorgeous and It was a gift my father had given to her.
“How do you know about that?”he voice held a hint of panic and anger and it made me shreak with fear. This wasn’t good.
“I….ummm……Mary! She was reading this new book….you know how she likes all these creepy stuff” I laughed awkwardly to make it sound believing while my heart speed up like I was in a race. “But why did you sound so scared?”
My mom looked at the dress she had just folded then placed it neatly inside my suitcase and locked her eyes with mine “there’s alot about them in my hometown. It is said that they are demons that went after beautiful girls especially v!rg!ns. They came a night when everyone is sleeping band rape the girls, sometimes more than once”.
I felt a pang in my chest. That can’t be true! Kaleb didn’t have to rape anyone, women were drawn to him like magnet. But what if that’s only him? Him and Denlian aren’t the only incunbi out there, then what about the others? How do they feed?
There’s so much I don’t know about the incubi race.
“And what happens to the women afterwards?”
“They died”was her Curt reply “their body was shrunk to almost nothing bones jutting out of skin and deviod of any moisture even the blood in their veins dry up. However they were some unfortunate ones who got pregnant and ended up in a far worse state. Instead if dying at once they died slowly, as the child inside them feed in their life force and ate their way out of the mother’s womb.”
“All right mum that’s all I need to know. Thanks for creeping me out”.
And then my mother burst out laughing.
“Mum!” I whined
“Oh honey you were always quite the scary cat” she wiped away tears of laughter from the corner of her eyes.
“But is true though? The things you told me?”
“Well that what my grandmother told me but I’m pretty sure she did that so I wouldn’t have s£× before marriage”, she continued laughing as she folded the rest clothes into my suitcase.
The next morning, I got up early and did my daily routine before heading downstairs for breakfast. I’d chos£n to wear blue jeans instead of formal office p@nts and white shirt paired with a green blazer.
“Honey you hate jeans for God’s sake and put your hair down for today. You’re only traveling to the location today while not put on a dress?”
“Traveling with my boss mum, I can’t just go wearing a dress like it’s a casual date” I reminded
“Yes you can! Now go change.”
I sighed I may be over twenty but when mum raises her voice at me I feel like a five year old. Pouting I turned back and changed to the blue dress that mom had mentioned earlier.
“Mum is this okay now?” I asked whilst pulling my suitcase along with me to the living room.
“Yes honey you look great. Doesn’t she Kaleb?”
My attention snapped immediately toward the kitchen island where my mother had served my breakfast. The only difference now however was that sitting in front of the island on my chair eating pancakes was no other than Kaleb Eustis.


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