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The ceo’s secret episode 7 & 8

(He’s the devil ☠️ she’s his secretary 💜)
Kimberly’s POV 😘
I took my appointment letter and file placed it on my desk. I was already looking for an apartment around town where I could stay so I didn’t have to spend hours of travel everyday, so far I’ve had no luck.
“Let’s go Ms brown. We’re getting late”. Kaleb said in front of the elevator.
I picked up my bag and dashed after him, just in time before the elevator door dinged open. We entered together and when the door was shut I felt Kaleb aura. I’d generally avoid staying near Kaleb for too long since it felt suffocating after a while.
Finally the door opened and we arrived at the ground floor. The receptionist at the front desk Mina informed Kaleb that Martin was at the front door with his car while I took the opportunity to cancel the two appointments we had this afternoon. It was as soon as I stepped out the front door that all hell broke loose.
In front of me Kaleb froze suddenly causing me to almost bump into me and then two shots were fired next to us causing the glass door to shatter and screams filled the air as everyone tried to look for cover.
“Get inside now!” Kaleb roared out shielding me with his body. I froze in the spot unable to move or scream with my body shivering badly.
“Kimberly!” Kaleb yelled again and shoved me behind the door just as the third shit rang. I fell back and the pieces of glass prick my leg but before I could concentrate on my self my eyes fell on Kaleb and everything else around me vanished.
Kaleb stood at the front door, but his shoulder was hunched and one of his arms was around his middle. It was then I realized the blood dripping from his fingers and the white jacket he was wearing was socked with blood. I wasn’t thinking when I got up and ran towards Kaleb just before he collapsed on the floor.
“Kaleb! Kaleb! Please stay with me!” I called bout but he didn’t seem to hear me. He clutched his middle with his left as he tried using his right side to stand up again.
“Get….in….the…car” he managed to say.
It was only then I noticed Martin waving us over as he opened the back door. I put Kaleb right arm on my shoulders and held him tightly using all my strength to try and lift him. Once we were at our feet, we ran the few meters to his car and Martin opened the door for us.
“Martin, get him to nearest hospital ASAP!” I took off the grey coat I was wearing and used it to press his chest. Now that I took a closer look the bullet had hit a few inches below his heart, Kaleb was definitely the target.
I pulled out my phone with one hand while applying pressure on Kaleb wound with my other hand, I immediately dailed Denlian number.
“Kim is everything alright? I heard Kaleb was hurt! Is he okay” Denlian sounded panicked.
“He’s bleeding badly, we’re on our way to the nearest hospital. I call you as soon as he’s admitted.” I looked at Kaleb and she his eyes closing “Kaleb! Don’t close your eyes we’re almost there!”
The car came to a sharp halt. Martin got down and rushed into the hospital. Two male nurses came running out with a stretcher with Martin leading the way. They stopped to open the door just as another car stopped behind us.
“Kaleb!” Denlian ran towards the door and pulled it open. “Martin, hold his legs, I’ll hold him from the front. Kim it best you push him towards us slow and steady”, Dan informed us.
I removed my hand from my face and saw Denlian handing me a cup of coffee. “Thanks but I-”
“Don’t feel like having anything. That’s what you’ve said for the last four hours. Kim please you need to have something if you wish to stay awake”.
I sighed. He really doesn’t take no for an answer so I took the cup from him and took a sip. “He’s lost lot of blood”
“Indeed. But they’ve been operating in him for the past six hours he’ll be fine. And the doctors said the bullet got stuck in his intestines missing the vital organ”.
“You’re holding up well” I said facing him
“Not really. I’ve had men looking around for any possible shooter. The NYPD are also on the case now but it’s going to take some time. There are fifteen skyscrapers around the area and you could have gotten a clear at Riverside from any angles. The shot could have been from anywhere”.
Denlian stood up as the doctor emerged from the operating room.
“We’ve extracted the bullet fortunately it didn’t cause much damage. Well transfer him to the ICU and examine him properly for days and Then he can go home.
“Thank you Dr Jackson”. Denlian shook hands with the doctor before he turned and went the opposite direction.
“I’ll stay at Mary place today, I don’t need my mum to freak out from all this” I told Denlian
“That’s a good idea, I’ll have Martin drop you off”.
Leaving Denlian to take care of Kaleb I let Martin drop me off at Mary’s place to spend the rest of the night at her place, unaware of that a pair of blue eyes we’re following my move.
I started at the man in disbelief. How could he do that! And to think that I was worried about him. Obviously he wasn’t that hurt of he could bang a nurse while he was hospitalized after getting shot only two days ago.
I moved out from the curtains and strode out the door slamming it hard on my way out dumping the flowers I bought for him into the trash can outside the door to Kaleb room. I’d nearly made it to the exit when I heard someone calling my name. Dan!
I turned around with a fake smile on my face but it was obvious that I wasn’t doing a good job. “You’re angry? What did my brother do this time?”
“He did absolutely nothing other than just being himself”.
“Oh boy! I’m really sorry for whatever he did. I hope he hasn’t done something to hurt you?”. He asked
“Hurt me? No! But do give a pat on his back when his wounds reopen after fucking the nurse!” Denlian looked taken aback with my sudden outburst. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you”.
“No apologies required”. He said giving me a reassuring smile. “I’m glad that you’re worried about him very few people do that”.
“But you do”. I told him
“I worry because it’s my duty. He’s my brother and I know he worries about me just as much as I do about him. He just has a hard time showing it.”
“I’ll be off now. It was nice meeting you. And don’t forget to knock the door before you enter”.I informed him
“Will do”. He waved me goodbye and went back in the direction he came from.
Kaleb POV
“Should you be up and about already?”
I didn’t need to look behind to know who was speaking but I was surprised when he placed a bouquet of flowers on my table. “You got me flowers?”
“Of course not! Kim brought them for you but then she saw you with the nurse and dumped them in the trash on her way out”.
“You picked them out of the trash can?”
“No” he frowned. “She forgot to open the lid and they were so pretty that I didn’t want them to be thrown away yet”.
Denlian knew I hated flowers but that doesn’t mean I was about to throw them away. Kim had bought them for me personally. “Anything on the shooter?”.
“No” Denlian’s eyes darkened until they were the colour of blood. “It worries me deeply, this attack wasn’t just some rival company trying to get rid of competition”.
“I figured as much. Normal bullet won’t have the same effect on me. And whoever shot knew exactly where to shoot to cause more pain”. The wound still stung and I wasn’t careful enough it might reopen but the nurse helped, but not as much as I’d hoped she would. The amount of life force a human had was directly proportional to how much time that person had left in this Earth. Some had smaller lifespan as compared to others and the nurse didn’t have much time left, a few years at most. I didn’t want to steal more than necessary for me to seal the wound.
“And I can see that the nurse has done wonders to you” Denlian said with amusement on his face.
“Kimberly told you that?”, I raised an eyebrow.
“on the contrary, she was worried you’d reopen your wound. But I thought I detected a hint of jealousy in her voice. Are you sure there’s nothing going on between you two?”.
“I think you know better than I do that we don’t sleep with staff. Wasn’t that one of the things the Queen had taught us?” I told him sharply.
Denlian sighed and rubbed his nose. “Mother has asked that you present yourself at court”.
“Why?” This time it was my eyes that turned red.
“I have no idea” he stood up from his seat and straighten his jacket. “It can’t be anything good if you ask me”
“I figured as much. And I had a very good idea of what might be in stall for me once I reach court and face my father. But I would like an audience with her first. Alone”.
He nodded his head. “I’ll arrange that. I have to go now, I’ll contact you as soon as I get her reply”.


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