The celebrity’s baby mama Episode 7 & 8

🎙The celebrity’s baby mama👪
(being brown skinned
Written✍ by osasere
Episode 7
Mimi’s pov
I woke up and yawned, i smiled staring at the image of “the stars” on my wall.
This was the first the first time i was actually waking up happy since i c@m£ to korea.
Ji ho dropped me off at my ap@rtment last night.
I whistled happily as i went into the bathroom to have my bath.
I got to school and kept smiling to myself as the event of last night kept on pla-ying in my head.
“Did you really think i’ll let you go after humiliating me last night” mi cha asked coming out of nowhere with seul bi and mi rae the bully.
I knew was in for trouble.
“You even ruined our oppas concert ugly bit-ch” seul bi added.
“But you started the fight” i protested.
“She’s even talking back” mi rae said with a scowl poking my forehead.
I looked around hoping there’d be a teacher but there was none, the students around didn’t seem to care.
“I’m sorry if you felt humiliated, plea-se just let it slide” i apologized and tried walking past but mi rae pu-ll-ed me back by my hair.
“I said i’m sorry” i half yelled.
“Who do you think you’re yelling at” mi rae asked hitting me on my che-st.
I tried retaliating but all the girls pounced on me as b!ows and sl@ps landed on me from different corners.
I tried pushing them off but i could cos they were more in number.
“Oppa!!” someone yelled and screams erupted from different corners of the school.
“Tae hyung ah sarangeayo” some girls screamed ma-king the girls leave me and turn to the direction were the screams were coming from.
Tears were rolling down my face due to the beating.
The only thing i could use in defending myself were my nails, scratches were visible on their faces.
“Oh my goodness” the stars are here seul bi giggled excitedly.
They had all forgotten about me while i remained sitted on the floor.
Seul bi’s pov
I was so excited that “the stars” were here.
I’d alway wish for one of them to noticed me.
I pu-ll-ed my school Sk-irt up alittle, ma-king it shorter, i put on my best smile staring and waving at them.
The st©pped at the middle of the school with few guards to st©p students from getting too close to them.
They kept looking around like they were looking for someone and finally chang min looked at me.
“Oh my gawd!! chang min is staring at me” i said excitedly to mi cha.
Soon he started walking towards me and i felt like melting.
“He coming to meet me” i mentally screamed.
As soon as he got to were i was he walked right past me and wend over to meet mimi.
What the hell!!!
“Did they do this to you” ji ho asked helping her up and she nodded ma-king me scoff silently.
Ji ho and chang min gave me a small stare and then started walking away with mimi.
Chang min was even holding her hand.
“Tae hyung ah, i’m a big fan of you” i said holding tae hyungs hand as he tried walking away too.
He stared at my hand on his for a long time before staring at my face.
“I dont think i have an ugly fan like you” tae hyung replied and brushed my hands off his.
I felt like fainting tae hyung just humiliated me infront of so many people.
Mi cha was even covering her mouth trying ha-rd not to laugh.
Episode 8
Mimi’s pov
After my new friends(the stars) had picked me up from school, the took me to their house and helped me clean up some little cuts which i had gotten from the beating.
We all kept on talking about random stuffs.
Not all of us though, jp and tae hyung seemed quite reserved.
“why don’t we do something fun, like we’ll ask you some question to get to know you more” chang min suggested and i nodded.
The door bell rang indicating someone was at the door.
“I’ll go get it” i said and stood up walking to the door.
i opened the door and it was yoona my favorite female kpop soloist.
“Are you gonna let me in or keep on staring at me like i’m some delicious snacks” yoona asked.
“Oh!! i’m sorry, come in plea-se” i apologized opening the door wi-de.
“Unni!! i’m a big fan of you, i love you and i think you’re cute too” i said expecting her to smile at me but she just kept staring at me with a scowl on her face.
“So you’re the black lady who caught the attention of “the star” right” yoona finally said.
“I’m sorry but i don’t get you” i replied confused.
“Oh!! plea-se don’t give that look,are they drilling your pu*sy alre-ady?” she asked sarcastically.
“What the hell is wrong with her” i thought as my eyes went wi-de in shock.
“Well lemme make one thing clear,you can have chang min, ji ho or even jp to yourself but don’t even dare going close to tae hyung cos that means you’ll be fighting me” she warned and walked past me before i could say anything.
What the hell!!! i had respected yoona back at nigeria but right now i dont think i have a single respect for her anymore.
I walked back to the sitting room and yoona was sitting close to tae hyung acting all clingy.
“So what africa country are you from?” chang min asked as soon as i settled.
“i’m from nigeria” i replied.
“Do you have a b©yfri£nd” chang min asked again.
“Nope i’ve never had one” i said with a shrug.
“Woah!! why?” he asked.
“Cos my mom will kill me, no nee-d asking question, only nigeria ladies will un-derstand” i replied.
“How many guys have you k!$$£d” ji ho asked.
“None, myl-ips are still vir-gin” i replied and glanced at yoona who was staring at me in disgust.
“What the hell” chang min exclaimed grinning and i nodded.
“What if i k!ssyou, i mean give you your first k!ss” tae hyung who had been quiet said out of the blues.
“The stars” were all staring at me including yoona and i covered my face with my palm feeling extremely shy and they all chuckled except yoona and tae hyung actually .
“Such an attention seeker,i’m sure her answers are all lies” yoona commented ma-king me uncover my face.
Tae hyung was still staring at me, it felt like he was damn serious, those charming eyes of his made me forget what yoona said.
“What!! are you jealous” tae hyung asked yoona.
“Of course not” yoona replied with a scoff.
“‘You’re acting too clingy, could you move alittle farther from me” tae hyung said and yoona glared at me.
“Are you a vir-gin” ji ho asked.
“Of course she is, how would someone who hasn’t had her first k!ssnot be a v!rg!ndumb head” jp retorted.
Gawd!! they were all ma-king me shy.
“Who would want to even have a taste of her dirty, ugly, black pus*y” yoona ch!pped in.
I don’t get why yoona was always throwing dirty comment at me, i’m sure i didn’t do anything wrong to her.
“I’m sure her pvzzyis ti-ghter and more sweet unlike yours which is as wi-de as my moms hand bag” tae hyung said with his eyes glued to his phone and the rest members of the stars bur-st out laughing.
“Tae hyung ah” yoona called glaring at me.
“Can i make use of the restroom” i asked.
They were all saying dirty things, i had to excuse myself before i pas-s out cos of shyness.
“She’s shy” jp said grinning and they all chuckled except yoona.