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July 23, 2021


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The celebrity’s baby mama Episode 9 & 10

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🎙The celebrity’s baby mama👪
(being brown skinned

Written✍ by osasere

Episode 9


Mimi’s pov
I got to school and walked quietly down the hall way as usual.

“Hey!! are you mimi?” someone asked tapping me from behind.

“Yes, i am” i replied turning around with my brows furrowed.

“Could you please help me get the autograph of the stars?” she asked.

“Of course” i replied and collected a water bottle from her.

“Hi” someone said waving at my direction.

I turned around to check if she was talking to someone else but there was no one behind me.

“I’m talking to you” she smiling and i waved back at her with a shrug.

I’m not sure i have ever seen her since i started attending this school, maybe she was from a junior class.

I walked into my classroom and my seat was just how i left it.

Wow!! thats new.

“Mimi!! how do we look on our new hair,we decided to make braids with our hair cos we love yours” cho hee said with bong cha behind her.

So they actually knew my name, they made braids with their, i wonder when they started asking for my opinion on how they look.

“Your hair look great” i complimented.

“Can we take a picture” bong cha asked.

Huh!! they even wanted to take a picture with me.

“Sure” i replied and we all took a picture.

Everyone was acting creepy and it was getting me scared.

Cho hee and bong cha are my classmate, they’re bestfriends and have never talked to me since i started attending the school even though they never bullied me.

“Hey!!” ji soo said as she sat close to me.

“Hi!! aren’t your friends gonna get angry??, they’re even staring at us” i stated.

“Don’t bother about them, even if they don’t want to be friend with me anymore i’ll make new friends” she replied and i smiled.

We both began chatting and i felt really comfortable around her unlike the rest.

“Can you give me the number of the stars” seul bi asked standing infront of my table with a scowl on her face.

“Sorry i don’t understand you” i replied raising my brows.

“I said you should give me the numbers of all members of “the stars”, i’m sure you’re not deaf” she said rolling her eyes.

“oh!! when you get your manners fixed you can come back and i’ll give you a reply” i replied turning back to face ji soo.

What was wrong with her?, she was asking me for something at the same time being rude.


“Net”________four…..Chang min counted with his eyes closed.

We were actually playing hid and seek. Myself,chang min, ji ho and jp.

I was jp actually accepted cos he wasn’t that friendly.

I ran off upstairs and entered a room, i didn’t even know who had the room.

i entered into a wardrobe and hid inside.

Soon i heard footsteps in the room and the door to the wardrobe went open.

“How did you….” i trailed off when i saw tae hyung.

My cheeks went hot as i stared at him, trying hard not to look down at his body.

I was sure i was gonna go blind if i ever came out of his room.

I didn’t want to act childish by covering my eyes

His hair was dripping wet, he just got out of the shower.

He kept staring at me with a cold expression on his face.


Episode 10

Mimi’s pov
I was sure i was gonna go blind if i ever came out of his room.

I didn’t want to act childish by covering my eyes

His hair was dripping wet, he just got out of the shower.

He kept staring at me with a cold expression on his face.

“I’m sorry i didn’t know this was your room” i apologized.

He shifted back alittle and i came out of the ward robe.

He took a step foward and i moved backward with my back resting on the wardrobe.

I looked down at his body and took my eyes back up immediately.

He was tying a towel loosely around his waist and if the towel went down a little bit, i’d be seeing his….

He leaned closer and i almost thought he wanted to kiss me untill he place his lips close to my ear.

“Make sure to know the room you’re entering, cos the next time you meet me like this, you’ll not walk out of this room walking straight” he whispered into my ears and i gulped down an unknown lump.

“You should leave now before, i change my mind” he said aloud and i ran out of the room with out looking back.

As soon as i came out of the room,i rested my back on the door.

Gosh!! what did he mean by i wouldn’t come out walking straight.

Oh my goodness, this guy is so dirty minded, always talking dirty.

“Back at nigeria, whenever i watched his videos i always saw this cute, kind, quiet and reserved kind of person but i think he’s only using that for cover except he’s being dirty to me only” i thought and blushed hard.

“Where did you hide, i’ve been looking for you everywere” chang min said standing infront of me snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Why are you standing infront of tae hyungs door looking like you saw a ghost” he asked again but i didn’t reply him.

He opened the door to tae hyungs room and peeked his head inside.

“Wtf” he exclaimed.

“Get lost scumbag” tae hyung yelled and threw a shirt at him.

“Did you go in there?, what did you see?”Chang min asked after he closed the door with a grin.

“I saw… I mean i didn’t see anything” i stuttered clearly embarassed.

“You’re such a bad liar, tell me what you saw” chang min said laughing.

“I didn’t see anything” i replied walking off but chang min kept following me asking to know what i saw.



Our tae tae is really dirty minded.😅

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