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The celebrity’s baby mama Episode 4 to 6

🎙The celebrity’s baby mama👪
(being brown skinned
✍ by osasere
Episode 4
Mimi’s pov
I and ji soo arrived early at the venue, so we could save the first sit to have better view of “the star”.
I was really excited, this was my first time seeing “the star” so close.
I wasn’t going to going to be watching them on t.v or my phone but i was going to be watching them live.
The show had started, tae hyung the main vocalist and my big time crush took the microphone while the rest members of “the stars” took their own microphone and stood beside.
Screams erupted from different corners of the hall as the sp©tlight shone on them..
“Why is she sitting beside you” i heard, ma-king myself and ji soo turn back.
it was mi cha, ji soo’s friend, beside her was seul bi who kept staring at me with a scowl on her face.
“Um… I thought… You said you weren’t coming so i let her sit beside me” ji soo stuttered.
“Get up” mi cha ordered.
“What the hell!!” i muttered to myself staring around trying to make sure i wasn’t the one she was talking to.
She was actually telling me to get up for her to sit, who does that.
“I’m talking to you dumbhead” she said again and crossed her arms.
“I’m sorry but i can’t stand up for you to sit, i got here first” i replied and turned to see ji soo holding a worried expression on her face.
“Really!!” mi cha asked.
“We shouldn’t cause any trouble, this is a concert not school besides we are at the front row” ji soo finally said nervously.
“Shut the fv¢k up” mi cha yelled at ji soo causing few attentions to fall on us.
“Are you or are you not standing up?” mi cha asked turning back to me.
“Nope!! i’m not, go find somewhere else” i replied bluntly.
This was getting too much, i had let them bully me enough for months and i’m sick and tired of it.
A [email protected] landed on my face throwing my face to the other side and i could hear [email protected] from people from people around.
“Are you still standing up” mi cha asked again.
“Nope” i replied trying so [email protected] to supress my anger.
A chuckle escaped from seul bi’sl-ips and another [email protected] landed on my face.
Episode 5
Mimi’s pov contd
A chuckle escaped from seul bi’sl-ips and another [email protected] landed on my face.
“St©p it alre-ady, you’re ruining the concert” ji soo said panicking.
I stood up and returned the [email protected] to mi cha’s face ma-king her hold her cheeks.
She [email protected]£d my hair and i gr!pp£dher’s too pu-lling it with all my might.
I wasn’t going to let her get away with this.
Seul bi joined in the fight, she was also pu-lling my hair ma-king some of my [email protected] come.
Ji soo tried separating the fight but just a push from mi cha s£nt sprawling on the ground.
I re-leased a punch on mi cha’s nose ma-king her loos£n her grip on my hair and hold her nose in pain.
I bit seul bi on her arm when she didn’t st©p pu-lling my hair.
I [email protected]£d both their hair and hit their heads against each other violently and they both felk to the ground holding their head in pain.
I looked up and found “the stars” staring right at us,everyone were fighting so [email protected] to see our faces with [email protected]£ras flashing at us.
I tried my best trying to st©p my tears from falling, i was really [email protected]
I made the concert a mess, i fought my way throu-gh the crowd and ran out of the concert.
There was no way i was going to stay in korea anymore after ma-king a fool of myself.
I brou-ght out my phone, there was a light crack on the screen due to the fight.
I dailed moms number and walked to and fro impatiently waiting for her to pick up.
“Mom!! i don’t want to stay here anymore, i want to leave here as soon as possible” i said as mom picked up.
“Why? what’s wrong” mom asked from the other end.
“I just want to leave, i dont like it here anymore” i replied and hanged up before she probe-d further.
I hastened my steps trying to get away from there as soon as possible.
I was such a disgrace, i’m sure by tomorrow, my video will be all over the internet.
“Wait!!” an unfamiliar voice said from behind me.
When i turned it was ji ho,he was one of the members of “the stars”.
He was the most friendly and pla-yful of all the members.
“I’m sorry for ruining your concert” i apologized hurriedly and tried running of but he held my hand and drew me back.
Oh my gosh!!! his hands were so soft like that of a baby..
“I saw everything that happened” he said ma-king me sob.
He pu-ll-ed me into a hvg and i felt like melting.
If you’ve been hvgged by a celebrity, you’ll un-derstand what i mean.
“Why don’t we go somewhere quiet” ji ho suggested.
“What about your concert” i asked.
“I’ll tell my friends to take care of it” he said and i nodded.
Episode 6
Mimi’s pov
We finally got to wherever ji ho took me to and when i stepped down from the car, i marvelled at the sight infront of me.
The house infront of me was gigantic and beautiful, there was a big swimming pool by the side of the house.
I stood transfixed at that sp©t untill ji ho t©uçhed me.
“Welcome to our house” he said while i just nodded.
He led me into the house and i was mesmerized at the sight, it felt like i was in heaven on earth.
“You should take a seat, i’ll go wash up and i’ll join you in a minute” ji ho said bringing me out of dreamland while i simply nodded.
I took a seat and ji ho went upstairs.
Few minutes later, the door creaked open and the remaining members of “the stars” [email protected]£ in ma-king me shy.
“Hi” jp said and took a seat opposite me on a long couch.
“Anyeong haseyo” i replied trying to impress them.
“You speak korean” chang min asked.
“Not really i just learnt some ess£ntial words which i’d be using constantly here” i replied.
“Where’s ji ho” jp asked pressing his phone.
“He went upstairs” i replied.
“Wow!! it seems you’ve become a star, your video has over 300,000 just an hour after someone posted it” chang min exclaimed showing me his phone.
I felt [email protected] immediate and fixed me eyes on the floor fiddling with my f!ngers.
Tae hyung had been quiet all along.
“Awwn!! dont feel bad okay” chang min said cupping me cheeks with both hands ma-king me more shy.
“I’m back” ji ho annouced as he [email protected]£ downstairs.
“What the hell” ji ho exclaimed and rushed to were i was pushing chang min’s hands off my cheek.
“I’m supposed to do that, i invited her over remember” ji ho said and cu-mpped my cheeks swaying it from side to side while chang min scoffed.
I couldn’t help but smile at how pla-yful they were.
“So… do you mind telling us about what happened earlier” ji ho asked and took his sit beside me.
“Its okay if you dont want to tell us” jp added when he noticed my countenance fell.
“Since i [email protected]£ to korea, i’ve been bullied by my [email protected], every morning when i get to [email protected], my seat is always thrown to a corner” i said with my face downwards.
I dont really have a friend( i know you all would want to ask about ji soo but i dont think she’s a real friend, she only talks to me in the secret and act like i dont exist in public meaning she’s ashamed of me).
“I Always sit quietly on my own till school closes for the day while my [email protected] chats with each other happily” i said and sniffed.
“When i re-ad about how koreans think of blacks on google, they keep say blacks are dangerous, violent and all $h!tty stuffs but how will they know us when they don’t want anything to do with us, it’s quite painful living an isolated kind of life because the people around you do not want to come near you, there’s no friend to lean on when you’re sad or feeling down” i said again and a tear fell off my eyes while i cleaned it hastily.
“I’ll st©p here, those girls started a fight with me because they asked me to stand up for them to sit, they felt i had no right sitting close to their friend, cos i’m black” i explained and buried my face in my palm.
“We can be your friend if you want” a voice said ma-king me raise my head.
It was tae hyung!!, He was actually talking for the first time since i [email protected]£.
“Yea! we can be friends” the rest members chorused.
“The real friend you never really had” tae hyung added while my face held a wi-de happy smile.
“I’ll gladly be your friend” i replied and they all [email protected]
Who would reject being friends with celebrities.
Rate and comment.
Finally she has not just a friend but friends😊😊

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