The bad boys nerdy girl Episode 18 & 19

💖💖 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 💖
Episode 18
Ella Mia’s POV
I felt weak from the tears, if there is anything I shouldn’t be doing, I shouldn’t be crying, crying isn’t gonna to solve my problems, I will be eighteen in a week time and everything is not going well, A week from now, I will be meeting up with my fiance ,and I am very sad, I looked at Asher and he was flir-ting with a pretty girl, I don’t match his standards and I am not his type and I still don’t wanna get married to someone else for his sake. Tears welled up in my eyes for the umpteenth time and I still don’t know what to do, I am just so confused ,I stood up, wiping my tears off, walking out of the clas-s, I saw Asher, walking out of the clas-sroom with a girl, what does he wants to give to her, the last time he was with a girl, he was smoking and tou-ching her where he wasn’t supposed to t©uçh , I should be thinking less about Asher ,I should focus more on my studies, I was so lost in thought that I’m bu-mped into Stacey, she pushed me and walked out, I sighed as I stood up gently, walking into the bathroom. Ever since Asher started ignoring I have been a tool to everyone just like I was before we bec@m£ friends, I shouldn’t have developed feelings for her, it is just not right, I rinsed my face and stared into the mirror, watching my bleary eyes , I hope everything turns out well, I blinked my eyes twice as I felt a figure walk towards me, maybe it is just someone that c@m£ to the toilet
“surprise, surprise ” He sat and my gaze met his, I thought he was arrested for haras-sing me
“J.. Ja…. Jake ” I called and turned towards him, I felt scared and I wanted to call out to Asher, he is the only one, capable of haras-sing him
“I see, you love surprises, well I love giving surprises, you were shocked to see me, weren’t you? ” he asked with a sm-irk tugged at the corner of hisl-ips
“why you are here? ” I asked tucking my hair behind my ears
“very good question Mia, Ella Mia to be precised…. Well, I c@m£ back to destroy you and your lover ”
“what lover? ”
“Asher, he loves you a lot and I don’t spare those who Asher loves, I kill them, but you are quite lucky, I just wanna make you mine ” he uttered, trailing his f!ngersaround my cheek, pu-lling my cheeks with a sneer forming on his face
“St©p it alre-ady, you ought to rot in jail for S-xual haras-sing me and now you are doing this? ” I asked, trying to walk away
“Since you are not willing to be mine, I guess I can’t f0rç£ you” he said and walked out of the bathroom
“but since you have chos£n Asher over your life, let’s see what destiny has installed for you ” he muttered and walked out with a smile, I held my che-st, exhaling, he is a weird being
Asher’s POV
I stood on the t©p floor, smoking cigarettes, puffing out my pain, I really don’t know what to do, I’m so worried about Mia, if Mia keep crying, she would be shattered and I can’t do anything about it
“surprise brother ” A voice said and I turned back to see who it was, Lo and behold, it was that bastard ,Jake, I was so annoyed about his appearance that it made me so mad
“”oh, welcome back, you d!¢k headed bastard ” I said and he chuckled
“Nice to meet you, you are still the unfortunate being you were before I left for jail ”
“says someone who spent his last few months at jail, Well, at least my God didn’t forsake me ”
” let’s see if you will be able to save Mia’s life, I know you fv¢king love her, that’s why you haven’t la-id a f!nger on her yet ”
“it’s really non of your business ” I fired back angrily and walked out on him, I have to practice the dance moves for the concert and this bug is disturbing me
Ella Mia’s POV
Today is going to be different from other day,I can feel it in my bones,I just have three hours left to prepare for school
I rushed into the bathroom,I let the waters fall on me and I began to scru-b my b©dy using a sponge and a soap
Once I was done scru-bbing
I used the water to rinse it off, I took out my p@n-ties and br@, Miranda had changed it, instead it was all lacey and cute though, I wore my clothes and walked towards my car, hoping I would meet Asher at school, I walked into the clas-sroom and sat down quietly, Asher wasn’t at school, Thank goodness for that, I don’t wanna start sulking again ,it is still very early
⏩fast forward ⏩
It was lunch time and I felt pressed, sometimes is quite weird, how come Jake isn’t doing his thing, he should have been bullying me by now, I shrugged it off, maybe he realized it was time to st©p being childish
I walked towards the bathroom, doing my bathroom business, I felt a bit relieved as I peed
After I was done, I tried opening the door
But the door wouldn’t open, I asked Asher to avoid me, I would have called him
Now I’m stuck in this stupid place
I hit the door repeatedly calling for help
Coming closer to the restroom
I shouted louder than before
“Hello, is someb©dy there
Help me
I’m stuck in here
Help plea-se, help” I cried for help
Suddenly, the restroom was filled with smoke
I couldn’t breathe
I tried calling for help again
But I was getting too weak
I began to cough from the excess smoke
My vision was becoming blurry
I tried hitting the door but I was to weak to move
I was slowly losing consciousness
I made a silent prayer
Hoping someone will find me and I lost consciousness
Episode 19 📚
Asher’s POV
I sighed as I stood at the entrance of the bathroom, I have been watching that mother fv¢king Jake, why the hell was he at the entrance of the girls toilet pacing back and forth, something is definitely fishy, I walked into the bathroom looking for what was missing but I found nothing
I walked out , I can’t find Mia anywhere, I hope Jake is not a p@rt of Mia’s disappearance, where the hell is she, I sighed and ruffled my hair angrily, sitting down, Mia plea-se call my name
Aidan’s POV
I walked into the bathroom, feeling pressed, I was alre-ady very annoyed, I am one of those students you’d never notice at school, I smelt a choking smoky odour and it was from the girls toilet, I really hope everything is fine there, I stepped out of the bathroom and headed to the girls bathroom, doing this would lead me into a very big trouble but I didn’t care, I entered the bathroom taking a look at where is was actually coming from, there is no way anyone could breath Here, it was filled with fumes, I heard a weak knock and a faint voice calling for help, I searched the entire bathroom and I couldn’t get a clue, I moved ahead to the toilet Area ,tracing the voice, I opened the door, finding a strange girl laying half unconscious on the floor, she looked exhausted and tired, I lifted her and dragged her out of the bathroom, asking her to wake up, she nee-ds urgent medical attention since she didn’t look good
I lifted her in my arms, walking towards the clinic
“wait ” I heard someone called, I turned back and it was Asher Byron, the musician ,I gulped in as he walked towards me, taking the unconscious girl frowned me
“Leave from here ” he yelled with a glare and I ran
Asher’s POV
He shouldn’t have t©uçhed her, she is mine, no one dared to t©uçh Mia or carry her in their hands, she is mine, freaking mine, she is my girl, I walked towards the school clinic thinking about her
“nurse!! ” I called waking towards her dropping her on the stretcher, she checked for her pulse and did a lot of simple check up
“I’m calling the ambulance, we can’t treat her here, is she an asthmatic patient? ” she asked checking her blood pressure, I clenched my fists in anger as I watched Mia, she was g@sping for air and the nurse was performing a CPR, within minutes the ambulance was in school, she was wheeled out of the school on a stretcher with a nurse fixing oxygen into her lungs for air
I will really kill Jake this time, he is crossed his lines, I walked towards the clas-sroom, he was smoking cigarettes, I scoffed and pushed him off the chair, he fell, chuckling, it only made me angrier, I dragged him towards the hallway, beating him up badly,smashing his head on the school locker, he is never going to learn even after going to jail once, he tried to kill her again, my bones snapped as I felt him hit me, I held his hands, twisting his Goddamned wrist, everyone had gathered around us, but no one dared to call the principal, that idiot punched my nose and I have a concert, I stood up, kicking him and watched him gr0@nin pain, before I drove off to the hospital, breaking the school rule
I got to the hospital and made my way to Mia’s ward, damn, her parents had come to know everything about the incident, I hope they do not plan on changing Mia’s school, I have to tell her that I am not avoiding her anymore, it is too insane, A day can’t pas-s by without Mia’s thought on my head, I really don’t know what to do
I stood up as I heard the door of her word opening, the doctor walked out, signaling me to walk in I really don’t know where her parents where, I just wanna see her face ,I walked in and she was slee-ping soundly with an oxygen mask attached to her face
“Ella Mia ” I called and tapped her cheeks, she opened her eyes slowly, looking at me, with tears in her eyes, I smiled and waved at her
“Mia, I’m so sorry for ignoring you even when you asked me to, I shouldn’t have done that, it is really difficult, you have to got tell me to st©p ” I asked and held her hands, close to my face, she slowly re-moved the oxygen attached to her face, forcing a smile out
“you don’t have to avoid me Asher, I realized I was being selfish and I was hurting myself ” She e said and I smiled faintly
“Hey, Mia, do you have idea of the person that locked you up in that bathroom ” I asked ,looking at her pale face
“I don’t know who is was, but I can tell that it is Jake, he is the only enemy……… I.. ” Her voice trailed off as she began to g@sp for air, she is not completely okay, I returned the oxygen mask to her face letting her breath
I smiled as she took a de-ep breath, I stood up gently, planning to walk out but she held on to my hands, I chuckled and sat next to her
“Asher, you can’t tell my parents that it was planned, she is gonna get worried about and she might change my school” she uttered slowly, half asleep
“okay, I won’t ” I said and watched someone walk in, he was that guy that brou-ght her out, is he here to take the credit from us, he looked kinda very cute, I hope Mia doesn’t have a crush on him, I rolled my eyes at him as he walked towards us
“how is she ” he asked and I smiled, before glaring at him
“She is not dead, I thank you for saving her, but you really don’t have to interfere ” I said and scoffed
Mia opened her eyes slowly, smiling at him, she muttered a thank you, raising her hands to shake him, I pushed him away taking the hand shake
“I brou-ght you here ”
” Well, I found you in the toilet, lying unconscious ” The idiot retorted then immediately and I scoffed
“you really wanna take the credit don’t you? ” I asked sarcastically and watched Mia, who was slee-ping soundly
My phone ranged and I smiled faintly as I watched her, I have got to go, my manager won’t spare me if I’m a minute late
I rolled my eyes walking out of her ward, though I felt uneasy leaving her behind, I would come back for her, immediately the practice is over