The bad boys nerdy girl Episode 20 & 21

🎀 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 🎀
Episode 20 📚
Ella Mia’s POV
I opened my eyes slowly, watching the unfamiliar figure in front of me, I smiled and sat up slowly, I could breath properly now, I looked around and sighed, stretching my hands to take a cu-p of water
“Don’t worry, I will help you ” The strange boy said, he looked quite handsome though, my mind drifted towards Asher, I took the cu-p of water with my unsteady hands, gulping it, slowly
“where is Asher? “I asked, packing my hair in bun
“He went out, he said he would be back soon….i can help with your…. You know? ” he made gesture with his hands referring to my hair, I smiled and asked him to walk over
He walked towards me, twisted my hair into two French plait , I smiled as he plaited my hair
My parents walked in and he smiled ma-king kind gesture, he is a well mannered type, I smiled as I watched my parents get along with him well, Asher walked in and I beamed, he smiled, greeting my parents with a gentle and polite smile, mom smiled and asked them to walk out as I changed my clothes
“mom, I might come home late, I wanna treat this two guys to dinner for saving me ” I uttered and she gave me a thousand dollars, “enjoy the dinner ” she muttered and walked out with Dad
I smiled as they walked in together, Asher smiled and hvgged me for the first time, I beamed and smiled at him, we walked out of the hospital and walked towards Asher’s car
Asher’s POV
I smiled as I stepped into the car, that Aidan guy was opening the door, she smiled entering the back sit
“I really think you should stay at the front, and you Aidan, find another means of transportation, I will definitely not let you use my car ” I half yelled asking Mia to move forward
She scoffed and grumbled, I knew she was mad at me again, but I still don’t care about it, she nee-ds to un-derstand that everything should be done by me, I’m not sharing her with anyone
“I guess I will take my motorcycle ” He said and I sm-irked
“Wait, I have always wanted to ride a motorcycle, but mom won’t allow it, so do you mind if I join you ” Mia asked and I rolled my eyes
“you are not going anywhere Mia, you will fv¢king stay here in this car, you ba-rely know him and you wanna follow him? ” I asked sarcastically and watched a sneer forming on her face
“No, I wanna follow him ,I wanna ride ride with him, it would be so much fun Asher ” she said and stepped out of the car, clinging to his arm, I swept her off her feet, ignoring her protest and screams
“Follow my lead, okay? ” I uttered authoritatively as I walked towards the car with Mia, dropping her on the front sit, locking the door, before entering the car, she folded her arms, deciding not to use the sit belt , I ruffled my hair, holding her hands together, watching her protest, she is really stubborn aside from the fact that she is innocent, I fixed the sit belt and started driving
“Where are we going too? ” I asked and watched her look away
“No worries, I will choose the fv¢king restaurant my self ” I said and watched her g@sp
“if this is about the F word, I’m sorry and if it is about the motor cycle, you are childish, your mom said it is dangerous and I believe you are a good girl, aren’t you ”
“How did you know that I was going to treat you guys to dinner? ”
Ella Mia’s POV
“I’m Asher Byron, I know things ” muttered sternly, focusing on driving, he increa-sed the speed till the strange guy was out of sight
” let’s just chat with each other ” he said and I looked around
“Asher, we are very far away from any restaurant ” I said and he smiled
“at least, the third wheel is not here with you ” he said
“okay ” I muttered and smiled
“Okay, Mia, what do you think about relationsh!ps and S-x ” he asked and I choked on my breath
“relationsh!ps and S-x? ” I asked and coughed, he look at me and smiled
“Well, I can’t talk about S-x, the only thing I know about it is what we have been thought in biology clas-s, but relationsh!ps ….” I said and watched him smile
“Mia, do you love me ” He asked and I smiled, looking away shyly, he smiled and held my hands
“Why are you asking me? ” I asked and he smiled
“because I have feelings for you ”
“well, some words doesn’t nee-d to be expressed, it just nee-ds to be felt ” I said and he smiled
Adjusting the chair I sat on, he la-id on t©p of me, held my face, tucking my hair behind my ears, I felt uncomfortable since I was lying
“you are definitely not doing anything stupid, are you? ” I asked and watched him chuckled
“The last time I k!$$£d you, I brushed myl-ips against yours, this time I wanna make it real
Asher’s POV
I smiled and watched her dilated pupils, she was definitely freaking out as I nuzzled her, I don’t wanna leave any hic-key behind, I really don’t want her parent to become suspicious, I brushed myl-ips against hers and ignored her protest, watching her take de-ep breaths
“Asher…. I…. Can’t…. Breath ” she muttered and I buried my face in her n£¢k, holding her hands, feeling her shudders as myl-ips t©uçhed her n£¢k
“Asher..i…plea-se….” she begged, squirming and while I smiled, watching her, she really nee-ds to learn to be comfortable
We stayed in that position for minutes, her breathing was stable and she wasn’t shuddering and squirming on her sit, the only thing I enjoyed was her warmth, the moment myl-ips went to her n£¢k, she stiffened up and shuddered, I smiled k!ss!ngherl-ips, de-epening the k!ss, I took the lead, she doesn’t know anything about k!ssing, she was starting to fight me, I smiled and watched her ti-ghtly closed eyes, I continue k!ss!ngtasting her, my hands moved to her th!gh, trying to p@rt it
She moved her knees upwards and hit me on my groin
“you shouldn’t t©uçh me like that ” she said with a frown on her face, adjusting the chair upwards, I shouldn’t have taught her that, I hurt badly, she faced the window, opening it, fanning her face with her hands
“take me to a restaurant this instant ” she yelled and I started the car, driving towards the restaurant close to the hospital
We got outside, I smiled recurring everything that happened in the car, her react and everything ,my smile faded away knowing that Aidan was still waiting for us
“Don’t you have anything to do? ” I asked angrily with my gritted teeth
Mia, held his hand and they walked into the restaurant together, I wondered she got along with him so well, I wore my face cap entering the restaurant, I don’t want any unnecessary attention from fans
Mia rolled her eyes as I walked into the restaurant with her, did I went to far by tou-ching her th!gh
I sighed as sat beside her, holding her hand un-der the chair, she beamed and smiled at me while I sm-irked watching Aidan
“what is your name? ” she asked him
“I’m.. Aidan ” he stuttered acting all shy, I so much dislike him, knowing she can’t be mine
Am I indirectly using Mia, messing with her emotions, if I end up slee-ping with Mia, it won’t be good for any of us, I’m so confused
“Nice name ” she said and smiled at him
“Asher, his name is better than yours ” Mia said
“If you are doing this to spite me, Mia, it is really not working ” I muttered dryly, calling the the waiter towards us
“The bill is no me ” I uttered and watched her scoffed
“I’m paying for it “she retorted with an eye roll
” Shut up kiddo, listen to me ” I said and walked Aidan laugh
I really hate his pres£nce, I rolled my eyes at him and watched him comport himself
“That is more like it ” I thought and smiled
Episode 21
Asher’s POV
She rolled her eyes ,I liked watching her roll her eyes
“I’m ordering the food and that’s final ” she yelled, ban-ging her arm on the table, I wra-pped my hand around her mouth, forcing her to sit down
“I’m paying for it, okay? ” I said and watched her stand up, gr-abbing Aidan hand, walking out on me, why do we keep on fighting like kids, she is ma-king me do things I won’t do normally, had it been other girls, I won’t argue, but I was arguing with her
“where are you guys going too ” I asked sarcastically
“We are going out to get dinner with someone who doesn’t feel too important ” she retorted
“Will you stay if I don’t pay for dinner ? ” I asked and watched her drag Aidan along with her, they sat down, ordering the same meal, it made me very angry , I sighed and ruffled my hair
She gave a mischievous grin and sm-irked, was she purposely doing all of this, I sighed, glaring at Aidan
Dinner was served and we ate silently, Mia paid the bill and I stood up receiving a call from my manager
Every day practice, and I haven’t invited Mia yet, I sighed as I took my car keys, knowing I have to let her stay with Aidan since I was busy , I stood up, telling her about the work I wanted to do ,she smiled and side hvgged me, before sitting with Aidan, I couldn’t help but get worried about how they got along so well
Ella Mia’s POV
I smiled and sat with Aidan ,he kept on smiling at me, he was the male version of me, that’s why we got along so well, cute though. I smiled ordering some desert
“are you guys d@t!ngeach other ” He asked taking a spoon full of ice cream cake, I chuckled and nodded a No, he smiled and held my hand
“Mia, if you don’t mind, you have to be careful around Asher, he is unpredictable and he doesn’t d@t£ girls for too long, you are too innocent to un-derstand that ” he muttered, still eating his desert
I gr@bb£d my handkerchief, thinking about what he said, Asher is unpredictable and it is right, I caught him slee-ping with a girl, taking cigarettes, what if I am one of those girls, I sighed and continued eating silently, tears welled up in my eyes as I pondered on Aidan’s words, I felt kinda hurt
I paid the bills and walked out with him, wearing his helmet, ri-ding his motorcycle, holding on to his shi-t, I bade him good bye as I got to the entrance of my house
I stepped in as sat on the be-d, ignoring Miranda’s words
“Miranda, how do you know if you are getting used by a boy ” I asked and she chuckled
“look at her, I was talking to you earlier and you ignored me and you suddenly want me to tell you how you would know…………… ”
“I’m sorry ” I cut in with a sneer on my face
“teddy bear, st©p getting mad at me for no reason ” she uttered with an eye roll
“who are you talking about….. Asher….. I knew you guys have something up your sleeves, are you d@t!ng” she asked and I glared at her
“hmm…. Sorry, why do you wanna know and plea-se st©p giving me attitude ” she half yelled and I chuckled
“I don’t know, Just tell me” I demanded and she laughed
“firstly, A Guy who is not interested who always look for opportunities to get in contact with your skin, he doesn’t take things slow or he might take things slow just to sleep with you or he doesn’t show interest in other things but he is always interested in you when it comes to S-x ” she uttered, walking towards the mirror, applying her acne paste on her cheek
I walked towards my wardrobe, bringing out my pajamas
“Did you just change my pajamas ” I asked and rolled my eyes
“grow up girl and be attrac-tive, you are almost eighteen and you are acting like 6” she muttered, obviously irritated, I took off my eyes glas-ses and wore my pajamas, dozing slee-ping
Asher’s POV
I la-id silently on my be-d, totally exhausted from the practice, I smiled as I remembered Mia’s face and br@ced teeth
“what a nerd! ” I thought and smiled and dozed off
🌄Next morning 🌅
I stood up tiredly and walked towards the bathroom, taking my bath, my concert is approaching and I was alre-ady exhausted by everything
I walked out of my room and headed to school, as usual I met Mia at the roof t©p, since Jake was back in school, I smiled and walked towards her, k!ss!ngher cheek ,she didn’t return my greetings, instead she shrugged me off
“Ella Mia, what’s wrong? ” I sighed and held my hand
“Are you using me, what I to you, do you even love me ” She asked angrily
I didn’t have answers to the question she asked, I was confused, I looked away, burying my face in my palm
“what if I don’t have answers to your questions ” I asked
“but you told me you cared about me, I thought you love me ”
“Of course, I love you Mia, but I’m not using you, if you were betrothed to someone else, we would be together, okay ” I as-sured and hvgged her ti-ghtly, k!ss!ngher forehead
“Your birthday is in two weeks time ” I said and she was shocked
“how did you know ”
“I told you that I’m Asher, I know things ” I said and win-ked
We walked downstairs together, holding hands, we walked past Stacey and she had this grin I couldn’t un-derstand, I looked away
We walked into the clas-sroom, facing the board, I sat beside Mia, holding her hand, watching her teeth br@ces , she took out her note immediately the teacher c@m£ in
We focused on what he was teaching us and I smiled, I guess she is a good influence on me, when I’m with her, I tend to focus better
It was finally lunch time, I held her hand as we walked into the canteen, though she didn’t want to follow me but I f0rç£d her, she is so ashamed of how she looks no self confidence, thanks to Jake, he had embarras-sed her that day
I felt someone arm wra-pped my w@!st and I froze, this cannot be happening, A feeling happiness surged throu-gh me
I looked back and it was Stephanie , she is my girlfriend, the one I had ever Chloe left me for Jake, I thought she wasn’t going to come back here, it has been over 2 years now
Jake was once a g@y, he dumped Stephanie’s brother and we met each other
I hvgged her ti-ghtly
Ella Mia’s POV
My smile faded away as I watched Asher hvgged the strange girl in front of me , I smiled thinking she was just his friend, he k!$$£d her quite de-ep,ignoring me, walking away from the canteen holding her hand
I rushed towards him and held his hands
“who is she? ” she asked him and he smiled looking at me
“she is just someb©dy, we have a lot to say Stephanie ” he said and walked out on me
I felt my heart aches, so after all I’m just someone, maybe he misses her a lot and he is so excited, I convinced myself and walked into the clas-sroom back, watching him chat with the girl, he kept k!ss!ngher, I walked out, unable to accept what is going on, everything was going so well, what suddenly happened
I walked towards the rooft©p, hearing a lot of rumors, I heard she is Asher’s girlfriend and it added to my pain, what ever the issue is, I wanna hear it from Asher himself, did I just get used or is it that I’m not attra-cted, I heard she is the heiress of the Kendall’s empire high school owners
I wiped the tears that threatened to fall off my face and walked back to the clas-sroom, he looked so happy with her and I felt like garbage ,like I was cheap
I called him and we walked towards the rooft©p, I held his hands
” I’m sorry Mia ” he said, taking his hands away from mine
Tears welled up in my eyes, knowing this was really happening
“Asher, we love each other, right ?” I asked, trying not to cry ,he pressed hisl-ips into thin line and I blinked my tears away
“Mia, I’m sorry, maybe I got a little bit too obsessed, but I love Stephanie , I admit that I fell in love with you at a point, but I really love Stephanie ” he said and I let my tears out, taking steps back
“Asher… It can’t be true, I really do love you ” I cried and I watched him ruffled his hair
“I’m sorry Mia ” he pleaded and walked out
“Noooooo!!” I screamed and sat on the floor, crying my lungs out, Just one night changed everything, I really do love him, I buried my face in my knee, crying out for hours
It was finally Day break, I took my glas-ses off and wiped off my tears, this is how it feels to be heartbroken, I walked towards the clas-s and picked my bags
I walked out of the clas-s and walked throu-gh the hallways, I met them holding hands, and just like that I bec@m£ Asher’s past, he took a look at me as I walked out , I felt his gaze on me and I felt so angry, with my self for not listening to dad when he said me not to d@t£ anyone
Tears kept pouring like an heavy rain, I waited outside for my driver, lost in thought, wish I wasn’t a nerd, wish I was h0t super model, kinky and S-xy
My heart couldn’t st©p aching as I thought of Asher and his girlfriend, he k!$$£d me and I allowed it, twice, he used me to get over his girlfriend
I felt lonely and cheap, I was deceived