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March 5, 2021


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The bad boys nerdy Episode 16 & 17

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💖💖 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 💖💖

Episode 16




Asher’s POV

I sighed as I watched Mia furrowed her eyebrows, seriously?, I came to pick her up and I can tell she is incredibly mad at me for picking her up, though she is not saying anything, I took a quick glance at the girl standing beside her, she looks cool though, but Ella Mia was prettier, I rolled my eyes and held her hand


“Good morning, I don’t know who you are, but I need to take this childish idiot to school, she is late and it is interestingly usual ” I said and took a step forward

“Am sorry but you have to wait, because I am following her to school , I took her mum’s permission and it has been granted, are you her boyfriend? ” she asked and I smiled

“why do you care ” Mia asked and I smiled, is she claiming that I am boyfriend?, I held her hand and we stepped into my car together, we sat behind us after that sassy girl pushed her away, we kept trying to keep a conversation up with me and I smiled as she talked about love, sex, education, fashion, the only thing Mia ever talked about is education and it makes me more eager to learn more about her, but I can suddenly pinpoint what that new girl likes, I peeped from the front mirror and I took a quick glance at Mia, she looked really angry, all red and cute, I smiled as she got angry unnecessarily,is she perhaps jealous, I stopped the cars as we got to the packing area
She got out of the car, arranging her books

“Miranda, are you going home or you wanna stay in the class with me ” she asked, staring at her book, tears had welled up in her eyes

“No, I want this new guy to show me around, if you don’t have a problem with that ” Miranda answered and I chuckled

“okay ” she answered not sparing us a glance, walking out, I really have to talk to her, it is freaking me out, why is she crying

“Hi, I’m Miranda ” she said and I rolled my eyes at her

“I’m Asher Byron ” I answered

“Whoa, the musician? ” she asked and I smirked, she held my hand acting all coy around me, I know what to do to girls like her but first I have to talk to Ella Mia, she seems hurt, I hope I haven’t hurt her unknowingly, I ruffled my hair not paying attention to what the girl was saying

“If you don’t mind, I have to see Mia ” I uttered and walked away


Miranda’s POV

I laughed as I watched Asher walked out on me, I really have to cover this stupid girl up, she thinks I have interest in Asher, we are bounded by the rules, we are not allowed to choose ourselves a lover, but she likes him, this is not good for her, she will end up hurt, I sighed as I walked towards a bench, talking to my fiance on phone , it is really difficult to be part of the Lopez family

“teddy bear is finally in love ” I thought and sighed heavily, the only reason why I have snatched all of her crush is because of her betrothal, I hope he is a good man

Ella Mia’s POV

I cried my heart out as I sat on the chair, resting my head on the desk, thankfully I was the only one in class and I was allowed to cry as much as I wanted, having a crush on Asher is a deadly sin I won’t get married to him and I am already betrothed to someone else, how on earth am I supposed to cope, I want to choose my own love life, I wanna be the reason behind my love story, but I’m confused and Miranda?, she is making things complicated, she chatted with Asher so well in the car, Asher didn’t talk to me or spare me a glance, what if he likes Miranda since I am not his type ,my throat was hurting from the tears

“Ella Mia ” I heard Asher’s voice calling but I still laid my head on the desk, and wiped my tears off, I’m so sure it would be quite obvious


“what’s wrong? ” he asked and I raised my head up

“am I your type, is that why you are talking to Miranda and you are not talking to me ” I asked sarcastically

Asher’s POV

I sighed as I watched her talk, sniffing repeatedly, her shaky lips trembled as she tried to talk, the tip of her nose was red

“you don’t have answers to my question? ” she asked

“I’m talking to you Mia, it is just that we haven’t talked about anything since this morning ” I answered as calm as I could, this was what I felt the last few days, she ignored me ,she folded her arms, still sniffing, gasping slightly

“Are you okay, Mia ?” I asked and she scoffed

“Don’t talk to me, I’m not your type anyways ” she muttered and sat on the chair gently I raised my hand to hold her hand and she screamed at me


“Don’t even think of touching me Mr musician ” she yelled angrily and I scoffed, empty threats

“What if I do “I asked and stretched my hands towards her, she stopped up holding a book, hitting me up

“Ella Mia, stop it ” I yelled and raised my hand to cover my face

“Ella stop it ” I uttered still dodging, I turned swiftly, holding her in my arms, watching her sweaty hair and forehead, I lifted her up in dropped her on the chair

“Why are you even angry? ” I asked angrily and watched her bow her head slightly, tearing up again

“what a cry baby ” I thought and walked towards her holding her hand, kneeling in front of her


“Ella Mia ” I called gently and raised her hand up, wiping her tears, hugging her

“Asher, you can’t keep doing this, avoid me!! ” She begged and I sighed, biting my lip

“Do you realize what you are asking me to do ?” I asked and watched her nod her head

“Yea, Asher please avoid me, even when I try to talk to you, snub me, don’t get affected when I get hurt look away, please Asher, please ” she begged with tears in her eyes and I took a deep breath

“Why are you doing all this, why are you asking me to avoid you ” I asked, feeling hurt

“I have a crush on you and at the same time, I have been betrothed to someone else, I don’t wanna keep on developing feelings for you ” she answered and stopped up

“okay, if that is what you want, I hope you don’t end up getting more hurt? ” I answered and stormed out of the class angrily

Ella Mia’s POV
I sat on the chair, crying out loud, sobbing her lungs out, why, why does love always interrupt everything, my feelings and friendship

I wiped my tears, hyperventilating, I reached out to my inhaler, Inhaling deeply as I calmed down



Episode 17

Asher’s POV
I sat in the class pondering on what Ella Mia said , is she really betrothed?, do I even love her, if I don’t ,then why am I hurt, I really need to fuck and drink my sorrows out, do I love her or am I attracted to her, would I ever be able to avoid her ,I ruffled my hair, paying less attention to what the teacher was saying, I took a glance at Mia and she still had teary eyes, I really hope I am able to avoid her


Thank God, it was our last class, I picked up my bag and phone, I rolled my eyes as I felt my phone buzzing, it was a message from my manager, I sighed as I read it, A smile brightened up my face as I read his message, it is about my music concert, I thought of running towards Mia ,but I stopped my self, I wanted her to be the first person I am inviting but she asked me to avoid her, I watched her walk towards the entrance of the class, she tripped and fell, holding her ankle, I took my bag and walked past her, I am fulfilling her wishes, I took a glance and walked away, normally I would have helped her up but I walked away and headed to my car

Ella Mia’s POV

I sobbed as I limped towards the car ,who ever he is, I don’t wanna get married to him, I don’t, I just wanna be alone with my self and no one else, I am hurt, I wiped my tears as I sighted Miranda walking towards me, I don’t wanna get married to him and I don’t want her to question and get on my nerves, I just wanna be all alone

The driver drove us home and I walked towards the guest room, crying my heart out, I really don’t want to get married, I was cool with this marriage stuff until Asher came, I laid on the bed and slept off


🌆 evening 🌆

I woke up and walked into my parents room, I have to tell them about the marriage ,I’m not interested in it, I don’t wanna get married to any guy, I want him to be a man of my choice

“Mom, Dad, I have thought about everything and I don’t think I wanna get married to the man you choose for me ” I practiced inwardly as I bowed my head slightly, greeting them

“What if Dad doesn’t listen to me and blame Asher for influencing me “I thought and walked out and walked towards my room

Miranda was busy with her evening sleeping preparations, if I tell this cousin of mine about Asher, she would ensure she gets him to love her and I am not his type

“So tell me Mia, you have a crush on her? ” she asked and I chuckle

“I have a crush on who ?” I asked sarcastically, taking deep breath

“Asher Byron, the musician guy ” she asked and I scoffed

“I don’t have a crush on him, he is a close friend of mine ” I answered with a shrug and laid on the bed, thinking about everything moment I spent with him, tears welled up in my eyes as I remembered everything, I knew I had to control my emotions since I didn’t have the room to myself


🌅 morning


Asher POV

I sat on the chair, sipping my coffee, I have a busy schedule thankfully, so avoiding Mia won’t be a thing, but first thing first, you is the idiot Ella Mia got betrothed to?, I’m so fucking sure he is also a dumb nerd like her, I was still annoyed by the fact that she is betrothed to someone else, though she is not my type but, how do I say this, ever since I kissed that weirdo, I have been wanting everything about her , I want her by my side, too bad she is betrothed to someone else, that’s way I can’t have her to myself, I scoffed and walked out of my room, Dad was at home and I don’t want any of his tantrums, he believes music is not a very good start for me and I believe in music

I walked to school and I saw Stacey and her crew harassing Mia, I can’t interfere, I cautioned myself and walked towards the class, how do I get back at this Stacey girl, I sat quietly and watched her sit on her chair, with tears on her face, she hasn’t changed a bit, she still doesn’t know how to defend herself


The English teacher walked into the classroom, lecturing us on Lexis and structure, this Man is quite boring, I looked around seeing a girl sit beside me, I winked at her and watched her blush, something Mia would never do, instead she would scrunch her face and stand akimbo glaring at me, I laughed out, holding the girl’s hand, she smiled as I watched her fingers

“”you have beautiful long fingers, I love it when it is manicured ” I said, holding her hand, I remember Mia’s soft palm, it is always neat with white nail polish that brings out the color of her nails

Why do I refer everything to Mia, I took a look at her and she was still crying ,though her head was raised up looking at the white board facing us, since the English teacher isn’t a fan of students resting their head on the desk

The next teacher came in and I was busy flirting with the girl sitting beside me, she smiled while I smiled back at her, My mind was with Mia, she was still crying, I bet she would have been burning up with fever by now, I looked away as I felt the girls hand rubbing my abs through my shirt, she smiled and winked at me while I rolled my eyes

What do I say to Mia, why does she keep crying, Damn, this is unbearable



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