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March 7, 2021


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The bad boys nerdy girl Episode 12 & 13

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🎀The bad boy’s nerdy girl 🎀

📚Written by Author Dammy 📖

📜Episode 12



Ella Mia’s POV

I screamed, feeling their hands on my skin, it felt like insect

“We are taking things slow ” Jake uttered , raising my neck up, drinking to give me alcohol, he slapped me hard and I was forced to open my mouth, I gulped in hard, forcing myself to swallow it ,I raised my head up gasping for air, I could feel it, I was almost having an Asthma attack ,I was tied to a rope ,my arms was starting to ache ,the rope lifted me up slightly, Asher was the only Hope left, I felt a liquid running down my body, the stench was awful, did he just bath me with alcohol

“having a taste of you, with my favorite alcohol would the best lunch ever ” he uttered, two hours with him already felt like forever, why did I raise my hands up to him and why did Stacey drug me ,he ripped off my singlet and left me in my training bras, shame and embarrassment surged through me

“help someone ,please help me ” I screamed as I felt his hands on my stomach, rubbing my curves and waist, he kept trailing his fingers, knowing I was really uncomfortable, I kept squirming, but my hands were tied up, I aimed my legs at his nose, since I was hanged up, he winced in pain, though I missed my target, he dug his nails in my skin, scratching me hard, I screamed out in pain, calling out to my mum, I felt his lips on my waist, kissing and biting

“Help someone please help me ” I screamed knowing if there is anything else he was going to rip off, it was my bra

I cried out as I felt my hands aching, my head was starting to spin, rather than being raped, I would rather die, I held my breath knowing I would be get asthma attack



Asher’s POV

Mia’s mom sobbed as we drove towards the warehouse, I would not be able to handle that bastard alone, I took the police and Mia’s parents along with me

I hope she is fine, I finally got there and I wasn’t mistaken,he brought here here, dick headed bastard, I walked into, watching him smoke, though I was hiding now she the hell was Ella Mia, I looked around, I hoped she would scream and call my name, the only way to break in without getting his attention

“mom…. Help me!! “I heard her screamed and I looked towards her direction, she was bruised and injured, That mother fucker, I walked inside losing the rope he had used to tie her

“You bastard ” he screamed as he walked towards me, I held his hands, glaring at him

“Why!!” I screamed angrily

“You wanna know why? ” He asked with a smirk on his face

“because I hate you Asher, I hate the fact that you exist, I hate the fact that you wanna protect her, I hate everyone related to you, I hate you Asher and that’s why I won’t spare her ” He uttered and I rolled my eyes

“Was that why you ensured Chloe died ” I asked, feeling pained
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“You must be wondering why non of your girlfriends every lasted long, why you were always heartbroken, Well, how happy would be be if I told you that I am behind it ” he asked with a faux smile


I closed my eyes, trying not to remember how heartbroken I am, why all my songs were always about heartbreaks and hatred

” I hate to see you successful at everything, I hate to see how you do everything effortlessly while I am striving hard, do you know how much I practice to be the best at basketball game?” he asked and chuckled

“if you had told me how you felt about my success, I would have took you serious, I wouldn’t have flaunted my money, if I knew how you felt about everything ” I answered, grabbing his neck

“so you killed Chloe, knowing how much I loved her” I asked sarcastically

I closed my eyes as he laughed

” I was always a good friend Jake Braces, I loved you, cherished you, and I did everything for you and how do you fucking wanna pay me back ” I asked angrily


He laughed out and I punched him hard on the jaw

“You bastard, if you have a problem with me, you shouldn’t drag Innocent Mia into it, We are not even dating each other ” I yelled

“You are not dating her, but I have a feeling that you are interested in her and I have never been wrong about your feelings ” he answered and I raised him up, punching him badly, I felt someone hijacking me from behind and I signaled the police ,they came in handcuffing him and his gangs

I walked towards Ella Mia slowly and watched her trembled in fears

“You will pay for this, it is not over yet, I will make you pay ” Jake voice echoed behind me, I knelt beside Ella Mia, taking off my jacket, covering her with it

Her Dad stared at me as I carried her on my back ,I wondered why he doesn’t like me, Mia’s mum trailed behind me as I walked towards my car


“We have to take her to the hospital ” I uttered ,watching her from the window, her mother was trailing kisses on my face

“You will be fine ” she uttered gently

🌅Two 🌇Weeks 🌆 Later 🌃

Ella Mia’s POV

I sighed and ruffled my hair watching Asher read the speech I gave him, An ordinary speech, it was even up to a page, just in introductory part for our chemistry, why is he so lazy when it comes to study

“Mia, please, give me more time to study it ” he said and I shot him a death glare

“you have been saying this for a week now, and you still don’t know the introductory part , you can’t even say a line, I don’t wanna get a fail ” I half yelled and watched him cover his ear with his hands

“Let’s just go out for clubbing and I promise to study it hard ” he uttered and I furrowed my eyebrows


” I promise ” he proclaimed and I nodded my head

“I will pick you up by seven, okay?” he uttered and I smiled, packing up my books, I walked into my car and the driver drove off

Mom still doesn’t believe the fact that Jake can’t harm me anymore, he is in jail ,I walked out of the car, Mom and Dad were out of town for a trip

“I’m free tonight for clubbing, what do a club looks like, I’m doing all this for an “A” ,Asher is such a pain in the neck ” I thought, talking my bath, my navel and waist still had scars thanks to Jake

I combed my hair and wore a simple long straight high waist pleating skirt and a long shirt, I checked the time and it was almost exactly 7pm ,I stood outside waiting for him
I heard his car horn and I smiled as I walked towards his car, he took a look at me and sighed


“Ella Mia, you are not going to church, you are going to a club ” he uttered and I sighed

” I wore something cool, it’s normal ” I said checking my self out

“let’s get you some clubbing outfit ” he said and drove off to a boutique

Asher’s POV

I smiled as I walked into the boutique with Ella Mia, she kept mumbling about the fact that she was wearing a perfect outfit, I chuckled and handed her over to a stylist

“Give her a sexy and cool outfit, perfect for clubbing “I said and sat down, reading a magazine, by the time she is done, I’m sure it would have been quite late, I just wanna have fun


⌚Two hours later ⏰

I sighed and rested my chin on my palm, I hope she is still alive, it has been fucking two hours, Damn she is not dead

“Sir, she doesn’t want to come out, I have been trying for minutes ,yet she is still insisting on staying in ” The stylist said and I chuckled

What a innocent nerdy girl!!,I cleared my throat and walked towards the room, she was actually covering herself up

“Ella Mia, please come outside ” I begged and sat down quietly for few minutes

“I’m ready now ” she answered and I raised my head up slowly, watching her, My jaw dropped and I couldn’t move

I blinked my eyes several times, Oh My God



📜Episode 13📜

Asher’s POV

I felt a bang in my heart, perhaps she isn’t Mia, the black short mini tight gown, hugged her flawless curves, she had sexy high heeled boot on to cover her legs up , never knew she was a curvy as this ,the short gown was a type that opened her navel, her belly button was so mesmerizing, everything about her was fantastic

Her make up, it was also so cool, I wished she could take her glasses off, but since she couldn’t see without it, I would let her put it on, her straight Jack Black hair was long

“Asher, please stop staring at me ” she asked and I looked away


“you don’t even look too good, I was staring at your ugliness ” I lied and looked away giving the cashier my credit card, I watched her rolled her eyes, covering her chest ,it was an off shouldered with strip actually

“she is really pretty in this outfit ” I thought and walked her outside ,I stepped into car and watched her open the door

“No courtesy, you couldn’t even help me open the door ” she mumbled, pulling the sit belt, I chuckled watched her fix the sit belt

I drove to the club and giving my her my jacket ,we got out of the car and I walked her towards the entrance of the club

“Ma’am you can’t go in with this outfit ” The club security guard said, referring to the jacket she was wearing
She took it off, walking in with me


I smiled and watched her smile awkwardly, I booked a private section ,she sat on the chair gently, closing her eyes, giving me the opportunity to stare at her, she is so pretty in this outfit, perfect and curvy, slim and goddamn hot

“if looks could kill, she would probably be dead by now ” I heard a familiar voice
I took a look at the back and it was Daniel ,my old time pal, the last time I saw this idiot was during middle school

“Daniel “I called and side hugged him

“where the hell have you been ” I asked and he smiled


“I thought you were dead ” He answered and I punched him, Mia gasped and I smiled

“Who is this hot chick ” He asked ,pointing at Mia

“I’m not a hot chick, do I look like a chick?” Mia asked innocently and Daniel and I laughed

“he wasn’t referring to the mother hen and chick, it is a slang ” I explain and she nodded her head, standing up, offering her a hand shake

I looked at Daniel and he was actually staring at her, he was mesmerized by her beauty and body shape

“stop staring at my girl ” I warned and he smiled

“Are you guys dating each other ” he asked sarcastically

“No, actually he insisted he wanted to come to the club with me, we are project partners ” She answered

I rubbed my forehead and smiled, we sat on the chair, ordering some drinks, I ordered a bottle of tequila, Daniel ordered Vodka while Mia order fruit punch

” Are you sure she isn’t pretending ” Daniel asked in a whisper and I smiled


“No, actually she is not always like this, I forced her into this outfit and brought her here ” I answered back and watch her sip her juices

“Dude, I gotta go, your contact please, we still have a lot to discuss ” he uttered and taking my phone number before walking away

Ella Mia waved him good bye and he hugged her, I felt jealously surge through me ,I shouldn’t be feeling this, it is not jealously, it is just being protective

“pretty miss, what is your name ” he asked, flirting with her

“Ella Mia ” she answered with a smile, he pecked her and I rolled my eyes, she wouldn’t even let me do that how did I get this attached to her, I wondered ,and took a shot

“Don’t you think it is time to go, why are you even talking to her ” I asked sarcastically with a smirk on my face

He walked away and smiled, I held her hand and took her to the dance floor, dancing with her, she didn’t move a bit she was smiling heartily at me as she watched me smile



Ella Mia’s POV

I smiled as we walked out of the club, it was almost twelve o’clock, mid night, I don’t think I have been this late outside, this is the first time

Asher is such an Influencer , I am doing this I shouldn’t do, he was quite tipsy, though he was still in his right mind

“Now you have to study hard for the chemistry project, just the introductory part ” I uttered and he laughed

“That? ” he asked and I smiled

“Yes” I answered and he read it without any mistakes, then he smirked


“I could do the project with my eyes closed ” he uttered and I sighed

“Asher ” I called and hit him on the shoulder, he smiled watching me glare at him, I didn’t stop hitting him

“stop it Mia, just stop ” he answered and I sighed

Asher’s POV

I looked at her and watched her adjust the sit belt,she was having problems with it, I leaned close to her, helping her, my gaze was on her lips, fixing the sit belt ,I held her hands, resting my forehead on her, felt her hot breath on my face, she was uneasy, taking deep breath

“Asher… we…. should…. not… be… doing… this ” she stuttered, looking at me, staring into my eyes, she closed her eyes, panting heavily, I brushed my lips against hers and watched her shuddered


“Asher!! ” She screamed and hit me

I got back to my senses and started the car, normally we would have been talking to each other but the silence was awkward

I drove to the entrance of her house and opened the door, she walked out, avoiding my gaze ,I smirked and pulled her back to me, I made her lean on the car, before crashing my lips on hers ,I placed my lips on hers, without moving, I stepped back after kissing her, she stood on a spot, trying to regain her mental consciousness, I walked into my car and watched her walked into her house

I smiled knowing I was her first kiss and that wasn’t deniable, I hope I don’t end up hurting her, I smiled driving home happily, perhaps, I feel something for her


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