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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The bad boys nerdy girlEpisode 14 & 15

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🎀The bad boy’s nerdy girl🎀

📜Episode 14📜




♦1 week later ♦


Ella Mia’s POV


I sighed repeatedly as I found it very difficult to enter the class, why did he kissed me ,We are not dating and We are not married, I have been betrothed since I was young and kissing someone else is cheating, I spent my nights praying to God for forgiveness, he is unpredictable and I didn’t expect it


My baggy tanned Demin pant covered my flat shoes and my white chiffon shirt fitted me perfectly, after all, it was finally the project day, I walked towards him with a faux smile and I got snubbed, seriously ?” I scoffed and held his hands, dragging him out of the class, how could he


“why do you suddenly wanna talk to me? ” he asked sarcastically


“what do you mean by why do I suddenly wanna talk to you ” I asked and he scoffed


“Really Mia?, you have been avoiding me for the past one week and when you wanna talk to me, you think I should answer you ” he asked and I sighed


“I’m sorry Asher, it is all your fault ,you shouldn’t have ki….ss…ed… me, non of this would happen ” I uttered bowing my head slightly, knowing he was smiling


“I’m sorry,

I shouldn’t have done that, though no feelings was attached to the kiss, I just wanna get a taste ,I don’t want you to think about it, you are not my type though, but you are a very good friend ” He answered and I felt pained, what do I really want, I’m not his type, so he isn’t affected by me, perhaps am I that ugly, why doesn’t he feel anything for me?,My thoughts were so infuriating ,I was so devastated and annoyed


We walked into the classroom, though I was trailing my steps behind me, we sat down comfortably, Stacey was the only one presenting the project since Jake was behind bars for harassing me, it was finally our turn, and we presented it so well, thankfully Asher didn’t make a mistake, thanks to me, he read for the project and he was so perfect, why the hell did he kiss me


“You shouldn’t have done that ” I yelled unconsciously bringing everyone’s towards me, he chuckled and I rolled my eyes


“Are you okay? ” The chemistry teacher asked and I sighed


“yeah ” I answered and we walked towards the sit


“You were referring to me, weren’t you? ” he asked and I feigned a smile


“No ” I lied


Did I just tell a lie, I held my breath and bit my lip


“yeah ” I answered truthfully and he smiled


Asher’s POV


I smiled as I watched her answer me truthfully, she couldn’t even lie for too long, we sat in the class and

what the chemistry teacher give lectures, Mia was joking down point


“what a nerd ” I thought and sighed, the chemistry teacher graded our project and it was an “A ” ,Mia’s favorite , I smiled as I watched her laugh, why do I have to keep deceiving myself, Is she really not my type, I haven’t been able to sleep with any girl or make out with anyone else thanks to her, she leaves me in s state of dilemma


The day was finally over and I took a long stroll wearing my hoodie and disguised mask, being a celebrity is really hard, you can’t live a peaceful life especially when you are popular, my fans are one crazy people, this time I would be dropping a hit Hip Hop debut album, I have been working on it for months now who knows how Mia is? ” I thought as I walked into my house, Dad was at home, my nightmare, I sighed and walked into my room, I really don’t want any problems


Ella Mia’s POV

I sat on the chair patiently waiting for mom and dad, I hope they come home soon ,I already made their favorite sponge cake, I stood outside calling them repeatedly, I was so excited to meet them


I saw their car entering the compound, I ran towards Mom and hugged her tightly, Dad side hugged me and I smiled


“surprise surprise ” I heard a familiar voice, I so much despise this voice, I looked at the direction of where the voice was coming and I was quite shocked


It was Miranda, my cousin, that extremely sassy girl ,I rolled my eyes at her as she waved at me, before mumbling to Dad


“Mia, you can at least pretend to be happy to see me even if you don’t wanna see me ” she answered and I feigned a smile, A sour smile to be precised


“Mom, why is she here ” I asked and she laughed


“for vacation Ella Mia, A month vacation ” Mom answer and I watched her picked her nails


“Get used to it Ella Mia ” Miranda uttered and walked in with my parent


That stupid girl, she is always the best at being the worst side of me, she dated all of my crush and now she is here, I have to keep her from Asher, but I don’t have a crush on him, I still have to keep her away from Asher and I will do what I takes



Someone is feeling uneasy and protective, yet she claims she has no crush on him


Let’s see how long it will last



Episode 15


Ella Mia’s POV


I sighed as I walked into my room angry, very good, she has already taken over my bed, dropping her rubbish on it, is this a cloth, I huffed and puffed, pacing round my room as she arranged her clothes in my bag, she suddenly burst into laughter and I glared at her


“Don’t tell me you still wear this Hello Kitty cotton panties? ” she asked and laugh so hard


“Yes, and how is that your business Miranda ” I asked grabbing it from her hands as she swing it on her fingers


” Hehehe” she giggled mockingly sneering at me, I sighed


“what kind of underwear do you even wear ” I asked and she chuckled ,bringing out a rag, A fancy rag to be precised, I can’t believe she is my cousin


“you call this rag an underwear? ” I asked sarcastically, laughing out loud, she chuckled


“You can laugh your dumb brain out, it is not my fault that you’ve got a brain full of books alone, it is called a G string ” she retorted with a sneer and I scoffed and laid on the bed, using a remote control to switch off the light


I turned sideways, covering my self with duvet cover, she switched it on back, interrupting my sleep


“Miranda!!! ” I screamed and watched her smirk


“I’m not like you Mia, I need to rub this paste on, rub my hands with moisturizers, fix my hair before going to sleep ” she answered and rolled her eyes


Well,The only thing I do before going to bed is pray and I found everything she said very weird and awkward, knowing she is the classy type


“Well, Miranda, are you going to a party in your sleep ? ” I asked sarcastically and she smiled, nodding a No


“You see, the only reason why you haven’t been able to get yourself a boyfriend is because you don’t do all this, you are as ugly as fuck and you are so naive ” she answered and I scoffed


“Says someone who covers her ugliness with an heavy makeup ” I answered knowing we were surely in for a fight this night, I really don’t enjoy fighting, but with Miranda, I am always ready to attack her , this time I am doing it for a reason, she can’t get away with this easily


“For Asher ?” my inner mind mocked and I ruffled my hair, is it actually okay to feel this way, what is this feeling called, I sighed


I laid on the bed ignoring her, dozing off quietly


🌅Next morning 🌅


I woke up quite late, it was already Six am, thanks to Miranda, I found it extremely uncomfortable to sleep last night with her on my bed, I stepped into the bathroom, taking my bath, I rushed out only to find Miranda yawning, she looked so innocent, no one would know she is actually a devil


“Good morning teddy bear ” she greeted and I scoffed


“Don’t call me Teddy bear ” I muttered and rolled my eyes, she stood up spanking my butt cheek as I bent over to wear my pants


I groaned as I watched her walk into the bath, I wore my blue polka dotted flay gown and wore my flat shoes, I walked downstairs and I took my lunch box, running towards the car, I don’t want her to follow me, I feel like that is the only thing that would cause my death, Asher is a flirt and I am not his type, what if Miranda is the type of girl he wants


“wait up, I asked your mom if following you to school for sight seeing is good and she said she has no problem with it ” she uttered


“Well, I have a very big problem with you following me ” I fired back angrily


“oh common Ella Mia, don’t bite me ” she replied with a smirk , I could bite of her face if I was given the permission to , I took deep breath and exhaled


“Really Mia, mind you, I’m not following you to school, I just wanna see what your school looks like ” she answered and stopped akimbo glaring at her


“you won’t follow me and that’s final ” I announced, giving a death glare


“What happening over here, Mia you are late ” Asher said and I froze ,This was the reason why I wanted Miranda to stay away from my school and now he is here, Good job Asher, thank God I don’t have a crush on him


“really? ” my inner mind spoke and I sighed, glaring at Asher Byron




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