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The @[email protected] I fell in love with Episode 13 & 14

⚔️THE @[email protected]⚔️
•[He Captured a Princess]•
❤️⚔️Episode Thirteen⚔️❤️
••Leana’s POV cont’d ••
‘Shadow let’s just let him go’..I begged with my hands quivering and he frowned..
‘Fine then if you won’t kill I’ll kill him myself’…He said and tried taking the sword but I held onto it ti-ghter..
‘I’ll do it!! Don’t worry I’ll do it!!’..I said aloud and gulped [email protected] walking towards the man who was pinned to the wall by a dagger…
‘Pl..plea-se..plea-se don’t kill me I won’t t©uçh any woman ever again!!’..He begged shivering in fear and I gulped [email protected] again..
‘Do it Leana’..Shadow persisted and I gulped [email protected] raising the knife but instead of chopping his head I chopped his hands off and everyone began cheering for me in the market..
Wh..what the hell is wrong with these people?!! I just chopped a man’s hands off!!!…
‘Good now let’s go’..Shadow said without remorse and my mouth went agape…
‘So you’re not angry i didn’t kill him??’…I asked..
‘He would die from the bleeding eventually,no one would help him’..He replied..
‘W…Why?? That’s absurd?!’..I still asked curious about the ways of his people..
‘He’s [email protected],the ra-pist and in these [email protected] no one does anything to an accused until someone stands up to him which you did!! So technically you did them a favor’..He explained but still I felt awful..
Today for the first time in my entire 25 years of living I chopped a man’s hands off…
And no one’s even bothered about me!!..
‘Yayyi look!!’..TJ yelled as we got to the cu¢vmber stand Showing Shadow his carved cu¢vmber..
‘Good one champ—Get on with your shopping and don’t try anything stupid princess,I’ll be back’..He replied and walked off….
••Jamal’s POV••
‘She’s a beautiful woman no doubt’..Dagger muttered as i walked un-der the shed..
‘Who??’..I asked..
‘Your wife’..He replied and I frowned..
‘I know I know I shouldn’t be looking at his Highness’s wife but I just can’t help it now I know why you captured her’..He added..
‘I captured her for revenge Dagger not because of her beauty’..I snorted and his brows perked up…
‘Whatever you say Jamal’..
‘Good now is there any [email protected]£ in the kingdom of Rile??’..I asked downing a strong sh0t of raw whiskey down my throat…
‘King Tabi doesn’t want to pay the yearly tribute to us as he should and he promised on taking our people as slaves’..He replied and I chuckled softly…
‘Kill him’..
‘I said kill him and show no mercy’..I repeated and walked out of the shed again…
A slow smile couldn’t help but spre-ad across my face as I set eyes on TJ tugging at Leana’s hair…
‘Let’s go’..I grunted with my smile alre-ady faded and she nodded…
Minutes later❤️
‘He used ish knife and cut the coo-coo-ber and then made me a star!!!’..TJ chattered endlessly as we all went into the house and Leana laughed…
‘You talk too much’..she said and he hvgged her legs like she was leaving him forever…
If only Nadia could see her son now she would be very happy…
‘Take the groceries to the kitchen,TJ come with me it’s time for your lesson’..I murmured and Leana nodded walking in the opposite direction with her shiny black dangling down her [email protected]!st..
Dagger is right…
She’s very beautiful…
••Leana’s POV••
I dropped the groceries on the steel table and began bringing out everything—Well not until the vague memory of the market saga flashed throu-gh my head..
I just can’t seem to forget about the blood spilling from his hands and the tears in that man’s eyes….
Placing everything in where they should be,I walked back towards my room and paused hearing sounds from TJ’s room…
I peeped in throu-gh the key hole only to find Shadow..
Only to find Shadow teaching his son how to fight..
‘Hands straight —Legs backward —Don’t fret I’ll be here now fight!!’..He ordered and with unbelievable skill TJ fought the straw mannequin..
Teaching your son to fight at two years old?!!..
What kind of a..oh I’m not surprised..
He’s an @[email protected]
‘Yayyi did i get it??’..TJ asked with a smile on his face which proved that he was happy with what he was doing..
‘Yes you did my little champion now show yayyi your archery skills’..Shadow replied and TJ picked up a little cross bow made of flexible wood and fired a pin pointed arrow right into the bulls eye…
What in the gods name?!..
He’s just two years old isn’t he?!!..
How on earth can a two year old shoot with so much precision like that??..
‘If you’re going to keep spying like a cat then st©p’..Shadow grunted and i quic-kly left from the door..
••Ivan’s POV••
(A year ago)
‘Who are you??’..Leana asked as I walked up to her…
‘I’m Prince Ivan of the neighboring kingdom and you must be Princess Leana i presume’..I replied alre-ady captured by her beauty…
‘Ohh you’re the person father wants me to marry??’..She asked with a frown on her face..
‘Yes,look I’m not re-ady to marry either but seeing you —Would you like to take a walk with me my princess?!’..i replied extending a hand over to her and after a moment of pause she placed her hands in mine..
End of Flashback💨
It was love at first sight…
I fell in love with Leana even before I met her..
And now I can’t imagine a world without her..
‘I know this is [email protected] on you Ivan,it’s also [email protected] on us to but you’ve got to accept the fact that she isn’t coming back’..Mother said and I dismissed her hand…
‘Don’t tell me that mother!!! Leana is going to come back to me and I won’t rest until I’ve found her so plea-se!!! Negativity aside!!’..i yelled and she sighed de-eply…
No one should tell me my Leana won’t come back!!..
she’s going to come back and I’ll make sure of it..
••Leana’s POV••
At night☄️
Shadow was at the other side of the kitchen performing an experiment of some sort and I couldn’t help but stare at him..
All clean and without his beard he’s a totally different person entirely but i preferred him with the beard anyway…
He was more rugged way..
Why am I even thinking about him all of a sudden??..
‘Ouch!!!’..i cried out as my hand bled from the knife which injured me and he rushed over..
‘What’s the problem are you okay??’..He asked holding onto my bleeding f!nger and my eyes almost popped out of the sockets…
❤️⚔️Episode Fourteen⚔️❤️
•.••Jamal’s POV••
‘You should learn to be careful with whatever you’re doing!!!’..I yelled removing my hands from Leana’s f!ngers…
‘Sorry..sorry I’m so clumsy’..She stuttered..
‘St©p what you’re doing and go inside’..I ordered and she nodded walking away..
Why did I even jump on her like that??..
‘Yayyi I’m hungry’..TJ murmured as he walked into the kitchen ru-bbing his eyes…
‘I’ll make something for go back to be-d’..I said in a whisper but he wra-pped his arms around me legs…
‘I want to sh-tay with you tonight’..He whimpered..
‘TJ I’m a busy person go stay with Leana’..I frowned handling the molten liquid with Care and transferred it inside the arrow would…
‘She’s crying,her hand hurts really bad’..He said and then my head sh0t up from what I was doing..
‘She’s in tears??’..i asked and he nodded…
I dropped what i was doing immediately and walked inside Leana’s room only to see her writhing in pain…
‘Are you okay??’..i asked for the second time and she winced..
‘I think i will be’..She replied and i frowned de-eply..
‘You’re clearly not okay come with me’..i said..
••Leana’s POV••
I followed Shadow into and for the first time followed him into his room..
It was all black themed..
From a black be-d cover to a black dyed bear skin rug and black paintings of horses all around his room…
‘Sit down’..He ordered..
‘Where??’..I asked.
‘On the be-d where else??’..He retorted and went into another room..
After a few minutes he [email protected]£ back but without a shi-t and I gulped [email protected] basking in his sheer masculinity..
There was a tattoo of a snake on his back that ate an eagle which was drawn at his left brea-st..
They covered scars..
They beautiful covered the scars..
‘Would you st©p staring at me that way and give me your hand??’..He snapped and I nipped at my bottoml-ip…
He placed something like some peppered leaf of some kind and placed it on my f!nger which made me wince loudly…
‘Shhh shouting would only make it worse’..He said and tears flowed freely from my eyes..
‘Here have this’..He murmured and instantly popped something into my mouth which I swallowed and almost puked right out after..
‘Ewww what was that?!’..I reeked and his brows perked up lightly..
‘It would help the pain reduce a bit’…
‘Thank you’..I muttered and he left..
The Next Morning⛅
I opened my eyes and yawned loudly and turned around to to see myself still in Shadow’s room..
I’m in Shadow’s room?!!…
I opened my blanket as quic-k as I could and heaved a sigh of relief seeing my clothes intact and my f!nger was no longer hurting..
I stood up immediately and then a note dropped from my side..
But I don’t un-derstand..
If he hates me so much then why did he let me sleep in his room and on his be-d too??..
‘Leaya??’..TJ murmured as if on cue walking into the room and habitually ru-bbing his eyes..
‘Good morning Tee-tee’..I replied stretching my hands and he [email protected]£ into them hvgging me and I couldn’t help but smile at the way his curly black hair grazed my skin…
‘Where’s Yayyi??’..He asked..
‘Your yayyi is out working Tee-tee now would you like to help me in the kitchen??’..i asked in reply and he responded by nodding vigorously…
••Authoress’s POV••
Sultan LAI shivered in tears as the shadow of a daring young man rested upon him..
‘You’re…you’re the one they call Shadow aren’t you?! How much were you paid?! How much?!’…He asked and Jamal smiled coyly cleaning the sharp dagger on his victim’s face..
‘You killed twelve people years ago Sultan Lai,you killed twelve people years ago.You know I try to wonder how you could leave the Ottoman empire for Egypt all because of the power and affluence’..
‘Who are you??’..The Sultan asked knowing who he was but the fact that he knew what happened twenty years ago…
‘I am Jamal Gal and I know that name is familiar to you’..Jamal whispered and thrû-st a spear down his throat..
‘Goodbye sultan’..He whispered again and flew out the window…
Now to his next target…
••Ivan’s POV••
‘Nevida what on earth are you to do??’..i asked in shock ad Leana’s best friend held something like a voodoo doll in front of him..
‘plea-se stay still Ivan I’m washing away the evil spirits from you!!’..Nevida replied murmuring something like an incantation un-der her breath..
‘You are out of your mind Nevida what do I need cleansing for??’..I asked with a de-ep frown on my face..
‘From Leana’s spell don’t you see?? I visited a witch doctor and he told me you’re un-der a very dark spell!!’..She said aloud and angrily I wiped her hands off my face..
‘You’re out of your mind Nevida!! plea-se just st©p this!!!’..I screamed and she bur-sted into tears…
‘Don’t you see!!! Leana is using you and I’m pretty sure she planned her own capture!! Who knows if she’s working with the @[email protected] just to get away from you!!’..
‘What do you want exactly?! What exactly do you want from me!!’…
‘I want you Ivan!! I want you to treat me the way Leana!! I want you Ivan!’..She cried out and I sighed de-eply..
‘I belong to only Leana’..
••Leana’s POV••
It was late noon alre-ady and Shadow was yet to be back from wherever he went..
TJ was alre-ady asleep thanks to the corn flour soup I made and I couldn’t help but get bored..
I whistled the same song father used to whistle every morning with a cup of tea in his hands and couldn’t help but get sad all of a sudden..
He was always the [email protected] king of the palace..
He was strict with the maids but he was kind too and i can’t help but wonder —Why does Shadow hate Jim so much and why does he think my father killed one of his..
Could he be the little boy that I get nightmares about??…
‘Leaya where’s yayyi??’..TJ asked and I shrugged..
‘I don’t know but he would be back soon go back to sleep okay’..I said and he rested his head on my th!ghs..
I stroked his hair lightly and stared on as the sun faded out…
TJ snored on and since i was feeling alre-ady uncomfortable I carried him in my arms and walked around..
Nothing has happened to him has it??..
After putting the crying TJ back to sleep for the third time I [email protected]£ back to the main room waiting on…
Suddenly the door bur-sted open and Shadow walked in limping in some kind of way..
‘It’s midnight!!!’..I yelled and he arched his brow..
‘Why are you raising your voice at me??’..
‘Well because TJ has been crying all day and you’re coming home by midnight!!!’..I screamed half happy to see him and half angry too..
‘What gives you the audacity to yell at me Leana?!’..
‘Well I am your wife!! I am your wife Shadow and—Goodnight’..I quic-kly said and walked away..

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