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The @[email protected] I fell in love with Episode 15 & 16

⚔️THE @[email protected]⚔️
•[He Captured a Princess]•
❤️⚔️Episode Fifteen⚔️❤️
••King Lehan’s POV••
‘Sultan Lai is dead your highness’..My wife [email protected]£ in bearing the bad news and I couldn’t help but cough loudly all over again…
‘Lai is dead?? What killed him?! Tell me Leah!’..i asked weakly…
‘He was killed by our daughter’s captor Lehan’..She replied and my eyes wi-de-ned..
‘Shadow?? Shadow killed Lai?! Am I next Leah??’..
‘No you aren’t next Lehan!! We’re going to find him and we’re going to kill him for taking our daughter and ma-king you go throu-gh this pain!! He’s going to suffer!!’..She said with her hands clasped mine and I nodded..
‘I just don’t know what he wants from me Leah.He’s not doing this for pounds or is he??’..I asked and she shook her head…
‘No more Lehan,we would talk about him no more plea-se just rest for your health is deteriorating’..She begged and i heaved another sad sigh..
‘How can i sleep Leah?! How can I sleep knowing that my daughter is suffering in the hands of that monster?? Just tell me how??’..
••Leana’s POV••
I stared at the ceiling with my hair sprawled across the be-d not being able to sleep..
It was returning to it’s natural color —My hair that is…
Without months visit to the saloon or have the royal maids take care of it it’s returning back to it’s normal cherry color and now wavy too…
I used to hate my hair cause I was called a low budget Nefertiti goddess who also had the same color of cherry red hair…
When I couldn’t take it anymore i had the maids straighten out the [email protected] curls and dye it black…
Egyptian Princesses are known for their long black hair but mine was way too different..
‘Leaya??’..i heard TJ murmur as he crept up to me…
‘Tee-tee?? You should be in be-d by now??’..i replied..
‘Can’t sleep.Bad dream’..He murmured and i smiled..
‘Why don’t you sleep with your father?’..
‘He’s angry’..
‘Really?? Why?’..
‘Ion-yow’..he replied and I pu-ll-ed him closer..
‘Fine then you can stay with me good night Tee-tee’..i whispered also feeling the drowsiness of my eyes..
Maybe that was what i needed all along…
Someone to be close to..
‘Goodnight’..He whispered and I snuggled closer..
‘Good night’..
••Jamal’s POV••
The Next Morning⛅
‘Tee-tee??’..i murmured walking into my son’s room and when I couldn’t find him a feeling of panic wavered into my head..
Where could he be??..
My voice cut short as soon as I found him in Leana’s room slee-ping..
I leaned onto the doorway and i couldn’t help but smile at the sight…
He sle-pt so uncomfortably in her arms that it felt like she was his mother…
He doesn’t un-derstand that she’s the daughter of the same man who got rid of his mother…
‘Mmmh..Ahh!!!!’..Leana screamed as she saw me and I frowned de-eply..
‘What is wrong with you?? Why are you screaming??’..I asked with a frown on my face…
‘Nothing..nothing I just didn’t expect to see you here and all that’..She said…
‘Breakfast in ten minutes and then you would explain the meaning of that banter last night’..I said and walked away hiding the expression on her face..
Her hair color was different…
I guess she wasn’t a natural blonde but rather a cherry red colored haired woman…
Natural but rather extremely beautiful..
Minutes later❤️
She placed corn flour soup with Brussels sprouts in front of me and TJ and I nodded in approval tasting the soup..
‘Leaya’s hair is di-differ..
‘Different’..I corrected TJ..
‘Leaya your hair is different’..He replied and Leana gulped [email protected]
‘Yeah..yeah this is my real hair color Tee-tee’..she said…
‘So you’re not proud of your hair color??’..i asked..
‘It’s not like I’m not proud or anything just that i don’t like..I don’t like it’..She replied..
‘You’re better naturally’..The words just rolled out of my mouth before I could hold my ton-gue..
‘Leaya yayyi loves your hair’…TJ chuckled and I made a grunt un-der my breath and walked away…
‘Aren’t you going to eat??’..She asked..
‘I’m no longer hungry’..I replied..
‘But you haven’t had anything to eat’..She said again..
‘And how does that concern you?? Mind your business and eat your breakfast!!’..I retorted loudly and she nodded..
‘I..I’m sorry’..
‘Good’..I muttered and walked out still fondling with my wooden locket..
••Nevida’s POV••
‘It didn’t work mother!! The charm doll didn’t work!!!’…i yelled as I barged into my mother’s room..
‘Did you put it un-der his pillow??’..She asked..
‘Pillow?? No I didn’t’..I replied..
‘You see?? You don’t listen to me you should have put it un-der his pillow and the charm would work’…She said and I sighed de-eply..
‘Okay fine I’ll do what you ask and if it doesn’t work then I’m done!!’..
‘Ohh you can’t be serious Nevida!! You’re going to marry Prince Ivan whether you like it or not!!’..
••Jamal’s POV••
At Night☄️
The pain in my leg every minute and i just couldn’t bear it anymore as I took of my shi-t which concealed another injury and walked over to the kitchen…
Damned horse!!..
Someb©dy sh0t it and it fell right on my leg and grazed my skin…
‘You’re injured!!’..Leana yelled as she walked in..
‘And you should be asleep!! Go to be-d Leana!’..I snarled..
‘Let me help you you’re badly injured’..she offered and tried to t©uçh my back but I flin-ched…
‘What is wrong with you?? Where is the hate you have for me?? I’m a murderer remember??’..i asked trying to comprehend how she was getting me attracted to her…
‘Well..Shadow you’re bleeding!!’..She yelled..
‘Leave Leana!!’..
‘I am your wife Shadow isn’t it my duty?!!’..
‘Why do you always say that?!! Where’s the submissiveness coming from?!’..I asked even though i was still bleeding badly..
‘Well cause I..well cause I..plea-se let me help you!!’..
❤️⚔️Episode Sixteen
••Jamal’s POV••
‘plea-se let me help you Jamal’..Leana repeated and I sighed de-eply..
‘Fine then’..i muttered and she walked immediately to a cabinet and brou-ght out a salve..
She [email protected]£ back to me and I couldn’t help but notice her hands shacking as she applied the sli-ppery substance to my shoulder…
‘Does it hurt??’..She asked and I frowned de-eply..
‘Of course it hurts!’..I snapped..
‘Ohh well cause you aren’t ma-king a..a move or showing any signs that’s why’…She murmured and I couldn’t help but enjoy the scent of her silky skin which wavered it’s way into my nose…
With every ca-ress her hands had on my skin my heart beat fas-ter than normal..
‘Just because I don’t show pain doesn’t mean I don’t feel it!! Endurance is something I learnt from childhood’..I blurted out loud instead as she took something as local antiseptic healing powder and poured it on my leg…
‘I’m sorry if you had a rou-gh childhood’…She whispered and I just couldn’t take it anymore..
‘What’s wrong with you huh?! You’re supposed to hate me and despise me not feeling sorry for me!!! I captured you remember?! I’m the @[email protected] that kills people! The @[email protected] that gave your father a heart attack!! The @[email protected] that kills people!! The @[email protected] that —
‘I get it!! Fine I get it and I take back those words but it’s the truth isn’t it?!! I’m trying to help you here and all you do is just push me away like you don’t give two coins about me!!’..She snapped with the fire in her eyes..
‘This is the kind of reaction I want from you and not cozy words wra-pped up in a stupid Pandora box waiting to explode with hatred!!’..I yelled and her mouth went agape…
‘You really don’t like being helped do you??’..She asked as she headed for the door..
‘Yes I don’t like being helped most especially from someone like you’..I replied and she walked away without saying anything else..
The next morning⛅
Waking up with a blast of pain on my left shoulder i stared at the morning sun and yawned loudly looking at the hour [email protected] clock…
I turned it upside down again leaving the tiny spe-cks on of glazed to pour out…
I should have bandaged this wound when I had the chance but no —I’m a good princess left me pondering all night that i couldn’t even sleep well..
I yawned loudly again and ignored the migraine pounding my head and headed straight for the kitchen in a staggering motion…
Both Leana and TJ weren’t up from be-d and I couldn’t but smile again seeing TJ sleep next to her..
He’s been having bad dreams lately and normally when he gets those he comes to my room and sleeps next to me but ever since Leana [email protected]£ he just acts like I don’t even exist to him anymore..
‘Spare Nethra Jamal are you okay??’..i heard Kyra’s voice from behind me and turned around immediately…
‘Kyra?? What are you doing here??’..I asked and she dropped a basket in front of me..
‘I was at Gussan market when I saw fresh vegetables and milk at a cheap price so I thought i should get you some to prepare breakfast’..She said..
‘Thank you but no thanks Leana would make breakfast’..I replied and a skeptical look appeared on her face…
‘Who?? That spoilt princess knows how to cook?? She’s been feeding you and poor Terin garbage all this time?!!’..She yelled and I frowned de-eply..
‘She’s not smart enough to poison me Kyra and I know what I am doing’..
‘But your highness she’s the daughter of a murderer!!’..
‘Yeah and she’s also my wife cause I married her Kyra and you have no other choice but to respect my decision!!!’…I yelled and she went mute immediately..
‘I’m sorry your highness it won’t happen again’…She murmured and left..
••Leana’s POV••
I frowned de-eply hearing Shadow’s conversation with that Kyra and couldn’t help but sneer…
What on earth does she even have against me??..
‘Leana!!’..i heard from Shadow and immediately scurried back to my be-d feigning sleep…
‘Leana!!’..He repeated loudly barging throu-gh my door..
‘What do you want??’…i asked sharply..
‘Breakfast in twenty minutes’..He replied and turned around and I couldn’t help but notice the pain he was feeling in the right leg..
If only he allowed me to help him then it wouldn’t be hurting by now…
But unfortunately Shadow isn’t a man that wants to be helped from someone like me…
Minutes later ❤️
‘Here you go’..I murmured placing h0t corn bre-ad and [email protected] with a slice of h0t herbal tea in front of him…
‘Mmmh’..He murmured and I turned around going back to my room…
‘Aren’t you going to eat??’..He asked..
‘No I’m not hungry??’..I replied sharply..
‘I won’t have you starve yourself princess and I won’t also beg you so gr-ab a plate and eat!!’..He yelled and then all of a sudden began choking badly..
‘Get me water!’..He ordered and I rushed over to the kitchen..
He [email protected]£d the jug from my hands gulping the water like his life depended on it..
‘It’s not right to shout When there’s bre-ad in your mouth’..I sneered walking away and he dragged me back with his strong hands..
‘I don’t know what’s wrong with you and I don’t Care but the next time you sneer at me I’ll make sure you regret it!’..He whispered loudly and pushed me aside..
‘I hate you!!’..i cried out..
‘The feeling is mutual princess don’t get it twisted’..He replied and I gro-an ed walking away..
Arrogant,cold hearted bastard!!..
••Jamal’s POV••
‘Yayyi look at me go!!!’…TJ yelled as he splashed about inside the little pool I made for him..
‘You are just two years old young man and…And..’..My voice trailed off as my head pounded heavily and spun around..
‘Yayyi are you okay??’..TJ asked and I f0rç£d a nod…
‘Keep pla-ying I’ll be back soon’..I murmured and staggered over to the kitchen..
The pain in my shoulder,leg and head grew stronger and just then Leana walked inside…
‘Are you okay??’..She asked and I flin-ched..
‘Why can’t you just mind your business?!!’..
‘You’re clearly not okay let me help you!!’..She still insisted but i [email protected] her hands away..
‘I don’t..I..I don’t need your..’ voice trailed off as the spinning increased and I plummeted to the ground…
‘Shadow!!!’..was all I heard as I drifted off to oblivion..
TBC🥱 ..
What do you have to say about shadow??🤣…
Sometimes forming jagaban isn’t good sha..

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