The as-sas-sin I fell in love with 2 Episode 9 & 10

⚔️THE as-sas-sIN⚔️
🖤❤️SEASON 2🖤❤️
|•{Pregnant for my Father’s worst enemy}•|
❤️🖤Episode Nine
••Leana’s POV cont’d••
‘What?!!’..i repeated..
‘This also c@m£ as a shock to us your highness but it’s true,his royal majesty the king is getting married’..The guard replied..
‘Married??? Married to who?! When?! How?! He’s getting married to who?!’..I yelled and suddenly Nevida walked down the stairs..
‘Nevida do you hear what this guard is saying?? That father is getting married?!!’..I asked and she let out a loud wicked Snicker..
‘He’s getting married to me’..She said and my mouth dropped..
To me..
To me..
He’s getting married to me..
The words echoed inside my head which left me in obvious bewilderment to what she said..
‘Fa..father is getting married to you??’..I stuttered and then her face reduced to a frown..
How can this be happening?!..
My own best friend is getting married to my father?!!..
This is impossible?!!..
It’s irritating most to say at the least?!!..
‘Well Leana let’s just say that you’re a life ruiner!! You ruined my life right from the start with your undisputable charm and your charisma!! Every single time my parents neglected me and I had to watch you grow with love from yours!!! You were alre-ady a clas-s ahead of me!! You always acted like you were better than me!’..She screamed and I g@sped loudly..
‘Nevida what is all this??! I never felt for one that I was better than you??’..I asked and she scoffed..
‘Ohhh hush up Leana,you knew I was in love with Prince Ivan right from the day he visited you but instead you decided to f0rç£ your father to arrange the marriage between the both of you!’..
‘Yes Leana!! I always felt like your shadow and when you were captured I almost had Ivan in my grasp!! From Voodoo to a lot of things I did to make him mine but you had to return and get him married to that pesky maid!! Now I am getting married to your father in two days Leana and there’s nothing you can do about it!!’..She screamed and the words echoed again in my ears..
There’s nothing you can do about it
There’s nothing you can do about it..
There’s nothing you can do about it..
Like this is all so confusing that my own best friend could do this to me?!..
She was praying that I die while I was praying that she was doing okay?!!..
‘Where is his highness take me to him now?!’..I grumbled un-der my breath…
‘He’s b—
‘I don’t care if he’s busy take me to him now!!!’..
••Jamal’s POV••
‘Yayyi you happy??’..TJ murmured as I tucked him in un-der the be-d and I smiled..
‘Do you know you’re getting a brother or a sister soon??’..I asked and he shook his head..
‘A brother?? A sister??’..
‘Yes,Leaya is carrying a tiny baby in her belly just the way your mommy carried you in her belly’..I replied and his eyes wi-de-ned in childish bewilderment…
‘Yayyi?? How do you make a baby??’..He asked instead..
‘Uhhhh when two people,two grown people love each other they make..they make a baby’..Was the only reasonable explanation that could come out of my mouth…
‘So I can make a baby with Choku???’..He asked and I gulped ha-rd ..
‘You are three years old with a loud mouth and Choku is also three years old so you’re both still babies’..
‘Leaya always tells me I’m a warrior’..He protested..
‘Yes,a baby warrior’..I whispered..
‘I love you’..He yawned loudly as he turned around to sleep and I placed a slooppy k!sson his forehead..
‘I love you too’..
‘Good night Leaya’..He muttered un-der his breath and I breathed heavily..
Time Terin..
Just enough time and we’ll all be together again as a happy family…
Minutes later♥️
I sli-pped into my hooded apparel and left the house with Dagger watching my son of course since he had nowhere to go that night…
A report of a king using his subjects as slaves in his gold mines c@m£ to me from a so called Union and they paid me to give him a visit..
‘Hello’..I said in a mid western dialect and the so called king who seemed to be of my age jo-lted from his be-d…
‘I..I know you!! You’re the as-sas-sin they call Shadow!’..he yelled..
‘Yes’..I replied..
Ughhh I hate it when my targets know me..
Saying the word ‘i am shadow’ always gives me the drive to kill..
‘Guards!!’…He screamed..
‘I would not do that if I were you,now I’m not here to kill you I’m just here to let you off with a warning.Let your people go! Let them live their lives away from your gold mines and if you want them to work pay them their wages!!’..I replied..
‘Yes! Yes I’ll do as you say!!’..he cried as I walked closer..
‘Yes I know you will but just in case let me take this as a trophy’..I said and chopped his index f!nger off..
‘Ahhhh!!!!!’..He screamed as I finally sli-pped out the window with a smile on my face…
••King Lehan’s POV••
‘Your highness Princess Nevida is here to see you’..Black Arrow announced and a frown crea-sed my brow..
‘What does she want s£nd her in’..i muttered and minutes later Leana’s best friend walked throu-gh the large iron door..
‘Greetings your highness’..She said darting a sultry glare at me..
‘How can I help you Nevida??’..I asked..
‘Ohhh I should be asking you that question—How can I help you your highness’..She replied..
‘I don’t un-derstand you Nevida’..
‘Well I know you aren’t the real king your highness,you killed the Gal family years ago and you flu-shed the kingdom of all youth so the young ones wouldn’t know of your evil deed.Should I also point out that the as-sas-sin Shadow is Gal’s son??’..She said and my mouth dropped open..
‘Gaurds s—
‘Ah ah ah your highness,don’t you think of doing anything sinister to me cause I have a henchman outside this palace and if you try doing anything your daughter would be the first to know and then the whole kingdom!!! Should I also say that I know you killed your wife two days ago?!’..She cut in and I signaled the guards to stand down..
‘What do you want Nevida??’..I asked..
‘To be your wife and I want a third of the kingdom un-der my rule’..She replied..
‘You want to marry me?? What are you?? I am thrice your age!!’..I screamed..
‘Yes and I still adore you dearly!! Age doesn’t matter your highness,so do we have a deal??’..
‘Leana?? What of Leana??’..
‘i’ll handle her not to worry’..
End of Flashback..
‘The princess wants to see you your highness’..A guard said..
‘Do not let her in’..I replied and I heard Leana scream from outside..
‘Let me in!!! I have to speak to him let me in!!! Let me in!!!’..She screamed..
‘On no circu-mtances should Leana come inside or else you’ll be thrown into the dungeon’..I ordered the guard and he nodded..
Marrying her best friend can’t be that bad after all…
All I nee-d right now is fresh blood to warm my be-d at night..
••Leana’s POV••
‘Let me in you bastards!!!let me in!!’..I screamed in tears as the guards pushed me away continuously..
‘Your highness you’re pregnant think about the child’..Nita whispered..
‘I…I nee-d to speak to him and ask him why he’s doing this to me!!’..i cried out and she pu-ll-ed me away from the guards…
‘Princess Leana plea-se be calm for us!! plea-se for the baby’..She begged and I p@n-ted heavily..
I just c@m£ fathom the level of betrayal I’m receiving from both sides..
My father is about to marry my best friend?!!…
And I don’t know where my mother is what is going on?!!..
‘Well,well Leana,sorry to say but I’m taking over your room’.. Nevida muttered from behind me..
‘My room?? You won’t get away with this Nevida!!!’..I screamed..
‘Ohhh I am and if you try anything stupid then trust me to make sure to tell your father that you love and know where Shadow is’..She replied and I gulped ha-rd ..
❤️🖤Episode Ten
••Leana’s POV••
With a heavy sigh I walked into mother’s room which was still kept just as it is before..
‘No Nita, it’s okay’..I brushed anything she wanted to say aside and lied down on the be-d..
🎶Hmmm yeah,
Everything they ever liked
Don’t see myself inside..
Why can’t I get it right??
I don’t know..
🎶You’re always watching me fall,
Shadows they like my wall..
Why do I feel so small??.
I don’t know..
🎶So I walk into the dead of night..
Where my monsters like to hide..
Chaos feels so good inside,no more..
🎶I lost,I lost.
I lost control again..
Always do the same and I’m to blame..
I lost control again..
🎶I don’t,I don’t..
I don’t know who I am
Always do the same and I’m to blame.
I lost control again…
‘I could help you make contact with Prince Ivan if you—
‘Nita just go to be-d I don’t want to disturb Ivan,he just got married and the last thing I want is to trouble anyone’..I cut in again.…
‘I don’t want anything to happen to you Princess Leana you’re clearly in pain and when you’re in pain I’m also in pain and I can’t bear it!!!’..She cried out and a slow sad smile spre-ad across my face..
‘Nita I’ll be fine just go to sleep’..I murmured and she nodded leaving..
As soon as her footsteps faded the door closed I bur-sted into tears and sat up again..
What have I done to deserve this treatment??.
My only mistake was having a father and a friend I thought I could both trust with my life but they both turn out to be vile and evil and also inhumane beings..
Shadow was right but I was too stubborn to listen to him now look at where it has brou-ght me..
I just want to go back home..
To my real home where I don’t have to bother about any of this any longer..
I just can’t bear this anymore I just want to go home…
The Next Morning 🌥️
‘Sorry your highness but Princess Nevida clearly stated that she doesn’t want you at the dining room’..The guard st©ped me as I tried going to have breakfast in the dining room..
‘Why??’..I asked..
‘Well she just said she didn’t want to be disturbe-d alongside with her husband your father’..he replied and hearing the word Husband created a lump in my throat….
First she betrays me..
Then she took possession of my room..
Now she wouldn’t let me have dinner …
‘Breakfast is served in your room your highness’.. Nita ch!pped in and I clenched my teeth a little staring at the guard who seemed to be uncomfortable with the ongoing situation and stared back at Nita who was clearly trying to help me..
‘Fine then I’ll have breakfast in my room,father and I would have something to talk about once I finally get a chance with him!!’..I finally said after a moment and then my morning sickness started all over again…
Ughhh I so wish Shadow was with me right now…
••Authoress’s POV••
‘Mother look!!’..The little village boy cried out as he saw a b©dy st©p at the river bank..
‘Come here!! That’s a bad omen!!’..His mother yelled in return as she dragged him away from the terrifying sight..
‘But..but we should help her!!’..Her second son added as he walked over and t©uçhed the b©dy..
‘She’s still alive!!! Let’s take her to Jamal he would know what to do with her!!’..The little one suggested..
‘You talk too much! Let’s take her to the village healer to really see if she can be brou-ght back and then take her to Jamal’..His older brother retorted as he dragged the b©dy out of the water..
‘Look she has a gold ring?? She must have been very rich! Let’s help her shall we??’..
••Jamal’s POV••
I clenched my little dagger in my hand as soon as I heard a loud ban-g on the door and then proceeded to check who it was…
I opened the door slowly and then heaved a sigh of relief to see Kyra..
‘You look dazed,is anything the matter??’..She asked..
‘What do you mean I am very much okay’..I replied as I let her in..
‘Hmmm this is the first time I’ve seen your face brighten up ever since Leana left.Anyways here are the clothes’..She said handing me the basket of newly washed clothes..
Honestly even though I don’t appreciate her enough I don’t know what I would do without her…
‘Well Leana isn’t here but I got news that she is carrying my child’..I finally announced and her eyes wi-de-ned..
‘Oh that’s wonderful Shadow TJ would finally have a sibling again and—
We were both interrupted by another knock on my door and I opened it to see a woman….
‘Can I..
‘Jamal uhhhh we found a b©dy by the river side and she’s alive so I don’t know if…
‘I know who she is’..I cut her off immediately as soon as I got a glimpse of the b©dy..
It’s Leana’s mother Queen Leah..
Minutes later♥️
‘Speak’..I grumbled un-der my breath as Leana’s mother opened her eyes..
‘Shadow take it easy on her she’s still very feeble and weak’..Kyra spoke up and I s£nt a a haughty glare..
‘Sh..Shadow?? You are the as-sas-sin who kid..cap.. captured my daughter??’..Queen Leah stuttered..
‘Leah..Remember me?? You used to go with my mother to royal gatherings and shopping for textiles.Well until you connived with your husband to kill her’..I replied and she backed away a little .
‘I..I never wanted to do this!! I never..I was never a p@rt of the mas-sacre I also weeped when I found out what Lehan did.he threatened to kill my little Leana if I tried to warn your parents and I didn’t have a choice!’..She whimpered..
‘I could kill you right now but I’m in love with your daughter and she’s carrying my child so I would spare your life’..I muttered..
‘Leana?? You..You love her and…And I can’t bear this anymore!! Lehan is going out of hand and he tried to kill me just because I wanted to reveal the truth..I can’t bear this anymore!! He’s going to kill every person that knows the truth about him!!’..She cried out..
Did she just say kill everyone that knows the truth??..
Leana knows the truth!!!….
‘Get me Dagger Kyra!! Tell Dagger to get here now!!’….
••Leana’s POV••
‘Here have this your highness,it would help’..Nita said as she handed me a bowl of herbal tea..
‘Thank you’..I murmured and drank a little bit of it….
‘You should leave this place Princess Leana, it’s no longer safe for you and the child’..She said again.…
‘I can’t leave now I have to find out where my mother is’..I refused and ignored the slight shadow I saw..
‘Shes going to make sure you die Princess Leana,plea-se I could sneak you out’..Nita begged..
‘Nita I…’..My voice trailed off again as soon as I noticed another person’s shadow fly past again..
‘Something’s going on!! Something isn’t right’..I said aloud as I gr@bb£d a head light and held it ti-ghtly..
‘Shhh turn of the lights someone’s watching’..i whispered and she blew the candles off….
A loud thump was heard…
Then another one..
And another one..
Then the window flew open and as I tried to hit whatever flew into the room someone gr@bb£d my arm..
‘You know it’s not right to hit the father of your child’..
TBC 💓💝….
Father of….
Shadow is there?!!🤣💓♥️..
I so love this episode and things are getting pretty heated up guys..
Queen Leah isn’t dead after all but her husband is.…
©️Kay writes