The as-sas-sin I fell in love with 2 Episode 7 & 8

⚔️THE as-sas-sIN⚔️
🖤❤️SEASON 2🖤❤️
|•{Pregnant for my Father’s worst enemy}
Episode Seven
••Ivan’s POV cont’d••
‘What is going on?!!! What is happening here?!!’..King Lehan yelled as everyone rose to their feet..
‘Nirv.…Nirvana what are you doing wearing Leana’s dress?? And why are you here?’..I Asked clearly shocked to the core and then Leana walked in..
‘Yes I know you all might be confused right now’..She said..
‘Le..Leana what is going on?? What is the meaning of this nons-en-se??’..I asked..
‘Well Prince Ivan Nirvana here is carrying your child’..She replied and the whole crowd g@sped heavily..
‘What?!!’..I,mother,father,King Lehan and Nevida yelled in unison…
‘Yes..yes Prince Ivan I’m carrying your child’..Nirvana stuttered and I turned around in sheer agony..
‘I don’t un-derstand!!! Leana what is going on?!’..
‘Well I found out that Prince Ivan was in love with the maid and just because he didn’t want to hurt my feelings he decided to go ahead with the wedding.I also do not love Ivan anymore and it’s clear he doesn’t love me although sometimes he might act cowardly towards situation like this!! Nirvana c@m£ to me last night and told me everything Ivan—About your secret affair,how you used to sneak her out of the palace to make love to her,how you made empty promises of never leaving her Ivan but as soon as I got back you backed up on your words like a coward!! Couldn’t you tell me? Ivan we’ve been friends aside lovers for years and I expected you to be honest with me but you weren’t!! So you were just going to marry me out of pity??’..She asked and I shook my head..
‘Leana it’s not like that at all!! Yes Nirvana and I were in a relationsh!p! A secret one at that but I was overwhelmed to be honest,in my whole life I thought you would be my one true love but I didn’t know a Sultan’s daughter who pretends to be a maid would capture my heart the way she did’..I explained..
‘Well then you should have been honest with me Ivan,Well you’re married to her now and she’s carrying—
‘Leana shut up!!’..Father interrupted with a yell..
‘How on Earth could you even pu-ll a very reckless stunt like this?! You married your fiancee to another man?!’..He screamed and I gulped ha-rd ..
‘Sorry father I had no choice,she was..she was—
‘She was what?? Pregnant?! There is no law saying a man can’t have a concubine but getting your betrothed married to another woman is a very crossed line young lady!’..He cut in again..
‘She doesn’t deserve to be a concubine father and I can’t live with a man who doesn’t love me truly!!’..I protested still adamant and he sighed de-eply..
‘I don’t un-derstand what is going on but this scullery maid isn’t my daughter-in-law.I can’t have a maid marry my son it’s against the laws of our land’.. Ivan’s mother stepped in and I started feeling some uneasy feeling down my torso..
‘She isn’t a maid!! Remember Sultan Lakh,the Sultan who was ambushed along with his wife and both killed?? She is his daughter’..Ivan explained holding Nirvana’s hand and I smiled..
It’s nice fighting for the one you love..
‘I still do not agree to this marriage!! I still do not like this!’..Father spoke up..
‘This is utter nons-en-se!’..Ivan’s father agreed..
‘Sorry father but the deed has been done and Nirvana is now my wife’.. Ivan said and his mother agreed…
‘Let’s leave the lovebirds alone,he’s married her there’s nothing we can do about it and she is from an affluent family even though’…
‘So Ivan is married to Nirvana and there’s nothing we can do anything about it’..
••Jamal’s POV••
With a loud yawn I walked into the house and TJ rushed to hvg me on the leg..
‘what is it??’..I asked..
‘I missed you’..He murmured..
‘Hmmm I missed you too but I haven’t been gone for too long’..I smiled and carried him up in my arms..
‘I want Leaya,she yoesnt miss me’..He muttered against my shoulder and a de-ep sigh escaped myl-ips..
I hope Leana knows what she’s doing and I hope she doesn’t get married to Prince Ivan like that..
‘What if I make a promise to you,One day we’ll go visit Leaya and come back then will you be happy??’..I said trying to placate him and he nodded..
‘Does she love me yayyi??’..He asked..
‘Yes,she loves you very much’..I replied..
‘Then why did she leave??’..he asked again..
‘Well that’s because she had something important to do,she loves you more than she loves me’..I replied and placed myl-ips on his forehead..
‘You know he really misses her,wouldn’t go on without mentioned her name.You really have to do something about this Shadow’…Kyra muttered as she took the slee-ping child away from my arms..
‘What would you have me do??’..I asked obviously frustrated..
‘Well what I would have you do is to get her back’..
‘Get her back??’…
‘Yes Shadow get your wife back’..
‘But she doesn’t want to be back?? I can’t f0rç£ her Kyra’..
‘I don’t care if you kidnap her all over again but get her back Shadow before your sanity finally leaves you’..
••Leana’s POV••
At Night🌌
The after p@rty had alre-ady begun and I stood by the sidelines as Ivan and Nirvana danced to the tunes of the musicians..
🎶Baby I’m..
🎶Dancing in the dark with you between my arms…
ba-refoot on the gras-s..
Listening to our favorite song..
🎶when I said you look immense I whispered on beneath my breath you heard it darling you look perfect tonight…
A tear sli-pped out of my tearduct as soon as my eyes saw how beautifully happy Ivan looked when dancing with Nirvana…
‘He looks happy doesn’t he??’..Nita whispered from behind me and I nodded..
‘Yes..And I’m happy I am a p@rt of that happiness’..I said feeling all breathless..
‘But you don’t look happy’..She said and I smiled..
‘My happiness doesn’t lie here Nita,I can never be happy here Nita’..
‘Then leave’..she said.
‘ I can’t’..
‘Cause there are so many things and answers I nee-d to find Nita and if I don’t find it soon catastrophe might occur’..I replied still breathless and I started feeling weak all of a sudden..
‘Princess Leana are you okay??’..She asked and I nodded as I stood up from the chair..
‘Yes I..I..I just nee-d to….I nee-d a drink’..I breathed heavily and struggled to leave the royal ball room..
‘Your highness!!!’..Nita screamed as I vomited right on the ground and in a moment my head spun so sharply..
‘Lea..Leana are you okay??’..Was all I heard as I felt a circle of people come around me as my eyes finally closed..
❤️🖤Episode Eight
••Leana’s POV cont’d••
The Next Morning 🌥️
‘Mhhh what happened??’..I asked as I opened my eyes to see that it was alre-ady morning…
‘Well your highness you pas-sed out into morning’..Nita replied as she walked in with a wooden bucket..
‘I pas-sed out?? How?? Why??’..I still asked and she smiled..
‘Well your highness not that I want anyone to know and not like I want to intrude much into your privacy but you’re pregnant’..She said.…
‘What?! Pre..wait what?!!’…I yelled..
‘Yes your highness judging from all the signs!! Your nausea,your dizziness,you’ve added weight,you’re extremely pale..You are pregnant!!!’..She exclaimed and I p@n-ted heavily..
This means that..
Wait this means that I’m pregnant for my Father’s worst enemy??..
It all makes s-en-se!!..
The timeframe!..
The continuous lovema-king it all makes s-en-se!!!..
’I..I..I nee-d to breathe very well,uhh plea-se get me a uhh my fur coat it’s very cold’..I told Nita who nodded and walked away..
I’m carrying Jamal’s child?!!..
This is so incredible and terrifying at the same time.If father finds out that I’m pregnant most especially for his worst enemy he’s going to kill me and I can’t do anything about it…
On the other hand I wish I could make use of the royal bird to s£nd a message to Jamal and tell him that he might be a father of another again..
I just miss him so much and I think about him all the time..
‘Just once,I nee-d to speak to her just this once’..I heard Ivan’s voice from outside the door and before I could adjust my composure he was alre-ady in…
‘Good morning alre-ady married Prince Ivan’..I muttered when I realized that I was still in his kingdom…
‘Good morning Princess Leana who pas-sed out and almost gave me a heart attack’…He replied..
‘Friends??’..I extended my hands towards him but he hvgged me instead..
‘I still love you Leana more than anything but I guess I’m in love with Nirvana now’..he said..
‘How is she?’..I asked..
‘Well she’s half mad and also half happy that’s all I can say about our situation but we’re going away from here.mother and father both have a strong disapproval of the marriage so I don’t want any family issues to ruin our happiness’..He explained and my eyes went downcast in sadness…
Well Family issues ruined my own happiness..
‘Leana when you said you didn’t love me anymore were you saying the truth?? Or were you just doing that to make me marry Nirvana??’..
‘Its true Ivan,I am not in love you you the way I used to.This might sound insane and totally out of bound but I am in love with Shadow and I am his wife’..I said and closed my eyes for a bit not knowing how his reaction would be but instead…
‘Ohh’..was what c@m£ out of his mouth..
‘Yes,Apparently my father was a mas-s murderer and he isn’t the real king of this kingdom,the kingdom belongs to the Gal family and father betrayed his best friend,killed him and his wife and took over the kingdom.Shadow who’s name is really Jamal Gal survived and now he captured me to have revenge and married me but instead we both fell in love with each other….He’s really a kind man who kills people cause of his pain and he has the most adorable three year old nephew TJ’..I explained..
‘Wait!! Hold up!! So you are saying that you’re in love with the same man who captured you?!!’..
‘Then why are you here??’..He asked..
‘Well my father was going to kill a twelve year old freeborn because of Shadow and he was willing to come down here to save him.I knew it was all a tra-p to rope him in Ivan that’s why I c@m£ here and luckily Ivan I secretly re-leased the child without anyone knowing’..I answered and quic-kly emptied the contents of my belly into the wooden bucket provided for me..
‘So what next?? Are you going back??’..
‘No..Not yet..i-i don’t know seriously,I don’t know if I’m ever going to go back but now I’m with child and—
‘You’re with child?!! Leana!!!’..
‘Yes I know it’s very unthinkable and totally outrageous but yes— I am pregnant for my Father’s worst enemy and if he finds out I’ll be in very big trouble’..I winced loudly and rested my back a little bit on the gold hemmed pillows..
‘You have to s£nd a message to your so called uhh Jar—
‘Yes Jamal,you have to s£nd a message to him somehow’..He said and I sighed de-eply..
‘I can’t,I alre-ady used the royal bird once I can’t use it again’..
‘You can use my father’s if you want and I’ll take care of anything.Leana you helped me redeem myself even though I acted like a pure coward and now I want to help you,I would do everything within my power that no harm comes to you and that you get back together with your husband.As a friend who owes you one this is my promise’..He said and k!$$£d my palm and I placed a k!sson his forehead..
‘Thank you,now run along my carriage would be here soon to take me home’….
‘Thank you Leana,you are one br@ve woman’..
••Jamal’s POV••
‘Something unbelievable occured Shadow’..Dagger said as I continued practising with my sword near the stream..
‘Speak’..I ordered him..
‘Well so it happens your wife did not get married’..He said and I st©pped what I was doing immediately..
‘Prince Ivan got married in the temple as planned but he married someone else!! According to sources in the market he was in love with someone else and got married to her instead’..he narrated the whole story and instead a smile spre-ad across myself..
Typical Leana doing Leana things..
I just love that girl..
‘So what’s the next step?? What do we do??’..He asked..
‘We wait.i have a feeling something good is going to happen very soon’..I replied and just then a hvge bird with something in it’s claws landed on my shoulder..
‘Hmmm another message’..I murmured and took the little wra-pped package from it and it flew away..
I opened it as quic-k as I could but instead of receiving a letter all I saw was a little locket..
I opened it and a little carving of a woman holding a baby was in it..
‘What is it??’..Dagger asked..
‘Le..Leana is..She’s pregnant!!’..I replied…
‘Who?? Leana?!’..He asked again and I frowned de-eply as I dug the locket into my pockets..
‘Yes of course it’s Leana!! She’s pregnant!! She’s carrying my child!! I’m going to be a father again!! Oh Perdi I’ve got to get her back!! I can’t spend one more day without her!!’..
••Leana’s POV••
The ride back to the palace was a very bu-mpy one and I vomited all the way throu-gh..
Father had alre-ady left Ivan’s kingdom angrily the moment the wedding was over and I know he’s pretty mad but I can handle him nevertheless..
The carriage st©pped at the foot of the stairs and I c@m£ out only to see everyone preparing for something like a p@rty..
‘What is going on??’..I asked..
‘The kingdom is in jubilation my princess’..A guard replied..
‘For what??’..i asked again..
‘Your father is getting married again’..
TBC 🤣🤣..
Jamal’s reaction when he found out he was going to be a father is so cute!!!🥰🥰🥰..
And I think Ivan’s alliance Is going to be very beneficial 🥰..
But wait!!!..
King Lehan is remarrying?!!🤣🤣..
To who??🤣🤣 Well you might have an idea who he’s getting married to