The as-sas-sin I fell in love with 2 Episode 11 & 12

⚔️THE as-sas-sIN⚔️
🖤❤️SEASON 2🖤❤️
|•{Pregnant for my Father’s worst enemy}•|
❤️🖤Episode Eleven
••Leana’s POV••
‘Ohh my!! S.. Shadow?!!’..I cried out seeing Jamal take off his mask and instantly jumped on his b©dy..
‘Cool down you’re going to make me fall!!’..He said as he held me really ti-ght which made me even hvg him really ha-rd the more..
’I can’t believe it’s really you!’..
‘And I can’t believe I’m also seeing you too,I missed you’..he replied affectionately tucking my hair behind my ears and I rose up on my toes to k!sshim…
‘And yourl-ips still taste good too’..I whispered and our eyes both met with the same look of love in them..
I missed him so much..
‘Why..why are you here??’..I asked still holding onto him..
‘To take you away what else,now I could kill your father right now if I want to but there is someb©dy I want you to meet and you’d be very happy to see her when we get home’..He said…
‘There is no but princess Leana you nee-d to go now’..Nita ch!pped in with a frown on her face and I sighed de-eply…
She’s right..
I’m no longer safe here but there are so many things I want to do and I want to really find out what’s going on but at the same time I miss my husband so much…
‘So what do you say wifey?? Should we go home??’..He asked wra-pping his arms around me and I nodded..
‘I have to pack my things’..
‘You don’t nee-d to pack anything I’ll take you home and then come back later to get your things alongside with your maid’..He said and grasped my arm..
‘But what if you get caught??’..I whimpered..
‘My love you tend to un-derestimate me,I am Shadow!! I only get caught if I want to get caught now let’s go you’re in for a long and bu-mpy escape’..He placed a ha-rd k!sson my mouth and wra-pped his arms around my w@!st..
‘Shadow i…i…I feel like throwing up’..I whispered as he scaled throu-gh the palace’s fence with me on his right arm and the other one on a thick vine rope…
‘Shhh hold it in sweetheart, we’re going home’…
••Nita’s POV••
The Next Morning🌥️
‘Ahhhh!!!!!!’….I pretended to scream at the t©p of my voice clearly feigning shock as other maids rushed over to Princess Leana’s room…
‘What is it and who wants to bring my palace wall down?!’..King Lehan the monster yelled as he c@m£ over and I showed him the fake letter which I wrote alongside with the shredded clothes which was also done by me..
‘He…He…he..they took her your highness,they took her away’..I stuttered in fake tears as he re-ad the contents of the letter aloud..
To King Lehan,
We are called the AXE BROTHERS and
Your daughter has been captured by us..
All we want is to be independent from your dictatorsh!pand bloody killings of innocent ones…
We pledge to make your reign fruitless and as troublesome as possible and Princess Leana is proof of that..
Until you decide to step down from the throne or die by the sword your daughter would remain un-der captivity..
Axe Brother’s ☠️
‘s£nd me every single guard that was on patrol last night!!! Take them to the torture room and make sure they talk and explain how the princess was kidnapped a second time by this rebel group!!!’..He screamed at the t©p of his voice and everyone scrambled away…
‘Your highness I can’t bear this anymore!! I..I am also at fault for not taking proper care of her’..I sniffed in tears and he sighed de-eply..
‘Just go to your room Nita and where is Nevida!!! If I find out that she has something to do with my daughter’s dissapearance then her kingdom is going to be in big trouble’..
Ohhhhh these people are so pathetic..
Unknown to them my charming and sweet beautiful princess Leana is alre-ady on her way back to being happy as she is…
••Jamal’s POV••
‘That’s okay just breathe in,and out’..I tried calming Leana who was pretty in tears down as we approached the village from afar..
‘My morning sickness keeps getting worse and worse’..She said..
‘Your what??’.. I asked with a frown on my face..
‘Morning sickness’..She replied and it then dawned on me..
For a while I forgot that I’m going to be a father just cause I was busy being Happy about seeing her beautiful face again..
‘When we get home I’ll give you the most soothing footru-b ever’..I whispered k!ss!ngher hair lightly and she sniffed..
‘All I want is your b©dy next to me and nothing else,i really missed you Shadow and I love you’..
‘I love you too’..I replied and just then the cart st©pped and all the villagers ran towards us..
‘Jamal!! Jamal!! Leana is back!! Meri Leana is back!!’..They screamed happily and Leana laughed heartily..
They gave her the name Meri Leana cause she was always haggling with the men in the Meri market and it was always fun to watch even though I acted like I didn’t care…
‘Give way guys she’s carrying my child!!!’..I yelled and pushed some of them out of the way throwing some pounds on the floor..
‘They are really excited to see me aren’t they??’..Leana muttered..
‘No they really aren’t’..I tea-sed and her demeanour turned sour..
‘Just joking with you love let’s go’..I k!$$£d her again and then we journeyed up to the house where Kyra was outside with TJ who was asleep..
‘Hi Kyra’.. Leana said and I could feel the tension pas-sing between the two women…
‘Hello Leana,good to see you again’.. Kyra replied and I heaved a sigh of relief..
‘Ohh TJ he’s never going to forgive me’..Leana bur-sted into tears and buried her head on my che-st and I couldn’t help but smile…
If only she knows that he talks about her every single day since her dep@rture…
‘Let’s go in my love there’s someone you’d love to meet’..
••Leana’s POV••
The Village..
The smell of smoke and tumeric powder..
The Meri market,everything!!..
I never realized how terribly I missed all these and how happy I am to see everyone again…
Especially Terin..
Seeing his cute little face just made me feel really bad about leaving him without saying a word of goodbye..
‘You know Shadow hated you when you left,now look he’s acting like a fishmonger who just sold a big Croaker’..Kyra remarked..
‘Shut up Kyra’..Jamal gro-an ed as we went into the house..
‘Its okay,I hated myself for leaving too’..I whispered and a sultry glance was pas-sed between Shadow and I which remained frozen for a while until I heard my name..
‘Mo.. Mother?!! oh Perdi it’s you mother?!!!’..I cried out and hvgged my mother so ti-ght that my belly was compressed…
‘Oh my sweet daughter i never thought I would see your beautiful face again!!’..She cried back and k!$$£d my forehead…
‘I thought..i..I thought something terrible had happened to you’..I said in tears..
‘Your father had her thrown into a waterfall Leana and miraculously someone in the village found her b©dy and brou-ght her back to life’..Kyra bu-tted and I wiped away my tears…
‘He’s a monster mother,he wants to marry Nevida’..I said..
‘What?!! Your best friend?!!’…
‘Yes mother!! It’s a miracle Shadow c@m£ to save me’..I said with a stro-ke of shame on my face…
‘Now let’s leave all the tragic p@rt!! My wife is tired and we both nee-d to have a good rest, so Mother Leah and Kyra you can leave now’…Shadow said and pushed me away into his room…
Hours Later at Night 🌌
‘Shadow!!! Sh…Shadow ahhh!!!! Shadow!!!’..I screamed at the t©p of my voice in tears and he c@m£ running..
‘What is wrong?? Leana are you crying?!’..
‘Shadow something terrible just happened I was slee-ping and then I woke up only to discover that I want mangoes!!’..I said in h0t tears and he frowned..
’So you’re crying cause you want Mangoes??’..
‘I never said mangoes I said I wanted bananas you never un-derstand me!!!’..
‘Leana what do you mean by—
‘Just go plea-se!! I never want to see your face!!’..I cried and yelled at him..
‘But you clearly said you wanted Mangoes!!’..he yelled back..
‘No i never said that I said I wanted Soursops!!!!’..I screamed..
‘Soursop?!! Leana what is wrong with you?!! You just returned now you want to confuse me?!!’..
TBC 😂😂..
Now our #lemal is back with double drama😂😂😂😂😂😂😂….
Nita is so damn smart I just pray nothing happens to her though…
We’re in for a rollercoaster ride and Leana is about to give Shadow the frustration of his life?!!..
What exactly does she want though
❤️🖤Episode Twelve {Forty Nine}❤️🖤
••Kyra’s POV••
Morning 🌥️
‘First she screamed very loudly in tears and I rushed over only for her to say that she has cravings?? I was really surprised but then I asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted Mangoes then I go ‘So you screamed cause you just wanted Mangoes??’ and she started crying that she never said mangoes but instead she was saying Bananas,then I yelled back at her cause it’s unlike her but she started saying that she never wants to see my face ever again and that it was Soursops she wanted!!!!’..Shadow angrily paced and about explaining his situation to me..
‘So at the end what did you get her??’..I asked alre-ady amused by his story…
‘Mandarins!!! She ended up eating mandarins and a whole basket of them!!’.He gro-an ed and when I couldn’t take it anymore I bur-sted out loud in laughter…
‘Its not funny Kyra,it really isn’t’..He grumbled un-der his breath…
‘Sorry I’m very sorry Shadow just that it’s funny the way you act like you don’t know how a pregnant woman acts’..I chuckled again..
‘Well I don’t know how a pregnant woman acts!! Terin isn’t really my son remember??’…He blurted out loud..
Seeing this new side of a frustrated shadow is so fun to watch..
From a heartless and less talking man to a loving and grumpy as-sas-sin all thanks to a princess…
‘She is pregnant Shadow and Pregnant women get cranky sometimes and they also get cravings’..I explained and he rolled his eyes and walked away…
‘You should educate him more before he kills his wife before the child is even born’..Mima,a market woman whispered and I nodded .
‘Jamal wait up!!!’…
••Ivan’s POV••
‘I don’t like this!! It’s tasteless!!!’..Nirvana cried out…
‘But you said you wanted this’..I tried to hide my anger and she shook her head..
‘It doesn’t have one single taste!!’..
‘Of course it doesn’t have any taste it’s water!!!’…I couldn’t help myself and she bur-sted into tears…
‘Ivan I hate this!!! I hate this!! I just want a hvg!!!’…
‘Come here’..I cooed and wra-pped my arms around her torso..
‘I know you’re really going throu-gh a lot but it’s going to be okay I promise you’…I whispered and I k!$$£d her hair…
‘I wonder how Leana now that her father is getting married to her best friend’..
‘Ohhh you haven’t heard?? The king is getting married to Nevida tomorrow’..She replied and I g@sped loudly..
King Lehan is getting married to a woman more than half his age??…
He’ll be like forty years or something older than her?!!…
And Leana’s best friend?!!..
‘I have to go find out what’s going on!! Maybe we should pay a visit or something??’.. I said and Nirvana nodded…
I’ve got to get to the bo-ttomof this..
Why on Earth would King Lehan want to marry Nevida when he clearly has a wife??…
••Leana’s POV••
I breathed out in relief as soon as I got a wisp of the clean fresh air that was of lilies and cactus…
I so missed this—The view from the hillt©p,the birds in the clear sky—Everything….
‘Have I told you how beautiful you look in the morning??’..Shadow muttered from behind me as he wra-pped his arms around my w@!st and i smiled..
‘Good morning’..
‘Actually it’s alre-ady noon’..he corrected..
‘Noon?,for how many hours was I asleep??’..i asked..
‘Well I’ll say for long,you were a pain all night’.
he replied..
‘Me?? I don’t remember doing anything last night??’..I frowned de-eply..
‘Ohhh you did last night, from mangoes to Mandarin and all of that but I’ve forgiven you anyway’..He leaned on to k!ssme and myl-ips p@rted in welcome…
‘Do I taste blueberries??’.. I asked drinking the luscious flavor from hisl-ips..
‘Yes I had Kyra’s pie this morning for breakfast’..He replied..
‘I suddenly want blueberries’..I whispered..
‘Well then’..He muttered and k!$$£d me dee-per but all was short lived when TJ walked in and screamed..
‘Ohhh TJ!!’…I cried out in tears and crouched down to his level and gave him a bear hvg…
‘I love you’..He said and I k!$$£d his forehead…
‘I love you too little one’..I whispered and my heart fluttered as he wiped away my tears…
‘I told yayyi you would come back’..
‘Yes I am back and I would never leave you again.i promise’..I said…
‘TJ do you want a baby brother or sister??’…Shadow asked..
‘i want a brother,girls cry too much’..TJ blurted out loud and I couldn’t help but laugh..
‘What if you get a baby sister??’..
‘Then I’ll love her just like yayyi loves you!!!’..
••Ivan’s POV••
Nirvana’s grip on mine ti-ght£ñed as we both walked into the midst off all the preparations for the so called wedding…
‘This nons-en-se is actually true!!! A wedding is actually going to hold on here?!’..I exclaimed…
‘This is barbaric’.. Nirvana replied and then Nevida c@m£ towards us…
‘Ohhh I see Prince Charming is here with his maid of dishonor’..She scowled and I rolled my eyes..
‘We aren’t here for trouble Nevida where is Leana??’..
‘Who??? Captured Leana?? She’s been kidnapped for the second time Ivan’..She replied and Nirvana g@sped from behind me…
‘What do you mean by Kidnapped again??’..I asked and cackled..
‘I don’t want to answer irrelevant questions Ivan,I have a wedding to prepare for’..
‘Why are you doing this?? Leana is your best friend!! She was always there when you nee-ded her why are you doing this to her?!’..I asked angrily and she yanked her hands away from my grasp…
‘I don’t want to see you here ever again,guards plea-se esc-rt them away!!’..She yelled..
‘There is no nee-d for that we are leaving!’..I said to the guards and then Nita walked up to us as we turned to leave..
‘she wasn’t captured your highness…we…let’s… let’s go outside and I’ll explain further’..She whispered and my eyes wi-de-ned..
What is going on??!!..
••Jamal’s POV••
At Night 🌌
TJ and Mother Leah were both asleep and Leana had alre-ady drifted off also..
I walked up to her and covered her with the soft woolen quilt and she stirred a bit but didn’t wake up…
I promised the maid that I would get her back and that’s what I am going to do cause I don’t break a promise….
‘Ahh!!’..Leana m0@n ed as I got into a quilt like hood and I went over to check what was wrong with her…
‘What is it??’..I asked and she pointed at her legs…
‘Cramp??’..I muttered and mas-saged her legs till she was calm again…
‘Where are you going??’..she asked..
‘To get Nita’..I replied and she let out a Yelp and began ma-king convulsive movements…
‘Leana what is wrong?? Are you okay??’..I asked alre-ady worried…
‘I…I feel sick Shadow,very sick plea-se don’t leave’..She replied and her eyes were alre-ady red with tears…
‘I nee-d to get the healer to see you,you’ve been acting strange ever since you returned and I want you to be comfortable’..I k!$$£d her forehead and tried to leave but she held me…
‘Shadow don’t go I’m scared,I…I…I feel dizzy and very weak’..She rasped and I nodded…
‘Fine I won’t go anywhere good night’..
Minutes later 🌃
‘I want Oranges’..She whispered..
‘Leana it’s the middle of the night and the market isn’t open until morning and we’re out of oranges’..I replied..
‘Shadow I want Oranges!! I want Oranges now!! I might die if I don’t get oranges now!!’..She cried out and I rolled my eyes a bit…
Why does she do this every single night????..
She doesn’t misbehave in the mornings but at night she’s a mess…
‘Leana I can’t get you oranges it’s not—
‘I want Oranges!!!!’…She screamed..
‘Leana I thought you were sick??’..I frowned de-eply…
TBC 😂…