the alpha’s omega mate episode 49 & 50

{ Dearest Of Desires… }

THEME; A Moonlight Path.



By: Summer Gold R.


“You said you have something to say” Alpha Wang Yibo called Knight’s attention,he seems to be in a deep thought.

“I….actually” Knight stopped and sighed.

Alpha Wang looked up,he made eyes contact with him.

“I guess what you’re going to say is too hard” He said.

“Somehow” Knight said.

“I’ve never got mad at you for saying something right? Just go on” Wang said.

“Can you please release Jade??” Knight asked at once and Wang raised his brows.

“I’m sure she learnt her lesson already,and besides,she kept on saying she have something important to say to you, what if it’s really important? You said it yourself that you feel like she’s going to be helpful at this time” Knight said.

Alpha Wang sighed.

“It wasn’t me who gave the order” He said.

“I know it’s the Luna,but you’re the only one who can reverse it back also” Knight stated.

Alpha Wang was quiet for some seconds before speaking up.

“Fine,I will think about it” He said.

“Thank you alpha” Knight smiled.


Elsa’s screamed through the mind-link.

Immediately,the alpha got up.

“What’s going on??” Knight asked and also stood up.

“That bastard” Alpha Wang muttered,clenching his fist together angrily and immediately he walked out of the office.

Knight ran after him.

The moment Montana’s lips landed on Elsa’s own,she screamed out Wang’s name,using the mind link,and at the same time using her strength to push Montana away.

As soon as she succeeded in pushing him off,she landed a loud slap on his face.

“How dare you!!!” She yelled.

Montana grabbed her once more and tried kissing her again but at that moment,the door opened loudly and Wang burst in.

His eyes widened,Knight also gasped in shock.

“You bastard….” Wang grabbed Montana at once and dragged him from Elsa,as he pushed him against the wall,his head hit it loudly that Elsa gasped.

“How dare you!!!” Wang growled angrily.

“What are you going to do??” Montana asked and pushed Wang away from himself.

Knight came in front of Wang immediately.

“You can’t push the alpha that way!” He yelled.

Alpha Wang moved away from them.

“What am I going to do??” He asked sarcastically with a chuckle which became a frown immediately.

“Release Jade and throw This Animal into the deepest dungeon until I am ready to release him” Wang said.

Knight was shocked.

“You wouldn’t dare!!!” Montana yelled.

“The f**king moment you touch my mate,I become crazy and I will do anything!!!” Alpha Wang growled angrily,trying hard to control Adolph inside him.

“If he try to struggle with you,get more guards and drag his @ss with you” Wang muttered and grabbed Elsa’s hand.

“Let’s go” He said,dragging her out.

He could hear Montana’s scream.

“But…Wang…isn’t that too much……”

“If you think it’s too much then you shouldn’t have called for me and enjoy your kiss in peace” Wang snapped.

Elsa blinked.


“Why would you allow him kiss you before calling me?? Why?!” Wang shouted.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call earlier,I never imagined he will do something like that,I swear……”

“And now you think the punishment is too much?? Do you like the kiss or what exactly? Just because that happened with Jade doesn’t mean you should also……”

“My alpha!” Elsa shouted.

“I’m not in the mood for this,stay back” Alpha Wang muttered and walked away.

Elsa sighed out.

“Gosh,his anger” She uttered staring at his back till he was out of sight.

Jade stood up from the floor the moment the gate was opened.

“Come out” Knight said.

Jade smiled and hurried out.

“You talked to him kinda fast than expected” She said.

Knight nodded.

“But then,what happened?? I saw Montana being dragged” Jade said.

“He tried making advance toward the Luna” Knight said amd Jade’s eyes widened.

“That’s crazy” She said.

“You also did the same Jade,you should be grateful he forgave you” Knight said.

“Tell him I have to talk to him tonight,I will wash up first and wait for your call” Jade smiled,she hit Knight’s chest before walking away.

Knight sighed out.

“Why are you staring at her that way??” The voice asked behind him and he turned to see Amazon looking so pissed.

“Hey” Knight smiled and tried moving closer.

Amazon quickly shifted back.

“What’s wrong??” Knight asked.

“I hate the way you look at Lady Jade,it’s annoying. Are you in love with her or something?” Amazon asked.

“Come on,what do you mean? I love you okay?? Only you,don’t be bothered about useless things” Knight said.

“It’s just that…..”

“Shhhh” Knight placed a finger on her lips and then kissed her right there.

He broke the kiss.

“So now,can we leave?” Knight asked.

“Let’s go to your room” Amazon said.

“Not now,I need to see the alpha…..”

“I want you,now. If you reject me then I don’t mind us doing it here” Amazon cut him off.

“What the f**k?” Knight muttered in disbelief as Amazon dragged him with her.

Grey was training alone on the training ground,his sword making sounds of loud sharp air.

He was so focused until he felt a presence behund him and be turned.

“Hey” Twilight waved.

Grey stood there motionlessly,staring at her.

“I’m sorry I disturbed you…but I just couldn’t stop thinking about you. Is that a crime?? Or am I going crazy?? Even if I want to stop right now,I can’t bring myself to stop. What have you done to me Grey……I wish I can stop loving you,but then…….”

The next moment,Grey was already in front of her. She was still thinking of what next to say when Grey crashed his soft lips on her own,gaining the loudest gasp from Twilight.

Elsa focused greatly on the book in front of her,since the alpha refused to talk to her yet,she decided to read the book of Misery.

She discovered that it was filled up with different spells,incantations,history of witches,their powers and a lot more. She was really enjoying it until she opened the next page and found the shock of her life.

She saw a drawing of herself in the book,in there she was sitting on a throne with a crown on her head,just like she always see in the mirror.

There are some creatures bowing for her,they are neither wolves nor humans,they possess horns on their heads and their face looks scary.

Under the drawing was written: THE QUEEN OF ZAJINDA WITCHES.

The book fell from Elsa’s hand,her body shaking,her eyes widened,she couldn’t say a word.

All of a sudden,the door opened and Wang came in with Jade behind him,he wasn’t looking pleased at all,he was glaring at Elsa angrily.

“My….alpha” Elsa stammered as she managed to stand up.

“Who the f**k are you??” Wang asked.

Elsa swallowed,not saying a word.

“Speak up and tell me your real identity before I loose it!!” Alpha Wang growled and Elsa’s heart skipped a beat.