the alpha’s omega mate episode 51 & 52

( Dearest Of Desires… )


By: Summer Gold R.




“Speak up and tell me your real identity before I loose it!!” Alpha Wang growled and Elsa’s heart skipped a beat.

She shook her head and got rid of the thought from her mind.

She looked at the drawing again and suddenly got scared,what if something happen to her??

Suddenly,the door opened and Amazon came in.

“Hey sis” She called,smiling.

Elsa faced her.

‘You look happy” She said.

Amazon chuckled.

“Because,I’m going crazy” She said.

“Hmm…lemme guess. Knight??” Elsa asked.

“Oh stop ” Amazon fell on the bed.

“You know I’m saying the truth” Elsa laughed.

“By the way,what’s wrong with you these days? Is something going on?” Amazon asked.

Elsa sighed and took the book,she stood up and joined Amazon on the bed.

“See” Elsa muttered,showing Amazon the drawing.

“What’s this??” Amazon’s eyes widened.

“I have no idea,I’m scared. I’m a wolf right?? An omega,a weak one….why am I seeing myself this way?? I’m scared” Elsa said,almost in tears.

Amazon immediately hugged her.

“Did you say anything to the alpha??” She asked.

“I can’t bring myself to tell him something is wrong with me,what if he gets too angry and send me out?? I might just die if he hates me” Elsa said.

“Are you crazy? Why would he hate you? It might not be something as bad as you think Elsa,just tell him” Amazon said.

Elsa sighed and nodded.

“Tonight” Amazon added.

“He didn’t call for me” Elsa said.

“Are you both still in the stage of him calling you before you go to him?” Amazon scoffed and Elsa chuckled.

“Never knew you became so bold already,what about mother anyway? I’m going to her tomorrow morning,I’ve missed her face” Elsa said.

“Right now,you should be thinking of what to wear to the alpha’s chamber,go take your bath,I will get your dress ready” Amazon winked.

“Yes ma’am” Elsa smiled and immediately rushed into the bathroom.

Amazon also stood up,she opened her closet and smiled.

“Let’s look for something sexy” She muttered and started searching immediately.



Grey and Twilight walk side by side in total silence,nobody said a word. After the kiss they shared some minutes ago,they became this way.

Twilight sighed out and finally broke the silence.

“Where…are we going??” She asked.

“I’m walking you to your room” Grey muttered and Twilight stopped walking.

“Why??” She asked and Grey looked at her.

“What do you mean??” He asked.

“You suddenly kissed me unexpectedly,fine I admit that I loved it,I’ve always dreamt about it,but at least,you should say something about it……”

“I’m sorry,I got too carried away” Grey muttered.

“Huh?” Twilight looked at him.

“I shouldn’t have done that….”

“But you did” Twilight cut in.

“I’m sorry”

“Stop saying you’re sorry,I’m not angry” Twilight muttered.

Grey faced her properly.

“I never imagined myself saying this but…the truth is,I like you too” Grey said and Twilight gasped.

“But we both know we can’t be together…….”

“Why not??” Twilight asked instantly.

“Because we are not…..”

“Can we skip talking about this mate stuffs??…..”

“Why should I skip it?? Do you think I will be able to survive it if Suddenly your mate appears from nowhere?? I wouldn’t let go,I will be the one who get hurt the most….”

“Same with me if your mate appears too Grey…..I’m in love with you,I told you. I’m going crazy because of you,why can’t we just do what makes us happy? Huh?? If our appear,we can reject them….”

“You know the punishment that comes after that….”

“I don’t care” Twilight said and moved closer to him.

“I love you Grey” She muttered.

“You should move back before I do something else again” Grey said.

Twilight smiled and hugged him tightly.

“I never imagined my long time crush likes me too” She said.

Grey smiled and also held her waist.

“Was I too harsh on you??” He asked.

“So harsh,you made me cry a lot. But don’t worry,I never get angry” Twilight grinned.

“I’m sorry” Grey said.

Someone cleared throat behind them and they both broke the hug to see Midnight and Onyx.

“Hey sis” Twilight grinned.

Midnight scoffed.

“So finally?? You like my sister and you treated her like trash,I don’t care if you already forgave you,I’m not for this relationship” Midnight shook her head.

“You denied it countless times that you don’t like her,till last night,so it’s a NO for me too” Onyx also shook his head.

Grey and Twilight exchanged glances.

“I’m so happy!!!!” Midnight and Onyx suddenly screamed and hugged each other.

Grey and Twilight chuckled.

“You scared me at first” Twilight said.

“Why won’t I support you? At least I will be able to sleep at night,nobody to think about Grey all night” Midnight scoffed.

“That’s supposed to be a secret” Twilight said.

“Oh sorry my bad” Midnight chuckled.

The four of them continue walking together.

“Are you two going out tonight?? Do you know what those creatures looks like??” Twilight asked.

“Scary” Onyx said.

“Stronger than us?” Midnight asked.

“We’ve been preventing them from hurting any one else. But weirdly,I think those creatures are after something…” Grey said.

“From us??” Twilight asked.

“Yes” Grey muttered.

“What could that be??” Onyx sighed.

Two guards suddenly appeared.

“Commander,the Alpha and Beta are going for shooting” One of them said.

“Oh..where are they?” Grey asked.

“About going to the field” They answered and walked away.

“This night??” Onyx faced Grey.

“Let’s go” Grey said and looked at Twilight.

“I will see you later” She smiled.

Grey nodded and walked away with Onyx.

Twilight sighed out.

“I feel like eating meat,let’s go see mother” Moonlight held her band and they left together.



Alpha Wang Yibo appeared with Knight,Grey and Onyx behind them,holding the arrows and bows bag. Other guards also followed.

“Are you bored?” Knight asked when they finally got to the spot.

“Why are you asking” Alpha Wang asked,sipping from the water in his hand,he gave it back to Grey.

“Isn’t it too late for arrow Shooting?” Knight asked.

“No,I think this Is the perfect timing” Wang said,taking the arrow and a bow from Grey.

“As long as there’s light and we can see what we are doing” he said,shooting the first.

👥 Whoa!!

The guards chorused in amazement as it hit the center clearly.

Wang smirked proudly and looked at Knight who was also getting ready for his shot.

“Get ready to loose” He said.

“Should I just drop it??” Knight asked.

“Hey,you’re being rude right now” Wang said.

“You said we are coming as friends not Alpha and Beta” Knight replied.

“Don’t use that as an excuse” Wang snapped.

“Then we should stop playing….”

“Fine” Wang scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Your eyes might fall” Knight said and Wang’s eyes widened.

Grey and Onyx looked away trying not to laugh.

“You’re passing the boundary” Wang said.

Knight ignored him and made his shot.

👥 It’s a ten too!

Knight looked at Wang and smirked.

“Next round” Wang said.

“Sure” Knight nodded.

They were interrupted by the old Luna’s presence.

Everyone bowed immediately added Serafina approached with her maids behind her,they stopped when she got close to the alpha.

“Son” Serafina called.

“I know why you’re here,I’m not ready for that conversation mother. Come back tomorrow” Alpha Wang said closely,shooting the arrow straight.

“But son,He’s you brother…..”

“A brother shouldn’t force himself on his kid brother’s mate!!!” Alpha Wang yelled.

Serafina sighed.

“I’m not changing my mind,go back to your suite” Wang muttered and continue shooting.

Serafina said nothing more,she turned and left.

“Wang” Knight called.

“This is enough” Wang muttered and dropped the arrow in his hand ,he started leaving.

Knight followed immediately.

“You can go” Alpha Wang said without looking at him.

“You don’t have to be angry,you did the right thing. I wouldn’t forgive anyone who try that with my mate either,but I’m sure the old Luna is worried badly” Knight said.

“He’s staying there for a week,that’s if I even change my mind” Wang muttered and walked away.

Getting to his chamber,he net Elsa waiting for him.

“My alpha” Elsa called immediately and rushed to hug him.

“I missed you” She muttered.

Alpha Wang smiled.

*I THOUGHT YOU’RE ANGRY* Adolph scoffed in his head.

*SHUT UP* Wang snapped.

*DON’T FORGET THE MAIN REASON WHY YOU’RE HERE,SAY IT NOW* Rowena reminded Elsa and she quickly broke the hug.

“I have something to tell you” She said.

“What is it??” Wang asked.

Elsa brought out the mystery book.

“About this” She said.

“What about it??” Alpha Wang asked.



Alpha Wang and Elsa waited patiently,the air was silent as they watched Helldog inspect Elsa’s hand.

After Elsa explained everything to Wang last night,they decided to call Helldog,he might know what was going on.

After some minutes,He released Elsa’s hand and sighed.

“Speak up Hell dog” Alpha Wang said and Helldog looked up.

“She’s the queen” He said.

“Queen?? Of course she is” Alpha Wang said.

“I mean…queen of Zajinda” Hell dog said and Elsa’s eyes widened,that’s the same thing she saw in the book.

“Meaning?” Alpha Wang asked.

“They are the one fighting us…they want their queen back” Hell dog dropped the bomb.